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[Music] stanley flexing here four seconds that delighted to be joined by tommy hodgson how are you doing spot on there nice to meet you obviously soon to make your pro debut and with one empire management um storied amateur career of course i guess let’s start there just tell us about what you’ve achieved in the amateurs and i guess why now is the right time to turn over oh yeah perfect um i went through i when i first ever started boxing i was like 13 14 started off in where i’m from north shields i was just doing it for a bit of fun really and i was doing football at the same time i was pretty football and that’s when for the fitness and fell in love with the sport um started representing me completely and stuff like that and i started realizing i was always half decent at this sport actually then i boxed it from went to be the birthday gym then ever since i went to berkeley gym i just went like that to be honest it’s impossible not all being surrounded when the first time i went i spawned pat mccormack and i think pat mccormack won real gold when i just went and i didn’t really know anything really honestly and i was getting come back every week with black eyes and what’s happening there he’s getting are you getting filled with like but uh i you know and i started going like that i started like improving those it was impossible now being stronger with them started boxing for england stock up and got me first single invest i represent england about five or six times then i was meant to go on the abs one yeah and i i damaged my hand so i get pulled out and nobody knew of us really to be honest and i went in i think it was 2017 abs i wanted them yeah i was bottom c completely and i’ll be i’ll beat everyone then got on the gb and obviously people started realizing stuff like that then it was on gb for about two years books all over the world done like went loads of various training camps kazakhstan and america and stuff like that it’s class to be honest like experience wisely that kind of be kind of then now um then obviously i was meant to be competing at lightweight 60 kilo then the weights the way it’s got to change to know what to go to 63. not know there was like five people six people competing that way it was a bit of a struggle to be honest with me so i just thought this is the right time to turn fashionable but obviously you want to turn professional covert started straight away and then so i’ve been waiting a bit to be honest so i’ve been reading the box for a good while now so um bertley you’re obviously alongside the mccormack twins cyrus pattinson as well cyrus frenchy everyone in that gym is that’s what i mean like boxing newcastle’s is going to be massive when all them turn bro and will you still be training out of there as a pro with um graham roberthood no no no no no i i left barely a year ago two years ago just wasn’t no disagreement often i just i needed me i needed to change stuff that was a bit of a trouble enough for me you know grim is probably the best damage recorder about the best quarterback there is to be honest he’s unreal so who will you be training under now and and where were you right dean long dean lang used the box as a pro um me and dean of new york since like it’s my house worked out like me and dean boxes like obviously he was a bit older i mean both box teachers are four up for okay i’ve been all over boston to offer england and he was boxing up early when i was boston up early then he might turn professional now he just he’s on his own just he’s got his own building company and stuff like that he’s doing well and stuff like that but you’re going to would have started like dean’s always loved he loves boxing and he’s going like we watched his in the gym then he always pulls the one side let’s do stuff with them just look we’ve always clicked anyways always being friends and he’s just ever since this one team that they’re doing just to train as soon as it’s been recorded and it’s just happened like that and how did the management bill come about with one empire how did you kind of get to know those it was sort of through dean to be honest like but i don’t know much of it or not be honest with like but it was a blessing for me because of i was i knew i was turning professional now i just didn’t know where like where i was going or here because i didn’t really know what would make this how long it is the medical side of it all and stuff i thought you could just sign about the people and that’s it you start fighting but it’s long expensive than that oh it is yeah and then uh but like i said it took a lot of stress to make sure does just lets us focus on improving and training stuff without eating when’s the uh debut likely to be and and where it’s in sheffield uh 27th of august ponz forge sports center and presumably that will be on um fight zone yeah yeah yeah great stuff what what do you think about the whole fight zone concept obviously i went i went to i was sure not longer and it was the ones outside and then and i was like thinking this i would love to maybe derby on something like this and i remember jamie sheldon saying well if you’re going to like he’s on about the one i’m going to be fighting on he’s like well if you like this you’ll be you’ll be happy don’t you’ll be happy to show that you’re fighting on my souls like i was pretty made up to be honest full of this pokemon it’s a big deal yeah yeah pond’s forge has hosted some big fights over the years like clinton woods as well as world flights and stuff yeah i know it’d be a great a great occasion good class and are you looking forward i’m guessing to fans coming back obviously you you might yeah pandemic and now you actually get to bring people along to watch all right i was just i’m literally just before this phone call i was dropping down like he was going to come and stuff that i’m not now i’ve got a