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Tommy Dreamer and Tony Nese – 90 Days – House of Hardcore Podcast Episode #103

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fill her up you’re listening to the gas digital network [Music] ladies and gentlemen your host for the house of hardcore podcast tommy dreamers hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the house of hardcore podcast i’m your host tommy dreamer and i’m here with a house of hardcore og and original tony nice welcome to the show what’s up tommy how you doing it’s very very good to see you i haven’t seen you in a long time wishing different circumstances but hey life happens you’re a bigger star um yeah man uh it’s crazy first of all how are you able to do these right now like uh are you under a different like release system or uh to be honest uh everyone that has been getting released has been doing them i asked around and everyone said yeah you can do podcasts and stuff so sweet yeah um well as i ask everybody what got you hooked into professional wrestling uh what got me hooked it’s it’s uh dates back to almost before i can remember i was always into wrestling i always had it on tv especially superstars on sunday or whatever uh on the weekend and uh i remember one time my uh they were having kids day at chase stadium and we had tickets to go you know i don’t know if you’re familiar but like with kids day after the game the kids get to go on the field and run around and everything and i remember i was so excited for that we all got tickets for it and then i got really sick that day and couldn’t go and my brothers got to go still and they went and they ran on the field and i was so jealous and upset that my dad felt so bad that the next day he went out to ticketmaster and bought me uh wwe you know wwf live event tickets and uh you know as soon as he brought me to that one that’s it that’s when i knew i was like 100 hooked uh and then i just started watching all the pay-per-views everything and then that that was it for me that was that was what i wanted to do what i wanted to be the only thing i wanted to consume in my life um how old were you uh how old was i um i’d have to say i was definitely like less than 10 years old so maybe like seven or eight i think this might be before your time but they also used to do pet day at shea stadium and i know i remember those yeah yeah remember sign day where everyone walked on the field and you held up your sign around so stupid but yet so many people clamored to want to do that i remember i wanted to do that big time people love that i don’t know why signs stop being cool uh i think because wwe started ripping them all down yeah maybe if you also think about yeah baseball games used to have signs all that stuff yeah yeah um who was your guy growing up wrestling yes uh yeah awesome podcast you could we’ll talk about it on the pot my baseball podcast coming soon next year um uh so i would say growing up um believe it or not i remember the first one that i was actually pretty obsessed with was tatanka nice believe it or not yeah i was a huge fan of tatanka and uh i was always a fan of like the mid card guys uh because you know i just love their skill their athleticism and everything uh that was always more attractive to me and stuff so like obviously showing michael’s who didn’t you know wasn’t a mid card guy later on but uh you know just all like that era like mid 90s uh tonka shawn brad you know all that stuff was definitely uh who ended to tonka’s undefeated streak ah see i’m you know you’re gonna i’m the worst with wrestling trivia so out of my life we’re such good friends and yet i hate you i i’m terrible with all that stuff but yeah i’m gonna have to leave it to my listeners to tell you who it is you can you can ask me questions about my career and i won’t have the answer that’s a true professional wrestler right there um so now you’re obsessed and you lived on long island correct yep uh how do you now get involved into the lovely world of professional wrestling uh so um being a fan of you know i would always watch uh wwf and then eventually caught on to wcw as they started building more popularity up north and then i remember finding out about ecw and you know how hardcore tv you know i i was fortunate enough to have hardcore tv every weekend so i’d stay up late after snl you’d stay up and you know wait for hardcore tv and i was just i i started loving that i started learning about like this whole other world of wrestling where these guys that i watched they’re coming from this world um and then i remember um one of my brother’s ex-girlfriend uh girlfriend at the time she happened i guess her friend was dating one of uh do you remember uh you know christian york joey matthews yeah yeah i don’t know which one but i remember her friend was dating one of them or seeing one of them uh and she was like yeah he wrestles on these shows uh on long island and uh you ever hear she’s like you like ecw you ever hear a mikey whipwreck and i was like yeah of course like he wrestles on long island like his ecw on long island i had no idea really too much about the independent scene yet and so she brought me to a show it was hwa at the time and uh it was run by mikey and this guy paul lauria um and it was it blew my mind i’m like you know three feet away from