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WimShul – Shabbat Morning Service and Bat Mitzvah Anniversary of Eva – 24.07.2021 at 10.30am

by smart

so you’re all part of our congregation this morning and we welcome you all once again shabbat shalom we’re on page 161. is thank you and um that is also uh welcome to mikhail who will co-lead as our hazard this morning the service with eva and me this is the point where invite eva to join me here on the bimmer at pearlecton and because eva has received her talent last time so we will not formally do this hand over of the talid but please remember that this is a tale that symbolizes your connection with the jewish people your tradition but also because your parents wrapped you the last time and also this time i can see your mother is helping you once again um with the idea that they are always with you that they always keep you warm and sheltered so um we while either is ascending here to the bimmer in the meantime we can think together about our blessings in life and the first is the gift of our body which you can find on page 162 and then followed by the blessing for our soul m my god the soul you have given me is pure you created it you formed it and you made it live within me you watch over it within me but one day you will take it from me to everlasting life my god and god of the generations before me as long as the soul is within me i will declare that you are the power of good deeds the ruler of all creatures processing every soul and we continue on page 164 65 with the blessings of those little things that surround us but actually are very significant as they sustain us and eva will lead us in the blessings blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe who has made me in the image of god amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe who has not made me a stranger to you amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe who has not enslaved me amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you provide for my every need amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you open eyes that cannot see amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you clothed the naked amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you free those who are bound amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you lift up those benelo amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you support our human steps amen first are you our living god sovereign of the universe you fortify israel with strength amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you crown israel with glory amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you give strength to the weary amen blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe you take away sleep from my eyes and slumber for my eyelids amen and we continue on page 167 what is our life what is our love what is our justice what is our success what is our endurance what is our power manual our god and god of our ancestors what can we say before you for in your presence are not the powerful as nothing the famous as if they had never existed to learn it as without knowledge and the intelligent as without insight to you most of our actions are pointless and our daily life is shallow even our security over the animals is nothing for everything is trivial except the pure soul which one day must give its account and reckoning before the judgment seat of your glory we are your people the children of your covenant the children of abram who you loved giving him your promise on mount moriah the descendants of isaac bound as an offering on the altar and the congregation of jacob your son your special son out of you love for him and you delight in him you changed his name to israel now we have the first torah study this morning and i invited um jed to the lectern with eva and to read for us the torah study my grandfather would bring me a present these were never the sorts of things that other people brought dolls and books and stuffed animals my dolls and stuffed animals have been gone for more than half a century but many of my grandfather’s gifts are still are with me still once he brought me a little paper cup i looked inside it expecting something special it was full of dirt i was not allowed to play with dirt disappointed i told him this he smiled at me fondly turning he picked up the little teapot from my dolls tea sets and took me to the kitchen where he filled it with water back in the nursery he put the teak up on the windowsill and handed me the teapot if you promise to put some water in the cup every day something may happen he told me at the time i was four years old and my nursery was on the sixth floor of an apartment building in manhattan this whole thing made no sense to me at all i looked at him dubiously he nodded with encouragement every day in shimla he told me and so i promised at first curious to see what would happen i did not mind doing this but as the days went by and nothing changed it got harder and harder to remember to put water in the cup after a week i asked my grandfather if it was time to stop yet shaking his head no he said every day dissimilar the second week was even harder and i became resentful of my promise to put water water in the cup when my grandfather came again i tried to give it back to him but he refused to take it saying simply every day hashem by the third week i began to forget to put water in the cup often i would remember only after i had been put to bed and would have to get out of bed and water in the dark but i did not miss a single day and one morning there were two little green leaves that had not been there the night before i was completely astonished day by day they got bigger i could not wait to tell my grandfather certain that he would be as surprised as i was but of course he was not carefully he explained to me that life is everywhere hidden in the most ordinary and unlikely places i was delighted and all it needs is walter grandpa i asked him gently he touched me on the top of his head no nashem he said all it needs is your faithfulness thank you very much um and it’s wonderful to see um this morning the whole family will be part of everest celebration on page 170 we have the concluding blessing for the torah study and then it’s um we hear the plea that the words of torah may be sweet in our mouth and once again we hope and we pray that this is also a blessing and a hope for eva that the words of the torah will always be sweet in her mouth our living god make the words of your torah sweet in our mouth and in the mouth of your people the family of israel then we and our descendants and the descendants of your people the family of israel shall all know your name and study your torah for its own sake is i is and we continue on page 176 with psalm 92. r lord god how great are your works your thoughts are so very deep the stupid do not know this nor can the foolish understand that when the wicked flourish they are only like grass and when all who do evil spring up their end is