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¿Se acabó la era de JOSEF MARTÍNEZ en el ATLANTA UNITED? ⎮ English Audio – Subtítulos en Español

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[Music] i cannot send messages to the press i cannot mess it to the player using the press paranalization atlanta united robertson periodistal atlanta journal graphics today i have the honor to talk with doug roberson he is a journalist from the atlanta journal constitution today we will talk about joseph martinez and he covered the team in atlanta so thank you doc for for accepting my invitation it’s an honor to talk with you this is a big news because joseph is i guess is the most important player in the atlanta team so thank you for accepting my invitation to talk with me about about this situation with martinez and gabrielle hence well thank you for having me marcos i truly appreciate it what what happened with martinez and jesus martinez is recovering from the acl surgery he received the permission of the medical staff to to start training suddenly this happened in the atlanta team yeah it’s a really weird situation just to catch everyone up really quickly so the first game in the 2020 season he suffered a torn acl underwent surgery and didn’t play again for the rest of the year came back this year um came off the bench uh for a few of the first games while he kind of got used to his knee and then started to play a little bit more like previous years when he was named the mls mvp in uh 2018 went to play with venezuela in the gold cup um i’m sorry in the copa america uh tested positive for covid he’d already been vaccinated but tested positive so then he had to spend pretty much the whole tournament in a hotel room in brazil came back to atlanta from when the when vince when venezuela was eliminated and um at first we were told that he was training by himself because he was trying to regain his fitness after not being able to work out for two to three weeks in brazil and then yesterday when we were talking with heinz uh ahead of saturday’s match against new england we go through each injured player to ask how they’re doing and heinz has said that joseph is continuing to train by himself and he was asked why and heinz said it’s my decision his fitness is fine this is a coach’s decision and i can’t send a message to the players through the press so we followed up with the club president darren ells the vice president carlos bocanegra to try to get some clarification on what exactly is the situation between joseph and hinza and the team really didn’t answer other than to put out a statement that it doesn’t question the manager’s personnel decisions and so it seems unlikely that joseph is going to play on saturday which is bad for atlanta united because it’s having great difficulty this season scoring goals and joseph is arguably one of the best strikers in mls history why do you think this happened in the team i can only provide theories based upon situations with other players and managers in which this has happened uh it seems most likely that there was some sort of disagreement between joseph and heinze i think uh it most probable the team has recently switched to playing uh two strikers uh kind of side by side joseph in the past with atlanta united typically operates best as a single striker so i’m wondering if there was a disagreement about joseph not liking that and saying something to heinz about that they’re both pretty hard-headed individuals it could have been something about joseph’s fitness it could have been joseph will sometimes if he’s frustrated during the training session we’ll walk off the field he’s done that under previous managers like pata and deboer he may have done it under heinz and heinz didn’t like that very much we don’t know why all we know is there there is a definite issue between the two and right now they haven’t solved it is [Music] i learned that heinz came to the team to put some order because the previous season was a disaster for the clan team and then this happened what could be the the consequences of this decision the top seven teams in each conference and there’s two conferences at major league soccer the eastern conference in the western conference the top seven will qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season atlanta united didn’t make the playoffs last year if they don’t make the playoffs again this year it would be considered a great disappointment the team went out and hired heinz it signed a bunch of young players from south america but it’s having great difficulty scoring it’s only scored i think 13 goals in 12 games when heinz was higher supporters were promised we’re going to score a lot of goals again like we did under tata gerardo martino and it’s just not happening and so to not have joe joseph in the lineup who is truly the only proven goal scorer on a 30-man roster uh seems to be a pretty uh um stubborn decision by heinzer um the team is also without because of call-ups for the gold cup it’s starting a goalkeeper starting center back the starting fullback ezekiel barco is with argentina at the olympics starting midfielders out for the season with a torn acl another one is out for another couple of weeks with a lower body injury so the team does not have enough quality players right now it’s having to use a lot of very young players who did well in the last game but it’s probably not probable that they can continue to do this game after game so they need joseph on the field so for heinz and joseph to not be able to work this out it’s only hurting both of them right now what do you think the options are do you think this this uh could have a happy ending or do you think that joseph will leave the team or or the maybe the management will fire behind what do you think that what what the solution will be yeah i don’t know there’s there’s four possibilities right the first and the best for everyone is they figure out whatever this is and patch it out and joseph returns to the team the second is joseph just doesn’t play until this gets worked out the third is joseph has transferred or traded the fourth is pineza is cut the last two don’t really seem probable to me uh heinz was just hired for the team to get rid of him would set the franchise back a great great deal uh joseph’s value right now is not high because he is recovering coming back from that in the injury and he still doesn’t look like he did before the injury the best option is just for them to patch it out so carlos bocanegra or darren eels have got to get the two together and get them to work this out right now it doesn’t seem likely but it’s still a long season hopefully it’ll happen what is the current status of joseph martinez contract uh so uh after he won mls mvp in 2018 uh he was rewarded with a five-year contract extension ahead of 2019 so five years from 2019. so he’s still got a couple of years left on his deal he’s the team’s highest paid player and i think he’s within the top 10 in major league soccer with a salary of approximately 3.9 million per year and guarantees there are other bonuses and stuff that i’m sure he can reach but they’re not included in the contract details that are provided jose martinez didn’t play too much in the last year and he didn’t play too much in the copa america because of the copy because of his situation with acl surgery what we can expect that he can do right now in the field on the field he is able to play 90 minutes right now and how this problem with heinzer could delay his business status and affect the team so before he went to uh the copa america with venezuela he was playing 90 minutes again in his previous three games before he left he played 90 88 in 90 minutes so the fitness is there if if he were to start on saturday against new england i think he could probably go 90 minutes if the team needed them to so the issue is is just something between he and heinze um i mean if venezuela were to have a friendly you know next week and wanted high-end uh i think he could go and play for them i’m sorry wanted joseph i think he could go and play for them thank you look for for accepting my invitation thank you for the interview thank you any time [Music] youtube is episode [Music] you

¿Se acabó la era de JOSEF MARTÍNEZ en el ATLANTA UNITED? ⎮ English Audio - Subtítulos en Español

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