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Welcome to Colombia! Q&A 18 July 2021

by smart

counting down four minutes to go counting down three minutes to go yes i started the live a little early because i need to make sure i had a connection we’re in columbia as i type headed to armenia this afternoon parque del cafe tomorrow followed by panaka that’s awesome that’s you’re gonna have a lot of fun good morning mike good morning george good morning john and good morning from hawaii cartagena not my favorite but certainly interesting especially the old spanish four little little warm little muggy a little beachy good morning bill got about a minute to go alejandra why aren’t you here welcome back from helsinki almost time [Music] step by step you’re on your [Music] i’ll just have a cup of coffee then i’ll go [Music] yeah i miss that guy welcome back to the channel grand columbia welcome to coffee time live here in armenia columbia another beautiful day um some friends are headed to the airport going back to the usa for about eight weeks and um that’s going to leave a couple of you with some good news which i’ll get to in a little bit rob glad to see you’re up this morning okay alejandra you don’t invite me i you got an open invitation will you stand on ceremony you don’t send me messages anymore she just she doesn’t know me anymore okay just kidding all right so what are we going to talk about today let’s see aloha good morning um [Music] let’s see okay we’ll go right to it the couple that’s going back to the u.s they recently bought as for their investment visa a nice condo that’s within stone’s throw of my place here it’s right on parque fundadores and while they’re gone it’s going to be available for you to rent kind of airbnb style without the airbnb and um i put together this little commercial this little advertisement so let’s see if it works [Music] alright [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it’s a nice place they invited me over for dinner last night and um great dinner had a good time i don’t usually uh go out at night but um it was night they you know they wanted to say goodbye before they head back to the u.s and um it’s already it’s already rented for i i don’t know exactly i think it’s august 14th for seven or ten days uh that’s all uh chad’s going to rent it i’ve mentioned chad um actually in the last couple videos he was here for a while and he was in the video when i was at um container city hd chillin thank you i really appreciate it yeah you’ll notice um because i got complaints where can i find it the um where is it at the top of the well it’s not on your on this screen but if you look at the chat it’s pinned at the top of the chat so you click on that the little box opens and you click on the link and it takes you right there as a matter of fact where is it do i have it um yeah this is what it looks like so when you click that link it takes you to this and that’s our youtube substitute well yeah speaking of youtube my favorite people you know they not only demonetize me for life can’t open another channel to be monetized that’s it there’s no appeal that’s just that’s the rule not me in particular but that’s what they do um you know thank you very much however they also have basically taken me off the charts i mean they have you know they say it’s the algorithm people that were getting notices well it’s this is how it works so let’s say you were looking in columbia then whatever you were searching would come up but i would probably be somewhere in that list of things that you searched and if you were looking in armenia columbia on youtube usually i was like the first or second one that would come up so it was just it was it was out there well now they’ve kind of buried it so you know if you watch something instead of me being in that list of things that they might suggest i’m just now i’m invisible so it wasn’t enough that they demonetize people but they’re doing that also and it’s been you know typically i’ll have 80 to 100 subscribers every month that’s been pretty consistent over the last year and this as soon as they did that it’s dropped down to where i think i’ve got 20 or 30 subscribers over the last month it’s so they’re still there but i also noticed that a number of those are people that already watch the channel and talk in the chat and you know so it’s not like they’re even new people so you know thank you youtube really appreciate uh you know the slave labor the child labor okay enough complaining about that um well let’s go through these uh good morning from north east washington thank you oh you want to clarify that it’s northeast washington because we know that particularly the politics are a little different there hope all is well in armenia everything’s good in armenia howard good morning um phil i stayed in that building last year very nice it is it’s a very nice building what would the cost to buy something like that um i can’t really comment on that directly because he had a it was kind of a weird situation uh okay you can’t negotiate very well on a last minute deal but um that aside you can you can get places like that anywhere from fifty to a hundred thousand let’s let’s say you know that’ll be you know typical price range my apartment three bedroom two bath is um under 55 000 if i were if i were uh to buy it is that place guest friendly uh within reason yeah i mean no parties or anything but john good morning armenians well this one says good morning back to you from trenton new jersey okay um whoo america free enterprise over any government