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Roasted Beet and Orange Salad with Goat Cheese | Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen

by smart

see so i’m having some orange and i’m going to add i just want to taste the beet by itself with a little lettuce good i’m having the beet with the orange really good i’m sorry bud the goat cheese the goat cheese it does it you’re missing out hey hi you guys i’m amy amy roloff in my little kitchen and look who’s with me oh it’s been so long since i’ve cooked with you i know i’ve done a few things with you so we’re talking wedding we’re talking about the show not during this cooking thing but that’s why they came over yeah bridal shower and stuff so i thought well how cool would this be that they helped me kind of make a girlfriend a little drink oh a little drink here cheers cheers cheers and just make like a little salad type of thing lisa motivates me because i really haven’t lost that much and she’s lost a few more pounds than me but i’ll keep working on it i’m going to michigan i’m going to walk and every day do all that stuff spend time on you right not just taking care of well the other thing is too is that i’m not so distracted right you know with because like when you’re here it’s like oh the kid’s calling me okay i’m babysitting oh i gotta go do this erin or lisa’s like can you do some more cooking videos or you know dab is like it’s nine o’clock are we walking the dogs you know i’m scattered brains sometimes so anyway so today in our little kit in my little kitchen amy’s little kitchen oh by the way if you could subscribe to my youtube channel that would be amazing and awesome i’m working on trying those that are subscribing working on a little bit more content for you all um so yeah anyway subscribe to my youtube channel amy roloff’s little kitchen but today we are going to make a beet salad healthy yeah well it’s healthy and you know there’s a lot of different recipes out there and it’s been a long time since i’ve roasted beets i’ve never roasted and this is yeah i grew up with canned beets it’s like ew and then i also grew up with beets that you know we boiled i mean because i think back in those days you know roasting certain things just wasn’t kind of the in thing right but that’s why i like brussels sprouts yeah because i roast them oh my goodness roasted tomatoes oh they’re like candy and roasted beets they they just bring out this rustic flavor a little bit of their sweetness so anyway so that’s what we’re going to make today so um can you hand me that plate yeah usually i’m walking around the edges and everything here we go i forgot to put these in the ovens but beets come in a variety of colors like at least three main ones i thought that would really be kind of cute for the salad but yeah i forgot to put them in the oven so we’re just having the typical you know uh purple purple be but you know they all come in different sizes and that’s okay but if you’re roasting them this will take a little bit longer than this one so be careful of that can you cut them in half when you roast them or you want to keep them whole um you can cut them in half but i would keep the two you know the two halves in the same okay in the same foil thing got it oh that’s what i wanted and roast it with skin on correct i that’s what i’ve read up on i mean i think you can peel them but i think also what keeping the skin on also keeps the juices all right you know in here and um just keeps it more moist all right so anyway we’re just having purple beets today so roasting the beets you put them you wash them and clean them yeah i did wash and clean them and then i just wrapped them in foil no butter no oil no nothing and then um deb and i are gonna work on the beets i’m hoping that you will work on the oranges and the onion thinly i’ve got red onions we’re going to put red onion in the salad hopefully thinly sliced if you particularly don’t like red onion i think you can use shallots i’m going to add in an orange because i think a beet salad that’s a typical thing you do but i’ve got a lot of oranges in the fridge so that’s what i’m doing so we’re gonna slice up oranges here okay so this will go in the bowl okay this will go on the plate okay um then i have a little bit of romaine lettuce that we’re gonna chop up a little bit of arugula because i love that little peppery i think with the sweetness roastiness of the beets and the sweetness of the orange we’re going to add in a little bit of creamy goat cheese nice i’m even going to add in walnuts but like i keep telling you all i like toasting my nuts a little bit in most anything that i do i think it just adds a little bit more flavor so we’re going to add a little bit of arugula to the salad and then i’m also going to add in a little bit of celery a little thin yeah just a little bit of crunch um so i think that’ll be good nice and i think this will be a great salad especially with the mixture of romaine and arugula that if you had leftover chicken you can just have a little bit of chicken on the side and i’m gonna have it like an olive oil balsamic stone ground mustard dressing nice so okay are we ready okay so i’m gonna take this so yeah if you can thinly slice this be careful you know you’re gonna cut your finger like do your best to do that okay yeah i’m going to start peeling my roasted beets yeah let’s see if we if i can manage this i think