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Where am I? Settling down? Travel buddy? LIVE Q&A (Timestamps in Description)

by smart

hello oh my god i’m out of breath ah well i’m on right now hello i’m just waiting for more people to come in i feel so bad for being late so i’m just gonna do it right now i’m out of breath i like ran over here and set everything up i have your questions right here hello everybody i’m so sorry i’m so sorry for totally doing the wrong time but let me pull everything up let me get everything started hello thank you for being here um let’s see how do i pull this up over here i feel like a grandma i have not done this in so long okay hi guys comment where are you guys watching from and did you guys come to the first live that i wasn’t in i’m so sorry i feel so bad uh let’s see all right now i’m just pulling up the questions like we have a lot of questions where do you guys think i am i realize that like i didn’t even tell you guys where i’m at i’m waiting for like my big reveal like i want to do a nice video for you guys i don’t want to just be like hey guys i’m here you know and then it’s boring like i want to do a nice video nice scenery everything like that and so where do you guys think that i’m at where is my live at good energy okay here it is so i can see all your comments over here and then we’ll get into the questions i hate seeing myself that’s so weird okay there we go let’s see where you guys from ohio greece should i go to greece next i’m close to greece it’s like a 30 ticket to greece i don’t know if i should go there if you see me looking down here i’m looking at my computer okay i don’t know if i should go there it’s 30 bucks why not you know what i mean um let’s see canada germany new york georgia that’s so awesome mexico france i’m probably in a greenless country maybe if you guys actually know i didn’t even tell my instagram family i don’t know i’ll tell you guys so where i’m at has been raining for so so much i got here a week ago and it has been raining and so um i haven’t been able to like go outside which is why i haven’t filmed a video or anything and so um yeah once it stops raining i’ll be able to go out and go film and everything like that some people say south africa croatia that’s so funny i’m in a country i’ll give you guys a hint i’m in a country that has been on my bucket list for one year and i’m in a country that’s like very expensive i don’t know if that helps and it’s close to greece it’s very expensive and it’s somewhat close to greece like two hour flight or something turkey no turkey’s not expensive i’ve been there and let me tell you i have some stories about turkey that i cannot say on youtube but i have been to turkey i was just an eight-hour layover let me tell you but let’s see croatia spain no i i’m not a fan of spain i’m sorry i’m not a fan of it at all i’ve been twice and i i still can’t monaco no not monaco let’s get into some questions i’m just gonna be going from the top down okay and so it says my first question says i know it’s tough to be a black woman who travels solo but hasn’t been harder than you thought to meet new people and to make friends as a black woman and have i experienced racism a lot to unpack there and so in terms of racism i’m gonna say that i have not experienced any racism that i know was a racist experience there’s probably there has probably been people who didn’t like me um because of my skin color but i’ve never had anybody like come up to me and do something negative to me based on my skin color in terms of making friends i feel like i’m not the best person to talk to about making friends because like i said i’m very okay being alone i’ve been in the house for the last week to be honest and that’s perfectly fine for me and so i’m just like i don’t know maybe i’m not the best person to talk to about making friends but people are pretty friendly to me like netherlands poland no but yeah so in terms of like my experience as a melanated woman i don’t feel like it has impacted my travels a lot um yeah i don’t know there you go next one says who or what are your top three most important things in life also what are the most important things that you’ve learned over your lifetime i’m actually gonna do this video um but the top three most important things in my life uh i don’t know myself um health and money those are like the top three things and family but i don’t see my family like i haven’t seen like my family in california in like three years and so they’re very important to me but i feel like i don’t really talk to them that much whatever um let’s see and also what are the three most important things you’ve learned over your lifetime one that it’s you you only have yourself to rely on you only have yourself to blame you only have yourself period you know like if you succeed it’s because of something that you did of course there’s other factors i’m not saying that’s only you but like you’re the most important factor in your success what you do and what you don’t do um also if something doesn’t go the way you plan or like if you’re not living your best life or whatever it’s also because of you i know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with me on that but i take like a radical responsibility approach to my life like i’m responsible for my successes and my failures uh i think that most people don’t care about you most people don’t care about your success most people don’t care if you have like an amazing life or if you have everything that you want nobody’s gonna care about you more than yourself you know people are interested this is what i learned from youtube like people are always going to be interested in your life but not many people are really going to care about your life and where it goes you know so i think that’s one of the most important things i learned second thing people are more alike than different i think traveling all over the world has shown me that like we’re so similar there’s differences that are beautiful but honestly most people want the same thing most people want a healthy happy life you know with their family or whatever and so yeah we’re more alike than different and the third thing what is the third thing that i learned i don’t know i’ll figure it out later sorry i’m going fast we have like 100 something questions and i’m probably not going to get through all of them this one says from hermetic kitten asmr says do you ever struggle with anxiety anxiety while traveling and what helped you cope cope so personally i have never i don’t deal with anxiety during travel uh my favorite quote says actually i made it up it says action is the antidote for me if i’m getting like an anxious stage i know that i’m too worried about the future i’m living too much in the future all i can do is take action now and believe that my actions will have a positive impact on the future that’s all i can do again going back to like radical responsibility and accountability so i don’t deal with a lot of anxiety a lot of things go wrong in my travels you know a lot of things most of the things that happened during my travels have went wrong and so um yeah it’s about how you respond to it this person says are you vaccinated i am vaccinated uh vaccinations make travel so much easier i don’t want to deal with all the tests and the quarantine and all that stuff so i got vaccinated uh johnson and johnson specifically so that i can have an easier you know travel experience i know that’s like a selfish reason or whatever but really i didn’t want to deal with all the crap when it came to quarantine and all that stuff and so traveling throughout europe as a vaccinated traveler i will tell you honestly most countries don’t check but when they do it’s easy to just flash them like your little vaccine card and they’ll let you through uh you don’t need to be vaccinated to go to every country in europe like greece you don’t need to but some you do like spain you do need to if you’re traveling from america and so um yeah that’s that how did you respond to adversity before youtube honestly guys i had a hard childhood okay like i was in foster care from 14 