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y’all already know what time it is it is time for the mess what is going on y’all this be your boy scout by nature tv and we’re here for another episode of yes for the mess and we’re here to talk about jaylen banks and fallon gulbatia okay i hope i said the name right i can never get that last name right but nothing in the world but we’re here to talk about them too and i know ever since that picture came out i know y’all been waiting on me to talk about this [ __ ] anyway because i’ve had so many strong opinions about it which ain’t changed at all before you even come up under here thinking that you finna finna check me i still feel the same way about porsche i still think that she’s a lion ass um backstabbing [ __ ] i still think that and that’s never gonna change however fallon we gotta talk girl so let’s get into it jalen posted a picture and um he said a man is truly a man when he earns the respect of a good woman and keeps her trust okay and then um a little bit after that he posted something else so when everybody else was coming on and he posted i don’t need approval from anyone on what i do in my life we were best friends at first that being said i picked up where a man left off i’m happy and she’s happy and that’s it and then she posted then fallon posted a video saying date night vibing and then she posted a story with jaylen you know doing some crazy [ __ ] and she talking about i’ve never laughed so much at it’s jaylen banks and all of my sources and everything else vary from hollywood unlocked and gossip of the city shout out to the team scotty member that sent me that so here’s what scotty got to say about it can y’all get the [ __ ] away from me with this okay can y’all get the [ __ ] away from me with this okay because this story just keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny going and going and going and going you don’t know what’s going on on this side and you don’t know what’s going on on that side now if we’re being real about it so apparently simon wasn’t lying about fallon maybe seeing jalen or even [ __ ] jaylen who knows but at the same point in time that does not exonerate porsha from anything a lot of her fans wanted this [ __ ] to be true just so we can lay off of her ain’t no laying off of her we still gonna call her ass out for being a [ __ ] that [ __ ] somebody’s husband while she was in her face now regardless of what fallon did because if they just got together okay if they got together when he said they got together that’s another thing that’s wrong point blank period that’s wrong i don’t believe in cheating no no [ __ ] body if you in a relationship or in a marriage ain’t no need for you to be out here cheating if you ain’t happy you need to leave that [ __ ] and go on about your business instead of being married to somebody knowing that you ain’t happy and you [ __ ] around on them while you’re with them that’s how i feel about that so no if she was with jaylen when simon said that she was she’s a [ __ ] up [ __ ] for that herself but that does not mean that we’re gonna lay off porsha that does not mean that we’re gonna lay off sign because the situation is still [ __ ] wrong okay she was still in that woman’s house still on being friends with her still hanging out with her and was [ __ ] her man the whole time that’s still wrong okay and on top of that i want to know how long fallon has been with jaylen that’s what i want to know how long has she been with him because y’all know tisa taylor shout out to her because y’all know i shot a hot out on one of my last videos y’all know that teacher tells been on this story for a minute now you notice she’s been on portion simon asked now if you watch one of her videos she did say that when she met simon on camera she was [ __ ] with him then that was back in september last year so how long has jaylen been [ __ ] around with fallon because based on what t-satell said porsha and simon been [ __ ] since since september october somewhere so she been [ __ ] simon that long when did fallon start [ __ ] jaylen because if that’s the case if if simon been talking to porsha all the way since september then that means even if fallon did cheat on simon he was already [ __ ] around on her with porsche before he even found out anything about jalen so he was cheating first if that’s the case but we don’t know how long jaylen and fallon been been screwing around see both simon and fallon is on some [ __ ] [ __ ] and porsha and jaylen are both looking like two rebounded ass [ __ ] that’s what it looked like that’s what it looked like to me i really don’t know what to believe at this point i’m just looking at y’all in the comments talking about the child man and portia you goddamn right we mad at her and we really mad at her we just calling her out for what the [ __ ] she did and that was wrong period y’all y’all waiting to say simon right so they can uh so y’all girl can be exonerated but at the end of the day she’s still not exonerated because she was still um wrong for what the [ __ ] she did and how the [ __ ] she did she still took somebody else’s man still someone that was her friend took somebody else’s man was all up in that girl house knowing that she was [ __ ] that woman husband so y’all can miss me with the [ __ ] [ __ ] all y’all gotta do is look at teassa tails videos and baby [ __ ] tails ain’t telling no lies honey she ain’t telling no lies and y’all know she ain’t telling no lies but it’s apparent to me that fallon been messing around with jaylen i just need the timeline because after watching tessa teals um investigation videos on this because that is a theorem but let me tell you about these tales now she’s very [ __ ] thorough with her investigations on this [ __ ] y’all need to watch her videos because a lot of that [ __ ] makes a whole lot of sense make sure y’all tune in and tease the tails that’s number one number two how long have fallon and jalen been together how long have they been messing around how long i need the timeline i really do need the timeline because according to tell us the tales fallon uh portions haven’t been screwing since september of 2020 so when did jalen and fallon start screwing around that’s what i want to know that’s what i want to know however two cheats don’t make a right though you know what i mean like even if even you know even if simon was cheating on um fallon first she know him back don’t make it right you know what i’m saying she know him back don’t make it right but at the same point in time um it’s i still look at simon sideways too because you want to put falun on blast for cheating on you but she was already talking to porsche before you even filed for divorce you was with porsche when you filed for divorce so i’m just trying to figure out like huh that’s why this whole we fell in love with the mumble [ __ ] i never bought that y’all been screwing and teach the tales told the story man listen i’m telling y’all y’all better watch tctal’s videos i’m gonna name drop her as much as i want to y’all better watch her videos but all in all child i am tired of talking about porsha simon fallon and now jaylen because i’m more than convinced at this point that everybody wants a story line everybody want to be in a public eye everybody want to be in the blogs that’s just what that’s just what i take from this [ __ ] that’s just what i take from it period point blank like that [ __ ] is crazy and that is that on that ain’t got nothing else to say um on that all i know is if this if the if these two couples are happy i guess we should let them be happy even portion simon maybe y’all can go out on a double date or something who [ __ ] knows i don’t know at this point i don’t [ __ ] know at this point i just don’t [ __ ] know at all but however with that being said you guys this video boy scouted by nature tv be sure to like rate comment subscribe and share this video and if you want to follow me on social media my twitter and my instagram will be down below at the bottom of the video with that being said i’m out of here to my next video i’ll highlight you later love mayor trump’s video comes on in about four minutes so i gotta get my ass up out here so i can watch this show and get ready on top of that not only do i have to put out video a video for a lovely mayor trump’s bill i also have to put out a video for the circle atlanta okay i’m behind on it but i’ve been sick and now my mother has coveted so um i’m trying to take care of her you know get her back to wellness at this point because my mama got covered so i gotta look out for my mama me and my brother gotta look out for my momma so with that being said you guys i’m not here until my next video i’ll highlight you later peace out we can always find our way to a fun moment even in the shady bunch you


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