control here you are a youtube faceplant yeah okay um there is a difference what is there a difference about oh yeah yeah the northeast yes definitely yep i’m i’m aware and um what do we got good morning from miami good morning okay enjoy those um actually they’re pretty good the the protests that are going on there it’s kind of uh actually it’s kind of welcome so but i took a quick stroll yesterday and i i just got a couple things it’s not all that riveting but i figured i’d show you anyway because i am always preaching to people you know when they come here people a lot of people been coming and carrying an umbrella carrying umbrellas but especially if you’re going out in the afternoon in the evening carry an umbrella you know i got this little one that extends so here we go you know i tell everybody don’t forget your umbrella when you’re going out [Music] and guess what i did i forgot my umbrella that’s [Music] it’s a grand opening [Music] it’s early and a lot of people are showing up [Music] yeah that green space thing i’ve mentioned in a bunch of times that one of the things i really love about armenia is like all over armenia except the very concentrated center you have all these little hidden gems these these green spaces that’ll be these little miniature bamboo forests i mean the bamboo is not miniature but the forest is miniature and um it’s it’s really cool it’s not like their parks are in it’s just it’s just it’s like nature grew into the city when okay the city kind of grew around nature but you know they left it there and it’s just all over the place and i really like that uh northeast united states being you know kind of old-timey you’ll see you know huge tree tree-lined roads with big trees tree-lined roads and uh you know a lot of greenery but it’s different here it’s it’s more wild it’s like you step into one of those and you might as well step into a place that’s 300 miles from anyone it’s it’s pretty cool um can we reserve the apartment through you that’s pretty much the only way to do it um you know there oops oh yeah they uh you can’t really get in touch with them you know directly right now so uh you shoot me off a message and then what i’ll do is see there they’re in flight today but what i’ll do is i’ll get you connected with them um once you send me the message and they’ll tell you how to you know send them the money and i believe if alejandra if you’re still on here i believe she has the key and she’ll be the one letting people in and then coming and checking to make sure that you didn’t destroy it and that you cleaned it when she let you out now i don’t know if she’s gonna go up there with you know three or four security guards to make sure that you don’t move until she inspects it no i okay so i’m exaggerating a little see the thing is she’s really tough she doesn’t need security guards okay so i covered that it covered that i did that um now what was it somebody told me in a message this week damn i just it just flashed i can’t remember what was but it’s in england or uk and he was talking about mentioning something freedom day on the 20th if you’re on tell me what that is um sorry i don’t remember i i told you i would forget and i said remind me in the chat i have an apartment to rent in armenia i recently bought the apartment um yeah you could send me a message if you know it’s see here’s the thing when when people you know when people come here i meet up with them and i give them up to three days you know stay here we’ll hang out tell them everything they need to know show them the lay of the land take them to the bee’s office if they need to pick them up at the airport all that kind of stuff to make life real simple avoid mistakes and basically cut through three or four weeks of discovering things accidentally i just kind of lay it out for him but on the you know the third day is the last day and you can’t be here any longer and so this kind of thing is perfect to then kick over now normally what we do is you know before we get to the third day and they gotta pack up and leave you know i sit down with them and i say okay this is what’s available out there right now in this neighborhood and that neighborhood you know because i know where the good things are and so whatever’s available and we choose but with this you know as long as it’s open um you don’t have to wonder if it’s you know what are you going to get you don’t have to search it can already be set up for you so you know that’s one of the advantages um tuesday is a holiday in columbia yeah i’m i’m aware and on that note they’re they’re closing down through the 20th i think through wednesday all the roads in and out of armania except for um specific travel like if you’re going to and from the airport if you’ve got a job you’re traveling to what they’re what they’re basically doing is you see the universities have not been conducting classes but they’ve been breeding socialists and so they’ve been doing a lot of protesting now here in armenia they get together and it’s more party but they do it on a pretty regular basis and what they’re concerned with is that they can’t afford to have these roads shut down because what you may not know about armenia is it’s extremely important to the country of colombia everything that comes in from the pacific coast uh usually comes in through buenaventura then it goes through kali it comes through armenia everything it’s like this hub and um if those roads close down it it hurts all of colombia and so it’s a precautionary thing and it’s not like anybody has to worry about it and you know