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Sosua | Things You DON’T Want in Writing | Positive Vibes | DR Ex-Pat

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most of the so-called advisors or experienced individuals that talk about making agreements with contractors which they get everything in writing i’m gonna tell you a situation or two that you really don’t want in writing stay tuned [Music] yeah just out in these streets i got a pizza from australia same place i ate in the other day in the other video this time had it delivered to me out here at a tacky bar on the this corner here so so yeah a lot of ducks chickens birds seagulls mangoes um sand cranes that’s a bird too i just named a lot of birds parrots penguins all that gravy so see i think um a lot of guys a lot of guys got it wrong thinking that always when it’s you know the best time to travel let’s face it you know is when we have a three-day holiday weekend but you know a lot of times that just means that a lot of other guys are traveling it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the ladies are traveling from santiago santo domingo and points far and few in between it just means that you might see more dudes in town that’s really all it means so what does that mean it means the event planners and those doing things you know it’s i mean you know camaraderie is great it’s a whole lot of camaraderie check out old lenses middle oled fresh face a barber shop too yeah so it just means that um you’re gonna have a lot of homies be able to network a little bit make some new friends and all that’s good gravy but you know you’re not gonna find mass abundance of ass attendance that’s a good phrase mass abundance of ass abundance bolero on the beach a real official spot on nice little ambiance good menu how’s the old adage go a fool and his money will soon be parted well you’re about to get a gym here so i’m walking up from the beach an associate i run into it’s here long term a lot and you know i have reason i have reason to uh believe he knows what he’s doing and talking about in this particular situation so sometimes it’s not just dominicans but it’s also gringos sometimes that live here or here long term they play the role of middlemen chulos poppy true lol don carter gina lollin america okay that rules so he’s telling me about a scenario this woman that stays with him sometimes two three days at a time i don’t know if y’all can hear that or not but that’s thunder that’s just straight raw caribbean storm thunder so i’m not going to edit that out because i like the background this nature natural raw organic noise so speaking of raw um so sometimes you got guys that find themselves in the middle situations with women that they deal with whether it be for our connections or whatever or maybe our benefit makes it worthwhile for us to use our connections for the benefit i’m not in the ma in the matchmaking business personally because i don’t want either party pointing the finger of me when something goes wrong or either party’s not happy putting me to blame so that’s not my business that’s not what i do but this particular associate of mine was saying how there’s this this frat brother of a well-known one of the bigger black fraternities expat and puerto plata you know and he’s reaching out to him to connect him to a contractor and they’re going back and forth and they got a negot they got some dialogue some finances and stuff in order and some of the stuff i’m not getting any details some of the stuff that the guy wanted to do was just like nothing if i was that dude there’s nothing that i’d want to share with another dude that i want to do to a contractor and definitely not something i want to have in writing and then and then there was an irresponsible request over the difference of a thousand pesos so we’re talking like 18 uh more that they’d be willing to shell out you know to be a little irresponsible and you know he explained where for boyle for me what it was that the gentleman i use that term loosely was looking for and so this is kind of these are things where i would say like i say you do want the basics any contractual agreement you want it in writing but there are some things that do not behoove you to have in writing you know you guys may have seen like sometimes these girls post a whatsapp status that’s a screenshot of like conversations they’ve had with with other guys and stuff most of the time you don’t understand them because they’re in spanish if you’re blank you’ll miss it but often it’s them sharing wow thunder’s crazy often it’s them sharing like this with they’ve already shared it with their home girls you know with potential chulos with like half of their barrio or compo you know um long before they’re even sharing it publicly just to get a little he he these freaking gringos uh you know are freaking local you know and disgusting and and this and that so that’s why i say there is a line there must be drawn to what you do want to put in writing sometimes there are some things that you just have to you just have to get as many details as you can in writing the basics but there’s some things that are closed-door conversation between you and the party involved and just saying because otherwise your business can be put out there as being that like dirty creepy disgusting ass dude um willing to give the moon the stars the sun the rain the whole give the whole store away you know um for some acts you know and etc i mean i guess if you’re hardly ever here it don’t matter but in this case this somebody lives here for people that may live here or be here long term so just the words that are wise yes almost is a key word almost everything writing but not every damn thing not every damn thing some things are supposed to be between the participating parties closed closed-door agreement conversation coming into a dark alley give you all a little history lesson see how things may or may have not changed see all right europa over there and a lot of water here before school and 24 years ago so about 10 years ago first time a chick ever cooked for me and her spot was up here it’s kind of taking y’all through it see how it goes [Music] oh amigo [Laughter] [Music] don’t expect too many lights and stuff up here a lot of cons look like they got some construction zone stuff going on up here i don’t know i don’t know what they doing maybe it was this door anyway first place i smashed the chick on her turf this always fascinated me though like this little courtyard it’s like part of a movie where you could just imagine like like a shootout scene and somebody getting tossed over the top maybe that did happen i don’t know hmm but so there we go a little history loss of soul history ricotta style and then not gonna say nothing derogatory like i usually do about this street but the street in front of europa so famous corner there like oh kind of like a war zone up in here and my shoes gonna smell like bad sewage for like a month now after walking through that [ __ ] so right here basically you come down into where four roses meets uh natalie’s bar see don’t get that rooftop view too much of these things not that you’re missing much i’m just saying coming down out of a dark alley [Music] you know last night i was at the bar here on the street rainy day at the beach we started we enjoyed some of that sunshine salt water some of that nature ten minutes later he said you gotta go so yeah oh [ __ ] peanuts valero right there they got really good tacos they had good tacos and wings and things next to it right there like 106 and malibu they showing the soccer game yesterday it’s italy versus england i gotta get up you got some of those uh british hooligans and [Music] yeah 1100 [Music] in new jersey in new jersey i learned that that dominican tubing was like 20 dollars because because my ex in new jersey owned the salon and she was like these dominicans are cutting our prices like in newark and other areas because my neighbors my neighbors were american but they would go to the dominican salon and balling in a hummer no rental [Music] i learned that though coming down the road

Sosua | Things You DON\'T Want in Writing | Positive Vibes | DR Ex-Pat

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