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Vaccination Day – Sinovac

by smart

all right it’s vaccination day and guess what it is the 14th of july 3 43 p.m i’m supposed to be there at 4 i have 13 minutes exactly to be there i’m going there late because they say don’t be there too early all right i’m done with my vaccination it’s a sinovac so now i’m in the waiting room waiting for who knows what uh i think it’s some medication and just to check what how is it before we go the process was good they showed the injecting and all that so i think it should be fine yo completed my first dose hopefully i won’t have an extra hand or an extra eye after this uh feeling not so bad uh it was a good process fast mood all right so thanks for those who paid tax and for myself for paying tax to make this happen see you guys

Vaccination Day - Sinovac

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