the ring like it was the coolest experience i’ve ever had and then i was just like all of a sudden i just started you know i’d go to the rf table just by tapes of everyone and anything i can find i got i actually uh went um so hwa is also where red and the sats came from and i went to one of their like student shows that was like on a saturday midday show and it was actually red’s student show so the first match he’s ever happened not having rather and uh it was i was amazed and i was like wow this guy is you know he’s a small guy and he’s killing it and everything and then i just started following him and then i started learning like oh man i can train it to school when i’m 18 years old which i wish i would have known that how wrestling is i probably could have joined younger than 18 but here i am thinking that uh wrestling schools follow the rules so uh so i waited till i was 18 and then i finally had finally joined a school and it was run by mikey whipwreck and it just kind of took off from there uh you’re better off that you didn’t train when you were super duper younger i see a lot of people that are super young and you know they are all beat up because of you know your body it should be 18 because your body’s still maturing and i had for real couldn’t go to wrestling school when i was growing up i had to be 18. that was the first thing like johnny rods like by law because the athletic commission would would investigate all these places meanwhile there was not as many wrestling schools back then as there were now yeah you needed a license back then right you got to get it like signed by the other ladies you used to have to go down down uh town into manhattan once a year you had a weight you’d have to get a cardiogram you’d have to get a physical by the doctor um they’d also like check you for a hernia which is always very very embarrassing because there’d be like other strange dudes in the room and like you have to pull your pants down and they check you for a hernia but you’d have to get a a cardiogram and you only had to get it there you couldn’t mail it in because i guess people were faking stuff it was it was like it was a 100 real sport yeah wow and part of me thinks that like i wonder if that would have just helped like if you know that was like a thing across the whole country i think that that would i mean i’m personally not against that idea um i listen i i feel well one rich herring was in charge of the state athletic commission who works he just got the award and uh he was always super duper cool but he did care about the welfare of fighters meaning boxers and wrestlers uh i know mikey got his knee fixed because he got hurt on a show in new york but then also like a lot of people would get hurt somewhere else and then go wrestle on these shows in new york and then say oh i got hurt here i now you have to pay for my surgery yeah same with guido guido got his uh entire face reconstructed uh he broke his jaw once a guy did a 450 landed on his jaw broke every bone in his face you think they would have fixed his nose by the way as for um but the new york state athletic commission paid for it you had to go for their doctors i mean a bit of it is a money grab especially now but i do wish they would have like you like said state regulations for mainly for blood because i think of all the crap that i did and then we weren’t tested i mean at least when you’re in wwe guys are tested all that stuff for blood diseases you know i was drinking people’s blood and wasn’t tested i was hardcore so now you’re out there you’re training um you always had a good body you always had you were smaller in stature but like you always had a muscular frame yeah it’s uh you know luckily i was fortunate enough i was always really really really skinny um and kind of when i got into wrestling i immediately real you know realized all right this i’m not gonna be taken seriously unless i put some size on um so i just started researching like best ways and 100 clean of course and um so it just i found out with with my body type and everything it’s just calories in have to beat calories out it didn’t matter what the calories were so i just started eating eating eating i was doing gainer shakes all day and everything and um i think i went from like 140 pounds soaking wet to like i was finally like a 175 starting to look a lot better and everything that’s when i started getting a little taken a little more serious you know now i’m up in like the 190s and i’ve kind of stayed there and i’m happy there that’s uh i’ve tried to put on more size but i i don’t like it i tend to get more bloat and everything so but yeah i’ve just been fortunate enough that my metabolism is just uh you know it’s super fast right now so you’re one of those guys that i hate um no the um i don’t think people talk about it as much because i was a skinny kid at one point i don’t think people talk about how i don’t wanna it’s what is that body sensitivity old stuff yeah i don’t think of it that way but i don’t think people realize how when you want to be able to gain weight and you feel you can’t like i remember spending so much money on weight gainers and trying to eat anything possible to gain weight yeah and because of like i was thought i i mean i was too skinny to be a wrestler at one point you know it’s just like i can see that in a