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SUMMER FUN SPENDING ? | Week 2 Check In | Budget with Me – July 2021 Budget

by smart

hey guys and welcome back to my channel today i am back with another video for today’s video i’m going to be weekly checking in for week two of my july monthly budget which for me was from the 12th until the 18th so it is just my second week if you guys would have watched last week’s weekly check-in then you know that i actually included the first until the 11th as one week and so this is my second week i will be having i believe four weeks this month yes and then this last section will be a results section here so yes i have a lot to do today i still have not received my coil clip connector so i’m still just keeping this on the side with me but i have all of my budget expense stickers all ready to go i just have to lay those down and then i also have some payday and no spend stickers all from my shop by the way any stickers you guys see here which i will leave a link for down below as always you can get 10 off with the code romina10 all right now that i gave myself a little shameless plug-in i’m going to go ahead and get started i also want to show you guys my pocket planner which i just changed into this this is not new honestly i’ve been having it for a while i just have not had the chance to use it but this is a pele studio pocket planner which i don’t have my cash envelopes in here i’m still using the regular sized ones and sorry i have some band-aids here but i really like this one because the rings are really really big so i will be able to put some cash envelopes in here whenever i’m ready i believe you can fit up to a pocket plus size but all of my answers are pocket sized so this is what i’ve changed to and i really like it i mean i have not had my pocket envelopes in here so i don’t know how that would work but i think they will fit perfectly i have so much room in this and yeah i love the color it’s definitely a little bit different than my mo term planner i can actually show you guys the difference right here it’s a lot pinkier and it’s cute and i’ve never used it so i’m really happy about it so i’m going to look through the expense trackers in here all right so let me go ahead and bring you guys to the monthly view i am just going to go ahead and go day by day i’m also going to leave my key here so you guys can see it the first expense that i had was for gas i pumped gas on the 12. so i’m just gonna go ahead and lay that purple sticker down i don’t think i had any more expenses up until the 15th on the 15th my mom actually picked up some groceries for me not too many but she ended up going to bayata which is the local grocery store that we have baez so that was 21. spent for groceries and then let’s see on the 16th i went out to eat with my sisters and joel we went to mission avenue bar and grill in oceanside and i spent 26.75 from eating out and then the last few expenses let’s see i have another expense for groceries that was 8.70 we just picked up some like small things to take to the beach like i know i got strawberries we got some seltzers and i think maybe chips so we went ahead and split that between the three of us we also went to brunch which i spent 36.75 for brunch and i did go ahead and spend a little bit over than the amount that i had in my eating out cash envelope so what i ended up doing was i took the leftover amount and got it out of my allowance cash envelope so the difference from that was only a dollar and 68 cents but i didn’t want to be over budget especially if i had that money in my allowance cash envelope so i just went ahead and took it out of there i also had two expenses over the weekend so i bought some sponges from amazon and i saw i think a tick tock of some beauty blender sponge dupes and i just decided to pick up a pack of six that was 10.72 so that came out of my beauty cash envelope and then we also ended up going to ulta on the 17th my sisters and i and i spent i believe 1841 there what did i end up buying i honestly could not remember oh i ended up buying a sample size of a serum because i don’t have any more serum so i wanted to go ahead and try this new one which i was looking at the retail price for the bigger version of the serum that i like because i really liked it instantly as soon as i put it on my skin and it turns out that it’s that the full size is 75 dollars guys like how crazy is that that is so crazy to me but honestly if you guys can tell i don’t have my nails actually got them taken off on the 18th and my nail tag did not want to charge me anything for removing my nails because at first i was going with the intention of getting my nails done and so she went ahead and removed them which she usually charges me for and she didn’t want to charge me anything so i just went ahead and gave her ten dollars at least because she did you know spend some time removing um the overlay as well as she did go ahead and give me a manicure so i went ahead and gave her ten dollars and that came out of my beauty envelope but aside from that i did not have to spend any more for my nails because i didn’t get them done so i might end up investing in that serum that 75 serum because i feel like this month will be the month to do it since i will have extra money left but let’s just go ahead and check in and then we will go ahead and see how much money i have left over and see if i should pick that up because like i mentioned i have been looking for a new serum but 75 dollars is very steep it’s a very steep price but maybe we’ll see okay so those are all of my expenses for this week and i can now go ahead and lay down my payday sticker as well as my no spend stickers so the shop gets paid on tuesday 13th and for no spends i have one also on tuesday and two on the 14th so i only have two new spendings this week i obviously know that i had a lot of spending because i spent the night at my sisters and we went to like san diego oceanside and i did spend quite a bit of that money yeah because i don’t even have any more eating out money left for the end of the month so that’s very interesting i was not expecting to spend that much but honestly i should have given myself more eating out from the get-go anyways i’m gonna go ahead and bring you guys to the weekly check-in page and write down the categories that i will be checking in with i have groceries household honestly i’ve been doing really good with groceries i will have to go this week or the week that i’m in real time but i don’t think it should be too bad so we have eating out allowance beauty and gas and i’m budgeted so and then i don’t utilize the rollover section after the first week so we’re just going to write some dashes there and we are ready to go first off we have groceries which i only had one two expenses i’m also going to check off my student loan payment because that did go through so we have