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USA vs CAN | United States vs Canada | Intel World Open – Americas Regional Finals (14 July 2021)

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think i’m ready no it’s all coming down to this the final series with a little asterisk because the bracket reset right but usa versus canada the expected too but not the expected route the journey has been phenomenal the end result it’s not going to be any less so let’s lay it down on the table for canada to win the americas final they will not just have to beat the usa once they will have to beat the usa twice and squishy looking up for it the usa of course they only have to win the once against canada to confirm their names on the 22 thousand dollars that awaits first prize garrett who’s been unbelievable this entire tournament jane apps also unbelievable six of these players have been fantastic but at the end of this first minute it’s donuts on the scoreboard that’s it ding first minute is done ping pong popcorn whatever you want to call it is over let’s get this battle underway feelers already put on out there how we doing i’m doing pretty good how are you doing i really i’m doing pretty good you know this is nice let’s get into scary g off to chicago what’s it cut in but first killer holds it on the line squishy first killer oh jane apps you could see him he was like his eyes lit up you can see it in his room aleutian garrett trying to get out from the corner here but great early start from illusion that was almost brilliant and jay naps a bit of a fluff there as it goes to the top of the box first killer chasing on to it to garrett g maybe no squishy races there gets the first gets the possession and jane up’s now his first killer once again such a nuisance player revolution showing some pretty good tricks early doors but there’s first killer to throw back into the orange half you gotta think as well canada coming in fully warmed up after that best of three usa have had a couple of hours to cool off where they’ve been chilling in chat watching the games maybe playing a few ranked matches one thing that’s definitely not in doubt they look ready for us keeping it near nils we’ve reached that halfway mark enough throw down towards the canadian net for jaynaps as always denies flicked away an illusion he’s looking really up for it it’s beautiful but no one commits to get those squishies muffins one little canada a fool lingering in front and their canadians are about you can’t allow this usa i mean it’s not an upset already but usa have not dropped a series today ireland you don’t expect them to drop the first goal gotta say based on the evidence of game number one so far that goal’s been coming canada has looked more likely double demo and here’s a lucian again luchen no way to pass first killer ricochet back out but jane nabs it’s an empty net and it’s a two-nil lead oh canada what a start from you guys beautifully put it’s a corner well picked up and well america is just too spread out 155 on the clock and let me tell you right now a little bit of advice you gotta get higher but not going to be a loud first killer gonna be killing that opportunity chicago on the run is bumped off by squishy and illusion to step in for this tango wasn’t invited and gareth g will send him on his way elusion can only drop this down and we’re from both players leaves it to jnapp squishy taking out chicago these demos meaning a lot right now for usa a goal what do you mean even more an illusion what a game so far it’s up high defended on the back ball by jane apps first killer to chase and another good challenge from garrett but squishy with a lot of boost he’s actually bumped out the way for chicago here’s garrett back to chicago oh the impossible angle is achieved 105 one goal game he is a math magician with this one ow did he do that it should not be possible but hey chicago knows better one two one minute five seconds on the clock usa i mean they left it lingering for a while but right now oh they’ve just turned it up how’s your defenses looking candidate because i feel you’re going to be needing it garrett no boost jabs down field back into illusion more great creativity coming out from canada but a demo onto squishy’s gonna go unpunished another 50 goes the way of the maple leaves squishy and first meet in the middle jane apps that’s cut out by garrett going straight for that is he yes he is but illusion again on that backboard doing well first he sees garrett on that far side manages to suss out one elusion bumps out the way dangerous for chicago it’s off the posted away nine seconds left is there one more in the tank for the us of a it’s jane apps chasing first killer loose is gonna be chicago again needs to get the pop-up no boost no hope for a game one win canada take first blood well the pattern is broken and well it did look at moments the back of usa was broken the first game dropped not only today but yesterday as well we’re not taking a look back to the closed qualifiers that’s two weeks ago usa america feels like a brand new squad where they truly have gone away screen practice got it all together but canada through the flames of that brazil match have got it together as well it’s the first game that canada have actually taken off the usa of course and that feels like a big duck off their back right now can they continue with this momentum we await and find out in game number two as squishy we’ll go to the back well