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Rewiring a House, Day 1, With Amy again – Electrician

by smart

yo morning all right it is uh 5 56 in in the morning believe it or not i do get up early today what is the day we start on our rewire in nottingham and nottingham is about 15 minutes away from amy the sparky which you saw in the last couple of videos so i’m going to pick adam we’re going to get some fuel i’ve already got some fuel and pick adam up get some mackies and we’re actually staying there so this will be a couple of videos of do some work in the evening england to play in denmark on wednesday hopefully i’m making meeting up with pv plumber because he lives around the corner and uh yeah share the experience it’s the first time i’ve been away from my family for more than a day really um one night over on a stag do so feeling a bit you know the heart sinky feeling a bit to make sure they’re okay i’m only hour and a half away but got friends and family around us but it’s i don’t know it’s one of them weird things and not used to it but i’ll give it a go um so yeah let’s with it and we’re here he’s here right we’ve turned up we’re here now it is just gonna half seven so we’re a little bit early and we did have a discussion whether or not it’s not very far it’s an hour and 25 minutes from our house whether or not we should like just driven back every day but it’s three hours worth of driving every day we’re doing full days doing a rewire then for us working i’d much rather stay we can do proper proper fall days and then go to the pub afterwards which would be nice and uh watch the football but uh we’re gonna say hello to the customer uh have a walk around and we’ll bring you through what we’ve got to do yeah yeah i’m lucky with that it’s only there yeah that’s fine right we’re here now we finally got it out trouble’s turned up i need to flick this round now got a new camera out delicious uh we’ve gone through everything with the customer we’ve emptied the van we’ve gone around several times two pairs of these now but people say do you recommend them absolutely they’re heavy adam struggles but i’m always there to help sorry man customers gone around marked out hang on let me just uh zoom in everyone loves your laughs here we are oh you know what i didn’t even know that i had a weird laugh i mean it’s not weird it’s just i guess my whole life but i’ve been out with my family and friends when i laugh everyone’s like shh put it to the back um kitchen as it stands we’ve got the bosch laser out what we’re going to do today i’ll turn that around what we’re gonna do today as first fix it’s already what is it our tennis yeah r10 so it’s taking us a while to set off we’re gonna well adam’s got my gopro amy’s got my other gopro oh i’m not allowed to move the camera too quick this one doesn’t like okay uh so they’re going to record stuff for their channel adam’s going to do some stuff for the apprentices how we choose that box chases whatever he wants to do lifting the boards amy what are you going to do just what i do but in your way yeah yeah okay [Laughter] um and i just saw a pop through like we said with the rewires before we’re gonna start marking the boxes out we like to chill the stuff out at first get the botabo in wherever you look hidden oh it’s there and go from there the fuse board is through in the lounge we have good access here so it’s got a fairly new board anyway and the customer started to put some new feeds in for us but we’re going to pull everything out literally rip everything out and uh go up new bathroom going in here i’m going to run around the whole job we’ll just get to it but um yeah it’s it’s going to be good enjoying it we’ve got the stuff in we’re just going to uh mark around we’ll all have a drill each go in each room and do our own thing we’re going to get fusion all three of us around recording so adam’s mark out boxes i’ve said i’ll tackle the kitchen first so we’ve got the laser up we’ve got that a couple of sockets on the top moving that one across we’re doing a cooker iso for the hob here this housing unit is going in the corner we’re going to run the six mil down in the corner we’re going to put the isolation switch in the back uh linked up down to the oven double socket low level behind this and the light switch so i’m gonna get all this done first chased out and chiseled up this worktop is staying the newer stuff so i’m gonna get some mats down got some sheeting get it all covered up and uh hopefully the batteries hold on the bosch because it’s uh well flat from the battery wire what i like to do with these because you could oh god someone’s got what you could do is hold the box up all right it will work here to be fair so we just try and get the laser sat on the same point of each box like that using 35 mod patches again for our usb sockets we use them pretty much standard at the moment um it’s just future proofing everything and there’s a few usb sockets going upstairs not in the kitchen but equally allows people when they have the flat plate sockets if there’s any of them going on or the the screwdrivers faces a bit more in the back for cables to go i’m just going to put a temporary feed on the board cut the whole board off put temporary socket down there we’ve got the fridge back up and running like i said adam and amy you’re going to adam and amy someone says a good ring to a bit about double a’s there’s amy’s laughing uh