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[Applause] tonight he jumps into the big leagues of boxing and becomes a pro one of the top boxing prospects in the world this is the start of something great the guy’s a sensational fighter and we’re going to see a whole lot more of him on top rank boxing the highly anticipated debut of 17 year old xander zayas the youngest ever to sign with top rank in the black and silver trucks knocked down right in front of us the first knock down at the hands of the professional xander zayas he’s gonna be looking for that right hand again and he goes down again and jay nady calls the fight xander zayas the win in round number one [Applause] tonight he jumps into the big leagues of boxing and becomes a pro born bread and rip in stockton california gabe flores jr [Applause] referee vic dracolich determines that the red corner can no longer continue obligating him to stop the spout with a time of 145 of round number two your winner by way of technical knockout in his pro debut gabe flores jr keep your eye on that aisle which is an unusual entrance for a fight in this building what an entrance by conlan michael cotland and this place is absolutely wild right now right hand on the button by conlan [Applause] to the body he’s landing solid body shots and he’s finding his range iberos taking more and more damage here and he’s really starting to not like it huge right hand by conley he scores with an uppercut now he switches to southbound scores with the left hand and referee benji estevez steps in and stops the fight and collin celebrates tko round number three pro debut michael conlon with a lot of irish pride in the house on st patrick’s day at madison square garden you know good first step for collin into the pros i’m really looking forward to see how he progresses he showed some some nice pro work in there especially when he caught ibero on the ropes making him some distance pushing using his arms and his uh his shoulders to kind of push up and make some room digging the body on both sides switching and making adjustments from the overhand right to the uppercut definitely some good things in there i’m looking forward to seeing him progress the big showcase fighter is jose ramirez right away you see ramirez want to work on him he hurt him with that left cory’s trying to come back with the something uh a little bit on the powerful side but nothing’s working for him whatsoever looping right hand left hook to the body and down goes corey [Applause] there’s any more clear head shots you’re gonna have to stop this fight because uh cigarette just can’t hang in there with this guy at all close hits him again it’s time to stop the fight and the referee vic dracula mercifully steps in and stops the fight the guy’s a sensational fighter and we’re going to see a whole lot more of him on top ranked boxing coming up next michaela mayer makes her pro debut the los angeles native against with nelly figueroa there is so much anticipation for what michaela mayer can do in the ring the former olympian she is the first female signee with top ranks since lucia reicher the dutch destroyer nice right hand from mayer so much taller than figueroa backs her up with the left-hand jab oh that one’s stung left and then a right michaela mayer in control in her pro debut sends figaro to the ground and this one quickly ends for michaela mayer [Applause] barely over a minute in michaela mayer stings with nelly figueroa now the curtain has been opened for michaela mayer the introduction complete to her pro career this is the first time that shakur stevenson makes his way to the ring as a pro one of the most highly touted amateurs to come out of the us system his eyes opened wide looking for opportunities and he caught him right on the jaw [Applause] nice little flashes from stevenson already he is eager to go to the body he is quick he shows enough power and he hits him again nice uppercut and hook from stevenson as brito is looking just to hold on now my goodness i like what i’m seeing wow the winner by technical unanimous decision stevenson kelly pavlick is 18 years of age from youngstown ohio and he is making his professional debut well the first round of kelly pavlik’s professional career has been a very good one against benito zane this is scheduled for four [Music] good opponent here for a pro day for bob a durable game kid out guard you have to give zayn credit his game down he goes those body shots taking a lot [Applause] overall good performance for the pro debut of pavlick theo fimo lopez is a new pride of top ranked boxing knockdown he’s going to call that a knockdown and as well he should good shot got him and down he went karios’s third fight this year and his lopez on the assault after him nice straight jab not panicking he’s taking his time try to catch him in the chest with his head down doing everything he can to keep lopez off lopez and his debut trying to finish this thing up oh god solid right hand and he goes down for the second time that was a clean right hand right on the side of the chin oh man he gets with that shot and another one that’s a knock down so securius is down for the third time in the fight and that’s his second time down i don’t know if he can recover from that because that’s a liver shot eight nine and ten it’s all over that’s a knockout i didn’t think he could recover because it was a liver shot right on the liver fiat lopez he’s one and all with one knockout so he couldn’t settle in any better than that and here he comes vasily lomachenko in his professional debut he hails from odessa which is in the ukraine extensive extensive amateur background he has one of the most impressive amateur records that i think i’ve ever seen and he is highly decorated this is going to be his debut and they’re already talking title shots within the next couple fights [Applause] [Music] the way he reacted the way he’s running around [Applause] those body shots are unbelievable it’s up to four [Applause] out of the blue he hit the midsection right on the lever and it’s over what was so impressive about that too colonel is he didn’t even plant his feet it was a counter shot as he was pivoting and he got hit and he got him right on the liver the same shot that he dropped him with earlier but this time there was no delayed reaction out a couple of olympians making the professional debut we’ll start with floyd mayweather jr 19 years of age out of grand rapids michigan he was a bronze medalist for the united states in the centennial games of 1996. many believe he is one of the most talented boxers to come out of the amateurs in quite a [Applause] while [Applause] well we said he had power in his punches and he showed it there he can he can bang took a left hook rapadeca and he hits him with a right and apodaca just a matter of time you look at some of the numbers in round number one mayweather there he goes making those numbers probably academically and i do not think he’s getting up and he is not this one has been stopped in round number two so mayweather beats morel by a round as you know mexicans are known for taking good head shots so you know i had to go to the body tonight you know i took my time and i came out here and i don’t know what i had to do tonight


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