very impressive for me squishy but it was a lucian who was the star we’ve already identified him as the the one that kind of gets no praise but does everything well he was really showing up big but chicago’s gonna have a good chance here as he did at the end of the last games and breakaway now for illusion shoots straight and illusion misses and i’m sorry garrett misses but then illusion’s gonna score what am i seeing can i delete again have a look at first killer here oh so close it was a hard read for garrett as well but i mean look at that scoreline folks if you’re a canadian how are you feeling everyone caught off guard not expect that pace from candor and i said it earlier it felt like in the early stages canada was sandbagging the group stage but into the finals i just think maybe they got into that mood that sort of comfort stage a little bit too long this is them at full force usa they’ve found winning strats and they just need to click back into place chicago wanted to set this one up but once again as always lucian sends it away squishy with the clearance simple pot shot down towards net but it does force chicago out of place chicago and first double committing here and oh jane abs needed that sorry not jane that’s my apology squishy needed that here’s jaynaps now on the ball and garrett g is going to take it off him his first killer in field and squishy now picks this up chicago and aleutian nick’s that boost that’s not going to win out over garrett g in field and jane apps waiting to lurk on the backboard it’s a way but straight back in usa angry annoyed to lose one game okay canada’s a really good squad to lose two games you are inviting the threat of the bracket reset and well usa have already seen that before that they have and mainly coming from a different angle one i do believe no i’m being a big dummy so no different from the usual then yeah true we’re in a weird moment of just calm right now take it people at home nice little breather take a sip of water give me 20 seconds and you won’t be able to do that again there’s the attacks oh and once again chicago does get it away but jane apps throwing it back into the mixer just testing garage who is wise to send it wide taking so much time away no one home i thought well i mean chicago was home but he wasn’t looking at who was stepping on in yeah they just were not expecting a shot karachi easily beaten chicago’s just into the center took his eye off the ball and what a time to take you off the ball it’s exactly well not exactly the same but the same procession that we have here in game number one it’s happening in game number two canada take a 2-0 lead are usa going to strike back not through first killer on this occasion we need to see first killer fired up once again because as soon as he does it then leaks into garage getting a little bit of anger and utility about himself chicago is always just so calm that’s the issue i’ve never seen him really fired up he just does oh my goodness me and there he was again gareth our post bumps abound an illusion again he’s picked up a savior medal i do i’m not surprised by that honestly the shots from usa are still good but the canadian defense is even better i know that a certain mr jorbie is watching the intel world open he was saying goodness you know this usa squad it’s looking incredible but canada right now is bringing all of their might to the front and okay they’re stuck on their goal line for the majority of the time now but with no goals conceded nobody is going to be complaining that’s it usa and candor of course the sort of dream picks from both nations what could you do in these circumstances players completely full cent and followed through on the opportunity talking to tom earlier and said you know if he had a rule where you’ve suddenly got a breakup you’re not allowed to be with the teammates you’ve got currently right now these are the sort of teams that form it’s such a crazy reality that’s going to show oh i thought that was wide okay a little gift being given the sniper strike from downtown in a pinch there’s first killer for you brilliant i don’t think either of them were necessarily expecting it to nestle into the bottom right hand corner again they’re gonna be glad it has one goal game he’s saying they planned that come on the woodwork coming to the rescue of canada and again i ask you defense where are you now how much have you got in reserve because you’re going to need it in the next 30 seconds another case though where usa trailing by one have to chase off they’re counted up as jane apps on the ball wants to take this one out wide awkward 50 50. lucian not going to be close enough in chicago just getting it lucian as well up to speed oh it’s gone inside oh how’d you save that okay first killer good job send it down field now you’ve already done half where’s the other 50 percent he’s found chicago garrett not going to be able to turn it around it’s a good idea but just not enough time on the clock potentially garrett could drop this but jane apps knows what to do play it slow play it safe play it to the corner squishy just looking to get distance illusion wants to stop out the man and i can’t believe i’m saying this right now but canada 2-0 up in the series how many of you were predicting a 3-0 sweep of canada on the usa i guarantee it’s absolutely none of you if you say it was you’re a liar usa with 11 shots on net usa with one goal converted that is not good enough but canada’s defense