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This did NOT go well… | Camping Cajas National Park | Ecuador Travel Vlog

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welcome to caja’s national park we’re eric and sarah and we’ve been traveling around ecuador for over three months now so if you’re new to our channel make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of our videos we’ve been on the coast for the majority of our trip but we’re finally finally in the mountains these canadian kids have really been missing our bc mountain so we are so excited to be here camping and hiking in this national park for the next couple nights so we’ve been doing a ton of research on kaha’s national park and we want to give you as much information as possible so that you can also hike and camp here but it’s a little bit cold so we’re actually going to start hiking and we’ll tell you a little bit more in a bit two steps in and it’s already beautiful [Music] so the majority of our video is going to be showing you extensive hiking and camping opportunities here but don’t be discouraged if you’re not a big hiker or camper because there is so much to do here even just on a day trip there’s actually also a visitor center center actually just when you get in and you can have some nice food there there’s a gorgeous view so even if you just came here for the day it would totally be worth it yep and you can even camp literally right behind us here which is just at the very first lake doesn’t take more than like a minute 20 20 steps yeah and even during non-pandemic times there’s a refuge that you can stay in at the top right by the visitor center that you can stay overnight it’s not open right now but that is an opportunity so if you’re not a big hiker or camper there’s lots to do here just for the day even [Music] [Music] this place is beyond beautiful honestly it’s like something straight out of a movie i’m honestly not sure whether we’re gonna see a group of urakai taking the hobbies to eisengard or we’re going to see a giant t-rex running through these fields it is honestly gorgeous [Music] we made it to paper trees forest that’s what this is called and this is a common place that if people are just gonna come for a day hike they’ll come to here if you don’t want to do the full like five hour day hike loop you can literally come here probably in an hour maybe hour and a half you’re going really slow but it’s so cool because all these trees literally look like they’re made of [Music] paper how’s it going i feel like a monkey you look like a monkey that backpack cool tricks wow so impressed [Music] [Music] so we are very very close to our camping spot it’s just i believe over here we were told we have to go past this lake and maybe just up and around and then up so we have a nice little view so that’s where we’re headed the trails are quite good but they also get pretty muddy so you just have to make sure that you’re wearing proper footwear and yeah make sure that if you are going to camp here bring some proper shoes right there all right as you’re talking about it of course it’s when they fall i’ve trapped myself sarah’s a bit smarter than i am yeah it’s a lot more exhausting to come up here though dying healthy is no joke now who made the wrong decision this all right here is water pretty much yeah sarah’s feet are already soaked this is unfortunate oh no [Music] oh my word oh there goes the dry feet for the week they didn’t get much worse but it wasn’t good well that’s so bad they’re just fully soaked hopefully they dry tonight so like i said definitely wear some good shoes we don’t have any proper hiking shoes here these are more like rock climbers which would be normally fine if it was dry it’s been totally fine actually up until here but it is quite wet as sarah just found out soggy surviving so eric and i are both trying to scope out the best place to camp tonight so we are dividing and conquering i’m looking on this peak and eric is way over there you can see him waving all right sarah is this the spot i think so it’s looking like the flattest piece of ground and nice view it’s true it’s quite nice it’s getting a bit chilly though so time to set up quick time to set up the tent wow we are magical nice and bundled up we made it to our camping spot and it suddenly got really cold so we layered up and hoping it doesn’t rain we’ve lucked out so far we didn’t set up in the rain so fingers crossed i’m pretty content at this point so we wanted to give you a little bit of information on cajas national park it was actually first a reservation area just for the natural habitat here in 1977 it was it was labeled as such and in 1996 it actually became a national park so cajas national park is actually 28.5 hectares of land and it has 4 000 lakes in it that’s insane that’s so many lakes and everywhere you go there’s just water like you’re just weaving throughout i mean they call it most of them lagoons that’s right because they’re more kind of like ponds not necessarily like huge lakes but it’s crazy all the trails just kind of weave throughout all the lakes it’s awesome super cool yeah and it’s actually it was it became a national park because there’s so many archaeological sites here there’s part of the inca trail actually goes through here and there’s also pre-columbian foundations uh actually behind these mountains behind here yeah so there’s ruins and there’s caves that you can go in it’s really cool it’s wild and there’s eight marked and they’re well marked trails in the park but there’s many more other trails that you can go and explore too but there’s eight that are kind of yeah on the map and really well marked with colors and stuff so there’s lots of history in this park and uh yeah it’s it’s just amazing it’s beautiful too it’s it’s so sweet i don’t know