months and i got adopted at seven by the time i was four i was in like seven different families and they they all had their issues you know and so i had to learn at a very young age that like life is not always gonna work out in your favor you know life is not always gonna be peaches and cream i had to like create a very strong mindset at an early age and that really contributes to why i am how i am right now um just because of my childhood and so how did i react to adversity i’m somebody who believes to just keep going i’m somebody who believes like you have to create your life you have to create your own happiness when i was younger i used writing as an outlet uh for a very for for a lot of you know things and everything and so yeah i don’t know i just don’t have the expectation that everything is going to work out for me and so when it doesn’t i’m not that upset you know i believe in my ability to make things happen and all that stuff if you guys want to know why i’m talking fast it’s because the sun is going down when the sun goes down i’m going to stop the live because it’s going to be dark like i don’t think the light will be bright enough so that’s why i’m like trying to get through a lot of stuff um let’s see why didn’t i go to southeast asia because southeast asia is mostly closed even if you have the vaccine what do you think was the hardest part about leaving your family honestly nothing i it wasn’t hard for me to leave my family i love my family i do but like i said i moved around a lot i i know that my family is still there i talked to my family on the phone and so it wasn’t that hard uh for me to leave my family if you’re watching this mom i’m sorry but i was talking to my mom the other day like yesterday or whatever so it’s not that hard um let’s see um what has been your favorite romantic date that’s hilarious oh hi kim how’s it going all right let’s see let’s see let’s go to more questions what’s the scariest experience you’ve had as a traveler i talked to the i talked about this on my channel before but i guess in bali like somebody was trying to break into like my house or whatever and um it’s because there was a confusion like they got scammed on airbnb and they thought that that my house was supposed to be their house and so they were like trying to break in trying to uh jump over the fence and all that stuff and so i genuinely thought that i was gonna get robbed and i guess that was pretty scary for me so that’s probably like the scariest experience um but other than that i haven’t had any super scary experiences just things that i like switch situations that i put myself in for example like literally bringing my bank account down to like five to five dollars or whatever so it has been more hard experiences than scary experiences whatever but it all has made me smarter have you thought about buying a house if you if so where would you buy one i would buy one in hawaii probably um i have i have thought about buying a house i was actually thinking about this today i’m thinking of not going off-grid i can’t do off-grid i want to live my dream is to live in a self-sustaining house meaning like growing my own food having my own like just self-sustaining you know what i mean and so i would buy a house i would buy a house that has a lot of land and it would probably it wouldn’t be a tiny house but i think it would be like a big tiny house if you know what i mean like medium size but yeah i’d probably be in hawaii or somewhere just tropical maybe in the caribbean or something like that i don’t know have you ever thought about settling down with a partner or traveling together as a couple is this a offer or something like that but yes i’m if you guys watch my videos you guys know i’m looking for a travel buddy i’m looking for a travel bae if if you guys are gonna comment oh my god it’s gonna be me please i’m sorry but i’m looking for people like that i meet in person i meet in hostels or that i meet at the grocery store or i meet through a friend like for me it’s just better to meet people in person i catch your vibe we get along and then later we can decide like do we want to travel together if you guys watch my italy video my friend there she’s somebody who i could definitely see myself traveling with um but yeah i would love to travel with somebody like and yeah i don’t think we would settle down settle down because i like to travel but yeah let’s see if you haven’t already i’m gonna address this on my channel but if you haven’t already do you plan on visiting africa i don’t know why people comment like on my channel um why haven’t you visited africa oh my god you haven’t visited africa yet and they get really really mad that like i’m not making videos in africa or whatever and i do plan to go to africa i haven’t been there yet i was actually looking at tickets from europe to like africa i have some friends in zanzibar right now um but it’s just i haven’t been there yet you know i want to go there the ticket from here where i am to uh tanzania is like 800 700 800 and i’m sorry like i’m not trying to pay that okay and so i will go to africa uh zanzibar is on my list madagascar’s on my list uganda and kenya are on my list those are top priority in africa so i definitely do plan to visit africa um let’s see what inspired you to pursue a travel lifestyle and has it been easier than settling down in one place so eventually travel became cheaper than staying in the us what initially pursued me to like my travel lifestyle is honestly youtube i was in my college dorm i hated college i was watching like these glamorized videos on youtube of like traveling and being in bali and all this stuff and i felt like if they can do it i can do it too you know and so yeah basically i dropped out of college and i did what all the youtubers were doing um and it it is sometimes it’s easier than settling down sometimes it’s not i feel like right now after four years of travel like i um definitely want to settle down but a lot of times it’s cheaper like i was living for free i was house-sitting right now i’m house-sitting and so a lot of times it was cheaper than living in the u.s i was super broke and so i just kept living abroad for free so yeah let’s see what do you do in your free time when you’re not planning trips flights or brainstorming social media content i chill and i watch netflix this whole week i have been sitting down doing nothing but watching netflix right now i’m watching the good place if you guys have ever seen that uh yeah honestly i’m a very very boring person um i like watching youtube i like watching uh netflix and that’s pretty much it and i like making videos i like film and everything like that i’m probably going to work in the film industry like either during or after youtube so right now that’s what i’m focusing on somebody said um i forgot what they said whatever is achieving your lifestyle without youtube even possible yes 100 i’ve only been doing youtube for one year now i started last year um before that i was an english teacher before that well during that i was a copywriter so you can write ads for people um i would write resumes for people i would do graphic design for people like whatever you can do with the computer it’s possible to like travel you just have to figure out something to do on the computer uh look at my video for digital nomad jobs which i am coming out with the part two and you will see there’s so much that you can do and i see you guys recommend recommending manifest i’m gonna i’m gonna look at it what is it about even i i have no idea but let’s see [Music] how do you travel so much in a pandemic not every country is closed there’s a lot of countries that are open especially in latin america especially in east europe a lot of countries are open it’s really not that hard and with the vaccine it’s easier oh this one is so cute it says how do you stay grounded who or what do you turn to when you need advice feel lonely or shoulder to cry on i am a philosopher i have friends okay first and foremost i have friends i have good friends that i know that i can call uh that i know that they’re gonna give me good advice and so