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USA vs URU | United States vs Uruguay | Intel World Open – Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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i was there like super you’re asking like crs to turn up and now we’re sort of like just throwing him to the wolves it’s like literally taking a kid throwing them into a swimming pool like there you go you’ll learn you get to swim just swim have some mercy here but at the end of the day there’s that same fact with uruguay where they’re coming on in not really the same sort of established team but they’re gonna absolutely love this because on the opposite end of the pitch it’s sort of like that mad fever daydream going on where they’ve got first killer guarantee and chicago there they’re going to be loving this nonetheless and there’s chicago with gold number one i was gonna say you’re not just chucking them into the deep end you’re chucking them into the deep end and also it’s infested by sharks by the way and the first of them bites chicago with 4 36 left on the clock and let’s talk about first killer shall we bacon because goodness gracious me he has had one heck of a day he has indeed and just got a very very valid note there from super just saying like trust me no there’s no twins there’s just good rocket league and blimey yes they do play some good rocket league don’t we they play some very good rocket league a little bit fortunate but again it’s all down to positional play here as garrett g it was almost like a rugby line almost where you had one ready to receive it a little bit further forward one a little bit further back and then garrett g ready for that final pass and the run to touch it down usa 2-0 and all three there the solo standard special triple commit in net uruguay are floundering in the water i mean we’ve got 50 50s and that sort of thing in the game why not just like throw scrum in there yeah yeah i’d love to see that but one minute gone by yeah this will go into the script burn it uruguay i dare you burn it plus first killer up by navarro chicago lovely soft down to garrett g who snookers that one into the bottom pocket oh how precise can you be let’s just see from garage g little little bit of lip it’s got to be said but i think some of our american friends call it a grass trimmer a grass trimmer yeah it trims the grass because it stays perfectly on on the floor they have some weird sayings they do what they aren’t weird in saying is that chicago is a very good rocket league player yet no well i mean technically this is from first killer crs just doesn’t do as well but first killer actually fair play to him even though it wasn’t the greatest play he immediately zones in on crs gives him no time to think and before we’ve even blinked it’s four nil usa chicago is the windy sea and right now winds are not blowing in favor of uruguay usa just dominating first kill a great little cell but took two defenders to get that away knew enough it off the plate and then the clearance i i dig it trying to go for these pre-jumps to get into position but it’s a lot of stalling up into the air and not really anything found off the back of it they need the passes between each other but good read on that one new effect was coming on through didn’t need to do it i like it i dig this uruguay let’s have a look at navarro plus crz or crss yeah equals maths goal sears series he’s become a uruguayan pirate oh cr but yes i i mean actually it’s worth keeping in context as well this is actually the usa and uruguay’s final games of the day this is uruguay’s final game in the intel world open as well the best they can hope for is third in which case they probably need to 3-0 sweep the us which listen look you’re looking at two minutes 20 you’re looking at three goals to get not impossible but though as you say the way the winds have been blowing and especially when garrett g and first killer are just freestyling at this point you know that the confidence is just there and actually we were talking about it weren’t we where it’s like you can see the usa game plan score enough so that uruguay don’t have a hope in coming back and then just have relax have fun yeah make the most of it they know this is a job they know there is some serious money on the line usa and again they’re going to be gunning for top place because nine years of the money it’s the pride straight there the usa is the best team in the americas and you’re representing that i mean that means a lot doesn’t it i mean already for uruguay four thousand dollars that’s a lot of money for all of these players again crs not to be confused with spanish crs of course justice player that came out of nowhere again a 24 year old with no major results behind him and it’s like hey you and your team could get four thousand dollars out i found that so funny after the urban qualifiers like looking out and i just went is it is he late at uruguayan in spain it’s like hop on the board to just the part taking the tour oh no this is a completely different guy it’s like it’s like the misty problem isn’t it australian misty you got malaysian mist i’m pretty sure there’s an indian misty as well if memory serves me correctly i mean it’s a common name i like it it’s nice being a james in the 1990s