always destruction only you are exalted forever eternal adonai foresee your enemies god see how your enemies shall perish all who do evil shall scatter but you exalted my strength like an ox anointed me with fresh oil i saw the fate of my enemies and those who rose up to harm me my ears have heard their end saddiq eloheinu to declare that the creator is faithful my rock in whom there is no wrong i and on page 178 the psalmist reminds us of the strength of god’s power and especially always the psalmist uses the image of nature that surrounds us and perhaps thinking of yesterday we were still in the 30s with our temperature outside and today where we already experienced our last night the strong rain so there is something we can associate with the feeling of the psalmist how strong god is working through and impacting our world through nature my m m the proofs you give are very sure holiness is the mark of your house god as long as time endures so we turn to page for nishmat nishman tv i joe and debbie pleased to join eva here at the lectern to read for us on page 201 to 203 the the additional part of the nishmat as it says to you alone we declare our gratitude if our mouths were full of song as the sea our tongues with joyful sounds like the roar of its waves our lips with praise as the outspread sky our eyes shining like the sun and the moon our hands stretched out like eagles wings in the air our feet are swift as the wild deer we still could not thank you enough god our creator or bless your name our sovereign for even one of the thousands upon thousands of the countless good deeds you did for our ancestors and for us our redeemer you rescued us from egypt freed us from the camp of slavery in times of famine you fed us in times of plenty you supported us from violence you delivered us from plagues you saved us and from many terrible diseases you rescued us until now your love has been our health and your kindness kindness has not left us therefore the limbs you formed in us the spirit and soul you breathed into us and the tongue you set in our mouth ever shall they thank bless praise glorify and sing to your name our ruler for every mouth shall thank you every tongue praise you every eye look to you every knee bend to you and our pride shall bow low before you our hearts shall fear you and our innermost beings sing praises to your names to your name as it is said all my bones shall say god who is like you who frees the poor from those too strong for them the poor and needy from their exploiter who is like you who is equal to you who can be compared to you the great mighty and awesome god transcendent god creator of heaven and earth thank you very much and we are about to thank you very much sir microphone um as we are now about to end this section of praises and as i always call them the wake up readings so we’re now turning towards the shema and i invite you to rise in the sanctuary if you are able to as we will have the ishta bach and then so if you’re able to please rise we’re on page 204 in the following pages foreign is foreign oh i a you may be seated and the first blessing that precedes the shema is on page 207 and it speaks of the miracle of light but even the greater miracle that we can distinguish between both and when we really look into the details we see that creation never ceased that creation continues to exist around us and this world is progressing as we are progressing and growing blessed are you our living god sovereign of the universe who forms light yet creates darkness who makes peace yet creates all all things proclaim you all things honor you and all say none is holy like god the one who gives light to all the world and those who live in it renews in goodness the work of creation day by day god how great are your works you made them all in wisdom the earth is full of your creatures you are the only sovereign exalted from the beginning of time who has been worshiped praised and glorified since days of old everlasting god in your great mercy have mercy upon us source of our strength rock of our protection shield of our safety our true protector o hadashah with deep love you have loved us and with great and overflowing tenderness you have taken pity on us souls of our life and our sovereign shows compassion because of your own greatness and because of your ancestors of our ancestors who trusted in you for you taught them rules to live by to do you will with their whole heart let our eyes see the light of your teaching and our hearts embrace your commands give us integrity to love you and fear you so shall we never lose our self respect nor be put to shame for you are the power which works to save us you choose us from all peoples and tongues and in love drew us near to your own greatness to honor you to declare your unity and to so we turn to page 212 where we together with eva bear witness to the unity of the eternal israel ohio please read pages 214-215 in silence and then we’ll join together at the top of page 216. the channel said to moses speak to the children of israel and tell them that each generation shall put seat seat on the corner of their clothes and put a blue thread on the corner to see then when this tsuti catches your eye you will you will remember all the commandments of the eternal and do them then you will no longer wonder after the desires of your heart and your eyes which led you to lust it is certain for us it is firm accepted and good it is true that the eternal your god is our sovereign the strength of jacob the defender of our safety god endures from generation to generation god’s will and faithfulness stand firm forever it is true that you are the faithful one our god and god of our ancestors who rescues and delivers us so where you ever known there is no gods besides it is you who always helped have always helped our ancestors in every generation you are the shield and savior for them and their children after them happy indeed are those who hear your commands and send you and send your teaching and your word upon their hearts it is true that you are the first and that you are the last and besides you we have no sovereign who rescues and saves us from egypt you delivered us eternal our god and redeemed us from the camp of savory moses and miriam and the children of israel responded to you in song with great joy all of them saying oh please rise god please turn to page 222 for the amidah but abraham aloha foreign is foreign foreign foreign and moses rejoiced at the gift of his destiny for you called him a faithful servant you said to radiance about his head when he stood before you on mount sinai bringing down in his hand the two tablets of stone on which is written the shabbat command and so it is written in your torah is is burrito blessed are you god who makes the shabbat holy god our living god be pleased with your people israel and listen to their prayers in your great mercy delight in us so that your presence may rest upon zion page two three one the techno blessed are you god ever restoring your presence and zion and eva