deliveries are going to come through and gasoline will come through and all that but they have this this precautionary thing going on um boris johnson plans to announce that the mandatory use of face mask on public transport stores and other public settings are lifted july 19th uk is called wow well let’s hear it for [Music] uk [Music] coleman now come on are you really world traveling every time every every weekend he he throws in some new weird out of the way place it could very well be i mean if he sold his uh house which was the plan you know maybe he’s like rich now and he’s traveling the world but i don’t know chad had a break in my meeting just wanted to mention lauren and alejandra doing amazing job introducing you to the area headed back to the meeting now saludos well thank you thank you for that unsolicited advertisement i appreciate it um know he had he had messaged me he says well i won’t be able babe yeah i won’t be able to be on the chat today because he’s in the military still he says i’ve got this meeting and he sent me a picture with everybody in their uh fatigues or whatever they call them these days and um he says i won’t be there but you just got a break um prove it coleman walk like an egyptian [Music] i guess i should be standing yes definitely everybody should be standing right now isn’t that a isn’t that america the beautiful isn’t that what that song is oh beautiful for spacious guys or something like i don’t know um pierre hello from atlanta good morning we got people from all over the place don’t we in helsinki he’s here every week [Music] is that where um what’s your face is from that that twerk but [Music] yeah i don’t i think the brits had it first prove it i don’t know i don’t know if that’s true i don’t know if they had it first i think they claimed that they had it first but i think this goes back to my country tis of the yeah sweet land of liberty of the i saint yeah that’s it get my songs wrong [Music] still have that sore throat that’s been plaguing me probably got but oh oh helsinki loves armenia how can you not love armenia how can you not love it you know when chad left from from his visit he was he was all but in tears i don’t want to go i don’t want to go again and as soon as he got back there he booked his next trip because he can’t retire right away and rob’s kind of the same way he keeps coming back to colombia and he’s got a couple years before you know he can officially retire so last night i’m with the couple that are flying back and they’ve got to be gone for about i guess eight weeks or so maybe even a little longer um and he just started you know before i had to leave he just started i don’t want to go i don’t want to go and he told me something i i didn’t realize they came to visit stopped in when they got here and then i didn’t see them for i don’t know a couple months they were traveling all over columbia they were everywhere and then they kept coming back here and then they were traveling all around here i mean they’ve really covered a lot of area and next thing i know they’re they’re buying this place so they’ve been here like i think six months where they actually had only originally planned to just kind of check it out on vacation he’s uh he he’s a digital warrior he’s he makes his money online so he can be anywhere to do his job well not only did he decide or they decide that they love colombia but they decided after all that traveling that there’s no place like armenia click my heels together three times there’s no place like home and um man it’s so last night he’s just telling me he’s really hitting me you know i’ve got to be gone here it’s like there’s this um i don’t know there’s this feeling that some of us get um you know that we’re not addicted to wild night night club scenes although you know they’ve got some here but um if you just like a calm and peaceful and happy and positive life with helpful smiling people around you you know speaking of i don’t know if you saw marshall’s last video but if you haven’t check it out he did a video where he came back to armenia and he actually had done that uh like a couple weeks prior when he was on this show uh two weeks ago that’s when that occurred and he was only here for a couple days but in that video he did some clips from four years ago like he went into this clothing store and asked hey the zipper is messed up can you take care of it the guy took care of it and for whatever reason he ended up not paying so he goes back to visit the guy four years later the guy not only remembered him but he’s telling marshall don’t worry about it it was free you know and it’s like but he remembered him and he said he’s still doing those videos and and he showed a couple of those things it’s um it’s not unusual and uh people that come here to visit they they always have these stories to tell me about you know the these favors or things that people did like there was this one couple you know you know older couple and they were stopped on the street and they’re kind of looking around looked a little confused and this guy comes up and says you okay can i help you is there anything i can do they said well we’re trying to find this address so we don’t know where it is or or no there wasn’t even an advert we’re looking for a place to to rent for a month and i may have that one or the other doesn’t matter the point is perfect stranger says here let me show you and he he takes them like a black block and a half and knocks on the door and introduces them to these people and they end up renting there and um they just said that you