lot of people but mostly people talk about oh i was fat and i have to lose weight but it’s on the other end of the spectrum too where you know oh i’m not big enough i’m not going to be this if i’m not putting on size yeah and also usually when you have a smaller frame your your muscle skeletal cyst like it doesn’t support muscle as you know as well as a thicker bone person so it’s that’s another reason why it becomes harder yes you’ll be more lean but it’s when you’re just and and i stopped this over the years but i would obsess over the number on the scale rather than just looking on camera going you know what i like that look dude there’s a picture of you i saw you’re like this it’s a wwe pitcher you look like you’re 235 and like you look like a a lex luger in that picture and like from your legs you look like the prototypical professional wrestler a tight waist your your upper body goes out and your legs are booming man i mean you looked amazing thank you thank you and like you said like most people don’t realize when you’re leaner and look more muscular you look bigger on television and in pictures yeah absolutely absolutely especially with all the all the lighting and the cameras they use and everything it’s it definitely listen man i’ve known you a long time you also work hard you also like like you said you did it no drugs the right way there’s a lot of wrestlers i’m 50 now there’s a lot of wrestlers that like when i realize like how many tears of muscles once up it’s because they were so gassed up the your muscles will get bigger but the things that connect them don’t and that’s why they rip and tear because there’s so much extra pressure on their bodies yeah yeah sure i mean i do have tears myself and everything i do have a torn bicep on my left arm uh that was actually happened yeah that was a deadlifting accident and i popped my hip when i was uh all the way up top and i popped my elbow and hyper extended my arm and then it snapped my bicep it rolls right up rolled right up wrestled two days later on tv is this for wwe yeah so i just got signed at the time so i was really scared to tell them that i tore my bicep so i just hit it and wrestled on it and i’m sure that’ll be all over the internet but they know already they don’t care thanks for the exclusive but it wasn’t it wasn’t on them because you didn’t tell them yeah well so so i thought it’s a listen it’s a right i don’t mean to cut you off it’s a rightful concern you just got signed yeah exactly you were humping it on the indies for a long time and this is your big break yeah yeah it was scary i remember that day like as soon as it happened i was like i looked at my wife and i just said i think i’m i think my career is over i was like i think i think that he’s going to release me all this stuff i was so nervous and then i started like going through denial i was like you know what no no i think i just hyper-extended it it’ll be fine because it was so swollen you couldn’t tell and then as the swelling went down i started to realize like oh yeah that thing’s torn but by that time like luckily pain was gone i didn’t even bruise from it or anything it was just snapped and that was it and i just moved on from it it’ll heal differently there’s so many i mean for me i i basically need tommy john surgery uh this was impact wrestling where uh wrestlemania was in the meadowlands that same and they did team impact versus team mexico and i went to pick up the heaviest luchador ever and to give he was going to give me a head scissors and it was like picking up a wheelbarrow and i immediately felt it and it was just bothering me bother me and then when i went to the doctor and he was like you need tommy john surgery you can’t wrestle and i was like well doc just like three weeks later and i was like well i’ve wrestled uh 12 times since then and have trained arms and he’s like well then don’t get it but you’ll feel it later something to look forward to when you’re older yeah that happened to me um so i also this was years before i even started doing house hardcore i tore my um i tore my acl on my left knee and so i’ve been living without it now on my left knee since then i was actually at a pwg show i was doing a dive and i just went right over my opponent um land you know landed right on that leg and it popped out to the side so then uh same thing i just i took two weeks off and was right back at the gym and everything and then i was supposed to go to japan well actually i was on my way to go to japan for um dragon gate and this is like a week before and i was like man the swelling in my knees not going to go down i should go to a surgeon and try to see if he’ll drain it for me and when i went he was like you know he was putting over the mri he’s like i want to do an mri before i drain it does the mri and tells me everything yeah it was a fully torn acl a partially torn pcl mcl and uh both meniscus torn so yeah so and he was like putting you know we should do surgery tomorrow and you’re not you shouldn’t even be walking blah blah and i was like i’m going to japan next week and he’s like you’re not going to make it through that and and same thing that morning before i went to go see him i went to the gym and i was doing box jumps so i’m like sitting there like kind of like i don’t know i think i’m going to be all right and lo and