ayata for 21 and just regular groceries for 8.70 so in total that is 29.7 spent for groceries so 29.70 and i had 133.10 which means that i now have 103 dollars with 40 cents left over for groceries for the month which if i divide that by the two weeks remaining in the month that means that i would have to spend around 51.70 each week which i think is very doable especially because last week i did 66 and this week i did 29 so i think it’s definitely doable but we will go ahead and see next week now i don’t think i spent no i did not spend any money for household so i’m going to write zero here and i still have the 97 49 that i had remaining prior week next for eating out i have two expenses one of 26.75 and the other 36.75 so in total that is 63.50 which is exactly what i had remaining last week so now i did not have any more eating out money i honestly should have stuck with the 150 or 130 that i budgeted for eating out last month just because it’s the summer and things have opened up pretty much entirely so i should have kept that in mind when budgeting for eating out because now i have zero dollars but that’s okay i’ll live anyways for allowance i spent a dollar and 68 cents because that was the difference for brunch so 1.68 spent and i had 17 last week so that means that i have 15 and a 32 cents remaining for allowance not too bad i’m honestly trying to save this just so i can go ahead and roll it over to my allowance sinking fund envelope next we have beauty for beauty i have three expenses this week one for 10.72 1841 and ten dollars on sunday that is a total of 39 13 spent and i’m going to subtract that from the 185 58 meaning that i have 146 dollars with 45 cents of course like i mentioned this money was supposed to go towards my nail set but since i i’m taking a rest i’m actually taking a break from nails up until closer to my cancun trip which is i believe the second week or the first weekend of the month of august so since i do have this amount of money remaining i do think i’m going to invest in a more like high-end serum since i do have the money for it and i really actually like the sample that i got if you guys want to know which one i got i’ll go ahead and leave a link for it down below for both the sample and the full size version but i do think i’m going to go ahead and use that money for my serum and i also need more hair dye and conditioner i think so that’s what’s going to come out of this amount i probably will have leftover amount which i would then just roll over to next month’s beauty envelope so everything works out i’m actually happy that i didn’t end up getting my nails done because i can now use that money towards things that i actually need i mean you guys know that i get my nails mostly because i show my hands on a camera all the time and i would like them to look presentable and cute and getting my nails done makes me happy as well so it’s like a two-in-one type of deal but i do realize that my nails need a break i have not gotten a break from getting my nails done since november so yeah that’s also the main reason why i wanted to not get my nails on this time but all that to say that i have enough money to get some extra things that i need this month for beauty and then the last transaction is this one of forty dollars so forty dollars spent for gas is that it yes that is the last one and last week i had 60 remaining so that means that i now have 20 i will say at the time that i’m filming this that i’m already over budget gas but you would just have to wait until next week’s video let’s just say that i’ve been driving a lot and i should probably budget some more money for gas especially because i’m moving to la and i’m gonna want to visit my family and i went all the way to oceanside so yes for this second week i have 20 remaining but yeah i guess little sneak peek and then the last category that i have here is unbudgeted which i do not have any red stickers for i already went ahead and checked which the red stickers will look like this this color so i am just going to make a dash here since i don’t budget anything for that category and that is pretty much it for the weekly check-in part of this video like you mentioned i have pretty good numbers going on here especially with beauty groceries and household eating out is definitely not doing so hot but it is okay i will probably be over budget in this category i’m not even gonna lie to you guys i should have probably planned a little better considering it is summertime and everything opened up but that’s okay it’s okay we live and we learn and i’ll definitely now budget more for eating out for the month of august but that is going to be it for the weekly check-in part now i’m going to bring you guys to my sinking funds and the transaction log for these since the last time that we saw each other i’ve had two transactions both from entertainment on the 16th i paid 15 for some sort of like cover charge for like a club bar type of deal in um san diego we ended up going friday night because my sister natalie really wanted to go so we all ended up going to this like club bar type of thing again and i paid 15 so that came out of my entertainment sinking fund and then i also use money for my entertainment thinking fun on the 18th if you guys don’t follow me on my personal instagram which is romina.rosa then you guys wouldn’t know this but i did end up going to the orange county fair so this was my oc fair spending i spent a total of 93 dollars and it’s funny because the past few months i’ve been like looking at my entertainment thinking fun thinking like wow i have i haven’t really used my entertainment fund but in the back of my head i knew that i was going to spend money at the oc fair which i’m really happy that i’ve been you know accumulating that money in my entertainment fund of course as of now i believe i have like 11 left so not much but i am definitely happy that i’ve been once again saving for that singing fund because i was able to use it and buy myself all the fair food that i wanted so those are all the transactions that i’ve had for my sinking funds all pretty much from entertainment and then the last section i’ll show you guys before i go will be my variable income page here i’ve only had one like business expense for shipping on the 14th for 6.55 but with that being said that is going to be it for this video i’m not sure how quick and short this was but i’m really happy that i’m back at tracking all of my expenses and checking in for them as i typically do so thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed this video as always please do not forget to give it a huge thumbs up as well as subscribe to my channel if you guys are not subscribed already and hopefully i will see you guys on my next video bye guys you

SUMMER FUN SPENDING ? | Week 2 Check In | Budget with Me - July 2021 Budget

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