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Rebellions Throughout Italy || Ep.4 – Victoria 2 HFM Papal Italy Lets Play

by smart

we’re only only 10 points really we’re only 10 points ahead now before where i thought we were like relatively secure now i’m a bit like ooh who could we invest in mexico city what do they have in mexico city they got rain which usually means that a cannery will work out pretty well there this is not to um the reason we’re doing this is basically just so we can get industry power because right now i mean i guess some interventions right i could just put in the reaction is actually anti-military i’m gonna do it though because i want state capitalism so we can actually build some uh local industry as well what do we have fruits and basically that’s it so you know what let’s go for uh a winery go for a liquor distillery you have coal which is actually pretty good for glass and that’s gonna be i think okay to start us off three basic factories and then actually we can do is we can actually look at any country that’s shut down or that allows for an investment and just open up any factory that closed we’re no we’re not allowed to open foreign factories there’s reactionaries or because we’re perfectionists i still build other factories we can’t open factories we can build them and are these factories actually built yes okay so in about a year we’ll have our first signs of italian industry they’re already with you parma are we influencing literally anybody just avoid karma trying to take another crack at you 10.74 we’re going to keep on improving relations so that you like us more um can i put any money into you yes i can put in because no one else has actually invested in parma any amount of money puts us at that the maximum number here it’s going to lower basically it’s just leaking austria they’re going to get a negative 50 deep debuff because of other national investors that is going to be excellent for us boys looking pretty good mexico how about 2500 and the value for investments actually does it not matter how successful for investments are as long as we put the money into it like if i build let’s say a clipper convoy here or clover shipyard we’re 0.267 it cost thirty thousand dollars but i honestly think that’s kind of worth it okay you obviously have a clip yard we’ll just go like what’s the most expensive fertilizer factories usually those are pretty good okay you got to renounce your titles you lose for five percent but i think actually no matter what we’re still actually coming on top there the france is this a crimea war yes it is russia and the french are at war with one another you know what russia you can have military access even though i said that you have to uh give up want to get one diplo influence text because we need nationals imperialism in order to kind of do more stuff in italy it’s going to help us on the road to unification because i think for italian called unity um which is gonna give us a bunch of prestige a little bit of infamy but it should make it easier for us to unify uh italy and also getting 25 prestige is going to be really important because right now our our score is not where i wanted to be and denmark is actually getting worryingly close to being able to beat us noah anywhere else you can put money yeah i think we’re just we’re basically just gonna spend old hard cash to get industry power i don’t know if it matters whether or not the industry stay open or not but actually every factory it’s 25 000 we need we need four factories to get one point which is by no means cheap we have three industry points all coming from other countries but that’s something that we need to know in the back of our mind if we ever need like one point of difference we’re also now in seventh place why go to the dutch okay if we’re ever like one point uh off of being a great power throw some money at another country and maybe we’ll be able to get like a point out of it or social reform desire you’re gonna fall into our sphere very very quickly two sisley’s i’m not too worried about it i know they’re trying i know they’re trying we’re also going to decrease uh france again put them down to a post boom down into uh the hostile is the bottom one i think added towards fear in bot mere moments add it to my sphere and you’ll probably want to ally with us a lucky nationalist okay let’s let’s go hey give me multi-access not accept i’m trying to fight your rebels for you tuscany i don’t i don’t understand what the problem there is now parma’s in our sphere when will you be done you’ll be done in 85 okay that’s not so bad i was expecting worse russia is going to beat the ottomans it means the ottomans are not going to be a threat to our position well hopefully at least and we can get the alliance with parma means we can probably drop you down to one for right now and we’re friendly with you 5.5 improve relations i don’t think we can no we can’t put money and i’ve already done so we’ll see if france don’t discredit us but will that be enough will that be enough serbia you know why not get the license to you 0.52 france still wants to fight us on it we can hopefully get that done you guys are going back and forth i’m pretty sure forever serbia i i don’t know what you’re gonna do to help us out in a war but yeah so this is this is just gonna go back and forth forever i’m not too sure if yeah i can’t even anyone the diplotex oh they okay they actually just another did they ban us now they just throw us out a franchise he does get more points so we’ll abandon that for a moment go back to modena thank you france for immediately doing that to me as well here cordial neutral opposed the thing actually right now maybe it’s or the best but maybe let’s let’s look outside of um italy for now at least for a moment who would get us a decent cash thank you toxity for the uh for the follow you know abyssinia 0.7 i mean is there anybody in the continent switzerland friendly with these guys you’re probably friendly with the russians sweden friendly with russia as well denmark’s in ninth place they’ll probably go to war with um prussia soon which is gonna weaken them for sure i’m really not too sure who you’d want to even influence though you know what i mean only really two countries i want to influence bait abyssinia i i don’t think that’s really the reality we want to invoke 24 let’s keep on praying with tuscany maybe they’ll be our friends and we come in here and actually just finally kill this 30 this 30 stack of rebels just keep marching back and forth forever you’re not even friends with me negative 32. i’m pre-relations here revelations in savoy as well welcome you have some venetian nationalists they’re probably going to lose the austrians but that’s okay negative 16. please just be my friend you’re already my friend but like be my friend more more my friend they have thrown us out once again 5.52 france that war are they a word prussia no there were the russians oh yeah now this is this is over the uh the crimea warsaw right yeah you know what france sure why not oh no another seat in the capital okay tuscany for real this time you actually need me to help you out you’re