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hey y’alls i’m back with the varnish video this is actually my second time recording it ready to love season four uh reunion vernicia and joel’s situation she did her tell all okay i think whoever get it first on youtube they hold the uh copyrights to it because i had to redo this video because i did it with her up here on the computer and when i uploaded it gave me a copyright strike and uh but you know if you deleted the copyright it will say oh it’s copyrighted blah blah blah so i deleted it and i’m redoing it okay so instead of putting it up here where you can see her on the computer we just go hear her voice i am sure all of you have already heard the tell-all so i’m just going to respond to a couple of stuff because this is my second time doing it i’m just gonna have to cut it up okay because i don’t have enough time to redo it okay so let’s play hopefully you guys can hear be sure to subscribe thank you for your love and support be sure to watch my uh my ryan and clara video yep they’re done but didn’t cousin jeannie say show me love my books 23 times the guy you might meet uh the mid and nicki white go over to my amazon i have lots of books over there you guys can choose from and that’s the way to support me you know i work hard on this channel so if you want to show me love support i say every month put put 25 aside and say i’mma give this to jeans remember we used to support bishop jakes and creflo doll and all of them you send them an orphan every month well do that for me okay and i just want you guys to help me on my exit store stimulate my store for me okay it’s brand new take the cookie of the tables over there i got a couple of sales on that all right i love you babes let’s go let me put up vernice so y’all can see her okay so this is vernicia speaking i promised you guys that i would give you some enlightenment on um on the whole situation with me and joe hill because well first of all vernicia what kind of enlightenment i knew this was gonna happen girl i told you that joel wasn’t into you and i told you you was going fast and i told you you were missing all the signs and you just did not pay attention to all the signs just like a lot of women you don’t pay attention to the signs you are emotional you jump all the way in and all the time the man is telling you by his actions and sure some men are not going to come out and say uh what we want them to say because men are not like women we want as women we want men to be like women but they are not us and what we need to do is learn learn how men communicate and realize that men communicate via their their actions so if you pay attention to the man’s action vernicia you wouldn’t have ended up here now initially i was rooting for you though i was nervous go back and watch my video i said oh she’s a single mom you know she probably have this struggling single mom syndrome and i was very nervous for you well you proved me right okay so um there is no enlightenment for me because i knew this was going to happen because you was i just didn’t like the way you was moving you was moving like a typical very much invested y’all deserve to know so you said we was investing well i really was an investor girl i knew this was gonna happen i told you this was gonna happen okay so i you know go back watch all my videos so girl i think joe’s gonna get to the end with her just to win and then he gonna drop you okay and you know most of it or some of it i’ll say on um the reunion or y’all watched it play out but it was a lot of things that kind of happened that you probably didn’t see or you don’t know or you know so i wanted to clear up a few things hey personally bernice i just don’t think there’s anything to clear up wise women knew you were going down the wrong road okay all the wise women we already knew this was going to happen vernesha we tried to tell you girl okay um [Music] i don’t even know what the story just started girl just talking so many things to say you should have read like you know you should have written them down vernicia okay you don’t know where you start you should have written them down write them down the next time watching everything you’re like oh i can’t wait for this to be over because i’m gonna say this and i’m gonna say that you angry are you hurt but i’m so okay then you’re you’re angry and hurt you’re 40 years old how many times a man has done you in like this for you to be angry and hurt and for those of you who are emotional or talk about i’m being so hard on vernicia she is 40 years old if vernicia was 25 my whole content would be different oh janice oh my god you don’t have any empathy she’s 40. you are 40 years old and still being a dum-dum you have used up one-third of your life god promised us 120 years most people don’t even make it to 100 much less so let’s say we make it to 80. you’ve used up 40 years of your life the first 40 you can overlook but at 40 you are still acting like a dumb dumb like one of them 16 17 year old girls that that they’re young they don’t have no sense and they’re learning you’re 40. so my question to you vernicia and those of the other niches in the comments section how many times this has happened to you that you have not learned yet that’s my question i want to know how many more times are you going to be hurt and angry because you are not playing chess i need to get a test thing up here versus checkers okay go ahead girl say what you got to say now to be honest a lot of that kind of went out the window it’s not as uh a big deal as it was for me too to tell my side you know but i still feel like that uh you guys you know y’all do deserve the right to to know you know so but we already knew what happened girl i mean we already knew what happened we saw it all on the tv okay i’ve been saying it all season we knew this was gonna happen y’all got questions or anything let me let me know you’re 40 girl you are 40 years old don’t you think by 40 you should have already learned the game don’t you think about 40 years overnisha that you should know not to jump all the way in and make assumptions with a man don’t you think by 40 years old you should have been able to recognize the red flags okay i got another question i got another at 40. you got three girls right do you think it’s appropriate for you somebody a man a father just meant