you might have done this more than i have a little messy they have definitely cooled down but it’s nice and it’s simple see what it looks like oh yeah oh the peeling just comes off once you get started it just peels yes oh yeah look at see that oh yeah especially if you cook them long enough it’s so easy and i put parchment paper on my cutting board or if you’re just doing it over the counter put something down because i’m not sure about the purple juice how quickly it will stain something like our hands yeah oh wow so i would recommend parchment paper or whatever you have something that you don’t mind getting this nice lovely purple juice all over of course the juice you can always wash that off it does wash out but will it stain though like on your clothes i would think so it could okay do you want the whole onion um no we don’t need the whole i think that might be enough just one more slice yeah i might need a small little knife to do this oh that’s fine um well you can use that one there i know i’m trying to think did i get all this it’s almost like the skin is worth keeping well it’s probably got a lot of nutrients in it [Music] or you know what if you don’t want to do it by hand like this either you can always use a peeler or a very sharp knife and just just kind of rub it off that way too okay do you want these hands cut they’re starting to look like my eyes i know that’s why i gave it to you just in half just in half if you cut them in slices just in half yeah the nice edge reason they add the other edge of the knife big knife you know i can give you a smaller one yeah but your hands are all pink i’m gonna put this knife i’ll get a piece of paper towels are you going to use that knife i wasn’t sure if it helped with her cutting the orange i’ll give it back to you lisey okay lisa lisa i love being with you again i know we have fun i know is this girl time besides cooking time i know i’m going to cut this up just a little bit more salt well i don’t want a little bit i don’t want it in little chunks you like this yeah okay perfect because you gotta see the onion it’s not like you’re chopping it okay i think this is done sometimes it’s hard to see the skin over the beat i know right i think the other two beats i will probably use the knife people because this is taking a little bit longer than i had anticipated doesn’t it always go that way oh i know okay well it’s been so long since i’ve done this that yeah it didn’t register with me it’s all good your nails are gonna be pink instead of how does that look oh we’re doing a movie yeah where’s the cameras when you need them okay so now you want to slice this into chunks no just um because you’re i don’t know if that knife is sharp enough you’re not going to have little thin slices so it is okay you know to have thick slices okay so you want to pull yes and then after you slice it just cut it in half because i just think it’s easier to eat that way instead of having oh yeah or a little thicker so how long did you bake these in because the beets will be in chunks so you can make that a little thicker how long did you bake your beets an hour some of the the bigger ones were like an hour and 15 minutes do you recommend the foil over just putting them in there without anything on them um i just think it keeps them a little more moist and i mean the skin isn’t bad to peel off it you know does take some time it could be like what you’re doing these are questions see i can um i can’t cut like that oh my thumb or my hand isn’t i don’t know just that kind of pairing cutting thing doesn’t work it never worked for me so what temperature did you bake them 400 oh wow that’s 400 for one hour okay depending on your size of beets us enquirers want to know because it may take shorter time you know if they’re smaller beads sure so like i said if you put different sizes of beets in your oven just check on the smaller ones a little bit sooner got it i had no idea there were two different kinds of beets out there well i think there’s yellow ones there’s like kind of like orangey ones this is the more common one is this called more like a sugar beet is that what this is oh that i don’t know tell you true i thought that was kind of it may be i just growing up i never thought they were sweet that’s what they make sugar out of don’t they should it be yeah probably i don’t i’m not sure if this is it here is this all junk so far but i’m still cutting i know don’t step on that beet juice is gonna sting just get rid of some of our stuff okay people oh can i use that bigger knife and does that look good the big big one or this one big one okay i got beat stuff on it you’ll have to spread it off so what we’re going to do in fact i’m going to have lisa give us another bowl i’m just going to cut it in half oh yeah this is very done cut it in half again quarter the half and just cut them in little chunks i love beets i don’t want the beets too small because that’s part of the salad you want to see it oh they’re still steaming from the little arugula there do you want this knife done no i was gonna say do you want this knife nope i’m good did you want me to get another plate yeah it could do another bowl see that clean bowl over there it’s tipped over it’s just moisture yeah the clear one if you could get that that’d be great because obviously i cooked a lot of beets here oh did i take your beet you’ve got my beets you cut weeds sorry