so i’ve covered the side up what we’re gonna be doing from there i’ve got my six foot level which is the first time i’ve brought it in a very long time which is over here i need to keep my hand out shot because it focuses sorry uh straight up this is double socket that’s a double socket that’s gonna be our six mil with our isolator for our hub so that’s gonna travel back down behind the cupboards as well after that i’m gonna drag this out we’ll do the same thing in the corner so six foot straight up and then we’re gonna use the same technique with the all-round van like we did on the previous rewires sorry and bend that round so i’ll set this camera up on the side so it’ll be a bit of a time [Music] [Music] hanging still if i’m no patches in the wall less than two minutes all right well i am busy in this corner doing this i just want to show you what adam and eve are doing this is the upstairs and the customers have been pulling boards without any boiler in there he is so before oh there she is i call her appears boiling downstairs how’s that big coil was that the new stuff yeah yeah so that’s what the customer put in this before you can see where it was walled off and there was like little loft void areas i don’t know i’m just stripping all this out bringing it back oh i’m hot uh pulling all the cables on that side there’s adam’s i saw amy’s little loft access for later yep oh they haven’t extracted anything no no um lights as well women two way to go no one gangs switch it’s not walleye oh you don’t have anything i know warlock’s going to be a sea of the rose oh it’s very redundant yeah yes please i’ll show you in here so let’s go in having an external switch anyone ever seen this before as well so this is how easy it is for us [Music] is it’s a stood wall with bricks in it obviously someone’s more just i’ve never seen that before let me know below if you’ve ever seen that like an actual stood work brick wall very trendy yeah i’ve never done it enough chat please get on with the work same with this bedroom i’m just going to rip all this out that’s exactly where i’m working right now bottom of the corner of the kitchen sorry i was gonna have an amy doing all this pulling the cables out i’m gonna draw some new holes and this people boarded up as well that garden so usb sockets going in we’re doing two internet points sorry this way two uh yeah six cable points up here one for each bedroom um full lounge old lounge now’s an office so if you want to see any of this slot more in depth go and watch their videos also take the time now i’ll put adam’s channel on the image channel below like i did with amy’s before congratulations on the thousand subs amy ah thank you so go and give these guys a watch on their channels and subscribe let’s get what are you on now six seven thousand nine let’s get them to 10k for this video ten thousand subs sounds right [Applause] also it brings me to a great point that amy today is doing what on who’s instagram i am doing an instagram takeover for tradify who’s tradify trade advice today uh sponsors of today’s video that was good that was a good moment so smooth thank you even though i messed a little bit so trade if i just watched the video today uh amy where does this come from anyway um i’ll put the links below but tradify is a job management three two trader5 is a job management app uh that i use amy uses loads of other people even jordan from artstyle electrics no idea that guy is but it helps me manage my jobs organize my diary schedule stuff invoice quote and now my certificate’s on as well when i emailed the customer so i’ll put links below thank you tradify and go check them out see how much time you can save on paperless paperwork that works makes sense right i’ve been invaded this one’s here he’s coming down in the far corner oh man there’s another step there everyone’s got a camera should go for it hey it’s nice gopro sweet sweet bro um so you would have already seen by now the video i just take these off i’m not going to cycling [Music] the matagot water on the tarmac and i never bought a new blade and it doesn’t work anymore um from being completely honest it’s burned its way through the first bit which hurt my wrist a lot and then this is the blade itself um it’s missing all the teeth off here and the rest of it’s okay but the walls are quite hard to be fair so i messed it up put it on someone on instagram that says anybody have one i could buy or any i’ve tagged my taboo in it as well but they said this is literally non-stock in the country because they’re awesome don’t get me wrong but i need one so we’re going down to the dual blade which i’ve never used before just space them out we’ll give that a go chase it round and then that’s a lot oh it’s a long chase aren’t it so we’re just doing your hair another long one so we need we need to get the blades in we’ll just chisel a little bit out we’ve got one there one here and then one there as well i suppose it’s in into the lounge these are very tall ceilings like i can’t even i’m nowhere near got any i’ve talked to the ceiling you can about two of me that’s three the last to say show them on the cupboard right so there’s a cupboard off what is going to be the bathroom downstairs and we have chosen amy to to work in there for a reason and we didn’t realize like this was okay now let me stand next to it first when you look at it when you actually look at the frame it looks so small i’m