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Woke Church and Big Eva – Clinical Insanity

by smart

you know i don’t know if it’s just me but in in my opinion the the hit ratio for protestia’s articles has been ratcheted up in my opinion i don’t read every protester article there’s some stuff that i’m not all that interested in you know there’s just certain topics for certain people um but lately i’ve been very interested in many of the articles coming out of protesting so i wanted to talk about actually two articles in particular in my book social justice pharisees woke church tactics and how to engage them this is a an error copy you can see sort of the the binding is uh an error i’m not going to send this one out you know baseball cards if you have something like that happen the card is worth a lot more i don’t know if that’s going to work the same way for my book but in any case in this book i provided a i think it’s like a two and a half page quotation of and the reason i did two and a half pages i dedicated to one quotation from him and the reason i dedicated that much space to it is because i did not think that if i tried to summarize the quotation that people would believe me because it’s that satanic i mean when you read it i’ve had probably at this point maybe 10 or 20 people reach out to me and say man i just read that the beauty quote like wow i had no idea how far this goes and the quotation is a very lengthy thing where he’s it’s interesting because he’s addressing it to woke white people like people that are friendly to all of his uh errant teaching which is interesting because this is his allies that he’s addressing this to it it’d be one thing if he was addressing it to a guy like me i’m not the bt’s ally but he’s addressing it to allies and he’s saying look i know you want to help us i know you you care about the things i care about um but here’s the reality i don’t what we need right now is not our shared identity in christ i don’t want you to identify with me in christ what i want what i need is for you to identify with my blackness you need to identify with his black skin is what he said and he actually goes even further he says if i have to choose identi i don’t but if i did have to choose between identity and christ and identity with uh with my black brothers he chooses identity with his black brothers i can’t think of a more satanic teaching for a professed christian who claims to be a pastor to teach i mean it goes against direct revelation from god there’s a passage that i talk about in this book uh it’s a very hard passage a lot of people don’t know what to do with it it’s where christ says if anyone would come after me this is not a direct quote but uh it’s close if anyone would come after me but does not hate his father mother children even his own life he cannot be my disciple now obviously christ is not telling you to overturn the law of god where it says honor your father and mother so he’s not saying you should treat your parents contrary to the law of god what he is saying though is that your loyalty must be absolute your loyalty to christ and you’re identifying with christ and his people and what he’s up to that has to be total it can’t be halfway there’s no halfway crooks in the body of christ like like it has to be a complete loyalty and so in comparison your loyalty to your own flesh your own blood looks like hatred okay so so so that’s an important passage because he what he’s saying is he directly refutes what the beede is saying the beati is not a believer so he’s overturning what christ would say christ says if you don’t hate your father and mother you know your ancestors your tribe um you can’t be my disciple it’s it’s just that simple you can’t do it one doesn’t work with the other the bd is saying if i had to choose between my identity and christ and my blackness i choose my blackness he’s not hating his father and mother he’s not hating his tribe it’s the most basic primitive way to identify like oh look you’ve got the similar skin color to me you kind of look like me we must be friends like it’s the most base level nonsense of course but um the beatty has chosen that i mean it’s it’s it’s totally pagan it’s a pagan way of looking at the world now i provided that quotation here and i thought you know maybe it’s the beatty’s you know i don’t think he’s alone in this but amongst you know christian pastors you know i say christian very loosely there who are known and are published and are celebrated he’s probably alone because that’s pretty extreme well protestia uh reported here about charlie dates who said something similar now i know that some people get upset when i do the uh the hip hop voice when i’m talking from uh from a black preacher’s perspective so here’s another voice that i’ll do well i’ve got one idea it’s how we’ve been trained the further in and the deeper down black preachers go into white evangelicalism the more anti-justice and anti-black they become they start saying stuff like quote i’m a christian before i’m black so to to charlie dates it’s a huge problem for a black christian to say i identify in christ before i identify with my skin color see that’s paganism it’s not even paganism in sheep’s clothing it’s like not even like like veiled paganism it’s a pig it’s cave man that’s a caveman mindset where your tribe is people who sort of look like you and that’s where your loyalty lies i mean the base the most base level caveman thought that way as well but christ in his word says that actually can’t be where your loyalty lies it can’t be with your ethnicity your loyalty must be absolute and it must be to christ again that’s not saying that you don’t look out for good things for your family right i oh i i’m trying to advantage my family at every turn but i have to do it according to christ’s commands i can’t do it contrary to quite christ’s commands i can’t do it uh in in in spite of christ’s commands like my loyalty to christ overrides my loyalty to my family there’s nothing wrong with me trying to treat my family well and to advantage my family but i must do it always considering what my lord my master my king would have me do my loyalty to christ overrides my loyalty to my family and i don’t have to choose this because god also commands that i love my my wife and my kids and stuff like that like that’s one of christ’s commands he’s a good king i don’t have to choose this but it’s a very simple