yeah i have friends and i usually turn to them when i need advice secondly i’m very big on philosophy and all that stuff and so i like to you know watch these ex existential type videos that really help me like put my struggles in perspective especially stoicism i’m very interested in stoicism the video that i was editing before this has like you know i mentioned stoicism in that uh video and so that’s what i go to when i feel like lonely or neat advice um i for better for worse i’m very good at comforting myself and so usually i can comfort myself but i also think that’s so important to rely on friends and stuff like that too let’s see do you have family in the us currently and if so how do they feel about your travels what’s your nationality i am from the u.s my family lives in the us all my family lives in the us at first when i first dropped out of college four years ago of course they were not so into the fact that i was dropping out of college to go travel but now after four years i feel like eventually you gotta get used to it you know my grandmas still contact me and they’re like when are you coming back when you go coming back and i’m like i’m not coming back grandma you know thank you for the donation terrance i really appreciate that uh and i’m good thank you and so yeah my family they’re used to it i feel like after four years i mean what else can you say they know that i’m gonna like live my life based on how i want it or whatever and so yeah let’s see what else do i feel homesick of the us never nope never honestly sometimes i feel homesick of uh whole foods but that’s the only thing whole foods has great mac and cheese they have great vegan donuts and that’s about it to be honest what’s your plan for settling down and living steadily honestly thank you so much kat for the donation i really really appreciate that so much um i’m probably going back to mexico i i will be totally honest europe is great but um it’s a little bit unseasoned for me it’s a little bit like unseasoned chicken and it’s great but i don’t know i don’t really feel that soul like you know what i’m saying and so i’m probably going back to mexico and exploring the caribbean if you guys want to see the bahamas you guys want to see trinidad and tobago all those places i feel like they have a little more soul you know what i mean and so um in terms of settling down i’m probably going to be in um mexico for the rest of the year and just like you know traveling around the caribbean and latin america and i will settle down somewhere i really really do want to settle it down somewhere and just travel once a month how often do i go back to the us never really i just go back there when i need something like the vaccine or something like this um i never oh don’t even get me started um let’s see i don’t hate the us it’s just after you’re living abroad for so long it’s just weird to be back in your home country you know like i don’t know let’s see ah walker says high energy we have something in common i was adopted too what is your current relationship status with your adopted family are you close to them are you in contact yes oh and thanks so much for those donations thank you guys both of you let me see feiwani and la rima thank you guys so much it really really helps my channel i’m buying a new mic and so all your donations are gonna go into my new mic and my new lens so thank you yeah my adopted family i just called them my family because uh they’re basically like family to me my biological family i don’t see them like family except for my sister my sisters actually um i am looking for them if you guys like have seen my lives before you guys know that i’m looking for my sister i’m on the hunt for her and so that’s the only person or person because there’s two sisters in my biological family that i really care about otherwise i i do not care about them at all my adoptive family is my family there’s no difference we are close well we’re not that close but we’re close enough to where um you know we do talk and i love them and they’re my family and everything like that um let’s see do i switch my phone plan in each country yes whenever i go to a new country i switch my phone plan in europe thankfully like you can use it’s like the us you can use um your sim card in multiple countries but other than that yes i change it every time i don’t have a number or anything like that and so my number changes whenever i travel um let’s see do you feel the reason you became a solo traveler has to do with growing up in foster care uh honestly no the reason i still travel solo is because nobody’s gonna travel with me so frequently you know um nobody is well i’m not gonna say nobody but many people aren’t like me to where they can just get up and go most people don’t live that lifestyle so the reason i travel solo is because well i don’t have anybody to travel with growing up in foster care um it made it easier to move frequently because i’m used to being on the move and everything like that um yeah so it just made it easier to move around but i just travel solo because i don’t have anybody travel with right now let’s see [Music] how can i go from country to country and be able to leave do you do i need a bunch of visas i go to places that are visa free so i don’t want to have to deal with visas i don’t want to have to deal with applying if you have a us passport there’s plenty of places um thanks so much kim for that donation you’re so amazing kim is awesome she’s starting her channel soon i’m nudging you in the right direction and so yeah she’s so awesome thank you for that donation but um yeah i go to places where i don’t need to apply for visa um for example spain portugal like this schnegen area you can be here without a visa for 90 days so you just show up at the airport with your passport and they stamp your passport and you can live there for 90 days yeah uh yeah my sisters are actually younger um one of my sister’s name is amazing isn’t that so cute i love that and so she’s super younger and i have another sister who’s just a couple years younger than me and so it’d be awesome if like we can travel together but yeah i don’t know um i have no idea where they are to be honest um let’s see how do i optimize safety as a solo traveler well basically it’s it’s it’s interesting because i don’t know i i don’t usually tell people that i’m alone you know um yeah basically i don’t tell people that i’m alone i don’t go out at night i don’t uh drink outside or something basically what you would do in the us i always have my maps i try not to look like a solo traveler you know like staring at my phone looking lost uh you know i know how to fap i know how to bop a person if i need to okay i know i need to learn some more self-defense but let me tell you i don’t know i have i have i trust my ability to like handle business when it comes you know when it comes to that time also um yeah i just i just never i don’t know i never tell people that i’m alone on my channel i’m trying to reduce the amount of times i say uh that i’m alone because i’m just realizing as my channel grows uh it might not be the best thing you know um let’s see is there a destination that i would not travel to i don’t think so right now i don’t know what books am i reading oh my gosh the book that i’m reading right now is called uh unoffended un undef un offendable something like that um basically on my channel i get a lot of hate okay i get way more love but i get a lot of hate that i have to deal with every day and being on youtube has made it like so possible for me to to develop more tough skin you know and so the book that i’m reading i’ll i’ll put it in the comments after this but it’s called like unoffendable or something how to thrive in a world full of jerks and um and uh yeah so that’s what i’m reading right now it’s all about just how to deal with negativity and criticism and stuff like that what’s the best way to learn spanish go to mexico or if you guys cannot go abroad then go you know to your local i don’t know mexican food place or something just try to find people who speak that language i have not studied spanish out of a book i