Home Trends “THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!” Simon Jordan insists Wayne Rooney’s CLUELESS in his position at Derby

“THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!” Simon Jordan insists Wayne Rooney’s CLUELESS in his position at Derby

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sammy when you look at it ravel is in there wayne is saying he’s largely misunderstood ravel morrison i’ve got to somehow try and find a way to get the best out of him um phil jackie elka of course you know phil danny but 38 years of age and he was trying to do the return as well um he’s unable to sign a centre-back at the moment yep it all adds up to a difficult time a bit of a dreary time at derby and you think well in what direction is it gonna go because the season is not upon us but it’s down near it yeah look i mean derby’s got a series of problems because obviously we we covered it quite extensively with the purported takeover by eric alonso you know i spoke to mel members of the impression the guy had substance we felt that he had substance we got him on air we thought we had an exclusive it turns out to be a clown uh and all talk you look at the decisions that are being made mel clearly doesn’t want to be there anymore they’ve got their financial uh stability unwinding a little bit lots of stability but the nature of their accountancy principles have been put through the mill they’ve been sanctioned for that they’ve got to be sanctioned again i suspect because they’ve got to restate their accounts because of the the way that they value their players previously has now been sanctioned by um the ef i think they’ve got 100 grand fine haven’t they and they’re going to get now a restated set of accounts they’ve got to refile their accounts with the new accountancy principles which probably will take them this is supposition but probably will take them into breach of financial fair play which will then get them point sanctions right so that’s the landscape so they start they probably start the season with something like sheffield wednesday had last year right which you know was the ultimate reason why they stayed at ireland he stayed in the championship because chevrolet got a six-point penalty otherwise derby would be languishing yeah in league one yeah with wayne rooney being in part responsible for it because he doesn’t know how to manage that football club because he hasn’t got the experience to do it and he hasn’t got the caliber of play around ravel morrison we commented on him last week and ravel got a little bit upset with me on twitter and saying it’s because of people like me that he doesn’t get a fair rap well you know 12 clubs 11 years 98 games go work out why it’s perhaps not work for you because i don’t think anyone doubts the fact that he has a significant amount of talent but danny will tell you far better than me it’s not all about talent it’s about application it’s about discipline it’s about mental strength and i think ultimately if he’s been at 12 clubs over 11 years you know and played 98 games there’s something wrong isn’t there because you know it can’t be everybody else um and i don’t know if he’s the answer but you know you never know you know they might get a tune out of him and he’ll go and prove people like me wrong or right by turning up the derby and being significant the challenge for derby for me is you if you if you’re not if mel wants to go which he does right then you’re a little bit rudderless because you haven’t got the guy at the top who’s the standard bearer that’s en engaged anymore because he wants out the door and you’ve seen it many times over you’ve seen the decline of aston villa you’ve seen the decline of sunderland when the landlord when the when the the owner becomes an absentee landlord right and i’m not suggesting mel morris is falling into that category but he won’t want to be there anymore he’s trying to find his way his way out and then you’ve got a manager in wayne rooney that without a shadow of a doubt was an outstanding footballer put him into the framework of a championship club that’s in in instruction in this array he is clueless how to operate in that not because he’s clueless not because he’s thick who wouldn’t be someone that’s got experience how’d you put your way through this well somebody that’s got experience of managing those circumstances if you put someone like i’m not suggesting that he’s available and his current cut in this day and age we’ve got someone steve koppel in there right who’s managed football clubs have been in financial crisis managed crystal palace winner in administration before i bought the football club guys that know their way around that know how to work the marketplace know how to put a coaching he’s got the blind lead and the blind he’s got a young coaching set up alongside him that are learning at their time darby can’t afford people to learn they haven’t got any time they need people that actually know what they’re doing yeah to be able to hold as much of the football operation together as they possibly can while the financial operation gets itself sorted and the ownership structure gets itself sorted you need people that can go in there and galvanize it not people that can compound it and and wayne with the greatest will in the world compounded the problem last year because when it came on top which is how you just judge somebody the last 12 games i think they took seven points out of the last 12 games and they should have gotten relegated and if she ever went there in that six point penalty and cardinals scored a goal that rooney assumed an absolute horlicks caused by koku oh look who took them into the territory caused by a variety of prizes or all some of all its parts isn’t it the players aren’t doing their job and aren’t good enough the manager clearly wasn’t fit for purpose at that particular football club although he came with a decent reputation the ownership situation isn’t perfect that that that means you do not parachute somebody in there no that could not find his backside with both hands in management if you’ve got no contracted it or center asked was that what they said no contracting center right an half a squad yeah you do well i mean david copperfield and there’s not gonna not gonna keep you that’s it danny i mean he’d be a derby fan jim white and simon jordan monday to thursday morning 10 till 1 on am on dav via the talk sport app and on your smart speaker talk sport


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