don’t have to ask for help they’re just people that notice and care and you know and i’ve heard millions i’ve had stories like that it’s it’s that’s the norm that’s not out of the ordinary um yeah i could go on all day with with pretty cool stories with you know taxicabs that constantly stop to let people go across crosswalks and things like that where in medellin i mean you better you know you’re you’re counting the distance between the cars so you know when to leap that’s a big city you know it’s just different here coleman istanbul tomorrow that’s constantinople to you yeah okay so i’m i’m completely off track what do we let’s do some q a um i think my clock is working this week i’m showing 11 25 my time it sounds about right so um you got any questions let’s uh let’s get on with it i mean if you don’t have any questions i can rant some more about youtube or i can rave some more about armenia any opinions on the recent exchange rate um sure i like it but it’s it’s in the range of where it’ll typically be and i mean it’ll drop down a little it’ll go up a little uh it overall it’s not that big a deal um it’s what running around 3 800 i believe right now to the dollar um pre-covered i think it got up to 41 that was an all-time high it’s been for the past year ranging around 35 to 38 it’s right in there um it’s a nice exchange rate i you know i like it i appreciate it it’s a heck of a lot better than it was three years ago when it was around 28 2800 um so whenever the exchange rate goes up it’s like windfall profits you know it’s it’s pretty nice um when is coleman opening up a travel channel um yeah i you know i want i want to see some proof here i’m not sure i’m buying it all right what do we got here hello my friend i usually view this video during the week but i was able to tune in today for a couple minutes keep the good work up my friend did you hear about the july 20th strike yes i mentioned that uh just a little bit ago um i don’t know we shall see i don’t expect any problems i mean these things are kind of kind of typical but you know the university students don’t have a lot to do right now and it’s just enough you know it’s like they get out there and you know it’s same here it’s like well at least we’re doing something well they’re not really doing anything but it’s that idea if i if i post it in facebook then i’ve done something and i’m contributing to the you know general welfare of people when they’re really not and you know we’re gonna get out we’re gonna protest and you know very often they’re not even they’re misinformed of what they’re even protesting about uh there’s a lot of that going on um but you know what’s new you know what’s new in this world uh what are the new requirements for entry no quarantine there’s no quarantine there’s no new requirements for entry uh you just come here you know you have the thing that they’ve always had the uh check check mig you you get a checkmate app or website and all that is the immigration uh where you’re going to be staying how long you’re going to be here what are you here for that kind of thing so you do that but there’s no covet test there’s i mean you just you just come you stamp your passport and you’re in we should call it the colombian antifa well the antifa equivalent here are mostly not they’re mostly from out of the country um you’ve got a fair amount from venezuela you get some from cuba you know it’s uh they’re groups with vested interest kind of getting paid like antifa uh not say that there aren’t colombians in it there certainly are and it’s not really antifa what it is you have these protests and then you’ll have a dozen or so people come in infiltrate it and start they’re the ones that start up the crap that you know they’ll start by throwing a brick at the police or something and trying to get people to join in here in armenia that didn’t work i i already talked about it where they’re trying to burn down this little police kiosk and the people of that neighborhood actually went and got the police and pointed these people out so i mean they weren’t going to have any of it and all of those people 14 i think it was whatever the number was they were all arrested so yay armania very cool yeah it’s um people for the most part here you know seem to have their head on straight i showed that guy who tried to rob this girl and everybody was in earshot came running and kind of gave him a beat down ripped his clothes off him except his pants you know to like shame him and they let him go they didn’t actually hurt him but it you know set the message home very clearly that we don’t do that stuff here and um it’s very cool i i love to see that you know it’s it was all within reason and some people you know don’t take the law into your own hands well if the law is not around why not um you know that’s where the idea of citizen’s arrest came from and uh to put a little scare into that guy well i think it’s well deserved he earned it will the delta variant shut down entry into armenia i i don’t think so i don’t see anything like that um i mean you never say never you never know i mean ecuador they’ve gone crazy uh it’s going city by city but loja in ecuador for example if you don’t have an official a digital format through the government website uh vaccination card you can’t get into a store you can’t i mean you’re basically staying in your house it’s disgusting it’s sick um i don’t know that we would ever see something like that here but i mean you can you never say never i mean they’re pushing for it in a lot of places in the u.s well in france i mean