cannot learn that way i went to mexico and after a year i i’m not going to say i became fluent because i’m not but i became very very conversational um why would people hate on someone who’s living their best life because they’re not when you’re living the life that you want it it shows other people that they’re not living the life that they want and people will hate you for it okay people will hate you for living your life because they’re not living their own life and that’s why people bring hate to my videos as well as people are just always going to find a reason to be mad okay somebody was somebody left a comment and they’re like oh my god energy i’m unsubscribing from you because you ate waffles in mexico they were literally mad and this was a video that i posted a few months ago they’re literally mad about a meal that i ate months prior that i already pooped out you know and they’re they’re unsubscribing because of it and i’m like okay you don’t like that i eat waffles i’m sorry dude unsubscribe and i’m not the best person uh in the responses so i’ll straight up be like bye you know what i mean like there’s so many youtubers there’s so many people who are making videos if somebody does not like what i do or what i say or what i wear okay on my channel i mean yeah there’s so many other channels that you can watch and so i’ll be like hey don’t let the door hit you and the good lord split you but yeah basically my rant growing up what was your dream java career answer and shout me out jose rodriguez said this he said what was your dream job i wanted to be a lawyer because i loved arguing okay and then i wanted to be a singer because i don’t know i just wanted to be a singer and then i wanted to be a film maker and i was actually going to go to film school but before i decided to become a neuroscientist and obviously that didn’t happen because i dropped out of college but those were all like my dream careers and it’s so funny because i wanted to become a documentary film maker and so it’s just interesting now that i am doing youtube that i um you know i’m getting back into film and i want to work into the film industry so i strongly believe that whatever your passion is it’s going to rise you know to the top even if you stray a little bit it’s going to rise to the top and so i do want to work in film that would be amazing seeing for us now what do you want to hear how much do you travel with uh i just have a carry-on and i have a personal item hi i’m from belize i was thinking of going to belize to be honest it’s right next to mexico you can take a bus there and uh yeah i was thinking of going to belize or panama there’s so many places i look so pretty oh thank you thank you so much all right let’s see what do i hope to achieve in the next five or ten years uh well i hope to work in film i i hope to have a foundation for foster youth and i hope to have become a foster parent in the next five years um let’s see would i do a meet and greet in the future yeah probably i don’t know where i’m gonna be in the future it’s a thing so i would be like if i even organized a meet and greet it would be like hey guys i’m here for the next week let’s do something on this day and then yeah because i i truly don’t know where i’ll be what does my shoulder tattoo say um this one says and still i rise uh fun fact my middle name uh means the girl who continues to rise and so on this uh shoulder it says and still i rise and then on this shoulder it says this too shall pass yes maya angelou i love her it says this too shall pass and i wanted these tattoos since i was 13 and it just really is like my life mentality or whatever everything will get better everything will pass and all that stuff so have you taken an ancestry dna test no i haven’t but i do want to you know what i don’t know i think i got scammed last time to be honest like i took an ancestry test when i was like 19 or 20 and tell me why it came back 100 european i can’t and so i think i got scammed or something like that and so i haven’t taken uh uh like ancestry dna test since then because i was like dang i i paid all this money just tell me 100 european come on now and so i i will take another one but it’s just kind of like um i don’t know yeah this person said i don’t think those are accurate exactly because it’s like um this that’s so funny yeah this this yeah anyways i don’t think that they’re accurate like i don’t know but yeah i will take one somebody said how do you market your channel my best advice is is if you have a new channel is just to start posting and uh keep posting you know keep on posting posting posting posting until you get picked up you don’t necessarily need to market um one one of the videos that you post will get picked up that’s what happened to me um somebody said your dna has nothing to do with your skin color but your biological makeup exactly that’s true i don’t know do you guys think that my biological makeup is 100 european i would be surprised okay i will be floored okay but i i do think that it was not um accurate or whatever i i know that i have some some um irish but it’s like a small percentage of irish okay not 100 irish let me tell you um and that was the weird thing about like my family when i did my biological family when i did reach out to them because i did hunt them down um one of the like first things that they said during the call with them was oh my god we have a picture of our irish great grandpa and i was just like that’s the randomest thing that you say to somebody that you just met so that’s the only reason that i know that um all right let’s see how do you decide how long you’re gonna stay in a country i decide it based on um what i feel so i usually book a place for like two days in an airbnb and then um yeah i usually book a place for two days in an airbnb if i like it i’ll extend it i always travel on a one-way ticket if i like the country i’ll extend it if i don’t like it um i won’t extend it i never book for a month uh anymore because i it has never worked out for me you know so it says i grew up in foster care do you know your real mom i have contacted her um it it crashed and burned so to say and so yeah like i i have contacted them but i’m not like in contact with them get some moderators what’s going on what is going on in the comments oh my god do i want to visit iceland yes for the northern lights um let’s fear have i ever been in love yes with myself i’m currently in a committed relationship with myself but in terms of being in love with another person um no no i haven’t been in love with another man or woman or anything like that but um it will happen it will happen oh let’s see a lot of questions about my real parents that’s so funny and and i will just tell you guys like my adopted parents um are my real parents you know because i feel like i i don’t know if this is like politically correct but i call my mom my vaginal canal loner okay and uh my biological mom and i feel like a real parent is somebody who will like actually take care of you you know and so my adopted family like are my um real parents so to say um oh right let’s see [Music] did i take belly dancing classes i didn’t because i was laying in bed i’ll be honest that’s all i was doing i was a lazy person but i am going to still pursue belly dancing what’s my zodiac sign i’m a pisces um let’s see would you like to be in a relationship before becoming a foster mom um i don’t know i have no idea to be honest i cannot say i don’t know if it happens it happens you know but i don’t know when is your birthday my birthday is in march hey mamita oh my god bringing me back to mexico what are my favorite countries my favorite country so far is mexico and i love taiwan as well i want to go back to taiwan so bad i want to be able to speak chinese you don’t even understand oh a lot of people have questions about hair care how do i maintain my hair um while traveling or whatever honestly i stopped buying like natural hair products i guess i put my hair out but like i stopped buying natural hair products because um honestly one you cannot really get them in other places and in all places and secondly because