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UFC 4 – Old Mike Tyson vs. Gold Hulk – Boxing Stars

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all right coming up next a matchup for the ufc heavyweight division title well for a long time he’s been mentioned with the baddest man on the planet for a long time though the title fight eluded him not anymore here he is the number one heavyweight contender finally making this walk and cracking a smile he’s waited a long time for this he’s not expecting a 25-minute war he believes he has the power and the skills to get this thing done quickly i guess we’ll find out [Applause] well a lot of people think it’s the most significant title in combat sports no argument from me baddest man on the planet ufc heavyweight champion there he is in the flesh what an absolute monster what a title reign it has been but a serious challenge in front of him here tonight when this man became the heavyweight champion a lot of people thought that this challenger was the one who would rest the belt away now the fight is here we’ll see if we get a new champion or if this man continues one of the greatest heavyweight legacies the octagon has ever seen and now let’s get you our tale of the tape for this heavyweight championship fight more than a decade separates these two fighters when it comes to the age with big differences in height and reach here’s bruce buffer ladies and gentlemen this is the main event of the evening and when the action begins a referee in charge of the octagon is herb team and now this is the moment ufc fans around the world have been waiting for live from the sold out madison square garden arena in new york city it’s time for the undisputed usc heavyweight championship of the world introducing first fighting out of the blue corners this man is a kickboxer making his professional debut here tonight his hands six feet six inches tall william at 265 pounds presenting the challenger monster [Applause] this man is a boxer making his professional debut here tonight he has five feet eleven inches tall weighing in at 227 pounds fighting out of new york presenting the reigning defending undisputed usc heavyweight champion of the world for the championship you’ve been given your instructions in the dressing room protect yourself at all times follow my instructions you will have a clean fight great all right here we go round one outstanding matchup of strikers any chance this thing hits the canvas i don’t believe so i think when you have two high-level strikers like you have in these two men they’re gonna go to the center of the octagon and it’s going to be a kickboxing match a kickboxing match that you can see in a ring tonight you get to watch it inside of an octagon well perhaps the sign of things to come as he lands a kick there nice kick landed and he connects with a punch there we’ll see if he can follow it up he’s landing that punch over and over again what’s he going to do to follow up [Applause] try to establish that jab you don’t know when that leg cable is right there [Applause] oh man head kick lands just missed with the left there [Applause] big kick land [Applause] there’s no tail on that leg kick that’s a big [Applause] oh body kick attempt here it’s no good all right he’ll engage in a single collar tie and they separate he landed a huge hook there [Applause] well we talked about his reach advantage off the top he made good use of it there with that punch dc big punch lands over the top how’s he gonna follow this one up [Applause] what a head kick how good is that right hand there’s no kill on that leg [Applause] connects with the right hand pretty good punch that one nice right punch by this man well he works his entire striking game off of that jab doubles up on the jet he is all about that left kick to the body a big powerful punch land now he gets back to reign just missed on the front kick there [Applause] look at him driving [Applause] with these beautiful leg kicks look at him working and trying to shut the liver down out of range with that right hand [Music] look at the force behind that leg kick right he engages in the single collar tie sniff that one out as a classic kick oh he got that knee up to the head now he engages in a muay thai clinch you better protect that head great job securing the muay thai glitch watch for big knees to the body and eventually him switch it up with a big key to the head missed with that right hand over and over he’s landing these big body kicks [Applause] maybe time to get the bonus checks ready i mean this fight is about done he’s got him hurt very bad with his head kicked now he has to punch oh an obvious limp there his leg hurting for certain 20 seconds left oh head kick lance was hurt well done to catch the kick we’ll see what he can do with it ten seconds to go oh that straight punch knocked his head in the wrong direction really putting his opponent on notice round two is next [ __ ] a lot of high level highlights from that last round dc take us through the replay if he fought like this i would be comfortable entering him into a k1 level right kickboxing competition he’s that good at finding and landing those kicks at will he needs to continue to do this as the fight goes on all right so after he landed a high number of kicks in the previous round we’ll see if he can keep it going here as our next round gets underway he should stay the course he’s so educated with his legs his feet that he’s given his opponent a very difficult time trying to anticipate what’s coming his way oh nice job to land the straight punch there must be nice to have that kind of reach advantage dc i know you can’t necessarily relate oh significant strike attempt there but a huge block goes back to that left kick once again liver kick if you take those kicks you’re gonna shut your body off oh that’s nice [Applause] [Music] nice leg kick land [Applause] bad [Applause] what a fantastic strike to throw at the exact right moment he deserves this moment go finish his fight [Applause] got the single collar big knee he needs to start looking to finish now because he’s got his opponent hurt very bad [Music] just over three minutes to go in round two [Applause] oh absolutely one for the highlight reel right there a tremendous kick to spell the end of the night for his opponent and for him i should say but just caught him flush full force beautiful extension on the kick and the fight was really over as soon as that one made contact i’m not even sure he was conscious when he hit the canvas outstanding performance here tonight [Applause] we sent it inside the octagon bruce buffer has the official decision ladies and gentlemen referee herb dean is going to stop for this contest at two minutes ten seconds of round number two declaring the winner [Applause] so the celebration is on and it figures to continue deep into the night for the ufc heavyweight champion and still after the knockout victory here tonight and given all this man has accomplished i think you can still argue that tonight is the crowning achievement of his mixed martial arts career knocks out the

UFC 4 - Old Mike Tyson vs. Gold Hulk - Boxing Stars

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