it’s good to find souls that i can understand and well you can probably tell by the name game that we are very much playing for time here as are the usa uruguay still desperate to try and keep it close as that’s not gonna fall kindly crs here from the backboard a miss garagey just look you can tell he can he scores when he wants he scores when he wants except when maths makes her save that’s true i mean i like to call this sort of like when you get into the last minute in a game like this are all of them wearing suits by the way uruguay because navarro definitely is and crs definitely is have they dressed up for the big occasion oh yes they have okay okay you know what uruguay can go away three oh losers they’ve won they’ve won they’ve got classed dress fashion week oh it’s like uruguay it’s a paltry one shot on target for uruguay but fair play to them they went and scored it usa on the other hand uh 17 shots on target yep and a lot of those did come in and like i said the last 10 minutes of that sort of game where nothing’s really going on it’s just comfy time you know i i expected from now on i would love to coin it like just you know people blankets in chat you know just that sort of thing of oh we’re just getting in we’re just vibing got some good gameplay going oh i like that we got some yep yep yeah yeah and chat as well i mean of course we do still hear the legendary song with this nananes nays as well but of course we’ve got new i think it is that it goes with the coffee pasta i’m just going to be bopping on the plane back home going hmm yeah yeah yeah the other passengers are going to be looking at me thinking gosh i don’t want what i don’t want what he has because it looks scary right as does this usa team of course they know that if they win this they’re going to be heading up against mexico in the double elim bracket our uruguay gonna spring a surprise though that’s that has the hallmarks of a really fun game and even match i should say and even more so i like mexico’s odds if they do drop into the lower bracket i think they are a really good momentum based team long way ahead of us of course we still have a day until then and we’ve still got this usa uruguay match to settle of course we should give no disrespect to uruguay here you never know when a surprise can be sprung but of course usa have been playing out of their minds all day and deserve to be given that same respect i just won a clip be hit by uruguay i just want to go away and be like i did that to chicago you know just maybe a demo followed up by a nice little drop or something a dunk gold just to take pride in danger smart the moment but i mean this the open net was begging for this one the top was locked in and garrett said let it rip one nil usa 420 on the clock and uruguay once again the defense falling apart and it begins game two on the way of course what’s the meme well here we go again crs i’m very oh can you get a block on chicago no and the demo from first killer’s gonna seal the deal it was a garrett actually it was actually yeah sorry it looked no i’m with you it did look like first killer just you know what first i have no yeah so there was confusion there deserve confusion no confusion about the scoreline though 2-0 usa and no win there for crs navarro slows things down and manages to sort of fake out first killer gets it past him that’s the important thing but just the speed of this guy is unparalleled he has the most shots per game he has the most saves per game he is the epitome of everywhere and i mean coming from rogue as well a lot of people might even think you know he is the epitome of rock league right now i i wouldn’t i wouldn’t think it’s too far out of the way to suggest that he is the best player in the world right now i one man is only as good as his team though true yes yes this is a blooming good team i’ve gotta say that would have been wide from first come on you know guarantee caught that goal for a square but you could see the very much evident over commitment from uruguay it was just a a choice of which player gets the goal at that point for the usa 3-0 [Music] and it is is it just a case of going through the motions for uruguay they’ve got a goal are they going to get a second no dunk for navarro the 50-50 challenge game from first killer unmatched chicago oh what a goal treading the needle on this one just straight up and over so much power behind it two players and that is not enough as he just finds the sweet spot unsavable is the same to be said of this series for uruguay dangerous scenario now first killer leaves it to garrett garrett and it’s gone out by crs back in the middle and it’s dangerous and math just gives it away crs bails a pair of them out garrett g now looking for more looking for blood looking for the donkey gets it dangerous and math to the side is still trying to just find a way on through the storm the court continuously in defense required perhaps math can you find it he’s got up and over the first kill does it find the boring no garagey denies they’re getting close but not close enough it’s navarro picked up that hundred boost but he’s not gonna get far first killer and again it’s it’s that same process they’ve hit four nil and usa haven’t necessarily stomped on the brakes but they are stomping on uruguay