sorry it’s okay it’s the same in there we’ll watch amy to get some lunch this is what i’ve been doing so far so we’ve got the boxes in put some washers on them as well we’ve got our 47 mil for our single isolation switch for our hub we put our all-round band in like last video all the way across and that’s the wall chase with the three blades that’s the wallpaper wall chaser with the two so what i’ve done with that chiseled it up throughout and then i’ve never used this but even though they’re battered a little scoop bit so with the blade separated because you get um spacers to space the blade out to the best width as possible and then the scooper sits in between scoops the center out so that’s worked quite well it generates obviously more mess because the hoover and the duster is the hoover in the chase is not taking away all the rubbish but also what we’ll be doing is i’m not going to record much more today um sorry at this job but tonight adam and i are staying in a little hotel room so we get some footage there not not weird not like that and there we go a few drinks afterwards so i’ll take the camera along and uh there was a dead mouse stuck to the foot of the uh armchair and i put my hand in there and i squealed and nick he’s so grim he picked it up with a bear and threw it outside thanks everyone can be on youtube now my hero there we are guys all these people oh how have you just got rid of the truth i don’t know okay no tap the screen here go go all the way oh they’re too quick i could just oh sorry okay a little bit is it jay what’s this little bit a little bit a little bit more there we go jrc electrical you’re on youtube now mate i don’t put my mom on shirt [Music] [Applause] talking for ages and we’ve had a bit of a sweep up bit of a tidy got our chasing’s in adam’s done that even he’s done that one up and there you’ve been wiggling around i need you upstairs oh yeah i’ve drilled a wall i looked upstairs yet um but yeah good first day we’ll go back have a drink have a chat let’s see what uh what nonsense happens now let’s see how many bonds no it’s the brain hemorrhage it’s like red red liquid and then they put a shot of bailey’s in it and they’re like congested it’s like snot people drink that but yeah you can have them we’ll get any one though just got to our hotel room delicious adam doesn’t realize we actually got to share one bedroom how to use one of them the first thing he’s doing he’s walked in he’s checked all the sockets so what all the lights do oh it’s in the main bedroom light i’m next to my bed i’m going to blind you classic how many other sparks i do or something for a meal looking up at the cable tray on the scene why not that’s right oh god turn the light on for me right how’d you do it from there magic right to be back for one two do you feel it hey man look at this electrician’s on tour oh are you gonna get your guitar around a little bit and do this little song yeah right there oh you left it home it’s a shame it would have been nice to get a few video of you doing the guitar stuff nevermind um yeah but we’re gonna have a drink with amy and gina from york andor so we’ll see them okay they’re mate are we drinking that’s how we go let me just zoom in on that there it is delicious it’s actually warm now as well oh sorry yeah okay hi zoomed in loads you can’t tell from this size great and i’m drinking way right because they don’t have any ipa or you make that paintbrush it’s so small thank you i should have washed my underwear i did rochelle you watched some of your sausages i have wipes in the van i’ll give you that yes mine all right pass on just oil and callus that’s disgusting that is disgusting i’m sorry the thing is if i clean my hands most of the time they look exactly the same um gina is not here very late mary shay find out where she is where is my obsession your obsession amy is obsessed with her um so if she turns up in the next hour then she’ll be on the video if she doesn’t and i’ll end it here so let’s say bye now in preparation for her not being here okay i’ll be back what are you saying about the uh electrics in the hotel room adam’s been having a little little nose little nose up here and the almonds aren’t even done probably oh i can’t yeah is it oh they’re just on the grass above the paper oh [Music] yeah i remember seeing the one of dss dan’s videos years ago on the like uh pergular type where they’ve done it across the top yeah the metal and the sealed it which was nice but uh a bit of the flexicondry wouldn’t have gonna miss there if i’m honest that’d have been a nice uh nice feature right so we’re back at the hotel room now i just realized i can’t sit back because some pratt has put a lamp behind me who’s done that i don’t demonstrate my minds you know that’s why i pick this bed is beyond don’t even have a plug to look at me charger there anyway um yeah gina we met with gina amy had a drink and apple juice mad and uh not really nice girl didn’t really get much filming to be honest we just don’t chat too much and uh yeah it’s been a good day i’ll um get plenty more videos on this job as we go through the processes of what we’re doing and uh obviously go check out amy and adam’s channel as well those are stuff that i haven’t filmed i don’t know what they did to be honest anyway catch you on the next one adam bye bye

Rewiring a House, Day 1, With Amy again - Electrician

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