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Spain update – The experiment begins

by smart

spain speaks with an update video today we’ll have a bit of a chat about what’s going on around the country we’ll go into the newspapers and check out what is happening there and then at the end of the video we’ll go into the comment section and take a look at what is happening there also now it’s a big day today in the uk of course freedom day a lot of the restrictions that have been in place for a long time there in the uk are going away no more social distancing i believe you can get together with as many people as you want and i also believe that you don’t have to wear a mask on public transport or in other public spaces anymore and all i can say is that in spain it is completely different with more and more restrictions being brought in daily now if you haven’t realized i’m currently in portugal and the situation here is also very very strict i went to a supermarket yesterday to buy a few things and there was a police presence in the supermarket an officer was walking around making sure people were wearing masks making sure that there was a safe distance between customers in the supermarket and if you want to go and have lunch or dinner at a restaurant in this part of portugal you have to show a covered vaccination certificate or a negative covid test to get in and the amount of people that can eat inside a restaurant is also very limited so portugal very strict when it comes to covert rules and regulations and the portuguese government recently announced the new rule for people crossing the border from spain into portugal and it is that you need to show proof of vaccination or have a negative pcr so portugal very strict at the moment even compared to spain now another piece of news that caught my attention today is about eu recovery funds we know that spain is going to get its hand on some of that money very very shortly and we can see that el gabierno allendes pedes futuros pagos espana comple plan i do this so the dutch government has its doubts they don’t have a clear idea of how spain is going to spend the money and they want to put a condition on spain getting that money that they make the necessary reforms and the dutch prime minister has promised that he’s going to keep a close eye on spain and how spain spends the money so it seems that at least one government in the north of europe doesn’t trust spain when it comes to spending money and where does this mistrust come from hasn’t spain always spent european money well in the past that is the question now another piece of news that caught my attention today is in the english version of el pais and it’s about tourists in catalonia not adhering to the restrictions and we can see the headline here the curfew in catalonia that the tourists are ignoring new coronavirus restrictions went into place in the northeastern spanish region on friday but they didn’t stop hundreds of people from coming out to party on the beaches of barcelona it’s midnight and lorena is still dancing and drinking in the paseo del born in barcelona she had gone out to eat with her colleagues from a technology company and is having some beers this is where the party is she says with a smile while three different portable speakers blast out music and tourists shout drunkenly on the street so tourists apparently not adhering to the new rules and regulations in barcelona when it comes to curfews and are partaking in that great spanish tradition of both yon so maybe some people there are under the impression that the rules are not for tourists now on the subject of tourism here in spain and how many people are visiting the country this summer we can see from this piece of news that in june more than 2.3 million people arrived in spain the highest number since the start of the pandemic so more than 2 million people visiting the country in june but that figure is still 75 down on 2019 figures so huge problem still for the tourist industry in spain and the last piece of news that has caught my attention in the spanish press today is about the restrictions in the uk being lifted the freedom day as i mentioned earlier and a follow-up to a story that i mentioned yesterday about how bookings the spain from the uk are up four hundred percent and as we can see here las reserves so flight bookings from the uk to spain are up coveted cases in the united kingdom are also up the health secretary in the uk has tested positive dakovic 19 and boris johnson and most of his ministers are also in quarantine so it seems that freedom day there is off to a good start now let’s go into the comment section and check out what is happening there one here from dunk yo i can see a few potential crashes on that diagram yeah dunk thanks for the comment obviously referring to that diagram that i showed yesterday on how to drive in roundabouts here in spain and it was a little bit confusing let’s be honest and when you have a look at a diagram like that it’s no wonder that so many people are confused when it comes to roundabouts in spain but the basic rule is that you can drive around the roundabout in any lane but you can only exit from the outside lane and problems arise when people try to exit from the inside lane and if somebody’s going around on the outside lane that’s when you start to have problems so fairly simple you can use any lane to go around but you can only exit from the outside lanes if that makes sense one here from therese i had a lot of issues back in the day with the feminine and male endings with spanish i am over it now since other things like covert and climate crisis seem to be a lot more of a concern my husband and i wear masks all the time when we go out to restaurants and coffee bars here in denver colorado yet therese thanks for the comment and that is one of the main concerns for a lot of people when they learn spanish the masculine and feminine endings el nino la nina or as some people say nowadays ninja i mentioned in yesterday’s video that some politicians in spain want to make the language more gender-neutral and they want to get rid of the masculine and feminine aspect of the language and as we also saw yesterday former prime minister mariano rajoy thinks that that idea is a load of bollocks and it seems that a lot of people agree with him one hear from alan thanks stuart i find your insights and information on spain very interesting as for the uk suffice to say it is freedom day tomorrow with many restrictions lifted great news oh by the way infections and hospitalizations are increasing the double-jumped health minister has just got kovid the prime minister and chancellor of the exchequer are having to self-isolate for 10 days after initially saying they didn’t need to a veritable cavalcade of clowns come on spain top that yellen thanks for the comment and i have also seen that the tabloid press in the uk is having a field day with what’s going on there at the moment and the fact that boris johnson did a complete u-turn when it comes to him having to self-isolate because he was in contact with that health minister that you mentioned and from what i’ve read a lot of health experts in the uk are not happy about those restrictions going away and one health expert there was quoted as saying that daily cases could hit the 100 000 mark by the middle of summer so good luck with the covet experiment in the uk and the world is watching to see what happens one here from auspicious imagine cycling through roundabouts in spain the rule i assume is for cyclists to always go on the far right even when they are taking the third or fourth exit this can be very dangerous especially of what you just said about cars not following their rule instead i just follow the car’s rule and will take the inside lane if leaving the third or fourth exit making sure drivers can see me while doing it a lot more safer that way even if i piss off one or two drivers it only takes literally 30 seconds for me to cross so they can bugger off yes vicious thanks for the comment and i don’t even want to have to think about tackling a roundabout in spain on a bicycle and you’re right it can be very very dangerous for cyclists using roundabouts in spain especially given the way that the cars use them in fact road cycling in general seems to be a very very dangerous activity in spain so i’ll stick to my mountain bike one here from malc are you related to jacinda ardern you’re beginning to sound like her yeah mel thanks for the comment and here we go again some people like you think that i’m on the left side of politics some people think that i’m on the right side of politics some people think that i’m in the center basically nobody knows where i sit on the political spectrum and to be honest i don’t know either all i want is good politics i don’t care if it comes from the right i don’t care if it comes from the left and i don’t care if it comes from the center and for me to sound like the prime minister of new zealand i’d have to start using a kiwi accent and that’s not going to happen and finally one hear from stevo well done you pronounced lester correctly yes devo thanks for the comment thanks for picking up on the fact that i pronounced lester correctly in fact i don’t know any other way to pronounce that word and it’s also the same when it comes to my pronunciation of worcestershire gloucestershire and some of the more difficult places there in the uk to pronounce and it’s very very difficult as an english teacher in spain to teach the spanish how to pronounce those words correctly and another difficult place name for a lot of people in spain to pronounce is the capital of scotland edinburgh a lot of people in spain say edinburgh or something like that on that note i’ll start to wrap the video up questions and comments please leave them in the section below debate the situation out as you normally do give the video a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didn’t i’ll see you in the next one hasta luego

Spain update - The experiment begins

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