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S.K. Ali | Simon & Schuster’s Books Like Us

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even though i’d been taught reading at school it was only when i encountered a book that had a family like mine that i became a reader for life i was fortunate in that i connected with this book taro and the tofu early when i was around 8 years old my dad used to buy bags of books for us kids to read because he was a voracious reader himself and completely believed in the power of literature he surrounded us with books at school we were told to read but none of the books we were given really resonated with me and so i saw reading as a chore until taro and the tofu tara’s japanese family felt similar to my family there was a moral clarity in the book it’s a story of awakening conscience and now looking back on it as an adult i realize why this book felt so familiar to me as a young muslim who’d been taught from an early age about the importance of ethics even was only you who knew the truth of your actions even if it was hidden from everyone else the story of a young boy getting extra change from an old store keeper and choosing to be honest and feeling warmth due to making the right choice provided a deep connection it was also the first time i read about a family that felt so similar to mine in actions and communications even though it wasn’t exactly my culture i felt seen i felt like reading made sense that it wasn’t a chore but an affirmation an adventure of the heart and mind i am so grateful for taro and the tofu i’m so grateful for books like us

S.K. Ali | Simon & Schuster\'s Books Like Us

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