will lead us in the mudin prayer we declare we declare with gratitude that you are our god and the god of our ancestors you are our rock the rock of our life and the shield that saves us in every every generation we thank you and we count your praise for our lives held in your hand for our souls that are in your care and for the signs of your presence that are with us every day at every moment at evening morning and noon we experience your wonders and your goodness your goodness itself for your mercy has no end your mercy itself for your love has no limit forever have we put our hope in you and for all these things may your name our sovereign be blessed exalted and honored forever and ever may every living being thank you may they praise and bless your great name in truth for you are the god who saves and helps us blessed are you god known as goodness whom it is right to praise a me is and we have a short moment for our private prayers when you have finished the words in your hearts you may be seated is thank you very much um we’re now turning towards the part of the service which eva was waiting for for a long time um and i think we all waited for a long time to place the torah also physically into your arms confirming that you are taking parts of this responsibility our tradition um and those on every member of this holy congregation um into your arms but also taking on ownership of the torah making it yours and i can promise you when in a short moment if i will share with with us her research her study of torah you will see that she indeed has taken ownership of the words of torah we are in our journey of the torah in the concluding part of the five books of moses we are in devarim and moses is sharing with this torah portion the beginning of his second speech his testimony to the people of israel including us and um this is the torah portion that includes the ten commandments and the shema and eva will explain a little bit more what it means to her but if you are having a homash in front of you or want to read along while we both will read from the torah we are in chapter 6 and reading verses 1 to 21 in hertz you will find it on page 769 and plowed on page 1366 so not in your sidorim but in the homashim and yeah the all the introduction to that will also come from eva in a short moment we invite now um all your family eva to join us here at the um at the ark and we will then in a short moment hand the torah stroll into your arms so if i can invite your grandparents your brothers and your father to join us here at the bhima on the bimar and then our siddur we’re on page 236. i hey he on come m you can perhaps stand in the center and now you are receiving the torah from your father into your arms and the torah as we could all see was passed from one generation to the next you made some little stopovers by your brothers um and this is really a gift handed into your arms it is the treasure of your people the jewish people and all humanity and so i ask you please to reside with your congregation this mah is why the torah scroll is prepared i’m now asking eva um to give her a little introduction to our tour reading so her drasha and also then to read the english translation so either you can today’s portion is deuteronomy chapter 6 verses 1 to 21 and can be found in huts on page 769 and in plout on page 1366. i chose to take from today’s portion the shema the shema is a centerpiece of the daily morning and evening prayer services and is considered by some the most essential prayer in all of judaism so it seemed a good idea to get to know it really well however earlier in today’s portion we also read the ten commandments of course we have already had the ten commandments earlier in the year when we read exodus and the story of moses bringing down the commandments from mount sinai what is interesting is that there are subtle differences between the two versions this might be that moses over the years is remembering slightly differently or even using different words to make sure people pay attention to him instead of thinking yeah we’ve heard this all before the most obvious difference between the two sets of commandments is that deuteronomy is moses’s own narrative of what occurred whereas the exodus version is how god himself said it one example of the differences between the two versions of the ten commandments is that in exodus we are told to keep the sabbath because god made the world in six days and rested on the seventh but in deuteronomy it is because god brought us out of slavery in egypt and we should keep the sabbath in remembrance of this to me there is perhaps more logic in the first version but more pull in the second what makes us jewish is to a large extent our history our common story are coming together to retell these stories another difference in the versions is in the tenth commandment where we are told not to cover in exodus but not to desire in deuteronomy this could be seen as two words that really mean the same but some scholars say that exodus is do not covered lot ahmod has an element of not just desiring but acting on desire whereas deuteronomies do not desire lotta loti tavert is all encompassing don’t even think about wanting your neighbor’s things of course being the bible this is written from very much the mail and in this case the landowning male’s perspective there’s no mention of desiring your neighbor’s husband not even thinking of wanting something seems like a pretty tall order to me but to get back to the shema the part of today’s portion that i’m going to lane the summer begins hero israel the lord is our god the lord is one when you look at this on the scroll you see that the scribes put the iron and the dullet in bold together they stand out and read as ed which means witness we are witnesses to the idea of a single god which is obviously the mainstay of judaism it was probably very important to affirm this especially in the early biblical days when there were lots of competing gods and idols to whom the jews return the shamaris in deuteronomy the fifth book of the torah and in exodus we see how furious moses was when he came back down with the first tablets with the ten commandments written on them only to find his followers worshipping a golden calf is usually translated as here but it could also be translated as listen in hebrew there is just one word for both in english here is more passive than listen i can hear my mom talking but i might not listen to what she says in the same way we can be active or passive jews jewish just by birth and by name or by faith in action the first verse shamai israel is traditionally followed by one line of text that is recited in an undertone brush mahuto layalam blessed is the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever this is a very ancient custom from the days of the high priest it is usually pronounced in a whisper either because it is not biblical as is the rest of the shema or because we are being quiet whispering along with the angels it has also been suggested that precisely because the