they’re so expensive like i’m not trying to pay 10 15 for a shampoo let me tell you and so i started just one making my products and two just using like you know normal normal products or whatever like that um because really they’re they’re the same thing i look at the ingredients list and i see if it works uh you know if i think it will work for my hair i just shampooed and conditioned my hair yesterday and uh yeah i keep my hair in a bun and that’s pretty much it how did i get that style uh yeah i just put my hair in braids last night because i was gonna straighten it today but i didn’t straighten it today yeah um let’s see i’ll be on here for like 25 more minutes probably like the sun is already going down um somebody said does your family ever make it out to see you no unfortunately i would like to like have enough money to um fly them out at some point but nah everybody’s working what do you think your purpose in life is well honestly i am somebody who believes that there is no set purpose in life or whatever um i believe that your purpose is like you know hannah montana said it best like life’s what you make it and so let’s make it rock and i really believe that like your purpose is like whatever uh you make it you know what i mean and so right now my purpose i like to say leave the world better than you found it you know and so i personally i love child rights and everything like that i love the rights of like foster children it’s really hard being a solo child or whatever with no family and so what i do usually skews towards like child rights but i don’t think there’s any set purpose in life personally for me you guys uh might have a different life but yeah the purpose of life is to live it you know um let’s see am i in college nope do i plan on going back to college nope okay well maybe maybe i don’t like sitting at a desk i don’t like uh you know taking little notes and everything like that i like the school of life so to say uh and so if i went back to college it would be for a specific purpose like this is what i want to do and i need to go to school for this in order to accomplish that it wouldn’t just be because uh you know society says that you need to go to college or whatever um do i receive judgment for being an introverted person yes yes in my comment sections and that’s the thing is comment sections um are not reflective of real life really people in comment sections they’ll say anything they’ll say everything and so on my day in the life of a loner video when i uh was saying how i’m introverted i didn’t have any friends there i had just moved there anyways a lot of people were like you’re faking it you just want attention uh introversion is a mental illness all that stuff and so i receive a lot of judgment in my comments about being introverted but in person like nobody will say that you know online um let’s see what else how many languages do i speak just three uh english spanish and chinese what what country do you think your soul mate will come from uh something about me i love intercultural relationships and so um if i prefer my soulmate or whatever to come from a different country other than america i want them to really have a different culture than me but i think the person that live in my life or whatever will come from whatever country like i’m not gonna discriminate you know based on their country but i would prefer somebody who was from a different country other than the united states of america all right let’s go to the live questions now that was all of the pre-made questions so i just answered all the questions that were on my community post so whatever questions that you guys are typing now i’m going to answer those for like the next 20 minutes or so and so ask me all your questions i’ll answer them live uh let’s see how did i learn chinese uh i learned it on italki i’ve been to taiwan but i’ve learned it on italki and the reason that i started learning chinese was actually so petty so when i was a freshman in college um that college puts you in classes okay so they put me in a chinese class a chinese learning class i hated it i felt like why am i in this class i’m never going to use chinese the next year i switched schools and there was a substitute teacher who was from china and i was like china like i was a teacher’s pet so i was trying to impress the teacher and i was like oh my god i know chinese okay i never paid attention a day in my life and uh she was like oh really nihaoma and i was like and i didn’t know what to tell her and so like i said from then like next time i see her i will be able to talk to her like because i felt so embarrassed you know and so uh yeah i started learning chinese from then and then i i uh like yeah anyways i started learning chinese from then and then i just fell in love with it and i never stopped and so that’s what got me to start learning chinese and i i learned it on italki which is a video tutoring platform let’s see oh okay let’s go to the things somebody said i feel a certain calmness when i watch you that’s so sweet that’s so sweet uh would i do a tattoo tour yes i had one up i deleted it because it was so boring but i would do another one yes uh will i ever visit russia yes i actually had a job interview in russia a couple weeks back but not a couple weeks what the heck a couple years back but i turned it down because russia was too cold but when i was teaching english i had a lot of friends uh who lived in russia and they sold me on russia so i would visit there in the summertime let me tell you am i still in italy no i left italy um if you follow me on instagram you guys saw my whole rant about italy uh i loved rome i loved rome but when i went down to like naples i completely hated it and i left tell us something special about taiwan uh taiwan is great actually like taiwan it’s just very peaceful very chill i don’t know taiwan is great i had a good time there i met a guy his name was hiro and i thought that was a really cool name and yeah that’s it in taiwan um if you have brown skin if you have hair like mine like people are very interested in you you know and so you will get a lot of attention in uh in taiwan if you look like me um somebody said what’s the dog’s name behind you his name is hugo i’m i’m house sitting right now i’m pet sitting and so i’m watching somebody’s thug uh how old were you when you become woke guys i hate the term woke i don’t know if i’m the only one i hate that term i feel like i feel like i was never sleeping you know what i mean but if you’re talking about the process of learning and unlearning and all that i feel like that’s a lifelong process how do you do house sitting i’m gonna have a video coming out on this but i use a website called trusted house sitters and i find all my um house sitting on there and it’s super good i have a video coming out about it i highly suggest it if you want free housing like i said the country that i’m staying in is so expensive okay and i’m staying here for free because of house sitting let’s see are you gonna do a hair update honestly i should those videos are just so boring for me to edit filming it is fine but editing it is so boring and so that’s why i haven’t done one that’s so funny uh let’s see let’s see let’s see how many languages i already answered that one did i choose the johnson johnson vaccine on purpose yes yes because i didn’t want to stay in the u.s for one month to get the first one and the second one i just wanted to get the one shot one and go on my jolly little way so yeah that’s why do i ever get bored yes honestly i’m a boring person i don’t do much besides traveling the world and filming it and putting on youtube like i really don’t do much besides that like i just chill and watch netflix um let’s see what other questions what is your ethnicity harriet what is your ethnicity heritage lineage nationalities i am from the united states of america i don’t know uh my ethnic background can you use american bank accounts in different countries yes you can if you have a visa card or mastercard or whatever you can use it wherever you just need to tell your bank that you’re going to be in a different