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WHAT HAPPENED TO PES 2022? – eFootball Reveal Details & Things You NEED To Know

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so just over a year ago konami put out a trailer that said taking pes to a whole new level they were not releasing a proper pes 21 game besides the season update because they were taking pes to a whole new level well over a year later they brought us the latest announcement and it was pretty much an absolute dump whatever they promised last year has not come to fruition this year and a lot of fans are angry at the moment welcome to my e-football video what have konami done i don’t know yet i’m going to try and unpack this as best as i can and try and provide all the details you need to know but this was totally unexpected besides the free to play part because we spoke about that two weeks ago but the rest of it i don’t know this direction at the moment i think it’s left a lot of people confused and like i said i’m going to do my best to try and unpack this and put it into perspective now as more information comes out for the next uh i can’t even call it pez for the next e football game we will be covering it on the channel so i think there’s more news coming in august but we’ll talk about that later so make sure you are subscribed by the way today’s video is sponsored by mule factory if you want to get some fee for coins check out mule factory the link will be in the description if you use my code vapex foot you also get five percent off so we’ll start with the tweets and this is the new pez twitter account it’s called at play underscore e football so they changed the branding there’s no more pez that name is dead it’s e football now from now on so it says introducing e-football an all-new football simulation platform from the makers of pez overhauled graphics animations and gameplay signal a new era of virtual football free to play this autumn so yeah free to play completely there’s no paid element you don’t have to run to the shops to buy this game it’s going to be free with e-football we’re not just changing a name we’re changing football gaming e-football is free to play meaning everyone can experience our game across consoles pc and mobile a fair and balanced experience for all players free to play is just the beginning rebuilt in unreal engine e-football delivers advanced graphics and four times as many animations than last year with motion matching technology better yet this tech is available across all platforms not just next gen if football is on a path to change football gaming forever and it doesn’t stop the launch as an evolving platform we will deliver regular updates and upgrades to players including more modes in the future so if you’re still confused there’s a little bit more information on the konami website about the new e-football game so it says from pez to e-football it all began with the implicable determination to create a revolutionary soccer platform our ambition was to recreate the perfect soccer environment from the grass on the field to the players movement all the way to the crowds in the stadium to this end we decided to create a new soccer engine with a newly built animation system and revamped game commands the final result was even more impressive than we had originally conceived oh my goodness we went beyond the border of pes into a new realm of virtual soccer legit i thought the the fifa marketing department was working hard this year this pes marketing department my goodness they’re working hard already to signal this new era we have decided to part ways with our beloved pez brand and rename it e football now we hope that you can enjoy this brand new soccer experience that e-football has to offer i just picture the millions of pes fans around the world reading this right now and just being absolutely heartbroken so it’s going to be free to play and cross platform to ensure that all soccer fans can enjoy the ultimate head-to-head action e-football is available free to play on multiple devices at least it’s free to play at least i’m not forking out another 70 bucks this year at least it’s free to play that’s a saving point for this game furthermore in the near future it will become completely cross-platform allowing everyone to join the fun without being held back by their device of choice so essentially ps5s will be versing mobile devices i think that’s correct man in the future so is that gonna be impacting the gameplay i don’t know man but they’re gonna make xbox verse ps5 ps4 windows whatever you’re playing on you can play against anyone get ready for new gen you can enjoy cutting edge graphics and incomparable immersion on new gen consoles such as ps5 and xbox series x and s alright so next gen consoles do get a little bit of a graphical upgrade compared to the rest but there’s also a trailer we need to take a look at and there’s a road map as well this is what they had to say last but not least we have a plethora of new features modes and events that will be released in the near future for more information see the development road map below so early autumn is going to be all new game engine rollout local matches using renowned clubs is this the only clubs available in the game the licensed clubs is this all you can do head to head with these clubs i’m confused i really don’t know where’s my club where’s master league i don’t know where they’ve gone men but cross gen matches ps5 vs ps4 xbox series vs xbox one that is going to be in early autumn and then when we move into further months into the winter they’re going to be opening up online leagues team building mode okay so that’ll be like my club i guess uh where’s master league nowhere to be seen match pass system this is how they’re going to make some money as well the match pass system i reckon so yeah it’s going to be heavily monetized in terms of micro transactions and stuff it’s basically the mobile formula you know free to play but put those micro transactions in get the player base up