phrase we recited allowed precisely because the phrase was recited aloud in the temple it should be whispered after its destruction for the second reason bashram kavod mahuto is pronounced allowed only on the day of atonement since on this day of the day israel is as pure as the angels another explanation of uttering this formula in a whisper is that martyrs used to pronounce the shema as they met their death while their relatives out of fear of the oppressors responded finally but on the day of atonement when all are ready for martyrdom it is pronounced allowed the range of the shema is taken from three biblical sources the first of which is deuteronomy 6 5-9 which is in my portion it continues you shall love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might so first we must accept that there is only one god then we must turn to god with all our strength and all our love our heart and soul there is no mention of our brain faith perhaps comes as a physical emotional pull and not through our heads yet judaism is such a cerebral religion the most revered leaders of revered leaders are all great scholars but this sentence tells us you don’t have to be clever or a great student you see the heart and soul the reality is that for many of us faith is tricky but this sentence perhaps indicates that the road to faith is not by bashing your head on the wall of torah study but by opening your heart to god anyone of any age and ability can try to do that and failing that perhaps just following conditions such as writing to reciting the shema twice a day might bring us closer to faith and god and at the very least closer to our sense of belonging to the jewish family the next verse take to heart these instructions with which i charge you in this day impress them upon your children brings us directly to the jewish family so so far we have there is one god love god with all your strength teach this to your children family is central to judaism i’m only here to a great extent because my family is jewish i was born jewish and from the day i was born there was the hope that one day i would stand before you as part of my family my community and part of the wider jewish community and become bat mitzvah a daughter of the commandment when i googled virgin anton i came across a beautiful piece by rabbi zachary shapiro following the birth of his babies he asked what exactly he asked what exactly did he and his husband want to impress upon their children teach them that they come from a line of thinkers doers and survivors they come from intellectuals rebels and fighters their ancestors were scholars and milkmen musicians and tailors we were poets and pioneers we were tortured and we rose from the ashes teach them diligently to your children teach them that we have a rich text an anthology of jewish values our torah and rabbinic literature often offer a treasure of trover stories allegories and spiritual guidance teach them to sift through the pages to argue and wrestle with the passages teach them to question but never walk away from our texts while the torah and talmud may not always make sense our engagement with them enables us to be part of a 3500 year conversation remind them that the talmud is not about how the rabbis agreed or or came to resolution no the pages show that even the smallest voice from a minority perspective is honored and preserved teach them diligently to your children teach them that this is their right and responsibility to question god to demand more of god but also teach them to pray to god teach them from ancient texts write with them new texts find god in the synagogue and on the playground experience god at your smite or at the opera partner with god every time they do a mitzvah or participate in tadaka be god’s eyes when they look at the earth from above and marvel at just how incredible it is be godspeed when they march for social justice be god’s voice when they speak out against equality be god’s hands when they feed the hungry be god’s soul when they give another person a hug teach them diligently to your children teach them that they have a responsibility to the jewish community teach them that even after they have received their education they must ensure others get one as well teach them to support jewish institutions local and beyond remind them that we are all responsible for one another teach them diligently to your children teach them also that we have a responsibility beyond our people we need to build bridges to welcome the stranger to reach out to those we don’t understand teach them never to judge another until we have been in that person’s place this means the homeless person those who suffer mental illnesses older adults and people who are lonely this means trying better to understand our neighbors from other religious backgrounds i feel the rabbi captures so much of what i feel judaism is about for me it is about my past my present and my future the shema continues with recite them when you stay at home and when you are away when you lie down and when you get up this tells us both that we must remind ourselves of the commandments every day morning and night wherever we are for in this way we will never forget and faith will become habitual but perhaps it also suggests that we cannot escape by jewishness whether i am at home or away whether i acknowledge it or not every day when i get up and when i go to bed i’m jewish it is as part of me and this ceremony for me acknowledges and proclaims this in my last joshua i talked about how like i managed imagine many british jews i feel both pride and discomfort with my identity i enjoy so much of my jewish identity especially the food the festivals and the special rituals such as passover dinner which brings all the family together but there is also discomfort people expecting me to be different and rather worryingly knowledgeable i’m lucky is at my school there are plenty of jewish girls in my year and we have friends that hate it too there are also plenty of half-jews in my school and their keenest to talk about their jewish side of their heritage suggests that being jewish is a good thing not something you might have to hide as people in the past have perhaps felt or feared the next lines in the shema instruct us to find them as a sign on your hand and let them serve as a symbol on your forehead inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates it seems to be urging us to be open about who we are that the head and the hand are mentioned could be seen as telling us both internally in our heads and externally through our hands and actions we need to find a way of expressing our jewishness and finding a unity that makes us jewish in thought and deed it says in genesis 2 15 the lord the lord god took the man and put him in the garden of eden to work it and take care of it and often at haida and with my teacher alex hable we talk about tikkun olam our duty to repair the world it is our duty to care for our world and try to live in a way that makes the world a better place as i mentioned the shema