country that’s so important to do because i have forgotten to tell my bank that i’m in a different country and then i’ll go somewhere and like swipe my card like getting groceries and i’ll be like declined you know i have to wait until my bank opens time difference everything like that so you can use your card in a different country just make sure to call your bank and um let them know this person really wants me to sing i was singing in one of my videos in chiaka so you guys got to watch that um let’s see moscow is beautiful so many questions did i ever get to speak chinese to that teacher unfortunately not somebody said how much how do you how much do you think you need to retire in mexico at 65 uh at least 1 000 a month but to be comfortable 1500 to 2 000 a month which is so much you really only need about a thousand a month but if you want to live like really good like not worrying about anything massages eating out fifteen hundred to two thousand for like a couple or whatever if you’re single one thousand um let’s see would i go to paris seems like i would like it there uh french is my least favorite language i hate how it sounds the country that i’m in right now speaks french and i hate how it sounds uh in terms of paris i i don’t like cities i don’t like big cities and so i probably would not like it there why did i hate italy i didn’t i loved rome it’s just naples which is in the southern part of italy i felt like i had a horrible vibe honestly like i wanted to leave so much and yeah it was just that city that i didn’t like um let’s see where do you recommend traveling first as a single woman uh in your own country to be honest try solo traveling in your own country i traveled the us for a year until i went abroad and so if you’re solo like do your country first and then if you feel comfortable after that go to other countries you know [Music] what kind of music do you like listening to i listen to lo-fi beats uh which is just beats it has like no no music or whatever uh other than that i like drake i like nina simone i like uh some old school stuff i like dozier cats uh yeah i listen to i like to listen to a lot of calm music um one thing that i will say that i have stopped listening to to so much and you know i don’t want to be controversial but i i have stopped listening to so much music that one has lyrics and two is so sexual i don’t guys hear what i said i don’t want to get demonetized by youtube but so sexual i don’t know if you guys hear what i’m saying okay but um i just don’t want to get demonetized like music that is all about uh putting the lime in the coconut basically because i feel like after a while when you hear so much about the lime and the coconut uh shake it all around and stuff like that i i don’t know i feel like it gets so old and yeah so when it when it comes to songs about love and all that stuff um i listen to a lot of old school you know there’s this one song that i love and it says i’m not gonna sing it for you but i’ll say it it says uh for your precious love i would do anything i think it’s by like otis redding or something um i’m not gonna sing it remember like okay it says something like yo okay this is so bad i can’t precious love babe okay you guys know what i’m talking about that’s old school okay like oh don’t even get me started about what is ready and i tell you but i started listening to less um [Music] [Laughter] no i don’t stop it uh less music about lime and coconut shaking it all around and stuff and started listening to more like old school love and stuff like that because it just it just makes me feel better like you know instead of listening to things that are so vulgar so yes my music taste has changed in that way sorry for the rant and sorry for the horrible singing um let’s see please share tips for small channels uh figure out what makes you different and capitalize on that any site to look for 100 ro remote jobs uh yes it’s called we work remotely is one and then there is one called remote dot co and then there’s one called uh flex jobs or whatever uh i’m i’m releasing a course on how you guys can become digital nomads work online travel the world for cheap all that stuff and so i’m going to be touching on that more later are you what does this say oh no i lost it hello um no i lost it it was going to be a good one are you straight and mary’s what is that let’s see how old were you when i was adopted i was seven do i drink lemon tea no but one of my favorite drinks is lemonade um let me put this up here somebody said lol i’m a boring person besides traveling the world i wish i can say that honestly traveling in the world it’s great but after a while when it’s your normal life after four years like it’s kind of just normal like you know what i mean um uh let’s see what conditioner do i use i was i used maui moisture yesterday you can find maui moisture in so many places crazy travel stories if not now soon i have so many crazy travel stories but when i try to remember them i forget them and so that’s why you guys have not gotten a story time some people want to hear the story time of like when i was in indentured servitude or whatever i was thinking that maybe i can tell that story uh because i had to escape uh but i don’t know i don’t know if you guys want to hear that story you guys can let me know um are you going to portugal i already went i wasn’t there for that long honestly what’s the meaning of your tattoo symbols which ones have you obtained citizenship in another country no but i do want to i need like a i don’t know i do want to get a second passport though but i don’t have it um let’s see what was the best place i traveled to in america if we’re talking about the us then hawaii is my favorite place um [Music] let’s see somebody said naples is a vibe but not for everyone exactly i’ve heard people when i was in naples they loved naples so much i couldn’t see it to be honest like but it’s not for everybody like i loved rome so much and rome is not for everybody you know i loved rome because i’m a history buff so i liked to see like the coliseum and stuff like that i loved seeing like all the history basically your natural eye color my my eyes are like a honey mixed with green uh you cannot see it on camera which is fine but um [Music] are you at an airbnb now no jose i answered your question earlier i don’t know if you saw it but no i’m house-sitting right now um let’s see what makes me different that’s a really good question that i wouldn’t have been able to answer at the beginning of my journey i feel like with me uh i’m very relatable i’m very down to earth sometimes you watch youtubers and you can’t really connect with them very well but i feel like even though i live a life that is so different or whatever that i can still be relatable and grounded and just talk like a normal person i feel like i’m transparent i don’t really try to uh make like something more than what it is you know i tell you guys the good i think it’s the bad i tell you guys that my life is not perfect i tell you guys uh just that i’m a normal person you know also i’m introverted youtube is full of extroverts and that uh discouraged me at first you know like i felt like if i wasn’t like hey guys welcome to my video thank you so much jose for the five dollars you’re so sweet i feel i felt like if i wasn’t like hey guys welcome to my video this is another video and i’m in mexico right now yeah give this video a like subscribe i can’t okay i’m not like that and i felt like if i uh wasn’t like that that there wasn’t room for me on youtube but i found that no like me just being myself how i normally talk how i normally do i’m very laid back i’m very chill if you meet me in person which i have met a lot of you guys in person i’m the same way you know and so i feel like that is where my power is i’m also very like uh philosophical so you guys know like i i like hit you guys with that philosophy those deep questions you know stuff like that and so i feel like those are some of the things that make me different and i put a lot of effort into my travel vlogs i i try to make them a very good quality for you guys you know and keep