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THE SUPERCAR VIDEO – Ferrari F8 Tributo, Lamborghini, Mclaren

by smart

oh i see [Music] it sounds amazing it’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful made thing isn’t it really it’s just gorgeous just absolutely the beautiful on the steering wheel as well you’d see you don’t need a stereo in this car with the engine that’s right that’s what you you have there isn’t it yeah you don’t even have a stereo in this car there is oh yeah okay amazing you’re gonna feel the speed a little yeah i mean even if it just it just feels amazing doesn’t it we don’t have to go fast to feel what it’s like [Music] it is breathtaking isn’t it but it’s ferrari v8 there’s a big difference between there’s nothing like it really it’s just a brutal weapon and the handling is amazing see it’s just that pinpoint handling isn’t it i’ve heard of ludicrous mode i had a another multi-millionaire friend has the suv tesla yeah with ludicrous mode that’s words yeah you gotta be honest it’s the same ludicrous that’s just amazing isn’t it and do you like it compared to the lamborghini or just two different things yeah two different animals so that’s a i’m not a lamborghini expert that’s a hurricane expensive the galado’s the cheap one in mandarin yes i see wow that’s amazing what is that like is a car it’s a spider so it’s yeah different from the other two i see my god you don’t see many of these in brisbane do you that’s uh and what does the effect stand for just the styling of the car okay i’ll just pull this one in now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so very new oh i my see attempt [Applause] so which one’s the favorite again oh the lamborghini i see wow um [Music] it’s amazing so you’ve achieved the dream the dream then hey what do you reckon actually i see beautiful what did you start selling uh just supplements on the ebay [Music] from there open up retail stores to got my website no that’s fantastic that’s beautiful container loads of goods now yes that’s fantastic very very and you love your cars yes love your cars that’s great that’s amazing and sees the lamborghini is your favorite but the ferrari special or the mclaren oh they’re all special in a way yeah um but the after experiencing all the cars yes i think lamborghini nails it from factory in terms of the feel of it the sound um the aggressive look and gets people’s attention whereas the ferrari is more refined i see quieter yes a lot smoother great daily driving everything’s all raw yep yep got you that’s amazing for money [Music] yes yes if you’re a person who’s not into cars that means nothing it wouldn’t make sense yeah you’d think why would you spend 20 30 000 on the rolex when you can yeah perfectly fine watch that ticks the got you that’s amazing hi guys archie luxury and who do i recommend in america in america who do i recommend for quality pre-owned wist watchers david sw david sw david sw go to davidsw.com he is the best the greatest pre-owned dealer in all of the united states of america david sw david s w david sw like subscribe and tell your friends and don’t be afraid to get a paid review 50 us dollars for a paid review it helps me stay full time on youtube and i will see you in the next one 50 us dollars paid review i can’t survive on google ads i need your support and guys you could also sponsor me on patreon patreon allows you to pay as little as a dollar a month to keep me on youtube hey guys archie luxury who do i recommend for watches in brisbane and sydney vintage watch code that’s correct vintage watch co in brisbane arcade in brisbane and the strand arcade in sydney vintage watchco brisbane and sydney ronnie i’ve known him since the late 90s ronnie is a top bloke luke is a great guy vintage watchko that is who i recommend in australia check out vintage watch co and the guys amazing range of watches they also do service and repairs vintage watch co that is where the pontiff goes you know some of my paddocks came from vintage watchco that’s right guys vintage watchko [Music] so [Music] three

THE SUPERCAR VIDEO - Ferrari F8 Tributo,  Lamborghini,  Mclaren

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