is recited twice daily while waking and going to bed it is also recited at the climactic moment of the final prayer of young kapoor the holiest day of the year and traditionally is the last words before death traditionally it is recited with the eyes covered which helps us to be really focused and not distracted by what is going on around us according to some commentators such as rabbi ezekiel landau in 17th century prague we cover our eyes because it would be difficult to express complete faith in god while looking at the pain in the world around us sometimes trying to reconcile god and this pain could be difficult but my community has taught me that one way to attend this is to take responsibility for the world around us i hope that there’s something i can do i hope that is something i can do and over the past year as part of my stucco project i have enjoyed helping you prepare a meal for the homeless as part of the shaw’s project supporting the homeless in winter and collecting rubbish from women in colombian with my friends as part of my chief of edinburgh’s award last year i watched a program on television called the school that tried to end racism like most of the children in the show i would like it if difference was less of a deal and colour and religion were not defining as being different i found it interesting the conflict zambane students felt about discussing their heritage like me they wanted the difference to acknowledge yet not shoved in their face all the time it’s a tricky line for anyone to walk as well as making me question how i felt about my jewishness making me somehow different the program made me look at how as a white person i have the privilege of my dif either privilege of my difference being something i can choose to make known and so perhaps i had the privilege of swerving around some prejudice views or taking time to think how to deal with them my brother asked whether i also have jewish privilege and the answer to this is perhaps because my jewishness gives me a strong identity a community behind me and values which i think will help me in the future being part of this jewish family therefore is both a blessing and a responsibility it is my responsibility to try to be a good ambassador for my religion and to make the world a fairer place where my privileges help others and not just myself i will now read the english translation that is in her toumash on 775 or 776 and the plow on page 1366 and this is the instruction the laws and the rules that the eternal your god has commanded me to impart to you to be observed in the land that you are about to cross into and occupy so that you your children and your children’s children may revere the eternal your god and follow as long as you live all the divine laws and commandments that i enjoy and join upon you to the end that you may long endure obey o israel willingly and faithfully that it may go well with you and that you may increase greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey as the eternal the god of your ancestors spoke to you hero israel the eternals are god the eternal is one you shall love the eternal your god with all your heart with all your soul and with all your might take to heart these instructions with which i charge you this day impress them upon your children recite them when you stay at home and when you are away when you lie down and when you get up find them as a sign on your hand and let them serve as a symbol on your forehead inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates entered into the land that was swamped your fathers abraham isaac and jacob to be assigned to you great and flourishing cities that you did not build houses full of all good things that you did not fill human systems that you did not queue vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant and you eat your fill take heed that you do not forget the eternal who freed you from the land of egypt the house of bondage revere only the eternal god and wash and worship god alone and swear only by god’s name do not follow other gods any gods of the people about you for the eternal your god in your midst is an impact an impassioned god lest the anger of the eternal your god blaze forth against you wiping you off the face of the earth do not try the eternal your god as you did at master be sure to keep the commandments decrees and laws that the eternal your god has enjoined upon you do what is right and good in the sight of the eternal that it may go well with you and that you may be able to possess the good land that the eternal your god promised on oath to your fathers and that all your enemies may be driven out before you as the eternal has spoken when in time to come your children ask you what mean the decrees laws and rules that the eternal our god has enjoined upon you you shall say to your children we were slaves to pharaoh in egypt and the eternal freedom of egypt with a mighty hand thank you very much connecting myself back so um we will now please clear the lectern so that we can place the torah scroll there and then charles will do for us the hyderabad jeremy you can please please rise is thank you and you may be seated and i have now the special pleasure to call eva to her first aliyah in public in this congregation and so i say ta’amu ta’amu cover but rishona ah food foreign and here i have a little blessing for you um which is coming a little bit in delay but um so when we now speak about did you become um about mitzvah all these blessings of course are in connection with your journey and we all know that even there is an idea that when we turn 13 that we’re then count into the numbers of the congregation who are considered to be adult we all know that this is a process and also your but mitzvah journey um has been a process and we all see you also and hopefully we’ll see you also in future growing um in your jewish identity so we ask the eternal who blessed our ancestors abram isaac and jacob sarah rebecca rachel leia and hannah to bless eva who has come for an aliyah upon reaching the age of mitzvot with reverence for god respect for the torah and the shabbat day so may the holy one protect and sustain you helping you to be wholehearted in your faith to study torah and fulfill mitzvot and to walk in god’s ways may your parents continue to rear you to maturity guiding you to the blessing of torah for power and the life of mason to win good deeds and may you find always favor before god and the community to which you all say amen and there will be some more blessings but now what we do we will swap lecterns and i will continue reading from here you can be there or you can sit with what to say and so the second aliyah is to your for your parents foreign he is um now we have the pleasure to invite the next generation to join us here no son your grandfather foreign in i when we still have the torah out with us we use it as an opportunity to share a blessing with all those of our congregational family and the society around us who are not well and we pray that they will be restored