pretty good few numbers when i go because everyone from my area as soon as something big like happens that this happens like i wanted something to jump onto it straight away like they’ve also on our buses and coaches and stuff like that and all those flying to come down night and what do you know what your amateur record is not roughly about 70 80 feet i would say i lost about 14 15 fake berries and you’re 25 now so some people say that’s quite late to turn over but do you think that wealth of amateur experience that makes up for that yeah i’ve got i’ve got like a bit of a i’m i wouldn’t even i wouldn’t say me man but i would say i’ve got me monstering but i’m not fully developed like i say 15 and 16 year olds will be out then i’m like well surely i’m not a man yes there’s no proven connection between beards and uh strength in the ring yet but we’ll see we’ll see what uh petubias got to say about it um yeah so debut how quick or or not so do you think you can be moved because obviously you do have that gb experience you’ve seen some of the gb guys with um frank warren and eddie hearn get moved quite quickly do you see it being like you or are you happy to take this yeah maybe he’s here but like i’m just gonna with with one i’m playing management behind us they can just sort all that out and just and if they want to see the first few fights i might just go look there boom you can go off that you can go for that or but i’m not gonna i’m not gonna rush nothing like i’m just gonna enjoy it and are you able to be a full-time pro or do you have to work at the same time yeah full-time bro that’s gotta be a blessing massive it’s massive me like it’s huge like because i speak to some people like some pro boxes about my way and that and then they’ll go they’ll work on a building site all day and they’ll go go box in the sale it was it’s a bit tiring and stuff airport there’s no battleground or gym full of beans when you can blend instead of just thinking i’m just going to get through the session and then get home because you don’t you don’t you you don’t pick one stuff you know what i mean like i’m going with gym fully focused i train like before training thing and i’m going to learn the sessions you know what i mean instead of being like i’m just going to get through the session and get back to bed for a while tomorrow so on that note i want to respond to you to say that what’s this i want to thank is very much because it’s huge it’s massive don’t understand you want to name check them what’s that man do you want to name the sponsors you’ve got a few new mla it’s up to you i mean you can if you want but yeah hopefully they will not do a lot they know that they know they are yeah exactly um what about outside the ring are you still living at home with your family or if you’ve got a friend of yours i live with me mom and dad but see me mom and dad like spot on the solely about like the helpers with everything like i’ll come in this morning i’ll finish me run i come in you dad had loads of porridge pots made up in the fridge and stuff and the ones that wanted to do well like they don’t understand everything it must be pretty cool because like you said about not having to work and you could just and your management company dealing with the um turning pro and you could just focus on training it must be the same with your parents because they take a lot of stress at home right out of your life oh close of course especially like i remember an amateur’s not like sometimes when i was meeting weight and i was struggling my weight and that like i would come in the house and there were dividers because knowing you’re stressing them that night you i’ll just let you come coming from training goodness go straight your habits food and get straight in the bed like cause you’ll get snappy in that don’t you but hide the the mint like i’ll take i’ll say your word for that one um how do you um how do you feel about the debut coming up so is it just excitement at the moment is there any nervousness like i i see everybody go for ages just about not going overboard or just not doing two lessons i i i go in the gym every night i can learn during me and say i’m not stressing about making way for me which and who do you look up to from a boxing perspective who do you watch yeah i used as the child used to love watching ricky hatton ricky hatton was amazing like boxing that’s all i already knew was a little kid like that was the one i watched wasn’t me and then but now is about i love watching the american style me a little not they how they don’t give nothing away and it’s just i just love how the place of shots and stuff and like every shot is never wasted so i like i like how they do it like it’s pretty good i’ve been watching a lot of american stuff and for people out there who haven’t had the opportunity to see you as an amateur just give us an idea of your style and what people can expect when you turn over i could i can do a bit of everything but like i’m excited now but i would say i’m excited to watch if y’all stay and just expect some big faces and some big nights to come like expect some fireworks yeah great stuff before i let you go just one thing we always do the first time we speak to someone on the channel and tell people how they can find you on the different social media platforms what you’re what you’re handling uh um thomas hodgson on on all social medias i’ve got a facebook page for thomas hitman hudson and uh anticipated twitter page called thomas hudson as well so if you can follow us on there i’m not a big class great stuff i’m sure they will and we’ll speak to you again hopefully um after because we’re usually at the fight zone shows we’ll speak to you after you make your debut and then you’ll be able to thank you for seconds out as well amazon uh no problem mate anytime and yeah catch up again soon [Music] you


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