choice if it came down to my loyalty to my family or my loyalty to my god i choose my god it’s not a hard decision it’s a very simple decision because christ said if anyone would come after me does not hate his father and mother his children his wife even his own life he can’t be my disciple i want to be christ’s disciple and so my loyalty is absolute to christ but it’s interesting here charlie he he identifies being anti-justice and anti-black as saying i’m a christian before i’m black so if you’re a christian and you identify in christ over your identify identify with your blackness then you’re anti-black your anti-justice how twisted is this world it’s just so pagan this man he has no business teaching anybody anything because he’s basically at a caveman level he’s thinking well you know i mean like i know christ came and and uh you know he created the universe and i know he said these things but you know you know black though you know so i my blackness that’s what’s important you know christ is maybe alongside of that you know maybe maybe it’s another god doesn’t take any other gods before him guys that’s why that passage is so extreme it’s like no no i’m sorry i won’t take loyalty that’s divided between me and your uh your husband or me and your wife i won’t take that kind of loyalty your your loyalty your dedication to christ must be total it must be total or you can’t be his disciple and so i don’t think it’s very i’m not going out on a limb here to say that charlie dates can’t be christ’s disciple and yet here he is preaching to many supposed christians it’s a real shame it’s a real shame anyway so that’s one article but really what i wanted to talk about is this article this is interesting this is part one and according to protestia part two is going to contain information about how docent research group is funded and brothers let me just say this this article is very extensive look at this a lot of work went into this article i don’t even want to know how many man hours went into this article there’s screenshots there’s wayback machine stuff there’s videos there’s audios and it talks about a lot of the key players in docent it talks about it even has pricing so there’s pricing structures here as far as you know doing the surveys and stuff like that i don’t know if it has all the pricing but it has some of the pricing guys let me just say this like if you don’t like protests you don’t like jd hall and the people associated with them well that’s just too too bad that’s too bad if you want to if you want to compete with jd hall go ahead and do what he’s doing and then do it in your nicer way if that listen i might even like that i might even like that you know who knows maybe maybe jd hall is is is my cup of tea because he’s the only one out here doing it so i don’t know any better maybe maybe maybe a nicer approach doing this exact kind of work would be better i mean i i don’t know because nobody’s doing it so so so if you think that that he’s a scourge on the church and he’s just a slanderer mocker all this kind of stuff like if that’s what you think okay so then you try to compete with him give us this information in the nice way you want to you know maybe i’ll like it better i don’t know i mean i i have no idea because there’s nobody doing the things that he’s doing you know what i mean it’s just the quality here the effort here is just unimaginable protest to you guys i know a lot of you guys thank you for doing this this is this is important information this article talks about how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to the docent research group and here is part one everything but the funding that’s coming in part two so and also if you wanna see like the the cliff notes there’s a docent for dummies that came out as well but i i recommend reading this entire thing this is just remarkable work it talks about sort of the you know how this all started you know ed linton’s you know plagiarism and how ed linton has lied again and again layers of lies allegedly on top of each other to cover up the fact that he’s plagiarizing people you know it talks about uh how that um you remember his uh his unorthodox statement of faith that had a christian formal heresy in his view of god apparently even that was plagiarized people did some searches and apparently allegedly this started from the dallas bay church and it was word for word the same no credit was given look other people people use other people’s churches stuff all the time but you know you give it credit of course obviously but anyway so so just exp talks about all the evidence that came out after this because obviously once he started doing running cover and running you know he’s saying lies about what had happened people were like okay let’s look into this there’s obviously where there’s smoke there’s fire so tons of stuff came out tons of stuff came out about edward and all that and then that that’s what led us to docent research group right that’s what led us to docent so people started saying you know i wonder if he really stole it from jd or if they had like the same source as like an extra source on the side that nobody knows what it is and that’s where docent research groups started coming oh this one was interesting this was a a video that that uh ed linton lied admits that he used to lie about a sermon prep used to say 24 hours of sermon but really it’s only like 10 hours of sermon and i got to say if edlin’s spending 10 hours i don’t even believe that if he’s spending 10 hours on a sermon and all he’s doing is plagiarizing that’s pretty lame man i don’t even believe that so anyway so here we go a lot of interesting stuff here talks about the articles that big eva had written over time about how plagiarism is so wrong and disqualifying and i didn’t know this this is very interesting so jd grier i knew j.d greer had written an article oh 10 years ago or so about plagiarism but apparently he deleted that article you know within the last few days so he went back and he tried to clean up the article and the tweet where he shared the article because he doesn’t want to condemn ed litten so here’s what happened so plagiarism used to be a sin but now because it’s his buddy who’s a social justice woke warrior now it’s no longer a sin or at least he doesn’t want everyone to know it’s a sin so i didn’t know this he had deleted some of the evidence you know i can’t even believe that people