to full strength of body and soul and i will read the prayer and when you have um someone in your mind who um is not well and you want to have them included in your prayers in our prayers so you may then in the little break um call out their name or you have the name in your hearts and god will hear me him it’s with you one brother who had a little reaction to the vaccination but we hope that still this is only a step towards being really full of strength and health is the one who blessed our ancestors abram isaac and jacob sarah rebecca rachel layer bless and heal those who are ill and may the holy one be filled with compassion for the health for their health to be restored and their strength to be revived and may god swiftly send them a complete renewal of body and spirit and we all say amen and so we will prepare the scroll to be returned and in the meantime i’m asking john stevens to read for us the community blessing which then is followed by behaved our god whose to me is everlasting we ask you to bless our sovereign lady queen elizabeth and to guide the government of this country help us to be good citizens working together for justice and peace at home and abroad bless this holy community and all holy communities and support the life and work of all who labor for their welfare our god and god of our ancestors we ask your blessing on the state of israel and all who live there give wisdom and understanding to its leaders and friendship and compassion to the people so that there may be lasting peace on its borders and it is homes soon may your promise be fulfilled for torah shall come out of zion and the word of god from jerusalem we ask you to listen to our prayers and look on us kindly supporting those who are troubled consoling the bereaved sending relief to those in pain or anxiety as you blessed our fathers abraham isaac and jacob and our mothers sarah rebecca rachel and leia bless our own congregation all other congregations gathered in prayer and everyone who responds to the needs of the community may such be the divine will and let us say omi thank you very much and we continue now with the haftarah for today and um if you have a homage we’re on page 776 or implode on page 1595 and eva will direct us which special after are we reading today today’s hector is isaiah chapter 61 verse 1 to 10. it can be found in the himachal on page 776 and in the old plow on page 1595 this after is one of the seven readings of consolation from isaiah read following to shabbat the day of destruction of the temple the readings provide comfort after this summer occasion and prepare the individual emotionally and spiritually for the upcoming high holidays aloha is comfort oh comfort my people comfort them says your god speak tenderly to jerusalem say to her that she has served her term and that her sin is pardoned for she has received from the land of the eternal more than enough punishment for her sins a voice calls prepare a road for the eternal through the wilderness clear a highway in the desert for our god every valley shall be exalted every mountain and hail made low then even ground shall be made level the rough places are plain your town’s presence shall be revealed and united all shall see it the eternal one has spoken a voice rings out an ounce another asks what shall i announce all flesh is grass and all its grace like a flower in the field grass withers and flowers fade when’s god breath flows on them yes the people are grass grass withers and flowers fade but our god’s word holds good forever ascend a high mountain a herald of good tidings to zion where is your voice of power a herald of good tidings to jerusalem speak up without fear say to the cities of judah behold your god behold the eternal god coming in might coming to rule with outstretched arm bringing divine reward and recompense from on high like a shepherd tending a flock gathering the lambs in his arms carrying them and gently leading those who can measure the oceans in the palm of their hand or gorge the skies with a span or put all earth’s dust in a bushel or weigh the mountains in a scale play hills in a balance who can assess the mind of the eternal or act as god’s advisor whom is god consulted from whom has god taken instruction to learn the path of right who has guided god in knowledge teaching god the way of understanding why the nations of blood are dropping no more than dust on the scale to god whole islands are bought fine dust all lebanon could not provide fuel enough no all its beasts enough for burnt offerings the nations are nothing before god who considers them less than nothing to whom then can you liken god what can you imagine that compares to god an idol a metal worker audit a smith plated it with gold and forged silver links as a gift someone chooses mulberry a wood that does not rot then finds a skillful woodworker to make an idol that won’t fall down do you not know have you not heard were you not told from the beginning that have you not grasped how the world began it is god and thrown beyond the horizon to whom we all seem like grasshoppers it is god who spreads the heavens out like a curtain and stretches them like a tent to live in bringing princess to naught making earth’s rulers is nothing scarcely are they planted hardly sown scarcely that has their stem taken root in earth when god blows on them and they wither and the tempest carries them off like stubble to whom then will you compare me who is my equal says the holy one lift up your eyes on high and see who created these stars the one who leads out their host by number calling them each by name by whose great might and vast power not one is missing um right after tisha b’av and of one of the blessings of one of the hopes we express on tisha b’av and the weeks after is that the laughter of our children will be back in the streets of jerusalem and so i think it is a blessing that we have laughter of children in our synagogue of such a long time where this was a little bit an abandoned place and that we see that life is coming back so it is a blessing to have the laughter of a child in our congregation thank you for bringing this blessing into our sacred space we will now invite your family back and to help us with returning the scroll into the ark so your brothers will have once again um to show that they had a good breakfast with this um very heavy doors of our ark to open that and we are in our city rim on page 251 and please rise he so please place it on the wooden and either if you can take your siddur we’re on page 350. leave it open leave it open 350. in the presence of my teachers the leaders and the members of this holy congregation are now prepared to take upon myself the duties which are binding on all the family of israel i ask their help in the years that lie ahead to strengthen my loyalty and devotion so i may grow in charity in good deeds i think also of those who have gone before me who built all the troubles of the world preserve this heritage and holiness of goodness so that i should enter into it now may i be a true