any effort to break out the half is quickly nullified first killer taking out math and a miss for crs you can see the commitment now chicago and crs away i’ve also just noticed that not only they’re all dressed up in their formal attire they’ve all got sunglasses on oh x and the white zombies as well like they are decked out to the knives i was trying to think of a bond joke and i couldn’t think of it oh well you live to die another day it’s certainly a royal rumble at the moment between these two although it’s a very one-sided rumblers thing stand well falling from the sky plenty of players plenty of opportunities for the usa good steal from crs and is that a bit of an over commitment from the usa chicago pays for it for his life but he does get it away back into the middle garrett g oh that’s a miss and massive know what to do with himself no he didn’t navarro wants to turn around on this one though he takes this guy first killer reads it so well knows the point of contact and actually just has the perfect amount of boost for it as well chicago not the best touch from garage i’ve gotta give it to him there like no he wasn’t expecting it to bounce off he just wanted to kill the ball with a flip reset and usa killing the match very efficiently as well navarro up high and there’s chicago immediately crs can only partner to the backbone again matt and it’s off the crossbar they’re just hoping for one like they had last game but it’s not here it’s not yet four nil usa down to matt picks it up it’s 2v1 with chicago and he just catches it and gets it that’s it they only want one goal at the very least and they’ve found it maf here it was a beauty well timed the set up just waiting for that ball to just land on his car and then the flip unreachable uruguay can smile at that one i’m delighted for them i really am garrett gene connection with first killer and the miss for crs chicago with the pop they know they’ve won this one again navarro downfield maybe a second no garrett to stop it at the midway first killer in field it’s a beautiful ball into the middle but garrett’s just gonna let it fall to the ground or is he is he gonna put pain there is no pain to come for uruguay it’s already been served and usa are one game away from the perfect sweep of the group they are and i mean we were looking at it being a sort of like little mini competition of his own between canada and usa canada one game dropped oh that’s gonna bite them is there that is because that’s the sort of thing these players will look to each other uh and like even if say like usa loses the candor they’ll just be there like you didn’t perfect sweep the grip so don’t you just a dust off of the shoulder so are we five minutes away then from the end of our day of matches it has been a long one but so much great rocket league some surprises to be sure and a beautifully set up scenario at least for brazil and argentina in this group where we still don’t know the identity of one of the teams going through to that bracket i was giggling to myself for a moment there the observer was the only one not to ready up hovering over the button and just in my head on that go do it click it we want to see this next match we want to get back on the pitch like you were saying uruguay just there like no let’s go let’s go we want to keep doing this it’s a farm we’re enjoying this we are enjoying this plenty and we hope that you have enjoyed it at home as well plenty of support in twitch chat for everyone as we get kicked off for potentially the final time today we do indeed this has been a real wholesome one actually where it’s just like when do you ever get to see this usa versus uruguay it feels good right now when do you get to see bacon uruguay leading the usc rs much quieter than his regional starlight appearance what a time to score a goal red reaper is out and well we’re well better late than never crs how do you do buddy let’s go cheeky pop oh linga too late he’s looking for the fake backboard and matt needs to read it doesn’t but crs does is this the moment that he stands up oh it’s a challenge math does the calculations and yes you read right 30 seconds gone uruguay too nil i don’t want to get ahead of myself but let’s go i’m so happy right now two goals uruguay let’s take a game i’m sure the canadians like we said see it off come on uruguay just one is all we want because of course they can then go to the other two and be like yeah but you didn’t take a game of usa did you it’s it’s we’ve got to put it in perspective it is two kickoff goals now uruguayan defense what do you have a moment of hope because they nearly got offered they did almost get a third navarro and here’s crz first killer lurking you’re missing an s in there why did he have that listen i i we we don’t question we only enjoy down by maths and first killer we’ll bring this into the orange half garrett to chase navarro you die again uruguayan defense all of you have to stand up tall that is an unforgivable mistake to make it’s close but again close is not good enough are we kicking themselves it’s down to one between them and usa nearly on a kickoff going to quickly tie that one up first killer fancies this one he’s got garage g waiting down below and well well well he wasn’t waiting that long was he 15 seconds bang bang