behold i just wrapped it up and went to japan and that’s that’s gotta be like seven eight years ago now maybe even longer i remember kane was told this was like 2001 he needed knee replacement and he had no knees they were bone to bone in 2001 yeah and never missed anything he would wear his braces to the gym he had workout braces he would do cardio and we’re talking about kane in 2001 where you need knee replacement but that didn’t happen for him yeah it continued it’s crazy the the like you know at that time all i thought about was the opportunities that i was going to miss if i if i did it you know stuff like that and then on the arm injury i just thought about the money i would miss and all that stuff and you know and you got a family and everything so you just you’re just like screw it i’m just gonna push through it i’ve got you know wrestling is pain so i’m used to it right absolutely um all right we kind of went off the track here but it was very very good conversation uh total sidebar because uh she just walked past me uh beulah broke her arm and had to go to she broke her arm on a saturday and we had to leave for japan on a wednesday and she went to japan with a full cast from here to here and the worst part about it was she had to sit next to the sandman uh 14 hours and smoking the entire way so in a middle seat she just had to yell at me too while i was in first class [Laughter] that’s heat but again the opportunity to go to japan is a big deal you know absolutely um so you’re humping it through the indies and then for me dude and i’ve i’ve said it to you privately i said to you publicly i love your work i’ve always you were my go-to guy in my own company i knew you would have the best matches i love you and alex reynolds you were my three-way um you were a guy that i would invest in a hundred percent uh you know i think i wanted you to be my champion but then you screwed me by saying you were gonna go leave for more money uh go to wwe hey hey you could have counter offered yeah um but you’re just this like the whole you’re the whole package because i’ve seen you matt wrestle i’ve seen you like you tell a great story and this is before you go to wwe and how long were you on the indies before you basically get your opportunity to go there i’d say 12 between 12 and 13 years i think it was like 12 years before i started like doing the cruiserweight classic and stuff um i wasn’t fully signed yet but then later that year i got signed right um did you so now you go there and you basically got to move your whole life you’re a kid who grew up in long island and now you got to go to florida and now you have a wife and a child on the way no i have uh so i have a seven-year-old and i have an almost two-year-old now oh okay i thought i thought you had just i forgot about your first kid sorry um but your other child i that was around the time right how long you been in wwe uh so if we count the time i wasn’t signed but still working regularly was five five years yeah yeah yeah which is crazy because now i say it i’m like man it wasn’t really that long but when i was there i felt like 20 years really yeah i mean especially with uh just so much stuff changed like within the company that it just made it seem so long and just um and the amount of stuff we did like when i when we started the company started in the company it was like probably what you remember how it was like like you know the way the system worked and everything and then and then all this all these deals and all this money came in and the company was doing so many things at once that it just became chaos and i don’t mean in a bad way it’s just chaos there was just so much to do and everything i mean we were loving it because you know there was work to be done anywhere you went in the company you know anything he did in the company so uh it was awesome but it was definitely different and even all the guys that have been there for so long they all say like how much in that five-year span that how much the company has changed so many different ways and then you know obviously with the pandemic made the company take a whole you know left turn into a different direction and now you got everything now and now the company’s gonna i guess they’re reinventing their live event uh you know whatever they’re doing with that and all that stuff so things have changed so much it just made it seem like such a long period of time absolutely i mean i was talking i don’t remember who i was talking to maybe bubba and we were we were talking about like how the business has changed i mean kovid affected the world but if kovid never happened and here comes aew and here’s the wwe i mean they were at the point wwe i would joke with you about it but they were signing everybody if anybody i don’t want to say that i used but if there was somebody that like started just scratching the surface it was like boom they were getting a look at then it turned into now you have aew where everybody there was a bidding war for wrestlers and with i hope it opens up this that way again because i don’t want to say it’s the first time wrestlers have leverage but i feel they’re getting paid more for their value um than they’re worth yeah and it’s uh um uh hold on i had a thought and i lost it but uh like i think it’s gonna get back to that absolutely but i think the