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SPCE Stock Update : Virgin Galactic Stock News – Sell or Buy the Successful Flight Event? (Analysis)

by smart

welcome welcome welcome i hope everybody’s doing well today welcome to our channel and welcome to another one of our videos today i’m going to do things a little bit different we’re going to show a little bit of footage here that we have of the founder richard bronson uh getting on the aircraft and and their flight pictures as well and we’ll discuss it and then we’re gonna discuss the articles afterwards so let’s get busy where final inspections and preparations were made before takeoff they were driven to the runway and our fleet of land rovers and land rover is our exclusive automotive partner and they help with day-to-day operations and in fact we have a bespoke vehicle that we designed with them called the astronaut edition and this is exclusively available to virgin galactic future astronauts and it’s the one that drove richard to spaceport to spaceship unity this morning so we’re delighted to have land rover as a part of the team and right now our crew are on their way to space let’s check in on them via our onboard camera footage okay as you can see uh they’re they’re getting ready to get up into space at this point are hands-on with the piloting throughout the flight oh there’s sir richard branson now all right it’s so exciting to see them in the back i’m sure they are just getting incredibly excited and here’s some footage from uh being down here at the ground level as you can see they they perform this this flight out of new mexico so we are at 22 000 feet now and descending and as i mentioned earlier unity is a glider at this point um so the pilots right now are discussing their energy management plan and pretty shortly here they’ll be meeting up with our chase aircraft with jameel and patrick to get some really cool visuals of spaceship unity okay this is their flight on their return so this was a very successful flight i will put places a video down below so you guys can watch it so let’s see what wall street has to say a virgin galactic soars into space aboard rocket plane that they soared more than 50 miles above the the desert they stated that they were in flight for 15 minutes there was another article saying that they were in space for 30 minutes i believe the 15 minute and then another article that came out just a couple of minutes ago and then they announced today that the unity was a successful mission it reached all of its its objectives and this was this 20 second test flight and then and the chief executive officer stated today is a landmark achievement for the company and a historic moment for the new commercial space industry a little bit about the information the unity achieved a speak a speed of mach 3 after being released from the mother ship the vehicle reached space at an altitude of 53.5 miles before gliding smoothly to a runway landing in spaceport america i want to get this news out to you guys because this could affect the stock price tomorrow so now we have another successful flight into space for about 15 minutes or so i don’t know if we’re going to have sell the news tomorrow depends on what’s what’s going on in the market or we’re going to get a bump if we get a bump we’re going to about 55 to 60 dollars that’s my belief now if we’re gonna have sell the news like i stated in my previous video i’m thinking the next drop would be somewhere around 43 dollars that would be only six dollars from where we at i don’t think she would go down here to 30 levels but i think she could touch these levels here at about the 43 or so in my opinion because this was a successful launch nothing went wrong but it depends on where they go from here that’s what we need to find out are they going to be buying more aircraft are we ready for that next phase of the operation or we’re still in this testing mode of trying to get up to one hour up there in space or is the objective is just for 15 minutes or 30 minutes in space i don’t know what their objectives are so we’ll have to figure that out i want to thank you guys for watching today on this sunday and check out my other video that i just sent out a six-month report of how we did on premiums and profits uh you might be it’s upwards of six thousand more it’s more than six thousand a month i’m telling you guys you guys need to watch that stuff and if you guys got any questions or comments please place them down below please smash that like button and subscribe you guys have a safe weekend this is sunny until next time i’m out

SPCE Stock Update : Virgin Galactic Stock News - Sell or Buy the Successful Flight Event? (Analysis)

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