they’re having tens of thousands of people in the streets saying hell no because they were talking about implementing something like that i i don’t know that i think people are kind of fed up with this whole deal at this point are colombians crazy for the holy grail of vaccines or rightly a bit reserved i think it’s it’s pretty normal they’re not um i don’t see people like off the deep end with crazy conspiracy theories which i had fun debunking a couple of them well i got magnetism in my arm see i have these things that are you know sticking to my arm so they’re putting coins on their arm that’s on an angle like that well the coins of course gonna stick and another one with a light bulb see i took this light bulb out of the wall and put it to where the shot is and the light comes on it’s a gimmick like you buy on amazon i sent them the link and it’s it’s actually distinguishable because it’s got these uh unusual ribs on it and yeah it’s like you have all this crap out there it the thing is that it should be people’s choice based on however they feel if you’re low risk or whatever and here yeah people are you know volunteering to get it but they’re not breaking doors down or having fits and some people don’t feel they need to get it but it doesn’t seem to be like uh it’s not political here i guess i guess they could say it that way um right now they’re they had these levels um forgets how it’s laid out but they started out by like people over 70 and then they had people over 60 and healthcare workers then they had you know police and firemen things like that and dropped to you know 50 right now they’re they’re vaccinating here in incandel 35 years and up so if you’re 35 years and older then you can get get a shot you know if you choose to do it i don’t know anyone here that’s gotten one yet but then again everybody i know they’re all babies i mean they’re all like 35 and under it seems um let’s see what do we got here we got a few misinformed university students well the thing is i mean it’s in the curriculum and it’s it’s being it’s being taught worldwide um just how it is do you know what percentage of colombians are vaccinated i don’t know the percentage i mean it’s constantly changing i looked a week and a half ago and and i’ve only been looking here in candio i really haven’t paid attention to colombia overall uh here in condo two weeks ago i think it was like 35 i’m guessing maybe 50 are vaccinated by now but i i don’t really know for sure um honestly i kind of don’t care um i realized that the look kova’s real i know it’s real i caught cove it i know it’s real and i know that if you’re high risk diabetes overweight uh older uh susceptible to pneumonia things like that it’s those things that will kill you because if you catch covid then all of a sudden you get pneumonia uh you got a good chance of dying in that category and peop and that’s where people are dying for the most part there’s some exceptions but you know when you got eight billion people in the world you’re going to get exceptions so it’s it’s real it’s serious and for those people you want to protect them as much as possible now here i am in my 60s with lung problems susceptible to pneumonia i was very worried prior to me getting it um i was actually kind of overkill paranoid i’ve described the the things that i did like not go out and throw my clothes in the washer as soon as i got back and jumped in the shower and didn’t touch anything i took things with me so when i hit the atm i wasn’t touching buttons i wasn’t opening doors and i still got it because you can’t stop a virus that’s the thing i don’t care what you do you cannot stop a virus and i got it and i’m going oh boy here we go and i was sick for two weeks and i was really sick for three days in particular one day fever got really bad on the other hand all the terrible things that could happen didn’t happen to me and i guess i mean i don’t have diabetes or anything but you know i’m older i got lung issues and overweight so you know so i got lucky or whatever but the thing is now i know if i get covered how things are gonna go and i just i i just don’t really concern myself with it and i’m so sick of this mass thing um okay i’m on a tangent here sorry can you tell us more about your health insurance and what it covers okay um i have no need for it i don’t use it but i do have it it covers everything of importance uh covers uh dental nothing cosmetic but it covers dental it covers um hospital ambulance medicine now you got some copays like for a prescription let’s say you get a prescription but your copay might be 70 cents it’s it means it’s crazy cheap uh medicine here for the most part it’s pretty inexpensive anyway because a lot of medicine is actually made right here in colombia it’s not all made in china colombia makes pretty much everything you need to live and some of their brands are really good okay diosis what is that what is a colombian oh you know yes yeah okay um world explorer is their hospital with critical care in armenia yes in armenia we have two hospitals one in the north one in the south you also have these places that are funded by the various health insurance companies so there’s one and i did a video going back i think two years where i i went to one with a friend and all the procedures like uh x-rays and cat scans and things like that were in this building which was i think eight or ten floors and you could actually it’s it’s a it’s like a clinic slash hospital slash testing center and that’s two three blocks from me i think so there’s that so depending on what