company obviously had to take a step back but absolutely yeah i i think their intentions were assigned everybody and anybody they can and then just figure out ways to create as much content as they can yes um and you know because now we know that the more content the better you know and uh yeah that was their intention and i guess with all this happening they had to take a step back and go okay no no let’s let’s kind of reinvent the company a little bit again you know you know focus on our on our prime things get those going again and then we can look back at everything else do you debut you because this is kind of where i lose your career do you debut on nxt or in like 205 um so cruiserweight i did the cruiserweight classic and then i did um a few i did like nxt twice just like you know randomly jumping in the tapings i think me and gulak teamed once and i did something else once and then uh but then when that all that ended and then they were starting to do the cruiserweights on raw then i started uh getting called and coming in every week for raw i think the first one i did was tjp and then the next week i wrestled rich swann and it just kept going every week i had something they kept teaming up me gulak and davari against three of the baby faces and it was like constant every week whether it was on raw or on main event or something we were always doing something i had a pretty crazy schedule because i was even working for you at the time where i would do you know thursday friday saturday sunday indie shows fly in that sunday night or whatever or monday morning to raw and then after raw i’d fly home and the next morning go back to my shoot job which was personal training and i do that tuesday through thursday and then thursday night head out to that indy and just keep doing it again and that was like that was for a good like maybe four months or so right so now you’re exclusive with wwe uh and like you said like trust me i understand the grind and how it has changed because yes they have to produce all this content they’re getting money from hulu for exclusive 205 content they’re signing all these different deals peacock network all that stuff you’re pretty much in the mix throughout all of this yeah which is cool i remember your raw stuff that’s why i asked about nxt i don’t watch 205 live um never have just because i consume way too much wrestling for a normal person to begin with and it’s wasn’t a top priority unless somebody i watched some of it unless people said hey like a match will catch a buzz you have to see this match but you were a staple on that show forever yeah and i was i probably was on that show more than anyone and that’s the good thing i mean maybe to like the casual fan they would think like oh tony niece the company never used him or he was on tv every once in a while but really i was i was wrestling every week and a lot you know multiple times a week this is aside from i’m talking about tv matches only you know because uh at the beginning when we were still on raw we would we would have a match on either main event because we were all there so they would give you know some guys the main event match and then we would uh there would always be the raw segment that the cruiserweights would get and then the next day we’d have 205 so there was always stuff to do and every week and a lot of times i would wrestle meadow league on main event and the next day i wrestled cedric on 205 and i was just doing that constantly so we were a lot in the mix and then i would do sometimes live events sometimes i would do i don’t know if you’re familiar with like the coconut shows that nxt would hold you guys yeah yeah so so i would you know because i told them um after a while i told them hey listen i if you can’t have me on the live events i’d love to go and do the coconut shows and work with those guys and stuff and have fun because uh for me it was just always i just want to always be doing something you know especially to me it was pride you know to always be promoting hey look i’m doing more stuff with wwe so um yeah and uh so i was pretty consistent i was wrestling a lot and uh what you were saying before you didn’t really watch 205 too much um it’s unfortunate that a lot of people didn’t watch it because personally and and watching you know uh all that the company had to put out there i think i would put 205 live especially like the main events of each 205 and i would put that against almost anything out there uh you know a lot of us have some really really really really good matches that you know might have just got forgotten about the next week because it was you know in front of a half empty arena and you know only a few viewers online stuff like that so dude i say that about impact i wish it had a bigger saturation because there are such good matches yeah but the network isn’t in everybody’s home and yeah we consume our stuff differently but it’s i mean you know this is this isn’t a knock wwe is like it’s first raw it’s smackdown it’s nxt and then it’s everything else that i would say the same about sunday night heat i remember loving to wrestle on sunday night heat and watching heat minus being the recap show but it was like you’d see some really good matches on heat but it was wasn’t the main show yeah yep was your uh i mean what would you i remember watching you uh