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Was Branson’s voyage really a ‘spaceflight’?

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portable tv come watch with me good stuff ben hey you know there’s an old saying you may have heard it it rings true with this particular story i’m about to share with you it goes like this the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys but owning a yacht is now child’s play compared to what today’s billionaires are up to one billionaire and his rocket blasted off into space with his virgin galactic spaceship talking about richard branson of course he becomes the first to do so but the richest man on the planet is not too far behind him here’s nrs correspondent farin franzak with the story of this billionaire space race three one release release release clean release ignition and 60 seconds and that is a full duration burn folks we are headed to space he says he was a child with a dream looking up at the stars now 71 year old richard branson is in his own spaceship looking down at earth to the next generation of dreamers if we can do this just imagine what you can do branson blasting off with five crewmates from his virgin galactic space tourism company reaching an altitude of almost 54 miles above the new mexico desert were for about four minutes branson felt what it was like in zero gravity main gear touchdown nose gear touchdown the brief up and down flight lasted about 90 minutes the same amount of time it took the very first u.s space flight back in 1961 carrying then astronaut alan shepard first of all you have the the rush of going from naught to three mack in in seven or eight seconds um uh the noise and then uh and the pressing back in the seat then the uh the sudden silence as you’re drifting into space and and then uh the beauty is you look out of the window and see the earth below and uh and then when you unbuckle and uh you’re just floating around looking out at these beautiful views of our beautiful earth oh my god okay difficult it’s just so beautiful it’s just so spectacular branson now the first person to blast off in his own spaceship beating the richest man on the planet former amazon ceo jeff bezos by nine days so there’s so many times it really wasn’t a race uh you know but we’re just delighted that everything went so fantastically well branson wishing bezos’s blue origin the absolute best and giving some friendly advice do your training know what to expect and sit back for the ride of a lifetime last week blue origin ceo bob smith wished branson well but pointed out that quote virgin galactic is not flying above the carmen line and it’s a very different experience the karman line at 62 miles is an internationally recognized threshold for where space truly begins bezos working on his lander for three years now the name of his rocket to blast off pays homage to that first astronaut alan shepard but calling his rocket new shepard you see the earth from space and it changes you it changes your relationship with this planet with humanity it’s one earth and folks if you’ve got the money we’re auctioning one seat to benefit our foundation club for the future 7 600 people from 159 countries bid on the flight with the unnamed winner paying a grand total of 30 million dollars to fly alongside bezos his brother a fourth unnamed astronaut and an 82 year old female pilot who was denied her astronaut wings decades ago because she was a woman countdown to liftoff less than 10 days away for the news with rick sanchez i’m farren franzak good stuff well prepared report there by parent joining us now rick tomlinson co-founder of space frontier foundation so i guess we need you to clear this thing up this thing that branson did was it really a space flight or was it not you know it internationally you have to go higher but the us faa recognized the lower boundary and it’s been flexible so for example uh chuck yeager writes stuff on a guy uh didn’t quite go all the way up to the international level but was given astronaut wings so you know hey mine’s bigger mine goes faster mine goes higher you know yeah but this is what words do right i mean that was a long time ago though i mean i guess we we should at least question somewhat whether what branson did really was going beyond the stratosphere right i mean um will bezos have a point i guess is what i’m getting at if he actually gets in a rocket and goes up into space you know it’s what is it you know it’s it’s different without a a real meaning to it really it’s look they were flipping around they had microgravity they could see what my friend frank white calls the overview effect of seeing the earth down below uh they had basically the same experience uh well bezos uh arguably is doing something that’s really more part of building into going higher and higher and higher the virtual galactic system can only ever really go as high as as it’s going now all right now um as a guy who really uh is engaged in this which you are as much as anyone i know characterized for me and for our hundreds of thousands of viewers out there why what happened this weekend truly was significant if you believe it was well i totally do and by the way this whole thing about the egos um i i have a piece up on space.com about all of this look you know doctors racing to cure cancer have egos engaged the olympics is about egos yeah but it’s all on the good side in fact you know when you introduce these sections you know when i watch the rest of your show it’s almost like you should use the uh monty python line up now for something completely different right this is the good this is the race we want to have and it’s very significant it’s not about boys and their toys you know above a certain level these folks want to do something great for humanity they want to make it so the rest of us can go so like the high definition screen on your wall that started out millionaire millionaire zoning it’s going to get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and you and your producers and people watching this show are going to get to go in their lifetime so we’re seeing an event but what it really represents is the future and most of us don’t see it now but eventually either we will or our children or our grandchildren will and they’ll experience it i think i think you’re right and i’m glad we had you on rick to talk about this thanks my friend see you soon you

Was Branson\'s voyage really a \'spaceflight\'?

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