about that okay here you go okay thank you and we’re going to need an orange just doing an orange do another one yeah yeah it’s so nicely painted i know i had i thought i’d get you started but i didn’t want to get my orange fingers all or my red fingers all over the orange here so yeah so you just quarter the bites easy peasy do beets have iron oh they’re very good for you i don’t know what they have specifically i can’t remember but beets are good for you so you have a trick on peeling oranges oh yeah okay i’ve seen that front and the back and then just put little sections and just peel it right out that’s a good trick though that is your little domestic goddess over there i love it i’m learning as i go sometimes you you might have done something like that before but you got into a different habit and you forget yeah you know you forget about that little technique i think that’s what i’m learning a lot about cooking it’s like oh i remember doing that why did i like forget how often do we cook anymore i know you like this all the time how often do we cook i don’t cook that much anymore i mean when i was raising my kids and family and friends over all the time i didn’t always do something or plan but now that’s much yeah like you told chris he’s free to get his own meal today well because i’m doing this we might go to the farm afterwards maybe i would like again yeah and then we’re gonna try and paint oh did that air yet no okay we’re going to work on the wedding favors yes and so yeah so anyway you want to go wash your hands i’m going to wash my hands okay we had to clean up a little bit because we don’t want purple all over everything no look at that stuff so yeah so yeah you might need so what we’re gonna do now i mean this was this is not a hard salad i mean yeah okay skinning the beets may have taken a little bit of time but beyond that this was um this was easy and so we’ve got these done both lisa and dev are going to cut up some celery i’m going to do a little bit of the romaine lettuce and yeah we’ll go from there um it’s it’s yeah it’s you know just you just want to just push them okay not not yeah not too thick because obviously the main thing are the beets i already know i’ve got too much lettuce here but there you go we’re going to eat it and since arugula is already done because you know and i think with this salad with the beets that are kind of sweet and the oranges and everything just that hint of that peppery and just a little crunch oh let me get a little bowl for the salad do you want me to cut all this over no okay that was just for you okay here we go you want to put that all in there so i think what we’re going to do now let’s assemble our salad anyways this is easy peasy i’m just going to take some of these away [Music] okay what else can we talk about um let’s talk about the shower yes okay if any of you guys got ideas about on your second marriage later in life what advice or like a shower or bridal shower and stuff would we do so anyway do you just keep it simple intimate right we have a thing oh do we yeah well why do i don’t know deb and i are planning the shower for you so some things we’re going to keep a surprise yeah we’re not sure and that’s what it is but it is going to be elegant and special and just simple with really good friends that’s what it’s all about good food oh yeah good food i even made surprises no no no oh come on this is what i do when someone gives you a shower you don’t breathe well just one item not the rest i just want to do one thing you know what i’ll tell you guys later maybe maybe not we’ll see oh and we don’t have control over i was going to do plates but i didn’t really have a plate that i thought would work this so this is what i’m doing they’re shallow but they have enough like for a meal size they’re not just small you guys can do whatever you want but this is this is what i’m going to do can you hand me the arugula i’m just going gonna put some romaine on here a little bit of roola a little peppery thing going on you know follow your lead but you can do whatever you want if you just want arugula that’s fine too the thing i love about salads and this kind of stuff you just whatever works for you i’m going to do a little bit of celery some beads [Music] okay what do the beets taste like by themselves roasted um can i try i think that yeah i think they’re an earthy they have some flavor but i don’t think a lot but yeah they might have a little bit of sweetness to it it’s a different kind of sweetness it’s not like that sweet sweet sugary thing going on they kind of the texture of a potato but more moisture yeah um and kind of earthy like a potato taste yeah but it does have its own distinct now you said you were going to roast nuts to put on there yes we’re going to do that in a little bit all right perfect so i’m just going to layer some oranges here i could eat this whole bowl that’s all there is to it at least i’ll save you a few nuggets yes i guess you guys can tell i haven’t had anything to eat because like i’m really like dipping all the oranges there you go you snooze you lose wow oh that looks so pretty here you go thank you i’m going to put on a little bit of red onion i think that’ll give i think it goes well with the arugula the color you don’t want a lot because yeah and then replace a red onion you could definitely do a shallot because it’s still got that little purple purple edge