win the title and i was very very happy for you uh was that your crowning moment there uh yeah i would say that absolutely uh yeah that moment felt amazing um at times where you kind of felt like an indie show that was attached to a major company um you know at that moment i felt like i was a part of the company it was actually really cool experience and believe it or not um great story came into the back vince was already in gorilla which i was absolutely surprised he was already there ready to go and just looked up at me and he goes that’s how you start wrestlemania and then he shook my hand and i was like oh my god that was the greatest thing ever so that that day was one of the coolest experiences and definitely was one of my crowning moments in the company that is awesome yeah and yeah vince will surprise uh a lot of people weird stuff like that yeah where you don’t think he’s there and he’s there and he actually sat there watched your match were you on raw the following day uh no so i think we were just 205 like we were not on raw anymore yeah yeah but uh but me and buddy got to do a rematch on that tuesday because really our mania match was cut short obviously um so we were given little time a lot of things we wanted to do they would always be like no there’s gonna be something probably similar later so don’t do that so like a lot of things we couldn’t do so we just kind of did the best we could with what we were given and then on tuesday it was like hey guys let loose have fun and we were given tons of time like 20 something minutes or whatever and we just on 205 had real killer match that uh i always i was putting it out on twitter everyone should go check it out because i was really proud of that one and so you should be it’s funny you say that again man it’s like you’re telling me these things are my wrestlemania match my moment with the six man our time had gotten cut at one point our show had gotten cancelled and then that tuesday is the way better match than the one that’s supposed to be on the show yep you’re my young and son shape you’re my young in-shape son there you go uh so now i mean i was saying this but to bubba too like he was just like you know fandango was there for a short time i was like dude he was there for 14 years yeah he was there for a while for you you’re there half a decade yeah that’s an amazing feat for like you said uh a kid who thought he was too short or thought he was too small to make it to the wwe you’re better as an in-ring performer for being there and you have now all this more experience because of the people that you worked with um and like a lot of people they’ll either be totally bitter towards the wwe or it’s like shock syndrome you seem kind of very very grounded with like you understand it’s a business you also understand they had to make all these changes yeah i mean it is what it is and and my personal opinion is it’s their mistake not mine so yeah so i’ll be the one you know reaping the benefits of of going and somewhere else and just you know making money for somebody else as well as making money for for yourself well that comes hand in hand but right dude you’re you’re talking i wanted i think i was the king of the indies and made more money working indies than i did in wwe for the last like two to three years stupid corona affected that big time yeah yeah but there’s now like you said the doors are opening and you’re a guy i put a tweet out there and everyone loved it like hey hit me up in 91 days and because again you like to stir up stuff but i will do everything in my power to try to get you uh hired in impact wrestling or like i think about you know what he’s got aew he’s got a lot of friends there any company is going to be super duper happy or with new japan and your style going there you could become a top act there yeah i mean it’s that’s another thing i guess that helps uh that helped me keep such a positive attitude is just uh you know i looked as soon as i was released i looked around i said you know what there’s so much to do now the world’s gonna be opening up like i think this is gonna be awesome i think it’s gonna be a fun ride and instead of just sitting back in wwe kind of watching my friends have fun and be like i wish i was doing that like now i get to do it so yeah i’m really excited for that and you again could go and be a personal trainer but you’re also a star as a personal trainer you have a good body i mean you’re you’re a brand and you be a brand for your own business and it’s like oh yeah i’m getting trained by a former wwe person that helps you dude yeah no it’s definitely uh yeah definitely like those five years were definitely great for me great for my name i mean i definitely my reach has has expanded greatly so that that i’m excited about because now things that i maybe thought i wanted to do when i was in the independence in the past like i i can do it now and feel a little bit more confident with you know the result it’s just um like especially um i’m gonna be starting like twitch stuff like that um you know i love gaming so i’m gonna be doing twitch gaming and stuff but i also have the idea of kind of bringing everyone into my world of fitness and i have a setup in my house i have a garage gym and everything and i’m going to be setting camera you know camera up and everything and i i’m