wow what a performance from all three of those players yet again an illusion on the top of the leaderboard he’s having the series of his life right now and we’ll just see a counselor at that just say i’m pretty sure that would have been some die-hard canadians out there saying oh yeah how much do they believe in that yeah they didn’t believe it in the half hearts but they’re gonna say that anyway right now they look pretty good on the predictions because usa just missing that flare that little bit of extra sauce that really makes the meal well i whisper it only because again it’s difficult to comprehend first killer’s having a bit of a quiet series in chicago putting his team in massive jeopardy there but we saw them turned up in the last 30 seconds and that felt like the usa we know shot what was that for the other four and a half i don’t know i mean that’s that’s the simple answer i got for you i i don’t know i can’t put it down to a single thing because this just looks like normal rock league to me you’d have to go back through the board look for the replays but i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a little bit of magic a little bit of something coming in from canada which is halting them whatever it is like that bang and the defender’s gone you can’t do anything phil’s story push chicago f’s in chat but elusion he won’t mind that at all bring up the atlas i’m not entirely sure chicago’s on the map anymore canada one nil again and are we going to see another 3-0 but the most unexpected of three o’s squishy now an illusion of course the goal scorer can’t get past chicago turns out he is still on the map we’ve just had four free o’s in a row so many sweeps today is this going to be her number one three minutes 45 seconds to find on ours j nats drops that on down over the squishy garage will be able to step in and chase up onto this he’s looking towards chicago and the centre-back lucian will deny the throw towards net is powerful the first killer has other ideas nice little around the world secrets from him good block as well but no one from usa there to finish it chicago it’s aimless it’s hopeful and canada will take those all day long squishy beautiful touch chicago stepping in garrett to chase chicago to shoot it’s high first killer denied and all the way down the other end it’s two nil canada again the stars are aligning for calendar i i’m not gonna lie i you know i don’t believe in the strategy and all that sort of stuff but maybe it’s real is anything real love it you know this and what we got a lot of people in twitch chat questioning a lot of things right now if we get another usa goal two one two one two one but a 3-0 sweep for canada usa with the lions share of three minutes left on the clock to rescue this game let alone this series shell shocked is the word i would use squishy such great closing down so fast where was this canada on day one perhaps they were just leaving it in reserve and i tell you what if you’re brazil right now you’re thinking goodness me we played well well comfy cozy canda had taken off the blankets they’ve got their gamer faces on and they’re ready to win there’s a strange old way of doing it but it’s been entertaining nonetheless jane apps no options in front of him just storming for time this is a bit awkward with first killer trying to bump away squishy squishy will be able to go on a little bit of a run here as first color it’s nowhere close to being back in time it is oh chicago but hey sometimes chicago is all you need garrett g very quiet series from him as well i tell you chicago being the one doing the heavy lifting so far and it feels like he’s lifting alone far post big save first killer who has been it seems locked into his own half and the keys being thrown away by canada who have 90 seconds left to confirm the bracket reset lovely attempt from first killer but again aleutian so good garrett 2-1 how’s your nerves okay we’ve been in this situation before twice now let’s not do a third time please boys let’s see an equalizer from usa canada of course and the entire canadian nation and they’re going now we’re happy if there’s another two one three one even that’ll make us even a little bit more tough first oh what a read from squishy muffins another huge save i feel like i can say that for every single squad member though garrett g shirley garage it’s wide first killer it’s high an aleutian into the midfield 60 left indeed there is with the ball high illusion just allowing it to die he sees no pressure on to him just let it go that 50 50 a bit too much power that’s the midfield with first killer garage g looking for the pass out to chicago chicago wanted top right but squishy don’t like the sounds of that first illusion to the side garrett lurking here picks this up looking in field who’s there jane apps first killer what a block again chicago trixie but with not enough pace jane apps downfield clear your lines man he says hold the line he says but he got to hold the line for 14 more seconds it’s difficult to lead a battalion again on this battlefield it’s never going to be an easy job first kill the pop out chicago just can only get the fingertips do it first killer puts it back in the mixer but illusion has cleared it canada are gifted now what am i saying they heard that we’ve been in this lullaby that usa we’re always gonna win this but canada now have just woken us up and we’re limit and as we get into our bracket reset best of five showdown for 