improving because i don’t watch a lot of travel channels because some of them give me whiplash okay like i don’t know why they cannot keep the camera steady or whatever or too close to their face or something like that and so i feel like that’s something that always that also makes me different is that i also just try to make my travel vlogs really good quality for you guys you know so those are some things that make me different good question guys are my adoptive parents white no they’re not um let’s see [Music] when am i coming back to mexico definitely soon uh yeah definitely soon [Music] is energy your birth name so i don’t know if i’ll talk about this on my channel but i’ve actually like had three names during uh my lifetime or whatever so i was born with one name by my biological family uh when i was adopted my parents changed my name first and last and then when i moved out of the house i was like why is everybody choosing my own name for me and then i changed my name when i moved out of the house and so uh yeah energy is the third name that i have i feel like a freaking spy or something like that and so uh it was not my birth name but yeah it is my legal name but it was not my birth name my birth name was completely different to be honest but um let’s see somebody said don’t you have an ebook about hair care your hair was not that long it grew yes my hair grew a lot to be honest i want it to grow longer but it’s like right here right now and so it did grow a lot honestly um i keep losing the questions did i start off with did i start off with the camera or an iphone i started off with just my phone like that’s the best thing uh to start out with it’s just your phone and then when i got my first youtube check i upgraded to the canon m50 camera did i visit any resorts in mexico meh i don’t know when i’m traveling somewhere i don’t like to go where all the tourists go and i feel like resorts are full of that your energy is not that of a pisces you seem like a virgo to be honest guys like everybody’s trying to guess my sign in the comment section are you aquarius are you leo are you virgo are you gemini i don’t know i’m just me you know um but if you guys want to know my sign is a pisces favorite airlines delta i love delta airlines they’re so great favorite mexican food i like enchiladas to be honest and yeah that’s my favorite mexican food um let’s see is it weird house sitting no i like it because nobody’s here it’s just me i have this house to myself it’s a beautiful house um three bedroom house or whatever and so it’s not weird i like having the place to myself do i travel with my dog i don’t have a i don’t have a dog my dog died in january and so right now i’m just um house sitting on thank you so much mama chicken for the donation i really really appreciate that guys whatever donations that you guys are giving it’s going to um a new camera lens and a new microphone because i don’t know if you guys noticed in my previous videos that uh my microphone broke and so a lot of you guys are commenting about the audio because my microphone is broken and it sucks so can you share how you went about legally changing your name it’s a long process guys i uh yeah it took like two years to be honest to finish it and um yeah it’s a long process but i could do a video maybe one day about the legal process of changing your name because i did the legal process like while i was abroad and so i feel like that made it a lot longer than it needed to be whatever um you seem so liberated keep up the good work lol thank you what’s my next country i don’t know i’m deciding if i want to continue to travel europe greece croatia stuff like this or if i want to go back to mexico and start traveling um latin america and the caribbean and stuff i don’t know i have no idea uh let’s see how many clothes do i travel with not many you guys see me like watching like the same i mean wearing the same old clothes you know because i don’t have a lot of clothes to be honest i really want more clothes are you house-sitting with animals yes i am hello would a mexican be your future husband honestly if they are the right guy you know if they’re the right guy for me they treat me right all this stuff they have their stuff together um sure why not my thing is a lot of guys like are intimidated by me and my lifestyle i’m a business owner i live life in my own terms i travel the world all that stuff and so if you’re gonna get at me you know you gotta come at the same level as me and i i find that a lot of guys are intimidated and uh yeah you gotta be able to hang would you say you’re a savory food person or a sweet food person i’m sweet i have a sweet tooth i probably have a bunch of cavities to be honest um yeah i like sweet food if you want to do cheap do latin america in the caribbean exactly do i have friends so i get lonely so as a traveler you’re you’re leaving like after a week after a few weeks it’s very very hard to make friends uh and make friends that are in person if you’re not always in that country so most of my friends are virtual friends i have a lot of friends that i have met along the way but you know unfortunately i had to leave and so we keep in contact on instagram facetime whatsapp stuff like this but they’re not in person this is also the reason why i want to like settle down uh in one place and have a home base because i want to create that community that i don’t have to leave every week when i travel to england my friend uh the one that you saw in the video um she makina the one i met in barcelona she lives in england and she invited me there and i’m sorry okay like i don’t know it just doesn’t seem that interesting to me i like to go to exotic places and england it just doesn’t seem so exotic exotic when i moved to london probably not i don’t want to really move somewhere where they speak english um what’s your favorite food or the best food i’ve ever had i’m not a foodie guys i i don’t really find joy in trying a lot of different foods so my favorite type of food um i guess my favorite meal or whatever yams mac and cheese cornbread mashed potatoes stuff like that are you afraid to travel in africa essa you commented that i want you to also comment why do you ask me that question like why do you think that i would be afraid to travel in africa i’m not afraid to travel many places like i i yeah i’m not afraid it’s just that the tickets are a little expensive right now and if i go to travel to africa like uganda canada zanzibar madagascar i want to go with somebody not because i don’t want to go by myself because i feel scared but more so i feel like these are experiences like it’s going to be so amazing i want to experience it with somebody so i want to go with the tour group or people or whatever like that so that’s why um yeah that’s why i haven’t gone and i haven’t gone alone or anything let’s see mexico has some great dentists i know i’m wearing my invisalign right now i have like a few more weeks i end in september and yeah i got this in mexico so i know that genders are good um which vpn do you recommend nord vpn i use it so i can get access to uh discovery plus if you guys watch 90 day fiance yes i am guilty of paying to see 90 day fiance okay and so uh 90 day fiance is not well discovery plus is not available outside of the us so i use nordvpn in order to get access to that and i just change my location to the u.s no whatever um that’s so good i i do love mac and cheese i actually had some today but it was like craft mac and cheese it wasn’t the you know mama’s mac and cheese so to say what was the last movie you saw what did i see the other day eh i don’t remember what did i see it was so good i i don’t remember oh well have you tried west indian food never i haven’t plantains fried plantains is that west indian i’ve tried i’ve tried that um would you settle down in mexico best place to live in mexico i don’t know maybe i’ll settle down in mexico i probably won’t uh i’ll probably settle down i have no idea maybe hawaii but best place to live in mexico i vows for chiapas i love chiapas is a great state i recommend you go to san cristobal for your first time in mexico if