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Shop with me@ Hobby Lobby–FALL decor

by smart

[Music] hey guys hope you’re having a great day today today is tuesday happy tuesday morning to you i hope that your morning is going well my morning is going well i slept in what i know i didn’t get up until eight o’clock today amy what is happening i know i’m enjoying these summer vibes of like rain cloud rainy wet weather that’s okay it’s good to sleep in once in a while i knew i didn’t have to get up super early today knew what i was gonna film so i thought i’m just gonna sleep in a little bit so today is going to be my running day so i’m maxine’s like are you okay let me let her outside you need to come protect me i know just like make sure there’s nothing out here so today i’m going to go do some running today i’m going to go back to hobby lobby remember i’ve been like last week i did my wall hanging um shopping and so didn’t really find i mean i found what i wanted and then last night i went downstairs and kind of set them up on the wall not all the way but like to see what it would look like and so then after looking i’m like okay i know what i need to get i had brooklyn come out and she’s like no you need to get this you need to do that so i had her a little input of things and so i’m like okay let me go get those things today because we’re gonna be heading over that way today so i thought let’s go to hobby lobby see what they have and then um we can pick up a few things for the wall down there so we’re gonna go do that today i’ll bring you along film a little bit more and hobby lobby show you the other things that they have and then um what else do we have to do today it’s gonna be an easy day it’s gonna the girls have dentists to take the girls to the dentist so it’s one of those running days where i’m like okay it’s not a whole lot excitement for you guys because it’s just what a mom does like moms do things right moms run errands moms go pick up things the post office moms go to the banks mom go to the dentist and sit there for hours and then moms come home and do things we make food i don’t have to do a whole lot of food i’m gonna do hot dogs tonight because we have that chili a little bit left still not a whole lot just a little bit which was good and i think i’m just gonna cook the hot dogs maxine be kind look at this look at this kitty the kitty moves so slow what it was got she like moved and maxine’s like i want to get you but i’m not going to and this this kitty moves like she is like stealth mode kitty cracks me up it’s almost like i was watching her last night she was out here in the railing she was like slow motion moving and i had to laugh because like maxine was right behind her ready to attack and she’s just moving like don’t touch me i’m good so funny little funny little kitty cats they just get along so great so anyways so that’s going to be our day today so i’m going to take the girls shooting in brooklyn with me and then we’re going to do that we’re going to do a hobby lobby and that’s unless they want to see something else over there maybe we’ll stop and see something else but we’ll just have to see how the day goes it’s needed it’s raining it’s just a rainy thunderstorm looking day but that’s okay it can rain on our parade but it just can’t bring us down right so we’re gonna have a positive happy day no matter what’s going on the storms of life i’ve got some storms going on right here all around me but you know what i can still be happy and have peace inside my heart so that’s what we’re gonna go with today so let’s go in i’m gonna go get my water filled up to take with me and then the girls are gonna go head out and get some running done and we’ll bring you along so let’s go out for i don’t know what erin’s gonna take me once again during the week with the girls so all right let’s go all right finally heading out with the girl brooklyn hi and jayden hello all right we’re gonna go head out all right we’re at church we’re gonna go do our little stuff here and then we’re gonna go head on out all right so we’re all done church here we got a little two by four here to drive in the car with can i return that to shop so we’re gonna go ahead we got dentist appointment we’re gonna go do that right now all right going into the dentist all right we were just here last week once again the dentistry all right all done with the dentist no cavities yes that’s always a good thing so we’re gonna go ahead to hobby lobby go see what they got all right jane’s getting her dream come true stay in the car brooklyn she’s not lazy she just doesn’t like shopping she’s got her laptop so she’s gonna be there and we’re gonna go into hoppy lobby here we come furniture all the fall stuff welcome autumn get that for posey oh look at that punch here cute okay 75 off i’m gonna get one of these because we were looking at these before look at all the fall stuff this wasn’t going to be about fall but look look at all the look at all the good stuff we see christmas lights in the distance look at how cute look at all the fall stuff oh the embroidered ones this i like this one right here oh i’m gonna get one of this i had this one before yeah i’m actually gonna do i get a tiny neighbor a gray one might match your kitchen more with the sunflower i feel like white will get dirty pumpkin spice and everything nice oh look at the hedgehog oh what’s this it’s a little kid one i think this oops whip it good that’s cute ah i don’t need anymore aprons they’re sucking no they’re all like they’re so cute that’s what mine are doing at home they’re falling everywhere all right let’s go look posters those are really nice bless those are cute i was just looking at these look at these cups look at how cute those are cute like the little box sorry look at all the cute things those are pretty so pretty look at all the fun stuff for a good morning look at this little it’s a tiny one it’s a kind of tiny little cutting board oh look at the hedgehog what’s up with the hedgehog that’s so cute that we used to make yes little mini pumpkins look at the mini cups look at the tiny cups like shots shots of coffee look at how cute they look like oh maddie’s like american girl say they got some cute things