going to start doing hey man join me on twitch let’s work out together and i’m just working out with tony uh you will have a weird audience i remember you know i was the first to start on twitch and i remember like putting i put together an edited television show and then i did a cooking show it had more viewers and then i asked them and they’re like dude one of our most viewed things is a guy sitting in a kiddie pool in mayonnaise and that’s like one of the most watched stuff and like he sat there for like seven eight hours yeah well i mean if things start if things start working out the way they i want them to i’ll be in that mayonnaise too so i’ll join you yeah i’ll start doing uh what actually there’s like there’s a kid in um california right that does like he sits in a tub with guys and interviews him right right i feel like i’ve heard of this yeah yeah i mean i could just do it in a tub of mayonnaise yeah man why not reinvent yourself you’ll have a whole new weird demographic but it’s a it’s a nice monthly check but yeah no there’s a lot of things i want to try and do now that i i you know didn’t think i could do in the past so uh so i’m excited to be doing all that and i’ve you know i have 90 days to focus more on that which is good it’s also good to keep on getting that weekly 90-day paycheck so you can think about things uh for your life which is uh cool any uh i don’t know any regrets um any regrets that’s a tough uh so i guess going right back to talking about the uh the twitch channel and everything like that um i do regret not jumping on board with that earlier like watching xavier woods and how successful he is and brees and all those guys adam cole like i would always the problem is when i got when i got there and even before i got there like i always had tunnel vision and it was always just i want to be a professional wrestler that’s what i want to do i want to show up wrestle you know make my money and leave you know um but and the problem with that is that any other like outside projects i could have done i just would put it aside like no no that’s going to ruin my focus on this and i wish i didn’t do that so that would be my one big regret is i wish i would have while being there built my audience for myself and built my own personal brand a little bit more well these are definitely ways that uh you can by doing cool podcasts like okay not don’t do everybody’s um how can uh fans find you on social um so instagram and twitter both uh at tony nice and um which called my twitch feed now is uh tony nice pa because tony nice for some reason was too short so i had to add something so i had a pa for premier athlete but now it just looks like i’m tony’s pop so uh but yeah so that’s my uh father so that does work um so yeah uh so right now that’s that’s my three main focuses right now i know that i’m working on like a discord apparently that’s a new thing uh that i have to learn about but that’s a way for fans to interact and reach out with you and every uh to you and you to reach out to them so uh i have that getting set up as well i don’t even know what that is i’m gonna do it though exactly yeah i’m still learning myself i have a few guys online that are uh you know give me some tips and help me out so i started to learn how old i am now welcome to the club buddy uh how many days until you’re a free agent how many days left now yeah uh i don’t even know that offhand but i know it’s what september i think 23rd or 24th i i put out september 25th only because that was on like a friday uh but i believe it’s actually like the 23rd or whatever well the world is your uh the world is yours to take over and have that tunnel vision with uh broader horizons you are young you’re in your prime and you’re the premier athlete for a reason and i look forward to uh seeing what’s the future for you thank you all righty well like i said it’s not gonna take up a lot of your time i know you’re busy and i want to thank you uh always and like i said man and i expect bigger and better for you yeah man thank you it’s great to see you yeah it’s been a while and everything i know that’s another thing i was kind of uh a little shitty with was uh you know just kind of keeping in touch with everyone that i could you know in the past and all that stuff and just kind of keeping up with everyone i just kind of especially as soon as the pandemic hit you just kind of i don’t know what happened but i just it was just family family family i just focused i just spent as much time with my family and and everything else kind of just made me sick so that’s called priorities yeah and you always remember like your true friends will be there for you throughout and i haven’t talked to you forever and as soon as i see you we pick back up just the way yeah and we’ll always have the connection through ecw because you’re a mikey whipwreck guy and i’m a mikey whipwreck guy and then you have your myers your cardona all those guys so it’s it’s a cool little weird connection and family that we’ll all have together yep absolutely alrighty man well thank you again for being on uh my show and that’s this week’s episode of the house of hardcore podcasts the premier athlete tony nice [Music] you

Tommy Dreamer and Tony Nese - 90 Days - House of Hardcore Podcast Episode #103

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