you really want to get a feel of the culture and just it’s very cheap it’s very affordable it’s very beautiful so i love chiapas i love san cristobal in chiapas to be specific um so miss globe girl you said i’m an avid traveler and i’m very cautious when i go anywhere in africa are you kidding me yes cautious you should be cautious wherever you go but scared or afraid is a different ballgame you know i’m cautious when i go to mexico i’m cautious when i go to italy but in terms of having fear and being afraid i wouldn’t say that’s the right word to use so it’s all about language you know what’s your favorite word to say in a different language i karambah i love it i say it all the time when i say that when i say that in mexico the kids always laugh at me they think that it’s so cute but it’s perfect um let’s see what else have i been to the dominican republic no i haven’t but when i am in mexico they never think that i’m from the us they always think that i’m from uh like cuba dominican republic and like the caribbean or whatever but no i never are night marches real in hawaii i’ve never seen them if i had seen them i probably wouldn’t be here talking to you um let’s see yeah yodi said i’m cautious just being in the u.s exactly like i feel like as women as solo travelers as humans who live in a world that is not always so nice we have to be cautious wherever we go but we don’t have to make that caution turn into fear have you been to isla mujeres yes i’ve been to isla mujeres it’s a beautiful island it’s not my favorite island to be honest i love cozumel if you’re going to go to an island in mexico but yeah pros and cons of being a business owner as a business as a business owner you’re responsible for your business obviously the pro of it is that you can make how much you want uh you can you know there’s no limit to how much you can make you can release whatever products that you want to stuff like that the con is is that you don’t have a steady paycheck and uh you’re responsible for yourself and so business could totally tank and you have nobody to uh rely on you know what i mean it’s only you um let’s see my spanish is very good yes it is what’s my favorite hair product aloe vera to be honest uh let’s see any last questions my friends because i am getting hot let me tell you that’s why i never wear my hair out like you guys see it’s always in a little bun or whatever because oh if it’s hot yes nay nay israel i’m just going to call you nae nae says i have my tefl certificate yeah as soon as you have that get on italki or start your own business as an english teacher and start traveling you know a month after i got my tefl certificate i started traveling abroad and yeah did you ever want to go to college and do you think college was wrong for you yeah college is not for me honestly i i was a straight-a student i um always got good grades and stuff in college but i just feel like it’s not for me i don’t like sitting in a desk i don’t like uh being told like i don’t i just don’t like being told what to do and stuff like that and so yeah what do you think about visiting visiting visiting the middle east i would love to i would love to go to uh iran is like my main place that i want to go and um yeah other than that that’s really the only place that i would want to go that i want to go in the middle east pakistan and um iran i think if i’m not getting the two either pakistan or iran i don’t remember how would you do would you do a video on how you edit yes i would um yeah i would basically do you use a uh us business yeah i mean bank account yes i do i have a u.s bank account for everything are you an aquarius no let me tell you about aquariuses i cannot let me tell you oh pisces and aquarius don’t get along and they don’t get along for a good reason let me tell you that’s all i got to say do i have a mac air no this is a macbook pro um i actually got this in college it’s like kind of broken so i know that i will have to buy a new one soon so again thank you for everybody who donates literally all the money i get goes back into my channel so thank you so much um but like i got this in college because as a foster kid at ucla you can join a program uh called guardian scholars and they actually give you like a new lap well they give you two thousand dollars each year for a new laptop and so that is how i got this laptop and i’ve had it for four years now this says do you do any charity while abroad i don’t go sometimes i go to volunteer organizations but when i was in mexico for example and this is something that i don’t post because i feel like i don’t want to post the good things i’m doing i feel like it’s a little bit i don’t know i feel like it’s just a little bit um i don’t i just don’t post the things that i’m doing the good things and so but i would often like randomly just pay people’s rent buy people groceries just um buy people things buy people meals have them come eat with me and stuff like that and i felt like you know that was really me just giving back and just being a good person again like i would never film any of this because i feel like it’s a little bit ridiculous to film it i feel like you should just do good stuff and not tell anybody why iran i saw some youtube videos that i liked honestly and somebody says do you do research on the places that you visit before traveling to them i don’t youtube is my research to be honest if i’m watching a bunch of youtube videos and it looks good i’ll go you know what i mean um why don’t i use ig because i don’t know i just don’t like taking pictures i never take pictures wherever i am i post on my stories all the time but uh yeah i never do how do you feel safe travel alone just got to do what you got to do no limit eddie says what about south america yes i will be visiting south america what camera do i use for filming do i have it yeah i use my canon m50 um why let’s see okay so this person gucci spencer says why all caps do you sound so broke question mark question mark question mark you guys make good money and you don’t look like you have a lot tied up in wardrobe no shade whatever uh honestly my money i don’t want to say that i’m broke guys i’m not broke i used to be broke don’t get me wrong but i’m not broke i make good money um from youtube and from just other stuff but i don’t put money into my wardrobe okay uh i put money into my business i put money into my savings and yeah basically so if you’re gonna say why do i look so broke i don’t know that’s probably why but yeah uh it’s better to look broke and have a good bank account than to look rich and your bank account is empty which a lot of your best instagram influencers are exactly that they put all the money into appearances and their actual bank account is broke they’re just using credit cards so yeah yeah i used to be so broke guys i used to be broke as a joke i hated it and i uh told myself i will never be broke again and i started learning about finances i started learning about um how to save how to divide your money pay yourself first all that stuff and i i changed my financial life and so i’m very good at saving i’m very good with my finances europe has been expensive okay but um yeah i feel very good i’m thinking of doing more finance videos to be honest because i feel like it’s so important um let’s see your style is very casual too casual to be honest you know what like once i settle down once i feel like i’m making a good amount of money that i can put money into clothes no problem i’m gonna i’m gonna really like invest in my my wardrobe because i feel like it’s important to like present yourself well and stuff like that and dress in a way that makes you feel confident but right now it is the last priority on my list trust me getting a better camera lens getting a better i need to get a replacement computer getting a new mic investing into my channel and my business investing into stocks cryptocurrency is more important than like looking super nice right now what age should i get my first tattoo at 18 wait no no at 19. i will say as soon as i moved out and went to college i got my fi

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