to it so yeah we’re not done yet i love it all right maybe i might want another b can i use my hand i had a spoon there but it’s probably easier it’s just us it doesn’t matter just as in the whole audience and the whole kitchen the a little more too sprinkle a little onion there we go felix over here waiting he’s watching my every move i don’t think he’d go for the orange no food for him no food for him sorry felix okay when we come back i’m gonna go ahead and roast the walnuts excuse me sorry people and then we’ll go ahead and make the dressing oh yeah you know toasting you know nuts is very easy i just use a saute pan without any salt because i didn’t want salt in this salt it’s already going to go in the dressing so it’s just going to be rough chop the walnuts put it in a saute pan just toast them heat them up a little bit and i think it’ll be a nice little crate all right cheers cheers with our bowls i love it okay so right now i just have my nuts toasting on the stovetop here they’re not quite done is that like a medium or what do you um just about medium heat don’t put it on high because like me unless you’re standing right there maybe i have had to throw nuts away oh no [Music] and nuts are expensive you know do you put any oil or anything or just no not for this um it you know it depends on you know if i was sometimes if i’m cooking you know like a chicken or or like a savory dish i may put a little oil in it with a little bit of salt and stuff like that but then again it depends on how much salt you’re putting in your food in that but for a salad really it’s yeah i just want it more just that nice just roasted natural yeah nut to it good to know okay as you all know we went to palm springs yes for pre-bachelorette i know bachelor so where do you want to go next well i have a suggestion okay it’s called the vintages oh here locally that’s right it’s amazing and there’s a pool there there’s a sauna there there’s a lake and that’s local it is local you know we could probably do something carl silverton carlton i thought it was silverton and the fun thing about that is it’s within the wine country so we can always after the night okay back up the video just come with barbecues with a you can do a fire you can do s’mores all this right there by your trailer okay let’s do that in august and then the next day you can go wine tasting yeah we can just head out that’s your wedding month no let’s do it um that thursday to friday before the wedding after the reception uh after the bachelor bachelorette party whatever shower whatever the bridal shower poor amy she is coming down to the wire oh my god so yeah it’s getting close you guys let me check my notes the nuts are roasting oh good thing they’re not on high no i think that would be good i think it’d be a fun night to just get away the three of us do campfire it might be filmed it’s so so much cheaper but i think thursday if you can do thursday yeah i think we might well i know you have the daddy off but her you know her skies are a little different too um we could uh maybe a lot less expensive than booking it over that would be great i don’t know whatever works yeah thursday friday well we’ll find out well i’ll check into that okay i’ll let people know no nuts she’s going nuts yeah we’re all going nuts we’re getting i think that would be a fun thing to do you had mentioned that before and i think so it is such a fun the whole experience is so much fun and you can even get a trailer that was made the year you were born or you know it’s just so many different things oh should i tell you no yeah what is it in the 60s me too barely but these vintages trailers have like everything there’s so many fun unique things that they used to make and yeah they’re all kind of art deco oh yeah especially if it has a pool and you know we can have a little fire yeah i think an overnighter i mean we could do two nights but i think timelines one night is that considered camping it’s cool i was going to say it i don’t do candy that’s lisa style people it will be glamping to you miss there’s a shower in the not in the actual trailer but there’s an adjoining pool sauna hot tub the whole thing you can go the other thing though and i just want to put this out there in case you want to do it it’s dog friendly oh well we’re not bringing it oh do we have to why not we don’t have to you know bring lucy mark can take care of him what’s wrong with the dogs oh yeah because that’s just no all right we’ll leave the dogs it’s just one night guys where’s my little bowl that i had right here in front of you they confused me she’s thinking this isn’t your average cooking video so you know these are just lightly brown i mean it’s just it’s it’s a natural i can smell it it smells you know um in fact after they cool down for a bit just taste one because doesn’t the oil like bring out the flavor a little bit of that and no i yeah i just didn’t need salt right well wait till they cool down a little bit we used to have a nut shop in portland called morrow’s nut house and they you’d walk by there and they’d always be roasting nuts and it smells oh isn’t that yeah oh my gosh all right i’m intrigued by this whole dressing that you’re making no i’m wearing it i’ve never well i’m winging it so you’re throwing some orange it’s amazing oh i guess just hand me the plate i guess how about i put them in no i’m not doing that what i’m doing is using the