and the lead is gone garagey with a quick two and uruguay’s great start thrown out the ring they gotta do it all again yeah it wasn’t long enough for me to take a sip of water is maths 1v1 and garagey weights crs towards net and it’s high but the opportunity was there again this is why the net crs got damaged for his sins and navarro wanted the boost uh first killer is done with these guys and just let’s remove them from the pitch let’s have a little bit of fun let me go demon can i get the exterminator badge six demos is actually quite it’s quite impressive yeah it’s more difficult than what it seems like you gotta really go hunting for that one it’s almost like first killer blacked out and then it’s like so wait what we’re losing to nell excuse me no no no no this is not how we’re gonna do things team usa team first killer and friends and now we’re gonna take the lead through chicago uruguay and hearts broken it seems like this range just got back on the tracks don’t know how the train goes off the tracks and then gets back on like it does a wiggle wobble it makes me feel like a cartoon sort of like lifting it up like legs like doing the wheels that sort of thing and come back on like oops sorry guys we’re back in business now but we’ll anyway coming back on into this oh we were waiting for it we were expecting it and he’s got the bump anyway 4-2 this will do of course be like you wait with baited breath you’re like come on it’s going to be spectacular and i don’t know if he got the cool off or anything but he just like flew apart he didn’t even try to go for it i can’t i didn’t get to see his boots unfortunately to see if he had nothing to go into it but again it’s usa just being very comfy so i said uh just relax they’ve got the blankets out and they’re just like hmm it’s like tomorrow much like canada they know that they’ve got the experience to come back from a quick one-two wow pal at the beginning of the game and uruguay it’s they’ve only scored one goal in every game so scoring two for them is fantastic but usa have scored at least four in every game as well they’ve scored four here again today two minutes left on the clock as that rather unfortunate for garrett as he collides with his own teammate first killer and now mass with the unintended back pass first killer just going for the pre-jump read as if he doesn’t care anymore but he is that good and garrett g is going to find himself with the fifth no it’s first killer they can’t decide who’s going to score chicago picks up a hat trick that he does again just nice little demo then chicago follows up just that would have gone in but he’s like don’t mind if i do well mind you uh first killer does pick up the playmaker metal as well all important stat padding yep that’s it gotta be top of everything that’s how you get the mvp award it’s very true and so 90 seconds left uruguay does feel a little bit like there’s one foot in the grave right now hey they’ve been great but they have they’re not just a simple guy you’re a great team i’ve really enjoyed watching them and navarro is actually going to pick up a third hold the phone it might be one foot in the grave but they can pull themselves back out if they find another two in 111. it was like thinking like some weird sort of gymnastics like the other foot is on the edge of the grip it’s almost like you know you’re walking the log and then it’s like you know just pull the leg out they’re sort of like leaning back in their chair and they’re on that weird wobbly who knows moment why one minute five seconds left to go is down in the orange half everyone jumping on to this one guarantees should be able to get a nice comfortable touch across into open space watch chicago go on to it but navarro hello lads the older 100 chicken little bumps crs and that boat going for this got crossed no communicate you had a chance uruguay what are you doing usa real like three would mean vibes to that luna gate you were so close and then you just did not talk spongebob that was actually quite good thank you i’ve been waiting for this very moment stop going for the same ball uruguay you’re a wonderful group i love you i love that you got three goals in this but there was a chance it was a fleeting one but it was a chance to do something spectacular but let’s say what else is spectacular it is this usa team and that’s number seven they’re in heaven they are indeed seven free and well well well you’re quiet i mean they’ve got some good goals off of usa but at the end of the day the beasts from north america we’ve got the bears in the north and canada what what do we have for usa because they’re crazy right now was it to be expected yes was the series boring no we love this uruguay bow out of the intel world open oh with an absolute banger of a fourth navarro take a bow son you do indeed and the rest of the squad keep your heads held high because boy oh boy did you play well be proud unfortunately we won’t be seeing them in day two but who knows with the sam region we might be seeing them in the very near future but what one thing we do know for sure that we will be seeing is both tom and jason on the day

USA vs URU | United States vs Uruguay | Intel World Open - Americas Regional Finals (13 July 2021)

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