bar mitzvah a daughter of the commandment taking my place in the community of israel accepting its responsibilities rejoicing in his best things may i be a witness to the living god and to god’s goodness and to the magician that lives within me i remember all those who have helped me reach this time i give thanks to for the love and care of my family the patience and instruction of my teachers and the support and companionship of my friends in the torah i have read the word of god with god’s help may i go on to fulfill it in my life amen amen and so may i just answer to you um with a blessing which is taken from the talmud and it asks for you that you may live to see your world fulfilled may your destiny be the worlds still to come and may your trust in generations past and yet to be may your heart be filled with intuition and may your words are may words be filled with insights may song of praise ever be upon your tongue and your vision be in a straight path before you may your eyes shine with the light of holy words and your face reflect the brightness of heavens may your lips speak wisdom and your fulfillment be in righteousness even as you ever yearn to hear words of the ancient holy one of old and we continue on page 256 and with the concluding part of the torah service oh oh o thank you very much and this is the moment that you eva need to stand here in the center and um some people will now look what is under their chairs um so of your family they are all already prepared to shower you with sweets not to throw them at you you are not a target i’m in this way they was quick and um those of you of you also may be seated if that is more comfortable for you and let us start with elohim cement um and i think also so um once again so be gentle um and can i have your brothers and also cozumel jacobo to help now to collecting the sweets um and even when you like you can also collect some of those sweets but in the meantime while um they are doing their job they were waiting for the whole day i’m um have perhaps two or three words i would like to address to eva and to all of you first of all eva thank you so much for being brave to stand today for a second time in front of your congregation and this time not um in one of those little zoom boxes but really here in front of the congregation and even be a little bit the target of some swedes i understand that we all are looking forward to the concluding part of this service therefore my remarks this morning will be a sound bite on only one of the essences of judaism please notice that i have not said the essence because it would not only be the height of a hotspot but would also be totally arbitrary judaism has no organized theological system and is a multitude multi-directional and is multi-directional as our most famous symbol the star of david the magen david pointing in six directions all at the same time so we ask which is the correct direction and the answer is they are all are so perhaps you may assume that i will speak about the shema as it is part of our parashah and you either spoke so eloquent about it i’m not surprised but it was a pretty good guess so perhaps some of you may presume then i will speak about the ten commandments also part of our sidha again not a bad guess but i’m not speaking about the decalogue maybe next time that’s the good thing we read it every year so instead i have chosen to speak about something that for me personally is one of the most essential and fundamental keystones of our judaism the prohibition of wrongly treating and speaking to or against the stranger aside from the word shabbat no other mitzvah in the torah including those pertaining to dietary laws ritual holiday observance and dress appears no more time than the commandment to be sensitive to the feelings of the stranger because we were strangers in the land of egypt the talmud states that one is cautioned 36 times in the torah regarding unsustainable unsustainable behavior and treatment towards a stranger so if kindness and speech and action towards strangers is so important then why are commonly held standards of what constitutes a religious person often based upon outward appearance and degrees of ritual observance but not how a stranger is greeted with a smile or a cold star why is observance of what and how something is eaten viewed as more religious important than the tone of our voice and words chosen when we speak with a person or when we speak with one’s spouse children employees serving staff salespersons as well as the strangers why is an individual who wears a kippah or talit at worship service deemed as performing a more religious act than how that individual welcomes or ignores the stranger who enters her or his place of worship for too many of us observance of rituals customs and ceremonies is the only basis as to how we regard the re really justice religiosis thank you it’s a word that sticks with my mouth it’s a religious tea of a person too often detailed observance of religious choreography is held in a higher regard than basic mentally kite caring for the feeling of a fellow human being with too many of us worshiping flesh over depth and face facet over faith there’s a wonderful quote saying a jewish society is not simply characterized by a high level of kashrut or shabbat observance by dhoni hartman for me a jewish society reflects what eva spoke about in her drasha to ensure that kindness is guiding us that we stand up when racism is crippling our society to use your words eva we are good ambassadors of our faith when we act to make the world a fairer place where privileges help to empower others on this shabbat nahamu with its holy words of the shema which you read to us so beautifully this morning we all not confuse the choreography of a religion with its message the music with its meaning and the sizzle of judaism its ritual traditions and customs with its essence welcoming the gear the stranger the other into our midst and to loving one another as a family friends why because once we too were strangers in the land of egypt and it is a mitzvah so thank you that you reminded us of this very important part of being a jew this morning you will be a wonderful ambassador of your judaism we all say once again shabbat shalom and so let us turn to the eleno on page 310 followed 313 with the second paragraph which is our expression of a world redeemed and if you are able to please rise um 313 and eva will lead us therefore almighty god we put our hope in you so let us witness the glory of your power when the worship of material things shall pass away from the earth and prejudice and superstition shall at last be cut off when the world will be set right by the wall of god and all humanity shall speak out in your name and all the wicked of the earth shall turn to you then all who inhabit this world shall meet in understanding and shall know that to you alone each one shall submit and pledge themselves in every tongue in your presence almighty god they shall bow down and be humble honoring the glory of your being all shall