oh look i love ball most of all this tiny stuff look at how cute that was speckly [Music] it looks blue when it’s down yeah that’s so cute look at the coloring book you never see comic books that’s weird my kids like coming books this leather leather with it those are really cute brooklyn’s the texture girl i love it awful fall look at that my favorite the blue yeah the blue the neutral yep those are really cute we’re going to do some new decorations we’ve come to it christmas look at that christmas tree look at the birch trees where we going brooklyn look at all the decorations that’s what our tree looks like that’s the goal of it i have to say that brooklyn just says it’s beautiful as fall as she goes they don’t have giant trees with pine cones on them look how cute those are yeah those are really pretty look at all the cute stuff like capsicums brooklyn christmas i’ll buy it for you ramen i think i have an issue i love aprons i did i never used it i’m looking always this up this is cute i’m looking for a spatula but that’s too like a tiny one to flip eggs with oh right here oh my goodness this this yes because we can’t flip our eggs that’s it whiter buy black yeah look at this that’s what i was looking for yay now look at these cute aprons always cute i love you bushel on a peck oh that’s cute all right so of course utensil this would match your treats it would you think you want to do tinsel it looks like sugar crystals yeah that’s pretty i’m gonna go down there look at i love the i love this wood this one this is a birch tree we have in michigan so that’s like i like birch trees birch beer brooklyn’s birch beer first tree look it up yeah look at how fun christmas probably cinnamon we didn’t find a summer i know brooklyn for tiny houses you should get them for bed this is a break what brooklyn wants to hook maximum so cute everybody needs a vegetable chicken i like it where would you even put a kitchen brooklyn kitchen i’d be scared scare it yeah that’s like actually touch it yeah that’s really cool this could be yours brooklyn all right brooklyn shows we’re calling plumes i don’t know if that’s the name be humble and this is good all right here we go everyone needs one of these right here dinosaurs i feel like that’s a crocodile brooklyn says dinosaur crocodiles don’t have yep spikey so maybe if you want that one we’ll get it okay there’s my plumes i don’t know what that is what is that called i’m going to show you what a plume is i think it is the green one is lauren’s house it does that’s pretty these are so pretty look at like these little have to show lauren lauren you have to come see hobby lobby come bring her look at all the fun stuff it’s really pretty it is really cute it’s only eight bucks we’re gonna get that candle on it let’s get that one cute ones those are cute why don’t we get a couple of those how much are those they’re two dollars but look at they got all these reading moms frog club that gnomes don’t even read they’re not even oh i love that jock because of maxine that’s so cute put it on a table next to mexi or something look at brooklyn but here’s look at there’s a standard one yes oh i like the turkey legs and it’s like cute i could see grandma having like 10 of these she could she probably does she does she does fun stuff becomes christmas look at these are pretty too so cute all right paper wrapping paper no manship we’re gonna see no man shopping there’s some just watch this is the plume i feel like i feel like this is a plume but it’s not a plume what is this called it’s not a plume it doesn’t even say but we’re not going to get these we decided to do these with the clocks i think that would be nice perfect all right see how it all goes together yes this is for samuel does lauren know this is here i have no idea lauren this is this one they gotta have you let me learn look at it look how this doorknob thing that is so cute look at how cute all right lauren here’s this i don’t think there’s a vegan thing here there’s room for everyone at our table that’s right eat the vegetables it’s probably see it’s the animals eating them blessed are those who do dishes there you go kids read that it’s like the minimalist but in case a cooking disaster all right we’re gonna get one of these because that’s really cute hello autumn autumn will be like you’re happy about like having a migraine i know brooklyn’s migraine now we’re gonna get one of these this is cute autumn will think that we’re welcoming her every day i like that all right we found out we found out they have lamps he says they’re by the photo frames before you get to the shadow boxes so we’re gonna go ahead that way look at those that’s fun that’s cute that’s a little mini one hey number jen’s buying buddy yeah he was like buying like wooden hands he likes it he loves all that oh here’s the professional on the lamps look at the blue are they down more oh a couple more oh look at exit lips so think table-wise oh look at these nice oh i like that i know those are really pretty look at these look at that one that’s so fun yeah like something tall like like that would be more creamy where the tables are going to be more oh it’s really big though like this but this is really tall maybe we need tall yeah we need no we don’t need super tall because what’s it called well you could go taller because it’d be right under the clock yes hmm what are we i don’t even know like i’m more like simple but i’m just getting all the freaking’s like how about this one right here and i’m like haha the glass i don’t know about that if it doesn’t come downstairs yeah the kids it’s stephen’s fault it’s always number 10. what about like those are those weird because it’s like our um all right we’re not having good luck with the lights just not really finding what we like we kind of the brooklyn likes this one but i don’t know if i love it so we’re just gonna i don’t think that’s it nope we’re gonna get the bad card boom boom we’re gonna do this for the kitchen so embarrassing it’s all good all right we’re gonna go find we feel like we’re here so we need to get just a few fall stuff because that’ll be here someone’s gonna come through and i’m gonna run over that’ll be like a month from now look at the bicycle