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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant – Revelación Mundial Tráiler | Ubisoft LATAM

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[Music] we’re excited to share a first look at a project we’re developing at ubisoft san francisco this is our take on a multiplayer first person shooter we need to get you in early and find out what you think our goal is to make a best-in-class shooter for you the players to compete and have fun with your friends it’s fast-paced firefights meets punk rock mosh pit we’re proud to introduce our new game tom clancy’s ex-defiant your feedback is essential to help us make this game great later in this video we’ll tell you how to get involved but first we’ll get into the action this is a free-to-play high-octane shooter combining realistic gun play with personalized classes those classes are represented in our game as factions each bringing unique gameplay and team dynamics every faction comes equipped with traits abilities and an ultra to complement your play style and the faction’s role used skillfully each faction is capable of swinging the momentum of a match our factions are at the heart of the game they’re inspired by maverick groups from across tom clancy’s games and beyond from this inspiration we created new characters and gameplay unique to our shooter and will continue to add to this diverse cast as the game evolves now while factions help you define your role we know to be a great shooter the gun play has to be our top priority we have an ever-growing arsenal of authentic weapons and attachments we put a lot of care into how our weapons look and feel we’ve crafted every weapon attachment for precise satisfying gun play players can mix and match any faction and weapon loadout you can swap at respawn to adapt to a changing battlefield personalize your faction and loadout to be what you need when you need it and i can’t stress this hard enough we are a shooter first [Music] and your abilities and ultras create unique opportunities to set up nail-biting shootouts and unforgettable clutch plays personalizing classes guns and gear in a fast-paced fight is a whole new experience in tom clancy gaming we are super stoked by what we’ve accomplished so far and i couldn’t be more proud of our incredible team we want to personally thank everyone that’s worked so hard during the pandemic to keep the momentum going on this game we understand that it’s been even harder for some of you we hope that we can build a community that’s a place where people can connect and have fun and we’re committed to creating a welcoming game based on fair play and transparency whether you’re playing casually or pushing yourself competitively the game’s still in early development but we’re gearing up to let you in as soon as possible so register right now to participate in our early rollout phases thank you so much for watching we really want your input so please reach out to us on social media [Music]

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant - Revelación Mundial Tráiler | Ubisoft LATAM

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