juice maybe i’m thinking you could uh mash it do you have a mortar pestle um i do it’s not close to this i’ll juice it while you’re making your my girlfriend just turned me on to white balsamic oh robin my good friend rob yeah but that is today i can mash that while you’re doing the other okay we’re just gonna do this and this one i just need a little bit um because i have leftover oranges and orange is part of the salad i’m hoping that if i do need a little bit of sweetness just mashing and trying to get the juice out of the orange will be enough for the dressing so we are just going to add in i don’t know how much people because it’s only the three of us i don’t want to make a ton of dressing so i don’t know maybe a quarter of a cup a little less like that olive oil yes olive oil okay quarter cup olive oil a little bit of oops a little bit of balsamic tablespoon uh one or two okay oh let me get this out of the way so that it’s not all in front of me i’ll just get that little spill we got it that’s why you have us i’m not used to having sous chefs with me i’m using brown mustard and i do have dijon mustard so if you want to use that feel free i just like the mallower stone ground mustard it’s good sometimes about what two tablespoons no three maybe one or two teaspoons okay i’ll say a tablespoon no yeah i’d say two teaspoons tablespoon no don’t listen to them teaspoons is a table okay don’t listen to us okay is that enough juice would you want some more no i think that’ll be enough i’m gonna test it so i think i need a little more olive taste with oil spoon this is a little bit thicker for me here yeah it’s hard to taste your spinach orange juice is going to go in there that’ll make it thinner well i’m only using that if i need it a little more it looks kind of brown kind of thick which is yummy consistency yeah it might be a little bit thick so let me taste it first can i taste these are cute spoons they’re baby spoons they’re taster spoons i like that i like it like that do you want this now you know i’m going to add a little more olive oil that is so good another teaspoon maybe a half a teaspoon so if i said half a teaspoon amy would have said teaspoons because that’s how amy is hey i’m doing this just saying you know sorry it’s her cooking show we’ll let her have her say that’s about it because i had left a little bit of leftover oranges i had lisa just you know mash up just a little bit of juice that’s a little bit you want to do a lot nope you don’t want it too runny about a teaspoon okay i’m going to use another new spoon here i’ll let you taste it there you go maybe just a hint of salt not much i know isn’t it good [Music] pinch picture that was a pinch yeah it really was i think that’s enough and i think this will be enough dressing for all of us we don’t want that no okay i don’t think it’s enough people oh no i think the mustard’s good it’s very tangy we’re good oh oh oh more orange juice we need more olive oil you put a little juice in it yes you did didn’t you do that you saw it though oh sorry she’s going to kill us now knife down nice down nice down don’t worry the reason i added a little bit more is because i was afraid that we we wouldn’t have enough dressing now obviously it’s a little brown because of the balsamic vinegar so if you didn’t want to use balsamic vinegar i think that gives a little tartness to this whole salad here i think white wine vinegar would work well with here maybe apple cider vinegar i wouldn’t use red vinegar no i don’t think too harsh i think i would use a white wine or white vinegar okay or apple cider okay let me see here just drizzle that on i bet it’s perfect what’s it taste like it’s got like a little tang to it you know which i think it’s good yeah yeah very excited tangy and it has the the coarse mustard and see that’s what i like to have yeah texture to it yeah it gives a little more texture and layers of flavor to this salad yes now i’m not sure if any of us want bread but i do have bread to go along with this salad if i think having a nice rustic bread to go along with the salad would be nice it’s the kind of bread that i like is a little more rustic or if you had like you know rustic little rolls or something like this i think you could also serve this salad with um if you had like a rotisserie chicken or any leftover you could put anything uh chicken steak would be good on this i think so but i think with the oranges and stuff i would either do a chicken even salmon i think would go good here or a white fish depending on what leftover chicken you have like if you have italian chicken i don’t know if it’d go good with this but if you have a basic leftover chicken i think you know just putting it on the side would go good here are you doing a cheese you said those cheese or thank gosh or thank goodness i have sous chef here but i’m gonna put um goat cheese on this salad because again that’ll add a little more tang lisa doesn’t like goat cheese you don’t so i think a substitute uh cheese well you don’t have to put any cheese on it blue cheese no no but a substitute cheese i think would be feta because that is a a softer cheese but it’s also a little bland i love that yeah goats not so much i had goats i think these nuts have cooled down a bit you know just taste one okay [Music] wow those are good and they’re still warm those are really good but see isn’t it different than just taking it out of the bag