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Zalon and Jools Holland on Sky News – 10 Years Since Amy Winehouse Passed Away

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jules joins me now as does singer-songwriter zalon thompson who was one of amy’s backing singers uh welcome to you both jules first of all um i think i saw her on your program a few times actually what what was it about amy winehouse that was so compelling i think there was a number of things that were really special about her and unique she was an amazing singer uh i mean i was her friend and we like the same sort of music i can’t speak for her now sadly but um but i i think the thing that was really remarkable was first of all her voice she had a voice like somebody like edith piaf or sarah vaughan or some of the great people she liked sort of voice it doesn’t come along just every once every sort of five or ten years but sort of comes along just every 50 years really and i think the other thing that’s important to remember she was an amazing poet you know her song love is a losing game sounds very simple but it’s such a great poem that i think in oxford at the university they sort of inducted her and brought her into some special thing because it was considered to be such great poetry so i think it’s important to remember that she was really a sort of a great poet and uh and a very good humid person you know she wasn’t uh she was she was a great fan to be around and jules her range i mean soul blues jazz it was almost as if she could sing anything i think the great singers are like that and i think also she doesn’t have any divisions in her mind about what sort of music you know as long as it’s great music and it comes from here then it you know she loved it we did songs that were like from old jazz standards we did uh toots and the maitel song with her once and in fact we learned it up we were just about to do it on the show she said but that’s not the person i’m in oh no she said it doesn’t matter we’ll do it anyway she was very old kind of great ideas and and uh and and musically kind of very broad-minded and introduced i think a lot of young people so a lot of the great music that they perhaps wouldn’t know about right and zalon i mean you met her i understand a live music venue in london before she was a star just describe the moment you first heard her sing it was incredible i was on stage and i was uh performing at 10 rooms in central london and uh i was singing to the ladies and then this small girl comes out of nowhere and says oh my god you’re amazing and i was like uh thanks but i’m performing she’s like no but you are amazing and i’m like i’m looking at the band i’m looking at the audience and i’m like thank you but i’m performing and then the host patrick allen said ladies and gentlemen mrs amy whitehouse she sang and i was like oh my gosh you are amazing and we became really close from then so it was really special right and she liked your singing enough she invited you onto the back to black tour is that right absolutely she did and um at first one of the band called me up and said hey you know zelena would you like to come on tour with amy and i said no i’m not backing singer i’m not going to do it and then she called me up and said baby will you come on the road with me and i said ah all right then it was supposed to be six months ended up being six years and what a beautiful six years it was six years and jules i mean we’ve got to talk about it i suppose what was it like watching this mesmerizing talent succumb to this crippling life of addiction well i think that’s a pretty sort of a depressive thing i think that’s uh but it’s in all professions you know it’s people who work in tv doctors policemen librarians everybody can succumb to it so we’ve all got to be careful but i think what i’d rather do is focus on remembering all of the great bits about her and the most of the time i spent with her and i think zelen also remember the same thing is that she was really good human she was like a funny an enjoyable person to be around she had a great wit about her she wasn’t like a gloomy sort of person to be around and uh i think that’s probably what i remember most about she was great company she was like a friend that you won’t have as a friend because she was amusing and fun and on top of all that when she opened her mouth and started scene she she could see anything and it would make you love the song i think the thing about a really great singer is it when they sing a song that you didn’t particularly like i haven’t particularly noticed but when they sing it it suddenly illuminates it and you go wow i love that song now well and that’s what he was andrew zellon you were at the grammys with her weren’t you when when she won a grammy absolutely um she ran into my arms and i said baby you did it and she said no we did it and for me it was such an amazing thing that in her moment of all her glory she remembered all the journeys of all the small clubs that we performed in front of those people and um and it was so beautiful you know it was like a celebration of of all of the journey that we’d been through and did you know did you ever talk to her about her sort of low points and was that something you discussed with her or was it just a sort of music i remember i remember one point um i went to her and i said listen amy come come and stay at my grandparents house we just will just get away they’ll take good care of you um we won’t tell anybody you know we’ll feed you we’ll look after you she says no it’s okay baby i’m okay and i i don’t know i chalked it up to the moment that she probably didn’t want to bring um you know the the wolves of the press um you know to my into the world of my grandparents because it was nasty it was really nasty yeah at jules i mean she was a great singer great songwriter as you say poet um we lost her so young 27 that age again i mean what would she have gone on do you think to become it’s interesting to think i mean it’s impossible to know but it’s interesting to think what she would have gone because she the one thing is if she had been well she would have had longevity wouldn’t she i think that of anybody she really would i think she’s like one of the great singers that’s what i mean like one of the great singers of all time the great and you really uh and and zaylon who’s a fantastic singer will know this but you know there’s great singers and there are singers who are really great but the ones that just come up very you know every sort of 25 years or whatever and she was one of them so i think by now also her writing and her poetry she would have written more great songs which of course we’re never going to hear but i think she would have done more great songs and she loved to sing so they would have also been just little moments that we would have had on television or maybe you just seen her at a party singing a song that would have moved people she had that ability to connect and communicate and move people with her voice because when she sang she had complete belief in what she was doing complete conviction so it’s not just the singing you’ll be able to have the ability to sound wonderful you’ve got to kind of tell the truth and you’ve got to have the right motivation and it’s got to come from the right place and that’s what it did with her so i had had she been still here now where would have been some fantastic music that we would have had but the great thing is we have got some there’s some wonderful things of us that uh exist both on the television which you can look up on youtube or on the record so yeah um yeah um and so on just finally we’ve got 20 seconds left uh how will you remember amy uh just complete gratitude all the things that she has done for me she um uh i wrote a song called you let me breathe just saying thank you she allowed me to feature that album she gave me 50 minutes in the middle of a world tour she’s she uh i signed she sent me to her label i’m just totally just i feel like i could never repay her for what she’s done okay well uh zelen thompson and jules holland appreciate your time thank you very much for being with us thank you thank you very much for having us thank you thank you and uh to hear more of what it was like to live with and and be on stage with amy winehouse you can listen to this week’s episode of storycast 21 it’s available on the sky news app and via all podcast providers

Zalon and Jools Holland on Sky News - 10 Years Since Amy Winehouse Passed Away

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