22 000 on the line the usa is gonna have to find that master switch once again to overcome a canada who are now genuinely in with a shot that they are no talking league here let’s just hop straight on who knows maybe that break is what they needed because for the first time i guess still in this series usa have just got the opener within 30 seconds to what a crucial goal this one could be the usa train the brakes have been stopped but it’s not necessarily to say that it is derailed they could just look to build up steam and build up that speed once again aleutian forced back chicago who really did a lot of good work in that first series i’m here he is again they’re gonna pass around the corner squishy finds illusion versus first killer first killer wins out chicago on the counter attack looking for first killer what is happened what was the comms during that break what is anything at this point because usa they might have been on a bit of a detour for free games for a whole best of five but right now they have turned up oh canada where have you gone still plenty of time to change our minds again but usa oh i thought i was going to saying i thought i thought they were going to get a third right there real talk are they still going to get a third no squishy denies guarantee that he does but chicago chicago’s keeping the attack alive a cheeky little pop into the box first killer following on bro first killer following on through with that third goal that you wanted you say i mean they they they aren’t it they they got this far without dropping a single game whoa just that little breather give canada the hope to bring them crashing on down all three goals courtesy of chicago or through root anyway the playmaker medal for him and canada look a little bit lost in the woods right now first killer backboard and garrett g’s back there to shoot on net a jnab save and no squishy clearance j naps again only finds chicago no way out for canada and a fourth no this is fun for all the wrong reasons it feels like two minutes already gone by but you picked him out chicago is the key difference maker right now he’s got that midfield locked on down he’s still playing a very interesting third man roll where he’s just sitting back and then allowing a cut in the rotation that first man not the one to come in with the shot instead they’re going to go all the way back and oh jaina a little bit too hot to handle the first killer this one the ball takes flight and jane app sends it exactly where he wants it first killer with a piece of it but not enough to keep it out with half the game still left to run the shoot of hope for canada as the usa are finally answered back for the first time in the bracket reset series first killer beautiful shot but his illusion downfield is solution all on his own not going to get past chicago squishy over one and his j naps down to squishy over to aleutian and he’s gonna try and take this one forward but he’s not gonna get far doesn’t really need to get any further though just keep on hounding keep on just being such a nuisance chicago is going for bump plays in his opponent’s net when the ball was in the blue yeah right that’s just confidence for a fruit absolutely ooze in it but look at that the read onto chain ups they’re coming into this one just straight up different it feels like they’ve given you their older brother or sister the controller chicago finds garrett by chicago four 4-1 this time courtesy of garage g i mean chicago has been so given why not share the laughing i bet you some americans out there if not a lot of americans are loving that one i think we’re all loving this one as well but where was this usa last series maybe maybe it is some flight from south america which that excuse has already been used it might be some morbid like horror story for canada where they’re only dreaming that they were beating america again and again but it’s brutal demos coming through at the right time shot accuracy much improved creativity much improved this is the usa that we were expecting to see in this grand final and with 60 seconds left remaining canada it seems will be forced to look forward to game two that’s it but i don’t really think they’re looking forward to it to be honest not gonna be too pleasing oh no not even oh yes worked out anyone’s still alive it’s going to take i think a kickoff goal to make it a reality right now but canada i think it was just like we said a rude awakening where they came into this game i’m thinking we just do pretty much more of the same usa figure themselves out they slap themselves awake it’s got some smelling salts out perhaps no time for dreaming when there’s work to be done first killer meandering and jane apps keeps it locked chicago finally with the clearance and look at this much better from first killer and garrett waiting garrett tries to go under everyone he’s not going to get under everyone though the defense holds just about for canada the time running out and probably a little bit too little to work with right now although that said or if that’s going in then maybe it’s a question but usa after beating being beaten three times in a row finally they look at the answer book and they put it forward to canada this is what we were really trying to go for they take the first game in the best of five oh that shot count is morbid goodness me for canada three so 13. oh i mean canada credit whereas juice eight saves there usa only one save funnily enough the one shot