get massive numbers because it’s free to play i guess they’re going to try it out good luck to them i mean if they’re going to make more money through this then you know see what happens but me as a master league player you know i’m going to miss it if they’re not going to bring it back but they’ll probably bring it back in the future but it’s like a paid dlc there’s going to be in the winter esports tournaments kick off cross-platform matches so by the winter time playstation will be versing android steam will be versing xbox and it’s going to be mobile controller support as well so you can play this anywhere so it reminds me of like a mobile game formula like i said this business model is definitely successful with a lot of games and i think pez mobile has reached a lot of players millions and millions of players so i guess they wanted to try this out for the consoles and see how they can go essentially this is reminding me of like a war zone from call of duty and even fortnight you know it’s going down that path all right so let’s take a look at the reveal trailer very quickly we’re not gonna spend too much time on this but it’s a six minute trailer so not bad um we’ll just see if there’s any gameplay footage but here we go here’s some in-game footage here and it does exactly look like that uh beta test that they put out a couple weeks ago does exactly look like that i mean yeah the grass and all that i said at the time i’d be very surprised if that was the final product and it turns out that the beta test was pretty much the final product for this game people were saying oh it’s not you know this is early builds and i sort of gave into that a little bit as well but i did say wouldn’t surprise me you know because you never know with these companies and it looks like the final product is pretty similar to that we’ve got the locker room thing people walking into the ground and stuff that’s nice to see the warm-ups we we saw that in the beta test there’s also the change room cut scenes as well nice stuff new uh colors and all that tunnel walkouts once again so pretty interesting stuff pez does a good job with these kinds of elements but yeah look at the gameplay oh my goodness uh definitely reminds me of the beta test they put out a couple weeks ago now i don’t know about you but konami were talking about photo realism next gen graphics all that kind of stuff and to me what is in this trailer is not next gen graphics so let me know what you think of the graphics but it’s pretty concerning if this is like a ps5 version it’s just not what i was really expecting but they’ve got people like iniesta and stuff doing their thing with the gameplay they’re like gameplay advisors and pk i think is the defender for gameplay advisors there we go they’ve got the suit thing for motion capping so both games will feature motion capping but i think hyper motion is going to be better i think ea’s one is a new technology compared to this so we’ve got a bit of action here and you can see that pico goes down defends well and stuff like that i mean there’s not really much to say my day has been ruined already konami oh man i just can’t get excited because i’m thinking about the game how there’s no master league and all that man oh man i can imagine how many disappointed people there are i will say that neymar’s face looked alright you know nice clear quality there not bad i just can’t get excited about it you know i want to but i can’t at the moment this big gap here look at this how far where is he going mate he’s going off the screen where’s the defender going oh man what what is going on here all right another clip so they’ve got the turn and uh let’s see what happens here okay so bit of jockeying action one on one here nice faint turns him and he puts the cross in cross platform all right so we’ve got ps versus xbox we spoke about that earlier let me um just look at these gameplay scenes once again sorry so we’ve got rashford taking a shot and uh we’ve got rashford again yep taking another shot nice goal it does resemble that mobile beta test they put out not the mobile beta tester the new football game beta test that they put out oh man at least we’ve got player tattoos and stuff but is the clubs only going to be the couple licensed clubs that they have like can you play with generic clubs i don’t know is kickoff mode even a thing i don’t understand that it confuses me a little bit at the moment so i need more information all new game engine team building mode so this is my club for sure something like that match pass system mobile controls cross platform matches that’s pretty much it no master league at the moment don’t know if it’s ever going to be back and of course it’s free to play which of course is a good thing don’t have to fork out 70 bucks and we’re running on the unreal engine as well not really impressed with the graphics in the crowd you know they could have done better there there’s a lot of twin brothers in the crowd for some reason and those two guys there those faces were pretty much my reaction when i first saw the reveal as well i couldn’t believe what i was seeing so there’s going to be a lot more e football information coming in august adam batty who works at konami says lots of questions coming my way regarding modes the development team plan to address all those questions soon end of august isn’t far away for the next drop of information so another month we have to wait still and they also said we have much more to share before launch but for now check out interview with ign for more so we’re going to read that right now alright so this is from ign written by joe behind the pez series unprecedented transformation into e-football so here we go it’s not an overstatement to say that pez’s shift into e-football is the biggest moment in konami’s footballing history last year was big news simply that the series was taken a year off to switch to the unreal engine today we know it’s also getting a new name going digital only becoming free to play and will be playable