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SONIC’S GIRLFRIENDS | Amy & Sally Google Themselves

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hi everyone amy rose here and today i’ve got a very special guest with me all the way from the arch universe is princess sally acorn how are you today sally hi amy i’m doing great actually it’s good to see you again now some people seem to think that you and i don’t get along well i wouldn’t really say it’s so much on my end i mean i think you’re a really sweet girl oh really oh wow don’t like to toot my own horn but when it comes to sonic you do have a bit of a temper i definitely do not i oh right i see what you’re saying i guess sonic does make me a little emotional come on sally you have one too you know how they can be oh believe me i do so just confirming to everybody who’s new and if you are new you should totally subscribe sally and i have our own sonics i have oowoo sonic kind of and sally has her own sonic in the archie universe i’d really like to meet him one day not gonna try and steal him are you no of course not i love my sonic just he hasn’t noticed me it’s just he’s kind of shy it’s uh i’m working on it he will be mine oh yes he will be mine [Music] yeah maybe behavior like that is kind of the problem there is no problem sally anyway i should probably tell you why i brought you here in the first place all right you and i are gonna be checking out artwork of ourselves on google oh i looked at this with sonic before uh do you have to remind me of that sorry the pictures were kind of cute okay okay i get the point sonic and i have looked at it like three times now well good for you hey you check out this first picture what if sally and amy switch their personality wow that’s interesting let’s do it to it my sonic i’ll get you i seem more confident that dress is a little bit girly for my liking you look super cute in it though and i love your hair i find dresses uncomfortable i’d rather just be loose better for fighting no way fashion could be practical you’re probably just wearing dresses that are uncomfortable oh are we really fighting over sonic mine looks like i’m trying to steal him from you amy yeah well i seem to be winning i’ve got this whole situation under control my hero oh i would never be this flustered yet you seem to be just looking at the drawing sweetie walking backwards and sonic’s just like yep i don’t think he could handle you if you were like this you know maybe not but it’s a fun concept yeah for sure uh you’re being a little bit huggy there sally oh come on you act like i’ve never given you a hug before yeah but this is uh um it looks kind of romantic in a way i think you’re just reading into things maybe but would you mind putting me down but i thought you’d like to be slapped off your feet yeah by sonic my hero well i could be your hero i’m pretty capable you know yeah you’re the resistance leader in everything i know and a princess and you also become queen later in your comics actually i’m leader of the freedom fighters if you’ve read my comics you should get it right sorry it’s just hard to be invested in something where you end up with my sonic well we get married and he becomes my king so sorry well your comics are like a fan big thing it’s not even canon you’re not even in the games sega said everything is canon i think that was a joke my life isn’t a joke says you all right okay uh before things keep getting heated why don’t we look at the next picture okay see look at this we’re sharing sonic nicely he loves both of us pretty sure he loves me more pretty sure he loves me more nope me i think you’ll find he loves me i’m the mature one well i’m youthful and full of energy too much energy we were getting along so well and then the topic of sonic came up and everything’s just uh not going as a plan all right i’m sorry just remember it’s just fan art okay i know and it’s not like you don’t have a sonic of your own i know and i’m sorry too oh wow look at this this is super cute i love what you’re wearing you know i think that kind of thing looks better on you than me no way sally look gorgeous that flower in your hair is just so pretty i wonder what we’re drinking maybe some kind of cherry soda or something you know what i i really need a pair of those shades and i need that top and i need those shorts i just want everything you seem to like your fashion huh oh yeah definitely that’s why i got so excited when i saw this well it is a great drawing yeah i love it very summery oh wow fusion all right so the artist said they’re not sure if this should be selmy or sally rose or amy acorn how about you guys in the comments section why don’t you name our fusion oh how exciting yeah what do you guys think if i had one critique i would say maybe we should be wearing blue since we have your pink hair and blue is one of my favorite colors to wear yeah i really do like the purple though purple and pink look so good together and we have two different eye colors as well if you look carefully as well they’ve combined your dress and my jacket into one yeah you can tell me really fought hard about this it’s super cool i love it me too a little bit on the grilly side though oh come on it’s cute but you know what if anybody tried to mess with us that battle wax would do some serious damage yeah oh wow the fact that somebody actually turned this meme into artwork of us is amazing i wish non-toxic amy rose and sally acorn fans a very pleasant evening [Laughter] you know what i do too oh you know what seeing this makes me realize that you and i have been a little bit silly i do wish that the son ally and son amy fans would stop hating on each other just remember guys it’s different universes and different canons i guess just when it comes to sonic people are really opinionated on who he should end up with and you know what that’s actually up to sonic i hope we don’t get a lot of hate in the comment section now amy it’s the internet it’s inevitable there’s always going to be haters it’s all right i’ll protect you by not letting you open up your computer oh that’s a good idea you know what i’ll send all this video footage to tails and uh he gonna upload it it’s fine i’m sure he’ll be grateful for the content yeah i see let tales deal with it well that was fun what do you want to do now i think we should go shopping and find somebody a dress oh you’re looking for a new outfit no you silly oh no no i i think i’m good oh come on you look so cute in some of those pictures we can get you a blue one that’s just like mine and then we can be like sisters and match it’ll be so cute you know what okay let’s do it to it all right come on let’s go

SONIC\'S GIRLFRIENDS | Amy & Sally Google Themselves

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