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Spain update – Out with the old, in with the new

by smart

all amigos qatar stuart here from spain speaks with an update on the current situation here in spain and it was a big day for spanish politics yesterday with the prime minister announcing sweeping changes to his cabinet but more about that in just a moment firstly a big thanks to all of the people that left comments on the last video lots of comments lots of debate happening there as usual thanks to people that supported the channel through a donation you can see your names here thanks to people that bought merchandise and a big thanks to my patrons on patreon for your continuing support now let’s get into the news and as i said prime minister sanchez announced yesterday big changes to his government quite a few ministers who have become familiar faces over the last couple of years or so are on their way out and they’re being replaced with fresh faces as we can see here sanchez revolutionizes the government with a generational renewal to boost economic recovery the president of the government pedro sanchez announced on saturday a profound reshuffle of the executive with the departure of several names from his hardcore and the incorporation of up to seven new faces with the aim he said of consolidating a generational renewal that will serve to boost the economic recovery after the pandemic among the ministers leaving their portfolios are the prominent names such as the first vice president carmen calvo the minister of public works jose luis avalos as well as sanchez’s chief of staff ivan rodondo as confirmed by the president of the government in a brief appearance at montclair after informing the king of the changes so who are the ministers that have entered left and remain in sanchez’s government as we can see the new faces there at the top in green felix bolanos pila yop jose manuel alvarez raquel sanchez isabel rodriguez pilar alegria and diana morant and those on their way out carmen calvo juan carlos campo arancia gonzalez jose luis avalos jose manuel rodriguez is so as i said a lot of familiar faces leaving the government and a lot of fresh faces coming in and to be honest i have no idea who these new ministers are i think they have been picked from inside the socialist party and as we saw there five of the seven new ministers are women so a big female presence in the new government here in spain so what are the reasons behind these changes as we can see here in this headline from el pais change against wear and tear government crisis reveals severity of erosion in sanchez’s team the president of the government pedro sanchez undertook on saturday a profound reshuffle of his executive that seeks to leave behind the wear and tear accumulated in a year and a half of management in extraordinarily difficult circumstances perhaps the worst in decades among the central elements of the maneuver are the affirmation of the continuity of economic policy a greater role for the psoe and the executive and a renewal of positions that rejuvenates the cabinet and removes the most worn out figures the depth of the reshuffle is a de facto recognition of the difficulty of the political moment for the socialists especially after the electoral defeat in madrid so wear and tear being blamed for these changes and let’s be honest the government has had a pretty tough 18 months not only because of the pandemic but also because of the problems with morocco the catalan pardons which took place recently and a couple of scandals when it comes to government bailouts of private companies for example plus ultra now all of these changes have taken place on the social side of the coalition government so what has happened to the podemos ministers and the answer is absolutely nothing they are still in their positions even though there have been various scandals involving them as well as we can see from this headline why have the ministries of podemos not been affected by the changes in the government the president of the government pedro sanchez announced on saturday the 10th of july the changes in the government to face the second part of the legislature days before these changes took place sanchez had reportedly conveyed his intentions to his partners and also met with the third vice president yolanda diaz they agreed that the changes would not affect the portfolios of unidas podemos so the podemos minister is not going anywhere even the minister for consumer affairs alberto garcon who was involved in the meat gate scandal last week has managed to hold on to his job so we’ll see if this change in the government has the desired effect that sanchez is looking for time will tell now as we know kobit cases here in spain are again on the rise and various autonomous communities have announced new restrictions nightlife is being restricted around the country and one autonomous community valencia has decided to shut it down completely and valencia has also decided to crack down on street drinking as we can see here new coronavirus restrictions in valencia fines of up to thirty thousand euros for botteon the general elite valenciana will modify this friday the decree law of the sanctioning regime of the measures against the coronavirus so that bottiones are considered as a serious offence this new classification means fines of between six hundred and one and thirty thousand euros for the consumption of alcohol on public streets at the same time valencian premier shima pooj will also change the 2014 health law in order to reduce the opening hours for the sale of alcohol and set it at eight o’clock in the evening instead of until 10 o’clock at night as is the case until now so valencia finally thinking that it’s time to put an end to street drinking parties and if you get caught having a drink in the street with your mates you might get fined up to 30 000 euros now let’s have a look at a summary of the health situation here in spain and we can see that the accumulated incidence rate for the last 14 days is now up to 316. there are currently 3 121 people hospitalized around the country with covid and there are 627 coveted patients in icu if we have a look at the valencian community we can see that the incidence rate there is now sitting at 263 when it comes to vaccinations we can see that 43.26 of the population have completed vaccination and 57.49 percent of the population have received at least one dose now if you’re living here in spain or you’re here on holidays you probably realize that we’re in the middle of a heatwave and as we can see from this headline extreme heat hits a spain increasingly vulnerable to climate change and anticipates a record-breaking summer on sunday and monday spain will be hit by extreme heat the warnings indicate temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees above normal up to 44 degrees celsius in the south and southeast of the peninsula the global warming of the earth caused by the amount of gases emitted into the atmosphere exacerbates thermal peaks like this one which are becoming increasingly frequent in spain the episode of very high temperatures brief but intense comes after a heat wave in north america that has left more than 500 dead one of the main consequences of global warming is the multiplication of these waves and spain is an example of this phenomenon so be prepared today and tomorrow for very hot temperatures in some parts of the country and as we saw there we are in for a long hot summer and today here in madrid we are expecting a high of 40 degrees celsius i know what i’ll be doing as soon as i finish recording this video hitting the pool now spain’s biggest supermarket chain mercadona seems to be going from strength to strength and they are offering more than 200 jobs with salaries of 1 300 euros medicare donor is one of the