totally so completely different it just has this like rustic and it’s very buttery it’s got buttery texture i’ve never thought about roasting those i do that for my like chocolate chip cookies a lot of my cookies i’m not gonna say i roast all the time every time i put nuts in but when it comes to pecans maybe slivered almonds sliver almonds you don’t necessarily have to do but when it comes to pecans walnuts oh my god well if you’re doing hazelnuts chopped up hazelnuts i would do that wow in fact you know what i was gonna make what do you guys think about this like if i got a nice cod or halibut a hazelnut crusted oh fish i’m here okay here we’ll be here we’ll be here okay what i’m gonna do with you and i well i should have probably had this out of the refrigerator for a little bit it’s not as creamy look at her hands still we’re still yeah i’m just gonna just add a little bit a couple dollops well i’m gonna get you feta cheese oh you are oh yes i just forgot to get it out of the fridge see she cares lisey she loves you i’m worse but if she forces me to do stuff i’m like eat goat cheese [Laughter] i would never do that to you ever goat cheese i’ve never oh no no she would task me to do stuff that i don’t like to do that’s what i meant go eat goat cheese no i was raised with goats too these are clean hands these are clean hands that i’m even though they’re pink show them hello pink hands um we always drink goat goat’s milk really my grandma made goat cheese i love that deb grew up in um utah obviously you all know where i grew up in michigan and then lisa’s a native born do you want any more oregonian really yeah yeah born and raised here and we all bring something to the table no we do always we’re all different we’re the same we kind of fight not fight we disagree we understand yeah how to disagree yeah you agree to disagree totally and we bicker they definitely put up with me we know her buttons just saying well like talking about the wedding today lisa uh dev came up with a great uh decorating idea and everything and i wasn’t a fan of it and so i’m like okay how do i say this you sound very nice i don’t know she goes i’m sorry but i don’t really like that but then i was separated yeah she kind of started to say okay well we can that could be a possibility this way and we can make it work this way so yeah yes we’ll see people but you know okay i’m going to let you guys do that it’s her wedding it’s her wedding yeah she makes the final decision but if she turns into bridezilla yeah they’re out of here they’re gonna be on her i don’t think of myself as that way but franzila i think part of what my not paranoia you guys add whatever nuts you want to i think some of my anxiety paranoia or whatever is that this is chris’s first wedding trip and i want him to really experience because most guys could care less you know and you know oh let’s go to vegas i’m like no but you know what i’ve observed from chris is he’s pretty laid back and oh i think no he is nitpicky well but he still kind of is more relaxed about his expectations you’ve already had a wedding yeah so you know what the expectations in the bar how hide it he was like oh yeah i’ll just show up and at first at first and now he wants to be oh involved involved because i think he’s now recognizing that you know his family and some of his friends are going to be here and you know i’m whatever they’re thinking like here they’re the guy that they have known for so long and of course his family is getting married so you know you’re right it’s different expectations and he’s you know we’re getting married he’s getting married older in life and but i like the more the traditional and but no it’s going to be lovely it’s going to be wonderful and so part of me is i want this to be yeah like nice but you know what’s so funny too is that you know when i was 24 when i got married and that’s you know i thought that was a little old i would open 22 but anyway 24 when i got married um you know you have different ideas and expectations because now you’re looking forward to you know starting a family continuing on with your career or you know a house or whatever life befalls but for us it’s like i want the next third our last third of our life to hopefully be one of the best however it’s lived or we’re able to listen and you will you will i’m going to wash my hands all righty okay well i think i’ve cleaned up a little bit of this mess um dev and i have goat cheese on but lisa’s going to add a little a feta cheese you don’t have to show the bread put a little bit of feta cheese on it and you can break it up a little bit if you want because sometimes it comes out in itself i like it chunky and my dressing is done a little bit of stone ground mustard balsamic olive oil i did add a little bit of juice from the oranges because i thought that would give you know complement this just a tad of salt but yeah so i’m just gonna oh you know what another thing i think would really go good with this salad would be a little bit of chopped um parsley just to add a little uh like a green to it obviously you got lettuce in here yeah and the arugula but i think it would uh look nice if it was topped with a little parsley but yeah since i’m leaving for michigan on friday i do not leave a lot of veggies for chris so anyway that’s not his favorite is it well he just wouldn’t use it like the veggies yeah okay when she gets back we’re going