that didn’t convert so canada pushed into him half something fierce when they did get downfield easily swiped away and right now it’s the it’s the quiet before the storm the realization moment game two really going to be the side of canada was it just a crazy a spoopy game one for where is that just the foreshadowing of this one it’s a a monumentally important game too one that i argue canada simply have to win otherwise it could be a 3-0 sweep going the other way we don’t see many bracket resets swinging as violently as that but such is the way i think yeah jane apps and garrett’s going to be looking to the right here garrett g and there’s chicago it’s off the back board it’s a no actually there’s no reason he pulls out of it interesting first killer now it’s a lucian and finds that j knapp’s connection guarantee running interference and that gives possession to chicago and the blue team you say i’ve got to be careful here they are over aggressive something fierce right now it worked in the last game because they’ve been you’re in a picture perfect if you make little mistakes like this look at that chicago has to move that off to the side because first get them face it put it high of net that should have been shot on target he knows that but it hasn’t hurt them just yet the attacks come through squishy let an illusion have the crack at it but like you said it was the chance that really needed to be sunk both sides have had these moments so they’re both moles yeah i couldn’t agree with you more so far on your analysis of the usa like that first game felt very natural to me whereas this is feeling a little bit more man-made as if they’re they are trying a little bit too hard to replicate that that good stuff that we saw in game number one gary g is the good stuff but it’s gone wide sadly for him and they’re trying to force this one out garagey very successfully putting up the roadblock here and first and get it over to the far corner that hundred steel might be crucial in just a moment chicago garage g and it’s wide again but chicago’s got a free net one nil usa this time it took two minutes and four seconds but usa once again get the opener garrett trick jeep boy howdy he was trying for it he’ll just have to park with an assist which i think he will be fine with considering the end result is a goal canada you now have to respond don’t just leave it on scene it’s a bit rude got quite an interesting discussion as well because if you look just at the group stage you think surely first killer if he keeps on going like this is gonna get the mvp and then you look at the day so far today and you’re like garrett g surely but chicago right now my heart’s always going to be with jan i’m just going to put it out or lucian another chance canada you’ve got to put this one away dude indeed but like i said understandably didn’t make it to a stage mvp is on the pitch right now you can feel it but i feel the difference maker for who actually takes it will be shown in this one series who oh squishy is that dude oh squishy oh that’s squishy he’s releasing it too early there already that’s why i’m not too fast you can see it straight away where he gets that touch it’s just like he’s hooping for a badly judged block right there and then he’s just going to be able to barrel and prove it simply put too far away still salvageable for canada here in game number two still a one goal lead usa looking to extend and they’re not going to do it just yet squishy big save off the line jane apps carries this illusion in support here he is now first killer he fakes him out what can he do he’s not gonna do anything unfortunately with zero boosting the tank down the other end garrett g looking for that double tap no it’s not gonna happen illusion oh jane apps just has to turn away he knows he’s gotta find more boost up now elusion lurking looking for the bump on first killer he finds first killer but first gunner still gets to save jane apps just off the backboard again too heavy for squishy what about illusion be chicago but it goes wide accuracy just hurts encounter there millimeters away good clearance from illusion but chicago will have a response he’s wanting to just put it into the mixer cause a lot afraid it did cause a double commit but the time on the follow-up just a little bit too long he allowed the canadians to get back and get a bit of safety jane apps oh stops that beautifully but it is first killers and the pop out to garrett g resolution 100 steel back into the middle but not ready for that one squishy and taken out for even being in the blue half jane apps that’s easy they’re going to be put away by garrett aleutian far corner and that’s awkward from first but chicago cleans up the mess stops in mid limited time for canada oh i like this nice jane apps far side is chicago not the best touch here first illusion it’s dangerous still aleutian trying to wait out everyone squishy’s got a turn on a dime garrett and chicago saves the day again usa two-nil hold the phone wait wait scorpion first killer’s keeping this up good falling on rule one of course but uh i mean usa two now [Music] is it gonna be enough free of sweep here i can’t to be fair this was a much better showing from canada more shots on the board sure looked very competitive but there were two very evident chances for me which just were not put away when they should have for my money as much as usa outshot canada canada should be coming away with this win not loss they’ve got