still do this you know when they have public articles out there that they delete their stuff because obviously we’re gonna find it i mean everybody way backs machines everything these days so the article is obviously still here if you want to read the article um or or see the tweet it’s all still in the wayback machine and it’s all contained here that’s what i love about this article i mean if you want a one-stop shop for this entire controversy this is really good so anyway so um but then people said oh you know jd greer used to outsource his sermons like he used to hire docent research group to do his research form his sermon prep form and stuff like that and uh so all of a sudden this this this theory that maybe they just have the same source started gaining some traction but anyway so here is um let me just pause for one moment this is i thought this was an interesting quotation so this quotes a few people that used to support and promote docent research group this one was from jd greer and he says you know i’ve often had people remark to me how many hours did you spend on that sermon where did you get time to do all that research ah thanks guys for making me look good so you know he’s very happy that like you know it appears to people on the outside that he’s doing a lot of hard work but really he isn’t he’s just outsourcing it doesn’t so he’s he’s promoting it because like you guys are going to look like you’re smart too and and all that kind of thing i’ve often wondered about jd greer because he doesn’t appear to be that intelligent but his sermons are pretty engaging and interesting so i always wondered about that but um so obviously i mean he’s not doing any of the work the other one that i found was interesting was was mark driscoll mark driscoll was apparently a user of docent research group maybe he still is nobody really knows but uh here’s what his quotation says docent has been invaluable to me i think i’ve had them do nearly everything but cut my grass they’ve saved me hundreds of hours of work and multiplied my effectiveness i have recommended them to lots of friends because any ministry that serves leaders who serve god’s people is a great gift so he’s very excited about how much time he saves and how doesn’t does everything for him except presents the information so basically he mark driscoll is he’s saying i’m basically an actor you know i’m an actor and that kind of thing so um then we have tim keller endorsing docent you know this we watched this video before basically says that you know ministry is too hard these days and so now you need docent back in the old days it was a lot easier but now it’s too hard you need to you know study sociology and stuff like that and that’s why uh dosing is great because they’re social sociologists and blah blah blah blah blah so that’s uh that again i i can’t do this article justice this is just a couple snippets that i found interesting it also goes into this is the people that work for docent or you know and write for docent and it basically makes the case that these guys are just super progressive super liberal there’s there’s not a conservative among them and of course they are writing things and reading books and doing the book studies and all and giving you sociology sociological insights according of course to pagan uh pagan sources because that’s what liberals do and so it’s just very interesting that of course the drum beat is the same they’re all buying the same liberal information from docent research group matt chandler’s doing it all that kind of stuff let’s uh let’s forward a little bit because there’s a few lots of screenshots promoting liberal causes lgbt you know soft on abortion black lives matter the whole thing the whole thing um all right so let’s continue yeah this is he got a homosexual here he was a writer for docent so caleb murphy a homosexual you know gay advocate faithfully lgbt claims to be a christian and also gay um he may have been writing your sermons pastors uh pastor sermons for him so there you go all right let’s uh let’s another another thing that this article talks about there’s a lot of women here as well that are that are working for uh docent research group which is interesting because a lot of these complementarians these fake complementarians you know at least they say well women can’t preach but is it really that much of a difference if a woman is writing your sermon for you and you just happen to preach it and it’s interesting because you know the effeminacy of the woman who wrote your sermon comes out very often a lot of these pastors they have a very effeminate style about them and all of that they don’t preach the way that george whitfield preached they don’t preach the way that uh spurgeon preached they preach like women and a lot of people have noticed that and this is this is not a knock on women because women are caring they’re nurturing my son when he gets hurt very rarely wants to come to daddy he wants to go to mommy because he knows that mommy’s going to comfort him and stuff like that and um and daddy’s a little bit you know he’ll comfort him but he’ll also tell him to you know dry your eyes it’s time you know like that kind of thing like women are different you know god made women a certain way and that way is not uh akin to it’s not it’s not good it’s not effective it’s not the way people are supposed to preach we’ve often noticed you know a lot of these big eva guys are very effeminate and it makes sense i mean women are writing their sermons for them so there’s there’s that as well all right um let’s go i wanted to find one thing that i thought was in all right here it is so this one was super interesting to me because one of the things that i talk about conspiracy theories a lot and um and all of that and one of the one of the criticisms often that i get about conspiracy theories and this is actually something that doug wilson also criticizes about conspiracy theories and i think he’s wrong about this okay this is the second time i think maybe that i’ve disagreed with doug wilson publicly so we’ll see how i go how this one goes the first one went really well that was the uh the church closing thing i think i beat him on that one so it was like at 81 doug wilson 365 or whatever it is um let’s try another one because he wrote an article about about conspiracy theories and in it essentially one of the cases is that it almost assigns too much power to the