if we’ve said that enough yet like i can’t even believe all we’ve just seen in since coming from the highway it’s crazy it’s so beautiful here [Music] it’s so cold it’s starting to rain i just want to eat my pasta this is not looking good [Music] once it got dark it got really cold yeah super cold and windy so we came in our tent we uh tried to play a game for a little while at some candy but honestly we can’t convince ourselves to stay up any longer so it’s 7 30 and we’re just gonna go to bed we are realizing how much more tired we are from this trip than we thought oh man altitude just kills yeah it definitely drains you but we’ll see you in the morning just the sunrise i was hoping for it was a bit of a cold night we got up at like 2 a.m to get a time lapse and the tent was actually frosty which is crazy and i wouldn’t say that i slept great i probably honestly only slept maybe four hours and i think sarah maybe a little bit more but it was pretty uncomfortable but that’s just kind of what you get when you rent gear and you don’t really have your own stuff however beautiful beautiful warning i just cannot believe it [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Music] do [Music] do do morning guys don’t i look fresh after a great great night’s sleep eric and i both did not sleep very well last night it wasn’t like we were super cold but we’re really warm so we just kept waking up a lot and it wasn’t super comfy or kind of on some rocks honestly not really sure but did not sleep very much so we’re not feeling very good today our plan today was to do a hike in the in the south park but it’s a very long one like probably would be about 15 to 20 kilometers so last night was supposed to be our trial run see how we feel before we commit to that after not sleeping very good last night and it’s still pretty cold today i think we’re gonna either just kind of explore today and see if we can find a different place to camp or just pack it in and go back home uh it would have been really nice to do the other one but honestly the altitude here is is crazy and and you can’t yeah you have to take that seriously we’re both not feeling super good from that pretty light-headed and dizzy so we just don’t want to push ourselves too much so we’ll just go back to cuenca we’re hoping after being there for a week and a half that it would have been we would have been acclimatized but it is what it is so we’ll see we’re we’re content we’re having a lot of fun so it’s all that matters eric’s down in there grabbing us some water right now here comes eric back from holland water this part is so swampy it’s a really gorgeous view but very impractical when you got to walk all the way up there to get some fresh water but the views are very nice well looks like the weather decided for us it’s been windy and rainy yeah we’ve been hiding in our sleeping bags in the tent for like the last hour hoping it would pass but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere and you can’t even see the mountains anymore so i think we’re gonna pack up put on a rain gear and call it yeah we’re gonna call it so cold and gross packing in the rain is just the worst because you ought to do it all inside the tent we’re leaving rained up rain proofed up ready to get out of here i gotta say goodbye to our little valley it’s been nice but at the same time not very nice dying guys slowly passing away the altitude is so insane i have never felt so sick when hiking before i’m surprised i haven’t thrown up or passed oh yeah oh we’re doing it right air dog yeah we’re gonna make it kaha’s national park ranges from 3 100 meters above sea level to i believe 4 600 meters and i feel like we’re kind of somewhere in the middle it’s just crazy altitude is no freaking joke no joke it wrecked us yeah definitely both have altitude sickness that’s for sure [Music] [Music] well oh man you cry i’m so happy to be back it’s it was crazy i like having altitude sickness i never thought i never thought that i would have that no i didn’t think it would be this bad it’s brutal like we’ve been like dizzy and out of breath but this is like i want to vomit and faint every two steps i take it’s crazy but we made it time to get some lunch once i can breathe all right we made it back oh we survived that was a grind i gotta say that was way crazier than we were expecting we i mean we do hiking but that was just like the altitude was next level oh yeah we were we definitely got altitude sickness which i did not expect being in cuenca for the last almost two weeks yeah and uh yeah just it’s just crazy altitude really does get you totally but that being said it was super fun while it lasted we still had a great time and highly recommend coming especially for the day it’s free to visit for the day you can hike around i mean camping is only four dollars a night too so if you’re acclimatized it’s awesome to come camping i wouldn’t do it if you’re if you’re not used to the altitude that’s for sure but yeah it was it was still super fun yeah so if you haven’t already uh please just subscribe to our channel we’re trying to get to a thousand subscribers by the end of july so please uh if you can subscribe and uh if you like this video please like it as well boost our video and uh yeah we’ll see in the next i just want to go one bed come on i’m so tired okay that’s awesome oh all right let’s go again 2am and we realize that the sky is clear so we’re gonna take a little bit of a night lapse video the things that we do for a vlog it’s a good thing i woke up to pee be straight with me how crazy is my hair right now it literally cannot be seen you’re just a random floating head feels like it’s like a freaking bee’s nest

This did NOT go well... | Camping Cajas National Park | Ecuador Travel Vlog

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