to be in wedding mode oh gosh full blown full blown wait okay look at us can we do it we can eat cheers cheers thank you you know what thank you for being in my little kitchen you guys you know how much i mean this is fun to me i hope it’s fun for you guys we love you absolutely cheers thank you because i know i can get a little bossy when i do this because i’m so worried what about you know making everything perfect and just right it’s a little bossy no really sometimes i know sometimes i can be but i think it’s because i get like yeah you want it to work out whatever yeah it’s a good bossy it’s a good one hopefully but anyway give it a taste you guys see so i’m having some orange and i’m gonna add i just want to taste the beet by itself with a little lettuce good mhm i’m having to beat with the orange really good i’m sorry bud the goat cheese the goat cheese that does it you’re missing out having dressing is amazing well the one thing i like about the dressing because you don’t want dressing overpowering right but just the orange and the beet that citrus and then the beet oh my gosh and the onions oh my gosh you guys this is so good isn’t this good i think we’ll just eat in front of you guys i don’t know but you know i hope you give this a try and i even love the crunch of the celery i loved it oh i love this and the nuts the roasted learn something and the beat do have a hint of sweetness to it oh my goodness well thank you for being creative and coming up with this recipe because it’s just my version of this salad really but yeah it’s a great version but again just being creative it’s fun to be able to go online and look at some of the things you’ve been working on and i have fun doing this like the other day we went camping chris and i went camping and you know camping there’s no time for you know this kind of cookie so i bought i was really amazed at how good it was uh packaged fajita steak strips and chicken steak strips because we were making fajitas i thought oh my gosh this is good and because chris and i had the garage sale this weekend i said babe i have no time to cook i mean by time we are done with the garage sale at five bring everything back in the garage it’s like six six thirty no we’re not going to be until 8 30. but so i took the leftover chicken and steak because molly and joel were here for a visit and so they tried out my strawberries scones strawberry cream scones anyway so it is so funny because i thought well i don’t feel like tajitas you know the tortilla and all that stuff so i thought okay i’ll do a little asian you know spin on it i didn’t have an english cucumber but uh but i did i did have carrots i did have onions i did have the peppers and i had fresh ginger so i sliced up a little ginger for it and a little bit of you know the onions i think i already said and i added a little sesame seed oil a little soy sauce a little olive oil and you know sesame seeds and all this other stuff but when i told chris what i was going to do it’s like you know this leftover steak in the freezer steak fajitas that which are camping and chicken well i’m going to do like a little rice and a little bit like asian asian fusion yeah asian fusion you know type of flair to it oh you should have seen him he’s like what like this is for fajitas i said they’re cut for fajitas but they don’t they don’t have the intense spice and flavor like cumin chili powder and it was just meat right well it was seasoned because it’s frozen but i’m like oh brothers so after i made this really quick meal with rice and everything um because you know i just went there i was like i’ll take this i’ll add this and all this other stuff oh this is really good this is kind of good of course and i looked at him like and you had doubt anyway it was kind of fun it was kind of fun never doubt her cooking never ever when she says can you guys come over we’re right there knocking on the door we’re here well it may not always be perfect but i always tell people it’s edible you say that and you always critique it but we never ever have had that idea that your food isn’t good well because you never know what people like like one suit night i did with good friends lisa and art fletcher and our neighbors what’s also i want to do something different with corn muffins i want to put corn in well there were two people that really didn’t like that i think chris was one of them and dave our neighbor i’m like okay but it’s okay if people don’t like it they don’t have to eat it i like it the rest of the people liked it and so you know it’s all good right so anyway we’re going to enjoy the rest of our beet salad here with two very very good friends lisa and deb so i hope you try this recipe over at amy roloff’s little kitchen and i would hope and i hope i’m asking you please subscribe to the youtube channel i would really really appreciate it you know tell your friends or whatever like that so anyway i hope you give this recipe a try and all of the others let me know your thoughts or whatever you’re thinking but anyway we’re going to finish off our salad cheers so keep i hope you keep enjoying cooking and baking in the kitchen and gathering around the kitchen table because it’s worth it so till next time my little kitchen from me to you [Music] bye-bye you

Roasted Beet and Orange Salad with Goat Cheese | Amy Roloff\'s Little Kitchen

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