accept the duty of building your kingdom so that your reign and goodness shall come soon and last forever yours alone is the true kingdom and only the glory of your rule endures forever so it is written in your torah the we lovingly recall the members of our congregation who no longer dwell upon this earth they all have a special place in our hearts we pray this day that all who have sustained the loss of loved ones be granted comfort and strength exalted compassionate god comfort our brief congregational families help all of us to perpetuate the worthy values in the lives of those no longer with us whom we remember this day we remember the following who have recently died rosina smith mother of leon cecilia krasner cousin of sharon mylon elaine ilyan foreman and janette ogyeon remember ginger bernard and kenneth carpenter remembered by rosemary and belinda lewis we have the following yard sites hyman and rachel lewis parents of philip lewis bertram and joyce hyman parents of lorna cohen abraham seidman father of leah seidman shayla campbell mother of lucy itkin fanny allen mother of samuel allen geraldo modern and renate hartford modern parents of sylvia gray earl keel brother of helena ware natalie silverstone mother of robert silverstone i have some names remembered by the family and eva will share those names with us um i’d like to remember my grandpa michael cohen and my grandma cynthia hipps who both have loved to be hit today thank you other names you’d like to add we include all of those who have no one to say qaddish for them on this holy shabbat may they um together with all those who mentioned be a blessing to all of us their memories be a blessing to all of us please join on page 316 for the reading of the kadesh is may great peace come from heaven and the gift of life be granted to us and to all the family of israel and to all humanity to which we say amen thank you you may be seated and we have rachel with some announcements for the coming services and then we will turn to the kids next friday’s um of shabbat service will be led by summer priya class and on saturday the service is being led by josie knox and miriam cramer and please do come to our services on shabbat in the synagogue but you need to ring the office or email the office so that we’ve got the list or you can um text me or stella the tent is tomorrow at 4 pm and the book club in beginning of september is clara and the sun by kazuo izuguru just so you’ve got time to start reading it and yes those are my announcements thank you very much and i have here on my list that actually jeremy and victoria would like to have a short moment to address you as a community and then we have also alex table you want as the tutor of eva also to oppress the community in a short moment thank you thank you so much robert i just wanted to say thank you so much to everybody thank you to you for making it really special come over all emotional this is the last time we’re doing this it’s been like a long journey um uh yeah it was eight years ago actually that alex well i accidentally didn’t want to look at you there alex don’t keep you there um that you first saw the first of our children going through here and i remember joseph when you came through here but between each part of your readings you did a big and we all had a bit of a laugh but that’s how i feel today and i’m sure alex you feel that uh equally having got all four of the children and actually had to prepare five different families so that’s been a really amazing thing and we can’t thank you enough um for doing that for us all um and i’d like to thank everyone here i’d like to thank um rachel and stella and all the people who have made everything happen i’d like to thank my sister for helping very much this morning prepare kiddish plates for everybody um jed who made the hala himself um for everybody um and to all the wonderful friends family and community who have supported us and brought us here so thank you so much everybody um we couldn’t do it without you as evil has said russia so thank you very much thank you so we will continue with the kidus and if you can just use this right would i like to just say could i just stay away yes please i just it’s really this is to either okay but in our two years together during coping and spending most of it on zoom will live long in my memory and the memory of you i hope as will today’s beautiful service i can’t say how beautiful i have found this and everybody who’s contributed has made it very moving rabbi has a night of abbreviations which victoria just alluded to for bar and batman it’s because it’s a vami well being topical in the week of the start of the tokyo olympics having a bammy is like a triathlon with the three disciplines of reading russia and laning so at the finish there’s a fantastic feeling of achievement now a bammy anniversary can be likened to a marathon on top of the vermi triathlon there’s often a stage in the marathon when it hits the wall and the pacing companion is valuable or as you’ve become such a rowing enthusiast which i’ve come to admire over the last year it’s the cox who barks the instructions at you and wills you on to even greater effort well that’s been joseph who’s really made the difference for your laning and he deserves a special thanks so thank you joe all the honor and congratulations though go to you eva for facing up to this huge double challenge and on behalf of everybody i’m sure i wish you a hearty muzzle well done exactly but um this is of course a wonderful opportunity to thank um all our team our tutors team especially um you alex and rachel and michal who are preparing our bene mitzvah so wonderfully for this occasions and also a thank you to mikhail for being our hazard this morning and to our tech team who are somewhere in this um not den but something um a little bit the small chamber um and making sure that all those who we have on zoom and on youtube can follow our service so thank you very much and we are on page 454 for the kidus perhaps join your parents 454 first is is for the eternal your god that day you shall do no work neither you nor your son or your daughter nor your servant a man or woman nor your cattle nor the stranger who lives in your home for in six days the creator made heaven and earth on the seas and all that is in them and rested on the seventh day therefore god bless the shaman and make it kidding mr just uncover it and take a little bit of it because usually the khala wants to be tasted and then we um invite mikhail to um yeah say goodbye to all of us with this wonderful adono alam which you can find on page 320 and this gives me also an opportunity to thank everyone and each one of you um for being here with us on this shabbat journey together with eva um wish you all um i wish you all much blessings may you all go from strength to strength is may the eternal bless you and keep you and may you always have sunshine perhaps in your heart if it’s not outside and mikhail they are foreign i

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