to the enemies right it assigns too much power to the government or too much power to um you know nasa or whatever it is like whatever the conspiracy theory is about it’s almost assigning god-like powers like they know everything they can do everything they’re just they’re just competent to the nth degree they make no mistakes they cover their tracks perfectly and actually i disagree with that i really do because i actually don’t think that most um of these conspiracy theories rely on someone being very uh able to cover their tracks in fact i think that most of these powers that be are actually pretty sloppy when you think about i’ll give you an example i was listening to a bond trader talk about the federal reserve and the case that he was making was that you know when you say that the federal reserve has all this power over bond rates and things like that and the economy that you’re signing it almost a god-like power and he doesn’t think that they’re that competent and actually i i i don’t think they’re that competent either in fact i don’t think they’re i don’t even think that they’re doing a good job i think it’s totally out of control and the federal reserve is flailing here they’re trying anything they’re trying this it’s not working they’re trying that it’s not working like like they’re there are failures right and they’re very sloppy but the thing is when things are going great and everything’s fine and you don’t notice how sloppy they’ve been because things are going okay things are just kind of plugging along there’s no reason to look under the hood of anything it’s like okay great i mean things are going good they were making these mistakes all along but because things were good you didn’t notice them you know like i question a lot of what i hear from nasa is a lot of a lot of uh cgi let’s put it that way with a lot of the stuff they give us a lot of fake colors and stuff like that i remember the video i did where i i pointed to pluto and i said this is fake and it’s a picture of pluto that’s like red and blue and gray or whatever and i said that’s fake and of course it is fake i mean the colors really aren’t red and blue but they just added it to make it look cool there’s pictures of the earth that aren’t real either they just adjust it to adjust to your expectations with cgi and and people are like well well so a lot of people will say well well so so a.d what are you saying like like how are they able to pull the wool over your eyes well i mean if you’re not really thinking about are they faking the p the pluto picture like why would you even question it it’s just you know you’re not looking under the hood so there this the mistakes that they’re made like i can point out hey see that see that cloud formation it’s the same cloud formation four times in a row it’s obviously a fake picture but if you’re not even suspicious of it you’re not going to look for it and so that’s what i think happens a lot of the time and with docent it’s the same kind of thing like here’s a here’s a quotation from from jared wilson who was a docent uh author writer or whatever he used to write stuff for docent and um he he actually makes an interesting admission here because docent claims that they don’t do exegesis in fact one of their sales pitches is that you can focus on your exegesis we’ll give you all the sociological studies the illustrations we’ll do that work you do the hard work of exegesis because after all that’s what a pastor is supposed to be doing it’s supposed to be interpreting the word of god and presenting it to you as flock you know the bible says you you you you preach the word of god you give the sense of it that’s the work of a of a preacher right so here is doug wilson making an interesting or not doug wilson uh jared wilson making an interesting admission and again this is sloppy right this is very sloppy but there’s no reason to catch this if you’re not thinking about it here’s what jared said at one point he said one client i worked for only wanted sermon illustrations pages and pages of them no exegesis no reference excerpts okay so what’s the big deal there a.d well what it says is that he found this interesting because they didn’t want exegesis they didn’t want references all they wanted were illustrations and he found that unusual which means that docent research group does do exegesis it does interpret the bible for you you have people with great sociology degrees very liberal even women interpreting the bible for your pastor who can then take their interpretations and pass them off as their own interpretations so that they look good you see this is this is sloppy jared admitted this and he had no reason not to it’s but but you know from what i understand you have to sign nda so i wonder if this was compliant with that we’ll see we’ll see but apparently they do do exegesis they do do the work of a pastor it’s not just a little help here a little help there they also will interpret the bible for you so if your pastor is not interpreting the bible for himself what is he doing that’s the question what is he doing this is a fascinating article and i have to say that my suspicions about the leftward drift of the church in the united states being an intentional thing um they’re just even more they’re even more founded now that this company exists obviously pushing progressive narratives obviously this company should not exist and i cannot wait to see who funds this company there’s just so many possibilities here and i’m just looking forward to it but to be honest like if i was in one of these sort of like big eva-ish type churches where you know they’ve got connections so like acts 29 you know uh you know what’s the other one there’s a few groups that like nine marks if you if you go to a church with uh with uh maybe a no-name pastor but he’s connected to some of these guys you know gospel coalition new england whatever it is i honestly would ask my pastor do you use docent research group or a company like it because if you go to a church where your pastor is not doing the work of a pastor then you need to get out of there that’s a fake church i mean it’s just that simple you got to get out of there but anyway thanks to protestia for doing this article i really appreciate it a lot of interesting stuff here i hope you found this video helpful god bless

Woke Church and Big Eva - Clinical Insanity

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