most prominent supermarkets in the country it has more than 200 job vacancies with salaries above the average for the sector the mercadona website reports that the starting salary in spain is 1338 euros gross per month most of these vacancies are for shop staff although there are also vacancies for delivery staff warehouse staff maintenance technicians and in the logistics and office sectors so there we go and if you’re looking for a job here in spain merica donna might be the place for you now let’s have a look at some of the comments from previous videos one here from renee it’s perfectly safe here in valencia easy to keep the distance how many people of the tourists go to nightclubs i certainly don’t i don’t understand why the incidence rate is such a big deal most of the vulnerable people have been vaccinated twice and not many of the young people get very ill don’t panic just wait and see it’s going to go up everywhere with the easing of restrictions you just have to be a bit more careful if you are older like i am irene thanks for the comment and i agree with you that spain is a safe country at the moment maybe it’s not perfectly safe because as we know that incidence rate is going up and up and up but the majority of cases are among young people and as we just saw nearly 50 percent of the population is completely vaccinated so no need to panic i’m still being careful if i go out if i go to a public space i put on my mask i wash my hands and i do all the things that i have been doing for the last 18 months no changes there but the issue with incidence rates here in spain is that governments take decisions based on these incidence rates and if they go up as we have seen in recent times governments start to talk about restrictions so as long as they don’t become too strict like they were at the beginning of the year when we couldn’t move around the country freely i for one don’t have a problem one hear from roy i’ve just been to alicante for a week and it’s a great time to visit spain limited tourists and cheap flights it’s perfectly safe in my opinion yoroy thanks for the comment and a similar comment to the one we just saw two people saying that in their opinion spain is perfectly safe and you’re right there aren’t many tourists around at the moment and there are plenty of bargains to be had especially when it comes to flights and cheap accommodation a few people that i know have recently gone to the canary islands and they picked up an absolute bargain and it is as you said a great time to visit spain although it might be a little bit too hot for some one here from irene surprised that germany and france have advised against holidaying in spain i thought that was the purpose of the eu covet passport so that the fully vaccinated at least risk have the freedom to travel yeah irene thanks for the comment and you’re right that was the purpose of the covid digital passport to allow safe travel around the european union this summer and spain is also surprised that germany and france have recommended against travelling here and i read the other day also that the european commission is not happy with france and germany either because it goes against what it is recommending which is freedom of movement around the european countries so although eu borders are not closed the commission may be worried that it could be the next step let’s hope that it isn’t one hear from ruby olla stewart gracias for the update thinks in yogathon will have a job trying to convince people in spain to eat less meat i don’t eat meat but am the only one in my family a few years ago a brand new pig farm was built on the outskirts of our village and now they are building an extension on the opposite side of the road to the pig farm a few years ago they built a turkey factory so i think senor garcon may be hitting his head against a brick wall when we arrived here almost 20 years ago and ate out the only vegetarian thing on the menu was a cheese pizza i explained that i was a vegetarian and when it came up it had ham on it take care and stay safe you ruby thanks for the comment and you’re right it is not easy to be a vegetarian here in spain or at least it hasn’t been up until now we saw the other day mr garth on telling people here in spain that they shouldn’t eat a lot of meat not only for health reasons but also because it’s bad for the environment and we saw how the meat industry kicked up a bit of a stink with what mr garfon had to say and pedro sanchez came out and said that there’s nothing he likes to eat more than a perfectly cooked t-bone steak so a very big industry here in spain the meat industry and i don’t think it’s going to be easy to change the habits of spaniards when it comes to eating meat one hear from john lalinea could try to join gibraltar if they would have them yeah john thanks for the comment obviously referring to that piece of news we saw the other day how one city down there in andalusia wants to separate from andalusia and become an independent city maybe that’s what they have in mind to have more autonomy when it comes to dealing with gibraltar i read the other day that one of the main reasons that they want to separate from andalusia is because of the amount of people that cross the border every day to work in gibraltar and the border there apparently creates a lot of problems for people in la ligia so they want to have their own powers to sort that out and is it going to happen will lalinia separate from andalusia will the central government allow them to do this probably not one hear from adrian when my daughters visited me here in the uk in february 2019 just before the great plague brought the whole world to a complete standstill they fell in love with the prawn cocktail crisps and took at least 20 packets back to spain yadrin thanks for the comment we saw a comment from somebody the other day that said that he has a couple of boxes of crisps stuck here in spain at customs customs won’t release them and he’s desperate to get his hands on these prawn cocktail crisps and to be honest i’ve never tried this type of crisp or chip as we call them down there in australia but they sound fairly tasty so i’ll see if i can get my hands on a couple of packets so if anybody knows where i can get them in spain let me know in the comments section below and finally one here from rick loved the way you substituted mates for colleagues seems appropriate in that colleagues implies business associates and not fellow party goers as one would expect to find in majorca i noticed that the original el mundo article used collegus and i was wondering if it sounds as posh and erudite in spanish as colleagues does in english in the context of encouraging mayorka tourism that is eric thanks for the comment obviously referring to an article that we saw the other day that said that majorca was trying to attract young british people saying that they can come to majorca with their mates but they can’t mix with other people they have to stay in their bubble and in the spanish headline they use the word colegas which i translated to mates and not colleagues and the reason for that is that colegas means mates or friends whereas colleagues in spanish would be companeros for example in a work sense you would say companies which in english would translate into work colleagues but not colleges which as i said means mates so if you’re here in spain with one of your mates and you want to introduce them to somebody you would say estes mi colega pete on that note i’ll wrap the video up questions and comments please leave them in the section below debate the situation out as you normally do give the video a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didn’t i’ll see you in the next one

Spain update - Out with the old, in with the new

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