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Teen’s rare Dorito chip racks up a bid for $100K | Today Show Australia

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hey when you’re tucking into a big bag of chips you wouldn’t expect to find anything unusual inside right well one lucky gold coast teenager has struck gold finding what could be the world’s most expensive dorito what after stumbling across this one-of-a-kind puffy chip riley stewart took to tick-tock that’s not easy to say fast to share her discovery when someone suggested she sell it now the dorito has attracted bids sitting at ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars we’re not joshing you riley along with her dad john and mum michelle for credibility join us now from queensland good morning guys good morning riley talk to me so this is the dorito here um didn’t think i would have all of this happen but i guess it is and yeah i’m surprised so was it just an an everyday packet that you picked up at coles or woolies or the ig or whatever where where did you get it from and what what made it look strange to you yeah i was um eating them and then i took it out and i looked at it and i was about to eat it but then i have this other tik tok account where i post random stuff so i was like oh i might just post it on there um and i did and then i went to bed with i think a hundred thousand views and then the next day it was like almost at a million and i had them messages from people and everything like that yeah it was crazy it is a beautiful looking chip i must say i i don’t think carl would have been able to resist the temptation to eat it but now like you’ve resisted and it’s like it’s it’s getting bids online what how much money are you up to now i think it’s at nine nine nine nine nine last time i checked i’m pretty sure and is this away from a hundred thousand yeah yeah so i don’t know if it will i’m sure he’s eagerly eyeing off um those numbers go up by the day considering how much money you owe your parents um what do you make of this chip thing did you oh there’s a demarcation guy he’s going to end up in the high court i love it there you go so my packet of chips was stolen and i found her eating the evidence in her bedroom yeah see mom you must be incredible i know your daughter’s very hard working but have you ever been prouder of her probably you know this has been a lot of fun it’s been really absurd and the attention she’s got has been absolutely amazing so you know we’re just having fun with it um as a family there’s been a lot of uh banter about it so far yeah so you know we are absolutely proud of her just supporting her from afar and just being where this thing goes because uh you know she was i think more taken that she went viral um which was absolutely crazy yeah it’s not something that every kid you know experienced it was just a mere thought and now it’s got to this but that’s that’s tick-tock yeah just a thought becomes a viral success um and you’ll be no looking back after this when does it actually get sold 10 million when does it get sold exactly um i think four days four days and we just put it up as a seven day auction yeah but people have been asking us for a buy now price what a cool family i just want to give you your place friday night oh that’s right i can’t talk next year she’s got plans she’s going to put us in an old person’s home and she’s going to live in a [Laughter] well done mansion modern day kids good on you guys thank you and we’ll keep everyone at home um up to date with all that stuff when it goes to auction that’s fantastic stuff just fun what a great australian story mom and dad had the nursing home let’s ship them out

Teen\'s rare Dorito chip racks up a bid for $100K | Today Show Australia

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