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Twins’ Baldelli on tough loss to Angels in wake of Cruz trade

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rocco you guys come up in the the ninth there in a close game the heart of the order which now no longer features nelson cruz how tough is it just to go through today and then suffer a tough loss yeah i mean it was a um it was an emotional day and in our clubhouse for a lot of people and uh i’m sure you know we’ll we’ll talk more about um nelly as a person and as a as a player uh too but uh uh you know that’s that’s certainly the case um as to what kind of day it was before the game and then we went out there and played a a tight ball game uh it was um you know there were a lot of things that could have changed the outcome of the game uh i think for for both teams um you know there were a lot of things that i think we could point to that uh you know we we could have done a little differently or a little better and given ourselves a little bit of a better chance to win uh the game and ultimately just uh fell short and in a few ways and and lost a tough one it was it was it was a tough ball game to lose because we had some opportunities some things were more visible than other things but i think it was a you know it’s a tough loss coming into the game uh the big story was kenta maida and showed ohtani and you know tony goes over three there against maeda with the two strikeouts what did you like about maeda’s performance not just against ohtani but just overall with the exception of the one home run yeah that was a really really nice outing uh for kenta um he did all the things he’s been doing we talked about how well he’s been pitching uh recently um he’s looked pretty spectacular and you know we went out there and i know everyone’s talking about the matchup with otani but he he mixed his pitches well i think he really locked in he’s locked in all the time but i think he really locked in for for that match up um and had to you know find different ways to get him out you know you had to use his fastball at times uh we knew the split would be a big part of that um you know that approach as well but he he went out there and executed very well i think kept uh ohtani a little bit off balance at times and i think that was his goal i think that’s what he was trying to do and he did a good job out there hey rocco you touched on it with being emotional um when a guy has the kind of impact like nelson um does and you learn you know 90 minutes before first pitch um how did the uh how’d the clubhouse and how the dugout what was the uh what was the feeling like tonight in there well the feeling you know our guys um we’re certainly able to prepare for the game and and we’re ready to play but it’s it’s impossible to not also you know acknowledge and know you know that we just lost um a member of our our team who has been about as important to this organization and to our group as as any player has ever been to an organization that i’ve been around that i’ve seen so um that was uh you know difficult and we all grow and we all you know the game always goes on and everything like that but we have an incredible number of memories with nelson i think there were a lot of very heartfelt words from him from other people to him i think everyone wanted to take the opportunity to let him know how much he has meant to them individually and like i said to this organization as well you can’t have more of an impact on a team than nelson cruz has had here

Twins\' Baldelli on tough loss to Angels in wake of Cruz trade

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