definitely gonna lose your capital which is embarrassing for you i’m sure everybody else can give me a little excessive ass for it but you want to think that you’re fancy and then think that you’re special ridiculous but we probably also want to do here than our two biggest states let’s try and create some craftsmen get our industry score up a little bit because right now look at these in our own country but most of our score still comes from everybody else and now we got banned from fair enough i mean it was bound to happen eventually i’m not surprised i kind of figured that this would end up with us having to try to focus down one uh one single country or like one country basically be what was stopping us from being able to secure a position that we want if austria was ever to not be a great power oh we’d be over the moon brand but i don’t see that happening anytime soon and i have an 18 stacks your army’s just getting weaker and you’re actually sieging stuff slower get an alliance negative four on that negative one on this still need i need to wait one more month maybe two more months we can actually hopefully get the alliance kill the lucky nationalist i feel pretty good we’ll feel pretty good about ourselves also medina let’s go up to friendly drop you down into but not trying to influence right now can’t do anything heat sizzling you might as well go up to 50 points if anybody gets too high we can just ban them i guess it doesn’t matter how many points we put in here so let’s just go like 65 there we go drop them for the time being after that what about you i mean you’re right there you’re close enough about 78 now you want to be friends it took a while but now you’ll finally allow me to come in here and kill your rebels this is all i wanted to do this whole time and he actually plus one defense general which incredible news coming here we could kill your rebels bullish uprising do i care about poland i care about prestige then russia i mean it really only matters about poland right and i’m almost pro i’m always 100 too sure that nobody in this country is polish a neutral you know what we support the russian empire they actually like us but maybe we can ah you know what let’s try to get rush to like us if we can get russia like a alliance with the russians they’re not allied well i guess we’re like actually to the dutch you are not a great power actually they dropped out of the great power list that mark’s in there now which means that the dutch are now 136 141 148 like we’re all very close to each other and this is all in the dutch fear who are y’all were with you’re worth uh the ottomans did you start the war you did huh i guess the ottomans don’t have an army we’re gonna say no to that sorry serbia they’ve wait what the rebels win or they’re almost lose i actually don’t know i saw a pop-up saying that they always had won their uh independence but i don’t i don’t see that being the case here he’s not right now you know russia me and you let’s be friends and i want to utilize you to kill austria value the kings thank you for the fight prestige 23 infamy absolutely give me that prestige i desperately need it i think thousand dollars yeah what about a museum as well and other than that i think we’re pretty good so now we have 185 now we’re very securely once again in the great powers list and yeah let’s go for commerce right yeah market structures let’s get the diploma influence tax ordeal with you karma still in our spheres avoid france still you’re not the neutral that’s something i got going on for them no bands here for amber of this year drop all influence there for right now game point one influences everyone point zero zero one which i’m pretty sure would take like an entire lifetime actually get anybody in your sphere that way oh you you have a new flag oh that’s probably what happened oh you have a you have a sweet flag now though you like it i do like it you need more reinforcements here and we actually also need another artillery so you know let’s build one more artillery piece things like our so much of our country kind of sucks right now like our military is hot garbage we cannot afford basically ever fight a war against anyone been discredited again improve relations with genoa italian pan nationalists now here’s an interesting thing because i think the tiny pan nationalists they benefit us because we are the main leading um italian power oh yeah you’re only a negative eighty-four government type too many alliances navy strength the thing is our country sucks and that’s kind of the problem are you going to discredit us again no you’re going to go up to hey threw us out let’s drop that for a moment friendly here like the thing is that they they don’t like us idiot nationally paid policy you know what i think this is going to be an okay time for us to protect the roman the roman economy 27 stack i just like walk over here now no are you attacking us it’s only a 12 stack of actual artillery units which is not that good we get a debuff for this no it counts as a blockaded home port and that’s okay and now we got sicilian reactionaries we still got more italian pan nationals in the north and now there are war france so france yeah they have their cores um no your words you know what that actually hurts me i say no to this and then put more put more influence in genoa i don’t want the thing is i don’t want the the truth with that because the truth means i would not be able to influence you no at all and we want to influence you know here comes the french army they’re going to beat back the rebels a little sneaky thing we could do is intervene immediately surrender so the pan nationalists don’t die and if you ban us then we’re just going to do that thing is we do lose some prestige i’m going to save because it’s a little bit of a uh a stupid maneuver we’re basically just going to hate join the war and then france will immediately surrender who’s 15 prestige fine with that and now you should still die to the rebels that’s actually what i want i think that’s i think it’s okay paying whatever prestige penalty i did there i don’t think it’s that bad i’ll go for business regulations no no no no no no no we’ll go for oh you’re not even available yet 1860. we’ll go for military attack yeah of course support has been like the worst possible position back home 39 stack i mean it shouldn’t that is a sad looking savoy but it does mean that france cannot intervene there at all wadena it’s me and you again buddy he of course got discredited which is not a huge surprise to me the baltic union united baltic province of the rebelled against the russians i didn’t even know they could do that i’m curious to see what happens with these rebels but i don’t know if there’s a crown in the gutter event for italy and they’re actually now spreading into uh countries yeah actually going here actually does benefit me a lot uh we’ll upgrade this factory in the capitol let’s pan nationalists at the very least how many points we got we’re at 165. denmark has 208 how did denmark get so many points

Rebellions Throughout Italy || Ep.4 - Victoria 2 HFM Papal Italy Lets Play

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