a reverse sweep to perform and that seems unlikely right now i mean they’re all from teams you know separately where they have done that many a time before of course together now it’s the first sure there’s a first time for everything there’s canadian team has shown us they can take down the usfa beforehand it’s only a one goal differential [Music] there might be a divide between them right now but i mean it feels like a small stream you can literally jump it they’re that close show your support in chat this could be the final game of the intel world open 2021 edition canada needing to win three games in a row they’ve done it before the usa still looking so so scary the bit is well and truly between their teeth right now and canada have to find an extra level to step up to here’s j naps in field to illusion it’s on target jane after lurking squishy is he gonna have a shot no he tries to go wide not enough pace and usa have a bit of relaxation but not for long chain abs it’s wide again squishy it’s white again and first killer palms it to the side chicago here to help and first killer cleans it all up too many backboard passes coming out from canada and no one commits into the shot i mean usa were there for each and every single one of them chicago quite a little bit but first killer can lend a hand squishy keeping it to call up a first kill you can see that 100 boost still it might not be massive immediately but it slows canada down from these counters garagey knows himself he’s just got to keep it to the corner and yeah teammates will be able to help him on out canada don’t want to go fully committed into a corner chicago there’s first and he shoots straight oh my goodness me the bardowski was there but fate has other ideas off the top of the box garrett g now beaten to the ball chicago and first that’s straight into orange hands he does well first killer squishy slow and calm into the blue half once again squishy elusion lurking squishy going straight for himself garrett puts up that save and so frustrating right now for canada where they are winning challenges in that final third bacon but they’re not falling for their shadow strikers as of yet an entire continent on the edge of their seats and then a little bit of change a little smearing of others around the rest of the world i am sure so coming up the halfway mark still neil kneel between these two goliaths usa already do the job to get two games they’re hunting to make it a free oh sweep but canada you got tonight you gotta go big now there is no waiting around trying to hold the midfield but first killer in control of the situation over again the block chicago steps on up he shoots he scores it took two but they don’t mind usa lead in the pack big man chicago what a read one nil usa again it’s following a pattern canada goes one nil up one nil up one nilla usa goes one nil up one nil up and you guessed it what the lap but there’s your response squishy muffins the assist from jane apps look away and you will miss it blink and you will miss it keep your eyes glued to your screens because this truly is delivering right now two minutes and eight seconds of madness canada all or nothing just to go to game four usa naturally wanting to close it out right now they got that safety net below them but you still don’t want to fall onto it no one ever wants to use it there is a fight to fallen can you get yourself back on up canada right now i mean there they’ve hit the ground iron leak and they’ve got to get themselves back up they’ve got to get themselves running because they’re still dangerous from the us of a garrett it’s again ricocheting off woodwork chicago can’t be stopped he has turned up in the second bracket just straight up the bracket reset that first series the first best of five usa a little bit lackluster bit here in the second is all been because of chicago for me he was the usa’s best player in that first series such a difficult decision for that mvp award another big save from squishy and again because of the mvp award like i wouldn’t put chicago for any other series but here all made statements for themselves throughout the entirety installment i’m glad we’re not making that call and you know that’s being done by some guys in the back they might go by some familiar names who knows i’m sure chicago very familiar with everyone right now if he wasn’t already less than 60 seconds for canada to find another that’s a beautiful pass squishy near post still dangerous up high it’s a double commit from the usa garrett with the savior medal chicago away now no boost wins at 50 huge here’s garrett again another 51. jane have to pick it up and taken out by chicago he’s on a rampage and first killer can put it to the death no 30 seconds left hey seconds usa will be crowned champions canada can you stop it can you send us to o2 oh it’s there that could be the final nail in the coffin and you’ve got to do the fairy tale the remarkable what you don’t think is reality he got a smash out of those coffins right now stop this american party busy too much to ask was it all a dream aleutian still with hope the first killer denies and chicago chicago chicago sounds like my kind of town gonna say it really does the us of a a weird route to be sure but they win the america’s regional final of the intel world open

USA vs CAN | United States vs Canada | Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals (14 July 2021)

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