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Post Match Interview – Michael Alaalatoa

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so congratulations once again it’s a massive achievement looking back from right from the start players coming in from everywhere um starting with mario blacks now tonga they must be happy with the achievement um yeah very happy very proud um you know the boys have been working hard since since day one and it’s been driven by our you know our coach and management team they’ve been world class for us and and you know when when you’ve got world-class coaches like um say lala um tom coventry tana um andrew goodman and and now obviously mo mooshwagar as well you know they’ve they set the platform for us and then all we have to do is turn up and work hard and and over the four weeks you know the way we played we’ve gradually got better and better and you know we still got we still got a lot of improvement left in us but uh you know for for us to achieve what we did in four weeks is pretty special and and very very proud awesome with with the leadership as captain of monsanto this year 2021 we must be happy with it and a privilege to represent our country but having other guys around that check how does that feel how was that um now so it did make the job like accepting the role um a bit easier knowing that jack was going to be in the squad you know obviously there’s great leaders like yourself and and and um and music as well in involved in the in the team so i’ve been able to talk to them and learn more about it you know muscle said to me that um being the the captain for sam was harder than being captain for any other team and um it wasn’t wrong but you know it’s good that the challenges of the role the things that i i embraced and looked and looked forward to um and yeah again having guys like jack and the team actually made it a bit easier for me because he he did a lot of he’s still a natural leader and around the boys and all the boys look up to him because of what he’s achieved in the past yeah so moving forward from now on it’s probably a year and a half preparations before the world cup we’re happy to keep the same squad or i while i i know there’s all depends on the selection the coaches in there we’re happy to because it changed it yeah and something happened it’s just massive change within the within the coup yeah is that what you’ve seen yeah yeah that’s what i’ve seen yeah were you happy to keep that same group um oh me personally i am but um something that the boys talked about is that um every time we come together it’s never there’s always a few different people in there so but you know the thing that unites us is our big saloon so whoever whoever gets caught up to play i’m sure put their best foot forward and and and do do what’s required of them um but we’ve well we’ve set a good foundation now without with our game plan and how we want to play so whoever does come in it it’s it’s up to them to get up to speed with that as well your dad must be proud of yourself away [Laughter] yeah he is he is bro yeah yeah he’s kind of he’s disappointed that the borders were closed and he couldn’t get over but um they’ve been talking to me awesome so one last thing your message to our people people came to the fan day the dinner and supporting all over the world and just your last final you know just for that last campaign thank you very much for all your support to all our all our people back in in time um i know it’s hard like not being able to travel there but we still get all your messages through social media um all the boys read it so thank you very much for your support and to all our people here in new zealand in auckland and here in hamilton all around the world um all our salmon people say lover we hope that we we played with and made you proud out there and we look forward to representing you guys moving forward at the 2023 world cup so golda manu what up

Post Match Interview - Michael Alaalatoa

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