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WRC3 Friday Highlights – Rally Estonia 2021

by smart

[Music] the wrc three class leader is johann russell but he’s not in estonia so poland’s kaiatang kaitanovic behind him in this title race was set on closing the game but he finished the day in fourth [Music] egon core is the italic of this category he was planning a big push on stages that are familiar to him but out of stage nine that push had yet to come he’s in third place [Music] emil lindholm drives the skoda fabian together they’ve shown real promise today he was consistent quick and stayed out of trouble he finished the opening day in estonia in second place the man they all have to catch produce to masterclass that’s russian alexi lucky he won every stage and led all day evidence of why he is a two times european champion [Applause] [Music] watch wrc plus on all devices wrc plus or live

WRC3 Friday Highlights - Rally Estonia 2021

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