across new gen and last gen pc and mobile now satoru kimura spoke to ign ahead of the announcement and explained more of the thinking around it he says we started planning this move roughly two years ago to coincide with the console generation transition and changes in the market environment he says that this all happens because pes mobile had huge success and that acted as a blueprint for the wider shift i believe that we have already proven that the structure can be successful on mobile by playing the same model across all platforms we hope that more football fans will be able to play this game on consoles as well of course that mobile inspiration will worry fans of the more fully fledged console version is this going to be a more casual experience than the normal simulation approach kimura says not to worry we’re still making games on consoles first we then take that same experience and make it available for mobile kimura also says we would ask our fans not to worry we have made great efforts to tailor the visual quality of the game to the hardware of each device so each device will obviously have different visuals it looks like the game is based on the unreal engine 4 not unreal engine 5 but kimura says that’s why we chose unreal engine unreal engines development speed is one of the fastest among game engines and its scalability includes both high end and low end perfect for mobile and next-gen platforms now controls have also changed as well and konami has uh changed a few things apparently ball control is new this year kimura explains which takes advantage of the r2 analog input to freely control the strength of the ball touch and knock on enables instantaneous strong touches since dribbling is naturally against the defender we have also added some new elements to the defensive controls such as match up and physical defending another key part of their rethink was in tailoring the game specifically for player vs player matches rather than player vs computer we’re making it so that people can enjoy playing against other players as this provides a greater feel than what the ai can provide reasons kimura we believe that the one-on-one offense and defense realized in this way is the most important innovation to e-football so yeah they’re really basing this on online even the gameplay is going to be based about online now so i don’t know man are we even going to get offline modes with this is master league ever going to come i don’t know it’s hard to say where the future is going at the moment but the future is definitely a very similar business model to mobile games for konami and in the future it can happen with fifa they could go down the free to play route 2. it could be coming you know we could be just a couple of years away ea might do this thing where they just make it ultimate team and career mode is gone forever we don’t know but that’s definitely a big fear at the moment and i don’t think it’s that far away kimura also says we hope that football fans all around the world will enjoy the game as a completely new one rather than a simple update to what came before so he’s referring to people calling it a new pez they don’t want anything to do with pez anymore so this is a whole new thing there’s much more that kimura won’t talk about our questions about how modes and other content will be introduced and sold how or if my club will be adjusted for a free to play format if licensed clubs will get specific dlc and more were batted away with many of the answers involving us waiting until august for more information so they’re going to talk about dlcs my club not really sure what they’re going to do at the moment but i think there will be some sort of my club coming to the mode it’s also abundantly clear that the version of e-football we get when the game launches in august will not be the football game we’re playing next year never mind the years to come after that and konami is thinking of this as a multi-year project so expect purchasable modes mobile versions cross-play konami is designing this game to be updated in a number of ways so they’re not releasing it every year like a pes 19 17 16 you know that kind of stuff it’s just going to be this game just worked on every year updating stuff adding new modes that you can buy all that kind of stuff so that’s what i’m expecting here very similar to a mobile game they’re going to do weekly live updates to reflect squad changes and real world transfers so you’ll still get your live updates and stuff in-game campaigns will also be a thing there’s not really much info about that at the moment besides maybe limited time tournaments and the like and every year they’re going to be adding new kits even visual and gameplay upgrades on the normal yearly cycle but the team is also going to be monitoring player feedback on the game throughout its life so yeah they’ll just make alterations like when there’s a new season they’ll update the kids rosters just live updates there’s not going to be like a yearly release all i can say is at the moment not really sure how this is going to go i understand the business model but i’m not sure why they would get rid of master league or that kind of stuff a lot of people play pez for the master league and offline gameplay experience i don’t know but i hope they know what they’re doing because this could really backfire or it could really go well if they’re going to expect the success that they have based on their mobile games at the moment which was a huge success for them so we’ll see how this goes it’s going to be interesting to see how this platform develops so let me know what you think that was the new e football game we spoke about everything that i know at the moment if you did enjoy the video leave a like for me it always helps and please check out this other video hit the card in the middle it’ll take you straight there i’ll see you next time

WHAT HAPPENED TO PES 2022? - eFootball Reveal Details & Things You NEED To Know

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