health care company you have you have the option of some of these places but then you always have the you know the public hospitals the one in the north is considered to be pretty good the one in the south i hear it’s not so great uh i don’t know um i don’t know if it’s true or not i’m told by some people that live in the south they they really don’t like that hospital um but i’ve also when i’ve asked what in particular about the only thing i can really get out of people is it seems that there’s a lot of lines like long lines there and uh i i don’t know um yeah hospitals are hospitals but yeah they have critical care um it’s never maxed out here uh through coven it hasn’t maxed out as a matter of fact it it was so low for a while they were taking cases from kali uh he had coveted cases here that needed you know critical care because they had a lot of bed space and kali was was getting filled up so so i don’t know how well i answered that question but medical care here is not an issue one block from me is a pretty well-known uh what do you call cancer place i should know well i did mine through the va but um it’s it specializes in cancer treatment and it’s it’s like just down the street um what was it right across the street is another specialization center because i made a bad joke one time in a video a few years ago about you go here and you find out something and you have a heart attack but that’s okay oh yeah it was a heart thing you had cancer you find out you got cancer you get upset you got a heart attack you can go right across the street to the to the heart center so you got a heart specialist it’s um one block it’s one block from me you got on one side of the street you’ve got a heart specialist center and on the other side you got a cancer specialist center so um i don’t know you know i’m flipping which way am i going to go it certainly wasn’t covered it’s probably going to be cancer again i’ll probably catch cancer again i don’t know all i know is outside of this horrible medicine i have to take every day my health is good it’s the medicine that kills me um i’ve got any other questions stop me from rambling please do us all a favor driving people away they’re getting bored nobody wants to hear me talk okay well if i don’t have any more questions we’ve run about 45 minutes we can you know we can wrap it up here i i’m okay with that um hd chilling i appreciate you found that link and contributed to the channel as always it’s really appreciated you seem to be there a lot um youtube certainly isn’t um my medical coverage is covered through a program in my country how difficult is it to get a spanish certificate to english i i’m very confused are those two different things i have medical coverage from the military that is it’s actually valid for me overseas however it’s the law that if you’re here as a resident you get your schedule by law you have to subscribe to the basic health care insurance which depending on your income it’s income based it could run up minus 60 60 a month something like that as far as a spanish certificate to english i i’m really lost on that i’m not sure what you mean uh good pizza fish and chips and hamburger places um there’s a few good places for pizza uh fish and chips you know honestly not so much there’s only uh there’s only a couple places that i found and it’s not it’s not what it could be let’s put it that way because uh cod or haddock is not a fish really here so it’s a little disappointing and i i love haddock i love cod i love haddock uh where i’m from in upstate new york fridays is a crazy day for fish fries and they have all these places that aren’t even restaurants they open only for this where you get these big slabs of haddock that there’s beer batter fried and fries i mean fish and chips basically and you cover it with malt vinegar and man i just i just love that i miss that there’s something special about haddock as flaky as it is it’s almost got a sticky thing to it and that’s not here but i’ve had um i can’t think of the name of it uh pre-covered there was a place i found fish and chips that was pretty good and they did they did home delivery um i think that’s one of those things if you go to price smart you can probably get yourself some haddock i should look i never think about it you could probably get it there and take it home just make your own a diploma from spanish to english i’m still not sure what you mean you have a diploma that’s in spanish and you want to convert it to english i i’m sorry maybe i’m just dense this morning hd appreciate your work well i appreciate you being here all the time i’m very grateful how long did it take you to be a resident of columbia okay i’m not a permanent resident you have to be here five years to be eligible for permanent resident so i’m a i’m a resident of columbia and took me pre-covered it took me less than 10 days um that’s because it took me less than 10 days to get my visa now it’s taking at least a month to get your visa so if you’re here on 90 days don’t wait till the last minute you want to go hit up the visa people you know a month prior actually what you want to do is like in the case of the people that i i use and refer everybody send them off an email here’s my situation and let them tell you when you should get in there because it seems to be something that’s in flux and it seems to be taking longer and longer um not permanent resident buy condo not smart well but i didn’t buy a condo um and here’s the thing if you’re if you’re if you do get a visa for investment and you’re doing it by buying a condo um