clock that’s not cute it’s cute i did get a you know what i got for downstairs tonight we’re going to pick out some cute little the mini one was it here yeah it is so we’re gonna get some yeah i think it’s over there because these are a little bit bigger these are light up they’re gonna be oh one more time the gray one just on a shelf why don’t you get one all right this is turning a fall shop with me we got a pumpkin pumpkins two pumpkins brooklyn’s she’s doing the poor cart all right we’re gonna come here coming back one day for the no mug which one you want where is it oh do you want the gnome one which one the green one this is my contribution to your life paparazzi like garland or something all right brooklyn’s getting ideas which go ahead pick up the colors then okay that’s three do we do six of them down at three yeah because then we can yeah mix them in so now we’re gonna have to get a fall table runner brooklyn now you can get a plain one because this will actually all the gray oh wait all right brooklyn’s colin are you sure and put some candles in the middle any of these like bigger candles not just little ones right yeah all right it’s like any of these like these would be delicious but blue and orange looks really good together why don’t we do some of those that’d be cute i think i have some of these actually i had these in the table last year from what i remember ooh i’m gonna give me a coffee mug which i think this is cute that color palette for downstairs would you get those three but then we’re gonna have to get like other green stuff okay we can do that it’s heavy it’s to put under because i got the shelves now it will be too dark or give thanks yeah they’re both and that’s creamy those that can be bad i’m gonna get one of these unless i’m blind it’s white okay let’s do those let me do a couple of those keeping this yes we’re gonna go green i think too we just gotta find more green go on the look out for green there you go like throw that in there yep cuddle weather are we cuddling okay we’ll keep looking broken’s just gonna carry oh here’s the fault let me get some of these for a couple of my flower things stuff right here all the kitties were somewhat backwards did you survive without us jayden had her laptop she is good to go yes all right we did good we got our wall decorations and then we got some fall decorations and then we got a couple wall and paul and a summer one because greg and i were looking at that home one like we’re here and i was like i’ll just wait well now i got it for like seven dollars so we’re so good all right we’re gonna go right over here culver’s we’re gonna eat some food we’re going to culver’s gonna take the girls there and be excited it’s delicious it’s like four o’clock we’re starving we haven’t been eating goal i’m starving i’ve been a goldfish all day that’s it all right guy look at her she got a chicken one onion rings brooklyn got a veggie burger look at that and little pretzel bites oh this is so good delicious let’s eat all right what do you guys think it was good i like the pretzel things the pretzel thing’s really good what do you think jay not bad that’s just okay give it like a six point five okay eating out or eating fast food at all so that was that was pretty good you’ve never had a veggie burger right no so that’s new so all right camera’s gonna die so we’re gonna go head home now finish for our day we gotta go to our meeting tonight in our community so let’s go head home all right we’re home now so we’re gonna low put everything inside i think lauren put the kids for me which is good and then we’re gonna pack back up and head back out to our park and go for a community meeting tonight all right so it has turned into a good day so today was not very exciting for you guys hopefully i don’t even know what kind of footage i got for hey ruby what kind of footage i got at hobby lobby but hopefully something good to look at there’s so many cute fall things i was like ooh we just picked up a few things just because we’ll be decorating downstairs too so just some fun things got what i want for the wall so that was the main point but let’s read our song for the day psalm 142 prayer for help in trouble i cry all right the battery was dead so i have to go get another one let’s try this again all right i’m gonna come down here and hope that i can do this down here love my animals all right let’s try this again psalm 142 prayer for help in trouble i cry aloud with my voice to the lord i make supplication with my voice to the lord i pour out my complaint before him i declare my trouble before him when my spirit was overwhelmed and weak within me wrapped in darkness you knew my path in the way where i walk they have hidden a trap for me look to the right the point of attack and see for there is no one who has regard for me to act in my favor escape has failed me and i have nowhere to run no one cares about my life i cried out to you oh lord and i said you are my refuge my portion in the land of the living give attention to my cry for i am brought very low rescue me from the persecutors for they are stronger than i bring my soul out of darkness prison adversity so that i may give thanks and praise your name the righteous will surround me and triumph for you will look after me the lord is going to look after you and he’s going to take care of you and take care of you and he’s going to take care of your family your job is just you make sure that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and he will take care of you so all right i’m going to go in we have about a half hour we got to leave back out we’re going to go to our park and have our community meeting tonight and be part of that kids are going to play and we’re going to have a good time so be part of your community join in take part in the place that you live and make a difference in your world whether it’s in your home whether it’s in your church whether it’s a little homeschool group whether it’s in a group of friends whether it’s in your family make a difference where you’re at be that light to those around you all right have a blessed day we’ll see you tomorrow bye

Shop with me@ Hobby Lobby--FALL decor

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