to be spending the night at his house don’t you think that’s kind of weird don’t all right girl all right let me just go ahead because i got to go because i was pissed but i’m okay oh i’m glad you’re okay girl because you know all the red flags was up there on the tv i’m just saying though um yeah okay so yeah let me speak on it they did try a few of the ladies um played on me like being a mean girl or insecure or uh aggressive vernicia we saw you being i’m not gonna say the mean girl we saw you being aggressive we saw you being controlling okay hello i have from your own mouth girl you said you was angry yes you are aggressive i’m not gonna call you the mean girl i just i don’t think you’re i didn’t see the mean girl okay maybe at the communion when you was trying to tell the woman they can’t touch him and can’t talk to him okay now as much as i don’t even care for alexis i wouldn’t call her on the show a mean girl neither i would say she’s aggressive towards the woman aggressive towards aj yes but as far as aggressive towards the woman no kyra i would never use the word aggressive with her or the mean word or the mean girl liz i would never say liz is aggressive or the mean girl or anything like that based on everything what happened but i would say liz come off as give me the mommy vibes do you see the difference do you see the difference uh vernicia we say you’re aggressive in control because you showed us aggressive and controlling so we can only say what you’re giving us on the tv okay that’s what you gave us so that’s what we’re saying now as far as what happened off screen and after the reunion based on what all the other ladies are saying yeah you are being the mean girl towards them but i didn’t see that on the show so i would not say vernisha you was being a mean girl on the show i would not say that but aggressive manly masculine yeah i would say that girl like what am i insecure about he chose me the same girl he chose you because he know he could use you to get to the end that’s why he chose you he knew he knew you were all the way in and you could take him to the end person that sent y’all home you know they played a part in sending out home he sent them home because they were not crazy about him like you were he knew that no matter what v was gonna hold on to him you didn’t have anybody else’s interest nobody else wanted you nobody else was talking about you because they all picked up on what what pop papa picked up so ver joe was like well i’m gonna use her to get to the end she all the way in she liked me like that so you were you know what i’m saying word though i know whatever i do to verb the v gonna stick by me because you know i’m saying v he she all the way in though oh okay i be insecure or aggressive or i mean girl to you you are being insecure and aggressive hello hello you tossed kara after me he was gonna send me home for kyra for kyra now joe say in his when his life he did with what’s her name he said v knew he was dating kyra he went out on three dates with kyra and what he said was what happened then is why he said kyra was kara was finally opening up to him and he said i even said to thee man i just went on date on kyra she’s finally opening up to me so were you insecure about that that cairo is finally opening up to him i had no reason to no you had a lot of reason to be insecure okay a lot because as soon as joel started paying his attention otherwise you got real nervous and i just don’t understand why they never show those those that day with joel and amber i do have these pictures all y’all i’ll share it later okay the thing is people overstep boundaries people play you know they play these little games what boundaries it’s a dating show it is a dating show so what boundaries were they overstepping and what games were they because it is a dating dating show so aren’t y’all supposed to be dating each other anyways i don’t understand it girl make it make sense to me v come on play these mind games and and they play on people top and i shared this with joey they couldn’t play on my top that’s the problem oh people play proper mind games with the play on joel top they couldn’t play on my top you’re not his mother so they played with him because oh they playing with him because of what because he’s showing interest somewhere else and you mad about him showing interest somewhere his girl make it make sense to me i got to go v you gotta hurry up and talk girl i got to go he’s you know he’s a little more friendlier he’s a little more um open he’s a little more you know i guess a little more vulnerable than i was when it came to uh people just can’t play with me any kind of way okay so he’s friendly he’s open did you say vulnerable girl but he’s a man he’s a man anytime a man interests are going somewhere else you you’re not you’re not enough to hold his interest he’s friendly okay so that mean v if you are so possessive and what’s the worst control no what’s the word she said she’s um totally know what’s the word um she’s um territorial you can’t be with no man that’s terry that’s friendly my husband he said i i couldn’t just married any woman do you know how many events i’ve went to with mike and the woman come my what you think i’m going to do to get your hands on my husband get your hand don’t be touching my husband don’t be touching my mouth black tie event you talk about four or five hundred people i’m gonna be out there acting ghetto and uh-uh you stand there and smile and he says hi this is my wife jen some of them are oh nice congrats hi or something like hi so for you to say joel is vulnerable vernesha girl you got to stop it all right babes i i got to go girl you taking too long i’m going to talk to you later okay v we gonna finish this conversation later okay we gonna finish it okay and i just hope that all the woman that’s watching i hope they are learning from this situation because to be 40 and still be so so naive and foolish the bible says foolish woman read the book of proverbs for y’all that’s mad um you’re too old to be this dumb dumb sis i’m sorry you’re too old all right babes listen y’all show me love on uh you xcr amazon i love you i have to run okay we’ll finish this later okay bye be sure to subscribe let me let me leave y’all with the okay all right babes i love you talk to you later bye


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