then you become a permanent resident so you know it’s i say this all the time it it’s it’s very complicated the visa laws because there’s so many i before e except after c and on thursdays it’s different you know it’s just there’s a lot of nuance to it and it it all depends now i’m going to constantly tell people don’t buy property in the first year however there are some situations where it’s actually a benefit for people to buy property and if not for most people but occasionally that’s that’s how it is and of course it depends on people’s uh personal circumstances as well and in those cases then the best thing you can do is get your best price on that condo so that you don’t end up upside down in it that part is a little tricky unless you have people that you can rely on and i’ve tried to put that together i’ve got some real estate people that are extremely reliable and dependable because these things come up because it for some people percentage maybe five percent or less of people but for those people it’s really advantageous for them to buy a condo hey you know it’s we all have our different deals chat is moving i mean your recent scribes you have to buy anything for retirement visa just the visa it will cost you under for under 500. all in including the service now people say um well i want to do it myself why why should i pay somebody to to do it well first of all uh and i won’t speak for all of them but the ones that i recommend the ones that i use myself and i could do it myself but here’s the deal here’s the deal right somehow that that saying has gotten ruined so here’s the thing no no we can’t talk about you know the thing so all right well here’s how it is let’s let’s try it that way um i threw myself off track for the retirement visa if i were to do it myself that means i’ve got to take a trip to bogota i’ve got to have a hotel for at least one night very possibly a couple nights because i would have to go to the embassy to have verified my paperwork from the us because they do that for you and then i would have to go to the columbian consulate to get the visa that all costs plus it’s time and it’s a hassle and do you know where you’re going do you know what door to go in do you know i mean you don’t know any of that kind of stuff where these people i pay them it’s i don’t remember the exact amount 50 bucks 40 bucks and they handle all of it they take care of everything all i do is drop them a minimum pot of paperwork they go to bogota they do this kind of stuff they come back and it’s ready to go so the whole thing cost me under 400 under 500 um how long is the retirement visa valid it depends and i went into some depth in a visa video not so long ago and i’ve talked about it a few times recently but quickly as quickly as i can with my ramble-on disease um it was pre-covered basically three years the way the law was written it was one two or three years at the discretion of the immigration officer who reviewed the paperwork but it was always three years well the law didn’t change but how they address it has it was always a law about having health insurance but they never enforced it well now they’re enforcing it so you have to have health insurance so let’s say you come here and you’ve got travel insurance which is what most people do and the travel insurance is good let’s say you got it for three months or six months or whatever long enough to get your visa and then get the colombian insurance makes sense however because you don’t have coverage past a year then those people are only getting a one-year visa then you can get your health insurance and when the one year is up you can then go apply for another visa at which point it’ll probably be three years no guarantees on anything anymore but if you’ve got the eps insurance that’s the way it probably should go uh now is it all about health insurance or is it a way to squeeze yet one more visa in the whole process i i don’t know i don’t know um but that’s just how it is now if you come in and you’ve got health insurance contract that you can show that’s um up to three years then you can get a three-year visa but then the cost of that’s going to be pretty high i don’t know but so the way it’s working now i it’s pretty safe to say that you’re probably only going to get a one-year visa the first time around but that’s the deal um yeah did that one okay all right we’re gonna wrap it up here all you people that come back on a regular basis we got one more um i really appreciate it and i saw some new names so either you’ve been out there and this is your first time commenting or you’re new to the channel definitely appreciate that too anyone want to start a betting pool on coleman will be next week i have dibs on libya yeah some of the places that he’s named i mean egypt is one of the better ones but he’s had some pretty crazy ones that he he throws out there okay so before we go is my thank you try to update that every week i think it’s up to date i’ll be going through it i did find a way to manually cancel the youtube memberships and so i did that so some of these if you hadn’t uh gone and reopened that in the website grandcolombia.live for a membership then you know i’ll clear that out and find out who has who hasn’t and adjust that accordingly but i think it’s up to date um so i have a lot of people to thank and that’s it we will officially call an end here um as always appreciate you guys and look forward to you coming to visit see you later [Music] oh you

Welcome to Colombia!  Q&A   18 July 2021

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