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hey everyone so we have a very important update today not only is shipping expanding more than ever the most important thing we’re seeing right now is some massive changes for ship did you know that nearly 60 centralized exchanges support trading with ship today ship army yeah but what is ship good for can you buy anything at all with it a piece of gum a bottle of water anything and people are speculating is she by no good or is it bad what’s going on everyone be sure to drop a like but anywhere in the world any plans to be able to and shipment form replied in some places you can however full worldwide adoption which if they’re reaching that that would be massive we have yet to solve some important challenges read this article if you want to learn more but we can see that the future adoption is coming and it’s going to be a long path now shipment former made a long statement you know it’s already happening in venezuela they already are accepting shiba you and we could see so many companies actually doing that but for going worldwide it will take time for you getting accepted as legal tender is not easy but things are happening right now and decentralization is true and what we’re getting is its own blockchain and i keep saying this to everyone this blockchain will allow to have zero or variable transaction fees and will allow a trade of small and cheap items in the blockchain and of course we also require the continuous development of the ship ecosystem tools to allow people to perform these transactions in the easiest way possible so big changes are going to be happening we are going to be seeing some countries accepting cryptocurrency in the future el salvador is not going to be the only country that accepts cryptocurrency i think there is going to be a lot more countries like that and i think shipa inu could be one of those coins that actually says all right i’ll just go for it and accept it so what we’re seeing so far as well as an exemplary case for crypto we should look how closely this use becomes more and more popular there so going through here venezuela is a great example at how cryptocurrency will change the world and even for shiba you know you could see the big adoption already over here and that’s what i’m pretty excited for you know changes are happening you just can’t see it people think shibenu is a scam it has no uses but it actually does have uses it changes people’s lives you know people are selling their food for shiba inu and i think that’s super exciting to see but if we check over here new report places united states atop of crypto ready countries and i think that’s a very important thing not a lot of people are talking about the u.s leads the world in bitcoin adms and the number one is growing rapidly so they’re having more and more crypto atms and if they accept shiba inu ethereum and the usd basically if they accept bitcoin ethereum and every single other cryptocurrency that would massively spike up the prices and yes right now it’s only speculation but it seems like it’s happening more and more the united states is the world’s most crypto ready country according to new research published by crypto education platform crypto head crypto heads 2021 crypto ready index consider the number of crypto adms in each country and their accessibility the legality of crypto and whether banks can use it and the number of online searches for crypto related terms and calculating a crypto ready index for 200 countries and territories the united states ranked first with a crypto ready score of 7.13 out of 10. krypus ranked second in singapore third both scoring under 6.5 so if united states is 7 out of ten that’s really exciting news to get you know dot crypto action in but according to data collected by crypto head the us has 17 000 crypto adms imagine when we get to 200 000 what will happen with bitcoin’s price obviously yes these changes are happening very slow i’m not gonna lie to you i’m not gonna sugarcoat it to you we’re still in very early stages and bitcoin and shiba inu is surely a very big niche right now but the number is growing rapidly in the u.s as bitcoin adm companies like koi cloud rapidly expand as installations nationwide so the changes are happening both slow and fast so for the government to accept bitcoin we still might be 10 years away from the u.s actually taking action but never say never it could be you know as early as 2023 2024 the rise underscores bitcoins increasing popularity as a means of payment and it’s happening you know i don’t think bitcoin is going to be used as payment as much as it’s going to be an asset but the best next big thing is probably going to be ethereum and shiba you know because it’s going to be on its own blockchain alongside the number of atms crypto had also looked at the number of people per atm so how many people actually use the adms and i think that’s a big thing imagine if you withdraw like 50 ship and you get like five thousand dollars that would be crazy but of course you would get a bit you know you would have to deposit a bit more ship for that the united states placed first here as well with crypto adm for every 20 000 people compared to canada’s second replace of ratio of 180 m for every 26 000. so for every person using crypto one atm is being used by 20 000 people japan ranked last with a single bitcoin adm for its 126 million people and japan still has no bitcoin atms that’s simply crazy and 24 countries don’t not have a crypto adm so there is so much more potential for people to discover cryptocurrency crypto had also awarded the us and 39 countries with particularly favorable legal environments for crypto a maximum two points one point if crypto was legal to own and one point if it was allowed to be used in banks so that’s the best thing about it you know us is not cracking down on crypto yet or they’re not going to be cracking down at all and kripp is ranked first with nearly 34 000 crypto searches for every 10 100 000 people and i think that’s because a lot of people from kripa’s actually invest because they’re super rich they’re living on their island and they invest into cryptocurrency and almost 137 percent increase from the year before so cryptocurrency is growing at a alarming rate look at this romania saw the largest year on the year increasing cryptocurrency searches and the same thing is happening bitcoins we can price bounce fade even as exchange balance drops and what we see so far is more price analysis so the italy has dropped by more than twenty thousand five thousand the tally has dropped by more than twenty five thousand bitcoin in two weeks speaking fewer bitcoin are available for sale compared with the second half of june investors typically take direct custody of their bitcoins with expecting a price rise or aiming to generate an extra yield by tokenizing the cryptocurrency on ethereum’s blockchain furthermore that’s not the only sign wealth investors are stepping up for bargain hunting and so the odds appear stacked in the favor of bulls especially as the dollar is trading weak in the cryptocurrency markets despite friday’s upbeat of the u.s employment data and the greenback may suffer a more profound drop if minutes of the fed’s june meeting so in june we’re going to be having basically we’re july right now but uh we’re gonna be seeing a lot more there’s gonna be many more things that you might not know of so we are having a lot of things behind the scenes but exchange balance rose in april and early may bitcoin fell by 35 percent in may and it’s been lowest since 2000 uh may 216. so we can see here balance on exchanges all exchanges bitcoin and here they did not have as many exchanges and basically here they have a lot of bitcoin so far so if you did not understand me just read the tile bitcoins we can price bounce fades even as exchange balances drop so that’s some good news okay but uh binance disappointed by bear clay’s unlateral action to block customer payments and we can see over here that they blocked the payments over and you know i have been checking binance regularly especially binance us and they’ve been getting a lot of complaints about this and we finally have more news on this we take our compliance obligations very seriously and we are committed to working collaboratively with regulators to shape policies that protect customers encourage innovation and move our industry forwards so binance is still going to be working with countries i think you know a lot of this is just foot the crackdown is only going to be temporary so far but binance said it welcomes open dialogue with barclays to discuss the matter further and binance has been caught in regulatory crossfire as of late and multiple countries have actually cracked down with several jurisdictions around the world taking strict measures to limit exchange operations over the past two weeks financial regulators in japan and united kingdom have warned users about binance regulatory status in their respective countries meanwhile binance announced it will no longer operate in canadian province of ontario and after regulators there implemented stricter regulations targeting cryptocurrency exchanges so finance is having a crackdown but should you be worried no we still have coinbase binance is obviously the main in the market and it’s you know a rainy day for binance but there’s still going to be other exchanges there’s always demand for new exchanges overall and this is not over for binance binance is probably going to be stronger than ever as soon as they comply with such regulations but they’ve been cracking down on binance pretty much hard but this definitely tells you we are making a step forward for shibaidu right now so thank you so much for watching this we have ship adms pretty much soon in us we have them in cyprus we have them everywhere and that’s what’s really exciting to me until next time peace everyone


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